Farewell Unwashed Russia – Take Care In ‘Gay’ Europe

Petition: Help to END THE GENOCIDE in West Papua

June 12, 1898: Day of Freedom in Philippines

June 14, 2012: Assassination of West Papuan Independist Mako Tabuni

June 14, 1941: Soviet Mass Deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

June 15, 2017: International Uyghur Language Day

June 17, 1944: Foundation of The Republic of Iceland

June 25, 1975: Mozambique Independence Day

June 26, 1960: Madagascar Independence Day

June 27, 1977: Djibouti Independence Day

June 29, 1976: Seychelles Independence Day

June 30, 1960: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

Vietnam urges China to act responsibly in South China Sea

China Marks South China Sea Claims With Coast Guard, Marine Militias

We’d have a better chance of preserving Africa’s dying languages if we learned their history

Morocco to institute probe over ‘Caprivi Strip’ in protest of Namibian recognition of Western Sahara

Moroccan forces brutally repress peaceful Sahrawi protest in occupied El-Aaiun

Sahrawi political prisoners’ trial takes worrying turn

POLISARIO invites UN Decolonization Committee to visit Western Sahara territory

Phosphate cargo mined in disputed Western Sahara barred from leaving SA port

Setback For Morocco, As Court Paves Way For Trial Over Disputed Western Sahara Phosphate Exports

Western Sahara, Africa’s Only Remaining Colony

Mali: At least 30 dead in clashes between Tuareg groups in Kidal

Rif Rebels Make the Moroccan Spring Come About

Somalia restaurant siege over: 18 killed in Al Shabaab attack

Gaddafi’s son Saif freed in Libya, whereabouts unclear: lawyer

ICC prosecutor calls for ‘arrest and surrender’ of Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam

UN approves EU ships to seize illegal arms off Libya

Tunisia extends state of emergency by a further four months

French soldier jailed by Paris court for abusing girls in Burkina Faso

IGAD summit to focus on South Sudan as Kiir boycotts

IGAD redirects South Sudanese warring parties back to peace agreement

S. Sudan: UN concerned about recruitment of health, school workers by armed groups

Wall Street-Sponsored School in Somaliland Finds Its Way in the Age of Trump

Somaliland Y-Peer expanding to reach more young people

Somaliland: The Most Democratic Country in the Horn of Africa?

The Time Has Cmen to Recognize Somaliland

Swedish parliamentarians launch All-Party Parliamentary Group on Somaliland

Congo-Brazzaville facing major internet outage: submarine cables damaged

Congo introduces “Lisanga”, its first international business convention

Burundian forces still torturing, killing opponents – U.N. investigators

Gambia: Pro-Jammeh newspaper shut down for evading over $300k in taxes

Wife of new Lesotho Prime Minister shot dead ahead of his inauguration

Zambian Hakainde Hichilema to face trial on treason charges

Zambia parliament suspends main opposition bloc for disobeying president

Treason, mass MP suspension: Zambia’s democracy heading downhill – Civil society

Zambia churches want opposition chief released pending treason trial

Eritrean President Accuses US for tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea

Eritrea govt persisting in systematic human rights abuse – UN report

Djibouti ‘on alert’ as Eritrea occupies disputed territory ‘abandoned’ by Qatar

Zimbabwe bans grain imports after bumper harvest

Instead of elections, help Mugabe write a book – Ex-Zimbabwe Vice PM

Namibia unveils world’s largest diamond exploration ship

Namibian independence leader ya Toivo to get state funeral

Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili refuses to perform with Putin’s propagandist Valery Gergiev

Georgia among best European countries for business in 2017

Georgia joins Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank annual meeting

Venice Commission President: “Georgia close to a very good constitution”

Russia Increases Financial Aid to Abkhazia

EU Denounces Abkhazia’s Dropping Charges against Killer of Georgian Citizen

Russian military exercise begins in South Ossetia

Kremlin Aide Visits Tskhinvali, Speaks of ‘Deeper’ Integration

Russian diplomats Chisinau expelled reportedly recruited Gagauz to fight in Ukraine

Kremlin’s Newest Hybrid Warfare Asset: Gangsters

Ukrainians Resolute in Desire to Keep Country United

Ukraine’s East: Why Not Call Russia’s Occupation What It Is?

Brits angry at Dane’s ‘small nation’ jibe

Danish Post Office Suspends Deliveries to Immigration Hotspot, Drivers Too Scared to Go There

Finnish government survives as new populist faction emerges

Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the world’s best at clean technology innovation

Know Why Faroe Islands Are Instagram’s Favourite Travel Destination

Increasing societal inequality could dampen willingness to defend country

How it feels to lead a nationless nation

China is accused of ‘Highland Clearances’ with Tibet park bid

Tibetans protesting against a mine being built on their sacred mountain

Chinese puppets call on Japan to properly handle “Tibet-related issues”

Pink Hearts Can’t Conceal Repression in Tibet Propaganda

China’s Cult of Stability Is Killing Tibetans

Tibetan Youth Detained, Warned Over Dalai Lama Photo

Dalai Lama visits San Diego

Roma and Dalit experiences of persecution pave way for solidarity

Czech Govt report: Half of Romani population are middle class, half in social exclusion

Roma houses on fire.. A third day of an anti-Roma pogrom in Athens

EU Executive fails to act as pregnant Romani women and infants are rendered homeless in Italy

Is the Commission serious about Roma inclusion in the Western Balkans?

Victory for Roma: Macedonia Agrees to Pay Compensation for Roma Prison Death

Education and Social Integration Program for Roma in Greece Suffers 80% Budget Cut

ROMACT call for proposal for grants for support organisations in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Slovak Republic

In China, Muslim Uyghurs are kept from fasting during Ramadan

Uyghurs Rally Around Language in Face of Pressures From China

East Turkestan: The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) Ask for the Respect of their Linguistic Rights

ISIS used Mosul church to abuse Yazidi girls, women

Yezidis return to Kocho school where ISIS killed men, enslaved women

Iraqi army discovers Daesh-made prison for Yazidi women

Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State slaves

For many of Iraq’s Yazidis, going home is not an option

ISIS Burns 19 Yazidi Girls To Death in Cages For Refusing Sex Slavery

Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, US and UK top the Global Innovation Index 2017

Does Switzerland need a sovereign wealth fund?

Balochistan: Chairman of Baloch NGO Abducted by Pakistani Forces in Quetta

Baloch Republican Party protests in Geneva to draw world attention to human rights Abuses in Balochistan

Pakistan forcefully trying to silent Baloch voice – Mir Shahdad Domki

Pakistan extends atrocities against Baloch outside Balochistan – Abdul Nawaz

BRP HR wing member Hakeem Wadela highlights mass Rights abuses in Balochistan

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Human Rights Activists Commemorate Kalpana Chakma’s Abduction

UNPO Calls on International Community to Stand by Indigenous Communities in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

Taiwan: Panama Turns Its Back on Taipei and Switches Cooperation to China

A New Generation is Reinvigorating Taiwan Activism in the U.S.

Lithuania: Belarusian nuclear plant is threat to safety

Brest Region Residents Rebelled Against Exercises “Slavic Brotherhood-2017”

UN Special Rapporteur Slams Belarus Government For Crackdown On Dissent

Dairy dispute sours Belarus-Russia relations

Sweden’s terror travellers: in stats

‘Especially vulnerable areas’ increase in Sweden: report

At least 150,000 victims of female genital mutilation in Sweden

Next Month’s Summit of Central & East European Nations Moved to Warsaw – Trump attending

Norway about to ban full-face veils in nurseries, schools and universities

Norway emerges from downturn as growth seen at pre-crisis levels

Coming Kurdish Vote Could Change The Mid East & Oil Markets As We Know It

Masoud Barzani: Why It’s Time for Kurdish Independence

‘I Want to Die in the Shadow of the Flag of an Independent Kurdistan’

Turkey and Baghdad condemn ‘irresponsible’ Iraqi Kurdistan referendum

Ankara Pushes Back on Iraqi Kurd Independence Bid

Turkey Says Iraq’s Kurdistan Independence Vote ‘Grave Mistake’

Iraqi government rejects Kurdish move for independence

Iran Criticizes Independence Vote In Iraq’s Kurdistan Region

Sa’ar calls on Israel, US to recognize Kurdish independence

Kurdish Jews support independence in ‘land of Medians, our prophets’

Syrian MP on Kurdish independence: Damascus seeks Arab unity

EU tight-lipped on Kurdish referendum

UN has ‘no intention’ to engage with Kurdistan referendum

Indy is not dead, says former Yes Scotland chairman Dennis Canavan

What next for our Yes movement? Part I: Mike Russell, Victoria Heaney and Ruth Wishart

What next for our Yes movement? Part II: Colin Fox, Maggie Chapman, Andrew Tickell and Catherine R Schenk

What next for our Yes movement? Part III: Willy Maley, Dennis Canavan and Isobel Lindsay

Orkney’s Norse links reinforced by Norwegian royal visit

Basque Culinary World Prize finalists announced

Sinn Féin MEP Anderson to visit Bilbao for key conference for Basque national liberation movement

Le Morte d’Athur: Saving our [Welsh] ransacked mythology

The National Assembly for Wales to become the Welsh Parliament/Senedd Cymru

YesCymru movement ‘growing faster than expected’

Catalan MEPs disobey by speaking Catalan in EU Parliament

Catalan government to recruit 4,500 volunteers for October 1 independence referendum

Pep Guardiola joins independence rally in Barcelona

Catalonia’s time has come — and Spain needs to get out of the way

Austria: Sharp drop in people joining Mideast conflicts

Far-right crimes keep rising in Austria, hit new high in 2016

NATO Opens Trust Fund With Budget Of EUR 2.25 Million To Provide Rehabilitation For Ukrainian Soldiers

Canada Eases Restrictions On Military Mission In Ukraine

Provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine still on the US agenda

US Senators reach Russia sanctions deal

Austria and Germany fume over new US sanctions targeting gas pipeline from Russia

Germany threatens retaliation if U.S. sanctions harm its firms

British Police Covered Up 14 Russia-related murders

“How much is the fish?” Scooter plans performance in occupied Crimea, in violation of Ukrainian law

Crimean Tatar activist Ruslan Zeytullaev, who was unlawfully sentenced by Russia to 12 years in jail, turns 32

Russian Businessman and Great “Silicone Valley” Swindle in Crimea

Russia is shooting itself in the foot by its trial of journalist in occupied Crimea

Ex-Soviet dissident experiences déjà vu in trial of Crimean Tatar leader in occupied Crimea

Human rights violations in Crimea to be investigated as war crimes

Demand Russia lets jailed Crimean Tatar leader Akhtem Chiygoz see his dying mother!

Russia sought Siemens turbines for Crimean plants – document

Crimean Tatars face 10-year sentences for refusal to testify against innocent men

UK election leaves Irish Government with a weak hand in the North

DUP deal threatens Northern Ireland peace, says former negotiator

Tory pact with the DUP could risk Northern Ireland peace process, says Enda Kenny

Fears for Northern Ireland peace as new revelations of DUP paramilitary links put pressure on Tory deal

United Nations rules Irish abortion laws violated woman’s human rights

UK Supreme Court rejects free NHS abortions for Northern Ireland women in England appeal

Number of Irish women travelling to Britain for abortions at lowest level since 1980

Scotland considering offering free abortions to women from Northern Ireland

Leo Varadkar formally elected as Irish Prime Minister

Stormont’s return key to united Ireland strategy, says Sinn Fein chief Adams

DUP leader Arlene Foster ‘ready to dance’ with Sinn Féin as both parties agree deal can be done

DUP’s Arlene Foster meets with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar over Stormont talks

Boundary changes could make Sinn Fein biggest party in Northern Ireland

As Ukraine Says ‘Farewell Unwashed Russia,’ Putin Says Take Care In ‘Gay’ Europe

Countering disinformation operations in the Baltic States, deadline August 7

Iron Wolf 2017: Lithuania Launches Over 5,000-Strong Military Drill With NATO Allies

A Giant Russian Exercise Will Soon Put 100,000 Troops on NATO’s Border. Then What?

Former NKVD and KGB holding cells in Tallinn to be turned into museum

Why Fintech Startups Are Skyrocketing In The Baltics

Russia’s cyber trolls attack online as NATO troops gather in Latvia

Latvia marks day of deportations

Baltic Region Holds Multiple NATO Exercises in Anticipation of Russia’s Massive Zapad 2017 Drills

Estonian government approves setting up data embassy in Luxembourg

Estonian filmmaker returned home after 2 months in captivity in Afghanistan

Latvian Saeima bans use of wild animals in circus

Riga: journalists protest kidnap of Azerbaijani colleague from Georgia

Baltic countries agree on common transitional gas market measures

Reviving Indo-European engagement in the Baltic

The West and the Rest: What does 2017 hold for the Baltic States?

Albania sends first EOD contingent to NATO battalion in Latvia

Estonia is first in the EU to let cute delivery bots on sidewalks

Estonia ranked fifth in world, first in Europe in cybersecurity

Anti-Canada propaganda greets troops in Latvia

Commission: Estonia ranks 9th in Europe for digitization

Russia’s Existential Threat To NATO In The Baltics – Analysis

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister becomes “Doctor”

Who are Luxembourg’s neets?

Town and villages to come alive for ‘Jamaica 55’

Jamaica received US$2.2 billion in remittances last year – survey

Muscat on the defence as MEPs question the rule of law in Malta

Winning design of traditional Maltese balconies to dress two new Air Malta aircraft

Court prolonged arrest of former Head of Mari El until September

Croatia and Portugal: Deficits below 3% of GDP, excessive deficit procedures closed

Croatia foreign minister quits to focus on party activities

In Croatia, Delays to Education Reform Stoke Anti-Government Sentiment

Stafford Fire Aid charity delivers fire engines to Tajikistan

Don’t bring back the death penalty, HRW urges Lebanon

Garbage dumped in sea off Lebanon sparks outrage

Will Lebanon’s new electoral law end the stalemate?

The inequality of women keeps the North Caucasus vulnerable

Conference to promote Island of Man and iconic Manx Loaghtan sheep

Conservative Serbia just chose a gay woman for prime minister

Serbia: Country Divided Over PM-Designate’s Pro-EU Views

‘Self-Determination’ Party Capitalizes On Kosovars’ Desire To Punish Governing Parties

Kosovo outsiders aim to govern after election gains

‘Lynching Atmosphere’ Threatens Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue

Kosovo charges 9 men with plotting attacks at Albania-Israel World Cup match

Werewolf infiltrates Nowruz – festival of the Turkic theatres finishes in Kazan

How This UCLA Grad Plans to Become the President of Bolivia

Che Guevara was sent ‘to die in Bolivia’ by Cuban leadership, retired general says

French Development Agency finances solar project in Bolivia with €11.5 million

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong family feud erupts again

Singapore Is Beating Hong Kong As Asia’s Best Place To Do Business

Bringing ancient tapestries back to life in Belgium

Terrorist leader in prison in Belgium may avoid extradition to Morocco through marriage

Parents In Belgium Convicted After Their Baby Dies From “Alternative Milk” Diet

Belgium theater gives out sexist gift bags at ‘Wonder Woman’ screening

Albania: Parliament elects commissions to vet judges, prosecutors

Albania Elections: Why Politics in the Balkans Needs a New Narrative and an End to Macho Posturing

UN Sec. Gen. says neutrality allows Turkmenistan play key role in region

Turkmenistan pardons over 1,000 prisoners for Ramadan

Protests against corruption move to more cities in Slovakia

Fighting Slovakia’s far right online and on the streets

Slovakia’s Film Fund Helps Boost Local Directors and Film Community

British military’s Dhekelia base in Cyprus hit by ‘grenade’ blast

Greece, Israel, Cyprus to speed up Mediterranean pipeline efforts

53 years later, Australia leaves Cyprus peacekeeping force

UN envoy: Cyprus leaders aim for peace deal in Switzerland

33rd Annual Cyprus Conference in Washington

Cyprus warned again over plastic-bag usage

Orban criticised as Hungary tightens grip on civil society

EU opens legal case against Warsaw, Budapest and Prague over migration

Hungary’s tough asylum policy keeps thousands stranded in Serbia

Hungary Hands Over to Germany Wanted Neo-Nazi Evading Prison

Slovenia hideouts spill Cold War secrets

Lost natural wonder in New Zealand may be found, say researchers

Government signs up to ambitious Maori economic growth targets

Investor drive key to lifting Maori incomes by 20 per cent

At least 25 killed in Portugal forest fire

Israel cuts Gaza electricity after Palestinian president says he will no longer pay the bill for Hamas

Israeli PM calls for UN to dismantle Palestinian refugee aid agency

Palestinian Authority blocks 11 news websites

Is Palestinian reconciliation possible?

Hamas detains Palestinian Authority journalist in Gaza

Israeli policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem

Israel-Palestine From Both Sides of the Mirror

Czech town trying to keep its Jewish past buried

Israel ‘considering shutting down Al-Jazeera bureau’ amid crackdown on Qatar

Israel plans more settlement homes than any time since 1992

Israel anti-occupation NGO welcomes Man Booker donation

Pro-independence Taiwanese lawmakers launch support group for Hong Kong democracy

Beijing Slams Links Between Taiwan, Hong Kong Lawmakers as ‘Collusion’

Closer Hong Kong-Taiwan ties may prompt Beijing to crackdown, says former top gov’t adviser

How Chinese Rule Has Changed Hong Kong Since 1997

Hong Kong, 20 Years After the Reunion

Three Separatists Reported Killed Under Fire From Azerbaijan In Nagorno-Karabakh

Belarus Sends Chechen Man Back To Russia Despite Fears For His Life

Chechen Authorities Release Amriyev On Own Recognizance

Chechen Authorities Say Charge Against Amriyev Dropped

Facebook blocks Independence for Chechnya! page in latest case of wrongful censorship

Leave North now – Coalition of Biafra agitators tells Igbos

IPOB asks schools to begin teaching of Biafra history

Igala kingdom rejects Biafra map, demands apology

IPC condemns Itsekiri inclusion in Biafra map

Li Guoying Meets with Bashkortostan Prime Minister

Trump made Montenegro famous when he shoved me at NATO summit, PM

Montenegro to open two and close one chapter

In Kyrgyzstan, UN chief Guterres highlights importance of governance for sustainable development

Kyrgyzstan’s Presidential Election Looks To Be A Cliffhanger

Kyrgyzstan: Most Competitive Presidential Race in Country’s History Taking Shape

Croatia to build bridge around Bosnia

Out Of Tune? Mostar Hosts Contentious Croatian Singer Despite Outrage

Bosnia’s Serb Republic leader banned any teaching about the siege of Sarajevo and genocide in Srebrenica

UN Prosecutor: Bosnia Nationalists ‘Glorifying War Criminals’

Pupils Challenge Ethnically-Divided Education in Bosnia

Haiti’s leader tells worried immigrants to ‘calm down’

Name in frame, Macedonia seeks Greek support to join EU, NATO

Bulgaria accused of illegal aid to fossil fuel power providers

Nader Shah’s sword stolen from museum in Dagestan

Galician Cinema and Food Festival Returns to New York City

Galicia calls for condition equality for Galician and Portuguese fleets

Reality Check: Have the Greek bailouts worked?

Deal gives Greece another chance

Greece blocks EU’s criticism at UN of China’s human rights record

Revival of Khalistan Movement

Nunavut Tunngavik calls for equitable funding for Inuit languages

Elders reflect on Aleut evacuation during WWII

Gwich’in Gear Up to Fight for Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Protecting Indian Country’s Greatest Asset: the Children

American Indian graduates celebrate their academic success at UCLA

American Indian policy group convenes at Mohegan Sun, urges vigilance in Trump era

Google Doodle Honors First American Indian to Get a Medical Degree

Winnipeg’s Indian and Métis Friendship Centre battles with AIM over who sits on the board, and what they can wear

The quiet crisis: mass eviction shows toll of homelessness on Native Americans

History: The American Indian wars and the Ghost Dance

Arizona Supreme Court ruling allows non-Native American couple to adopt Native child

Brazil: Amazon Rainforest Illegal Logging and Land Theft About to be Legitimized

Indigenous Guarani leader appeals to Europe to save people and forests

Fear of losing culture rises among Indigenous people in Manitoba

Cultural appropriation: Make it illegal worldwide, Indigenous advocates say

Canadian industry establishes Indigenous Screen Office

Kinder Morgan Wants Aboriginal Canadians to Invest in Its Pipeline Project

Nenets: Why are Arctic natives getting fatter?

Meet the Aboriginal women kicking goals in their Top End communities

Elder honoured for Aboriginal legal work

University of Cambridge refused to return important Aboriginal artifacts

National Aboriginal Day is full of celebrations in Steveston

Government signs up to ambitious Maori economic growth targets

Investor drive key to lifting Maori incomes by 20 per cent

Chhattisgarh Must Probe Allegations Of Dispossession Of Adivasi Land Through Coercion, Cheating, Says Amnesty India

Probe against Kerala headmaster for deriding ‘adivasi’ lads; denying admission in class X

An Adivasi Dies and Maybe a Bull Too. Guess Which Death the Gujarat Police is Probing?

ABAVP delegation demands not to close Adivasi hostels

LDF Government will ensure land for all, says Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan

Lingua Guerre: maoists learn Gondi, but not the police