Definitely West Papua will gain its independence like East Timor did and more

Petition: Help to END THE GENOCIDE in West Papua

May 30, 1967: Anguilla Day

May 30, 1967: Declaration of Independence of Republic of Biafra

June 4, 1970: Tonga Independence Day

June 6, 1523: National Day of Sweden

West Papua National Committee Chairperson in Timika, Yanto Awerkion arrested by Indonesian police

77 West Papuans arrested in Merauke for attending a peaceful prayer gathering for self-determination

Benny Wenda accuses Indonesian police of torturing human rights commissioner Nareki Kogoya

Definitely West Papua will gain its independence like East Timor did, Vanuatu ex-PM Barak Sope

West Papua issue a key issue in Papua New Guinea politics

New Zealand support for West Papua grows

West Papua: Right to Self-Determination Recognised By New Zealand

China Extends Ban on ‘Extreme’ Uyghur Baby Names to Children Under 16

Silk Road: China looks to resurrect road of past — minus the freedom

Putin Vows Military Response to ‘Eliminate NATO Threat’ If Sweden Joins U.S.-Led Alliance

Russia is a major problem for the Baltic states, president of Lithuania

Russia orders two Estonian diplomats to leave country

NATO deterrent presence in Baltics is not of a size to really deter Russia

Baltic states: Russia waging fake news war

‘Both Estonia and Israel know what works to maintain identity’

“Pro-Latvia” parties together may get more votes in local elections in Riga than pro-Russia Harmony/GKR bloc

Lithuania raises legal drinking age to 20 to curb alcohol consumption

Music festivals with less alcohol? Lithuania leads the way

EU to work with Baltic states on decoupling from Russian power grid

The Task of Securing Freedom in The Baltics Is Not Over: Ambassador Daniel Fried

Catalonia, pioneer in the struggle for transsexuals rights

Andorra to investigate Spanish “coercion” to frame Catalan officials

Spain’s government in desperate attempt to BLOCK Catalonia’s independence referendum plans

Venice Commission: independence referendum in Catalonia should be carried out “in agreement with the Spanish authorities”

Catalan Independence Referendum: “We are not afraid,” says ballot box manufacturer

FilmInCat responds to demand for international cinema in Catalan

China Claims They Gave Dalai Lama Title

Tibetan Social Media Draw Chinese Police Attention After Self-Immolations

Top US lawmaker criticises China’s ‘negative and silly Tibet obsession’

Gerogia: Refugees In Their Own Country

Montenegro bans entrance to 149 Russians and Ukrainians over Russian aggression in Ukraine

Montenegro official prevented from traveling through Moscow

U.S. To Host Ceremony Welcoming Montenegro To NATO

Montenegro has full support of neighbouring Italy on its way to EU

Russian provocations test Georgia

US Senators Propose Stronger Sanctions Against Russia

How Putin Accidentally United Ukraine

Stalin’s Holodomor in Kazakhstan, or a very brief guide to “The Goloshchekin genocide”

Russian Disinformation War Turns Into Physical Harassment Against OSCE

Russian Military Convoys are the Lifeblood of the Occupation of Donbas

Symbolic expansion: how Putin annexes history, not only territories

McCain: Putin a greater threat than ISIS

Moldova expels 5 Russian diplomats

Russia expels five Moldovan diplomats in tit-for-tat move

Young people in Moldova dance away their frustrations as a threatening Russia lurks

President of Moldova says his country cannot join EU in current form

Corruption arrests rock Moldova’s pro-EU coalition

Moldova’s odd couple: Plahotniuc and Dodon

80 years ago, Stalin’s NKVD began to arrest and shoot the deaf and dumb

Massacre in Workers Paradise: Novocherkassk

Russia begins trial of Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov by removing his defence lawyer

Crimean Tatar activist prosecuted for Facebook birthday greeting to Mustafa Dzhemilev

Russian leaders have ‘discussed Moscow’s willingness’ to use nukes if the US or NATO enters Crimea

US inspectors to work in Ukraine’s east, Crimea under Vienna Document 2011

Could Crimea Return to Ukraine?

Crimean Tatars: Representational Offices in World Capitals Look Set to Promulgate Community’s Interests

Ukrainian economy lost 20.4% of GDP due to war in Donbas last year

Leo Varadkar: Born to an Indian father, a historic gay PM for Ireland

Irish school plan for former Derry army base turned down

General Election will be a ‘barometer on Irish unity’ – Sinn Fein

US begins arming Kurdish fighters in Syria

Turkey Arrests Kurdish Activist for Armenian Genocide Posts

Norway Bolsters Oil-Industry Defenses Against Foreign Takeovers

A simpler way of life in early 20th-century Norway

Factbox: Norway’s $960 billion sovereign wealth fund

The Country Adopting Electric Vehicles Faster Than Anywhere Else

Finland introduces Europe’s first hybrid power system for heavy duty trucks

Finland Goes From Sick Man to Nordic Tiger as Growth Returns

Finland marks centenary with Nordic royals, presidents

Could subjects soon be a thing of the past in Finland?

Finland is by far the most metal country in Europe

Finland Can Teach the World How to Stand Up to Russia

Finnish donor gives UNICEF largest-ever private cash gift

If SNP wins election in Scotland, PM May will have to grant independence vote -Sturgeon

SNP’s first steps towards political success

New poll confirms SNP are set for General Election victory in Scotland with 43 per cent support

Thousands take to Glasgow streets for ‘biggest ever’ Scottish independence rally

Kern County Basque Club celebrates 45th memorial day celebration

As Idaho ties to Basque Country grow, could a transoceanic campus be next?

Welsh Government must ‘move quickly and further’ to reach one million Welsh speaker target

Wales: Bridgend Urdd Eisteddfod festival begins in Pencoed

The only Welsh school in Wrexham let down by council “on purpose”

Indycurious Wales

Serbia’s new president calls for ‘dialogue’ over Kosovo

Ex-Kosovo president banned from book promotion in Serbia

The Enduring Agony of Wartime Rape in Kosovo

Kosovo: 34 night clubs shut down for human trafficking

Armenia, Azerbaijan closer to war over Nagorno-Karabakh than at any time since 1994

Croatia in talks to save country’s biggest private company

Thousands march for education reform in Croatia

Iran Courts Tajikistan

WFP Tajikistan School Meals Recipe Book Named Best In The World

Tajikistan: Authorities File Charges Against Jailed Lawyer’s Relatives

Moscow’s Presence in Libya Is a New Challenge for the West

Kremlin Seemingly Deaf To Calls To Replace Republic of Ingushetia Head

Socialisation through sports: how Ingush politicians used MMA as an optical illusion

Singapore’s Gay Pride Rally Attracts Record Sponsorship Despite Curbs

Singapore defense talks focus on online terror fight

Sean Paul slams pop stars who use dancehall without crediting Jamaica

Jamaican beaches lure tourists but calls to also make locals welcome

Jamaica can earn more from brand, says IMF official

Rare executions set for Kuwait

Kuwait: the posh Arabian playground

Hungary seeks talks with New York state on Soros school

Decisiveness with Hungary is also about EU survival

George Soros Accuses Viktor Orban of Turning Hungary Into ‘Mafia State’

Hungary must pass law on ‘mafia-like’ Soros-funded NGOs, PM Orban says

All hands on deck for a global Malta

What kind of Malta do we want to live in?

Maltese athletes win five other medals at the Small Nations Games

Albania opposition supporters ‘poisoned’ by white powder

Albania wants euro to play second fiddle to the lek

Albania authorities stop sale of a bear cub on the internet

Living With Giants film raises concern among Inuit over treatment of suicide

Cyprus to establish Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts

Serbia adopts Remembrance Day for domestic violence victims

World’s First Facility to Extract Carbon from Air Opens in Switzerland

Swiss court convicts man for ‘liking’ defamatory Facebook post in landmark ruling

A Belarusian Spring

Is the IT sector Belarus’s most successful industry?

Belarus nuclear plant: A disaster waiting to happen

Fading Russian electronic warfare dominance seen in Belarus ‘modular’ systems

Fez to Host 13th International Festival of Amazigh Culture

Int’l Rights Watchdogs Slam Algeria for Discriminating against Amazigh Minority

Social unrest in northern Morocco

As U.S. targets Hezbollah, Lebanon lobbies against more sanctions

‘Wonder Woman’ banned in Lebanon because lead actress is Israeli

Isle of Man: world’s oldest continuous parliament (Tynwald) needs more women

U.N. Chief to Name Ex-German President as Western Sahara Envoy

Macedonia Has New Government, but Rocky Road Ahead

The old problems facing Macedonia’s new government

50 years after Six-Day War, Israeli-Palestinian divide widens

U.S. Mulls Formulating a Principles Paper on Core Issues of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Walking a path of resistance in Palestine

Europe’s last “sherpas” race up Slovak peak

Slovakia’s Lajcak elected UN General Assembly president

Slovakia re-opens probe into kidnapping of leader’s son

‘Who wants to go for holiday to see large clear-cuts?’: Slovakia turns against its national parks

Haiti Wants The World To Meet Its New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Development expert: ‘Haiti would be better off without international aid’

Zhang Dejiang lectures Hong Kong ahead of Xi visit

Tiananmen survivor Rose Tang: Be separatists, be proud, and let the revolution begin in Hong Kong

Denmark Electric Vehicle Sales Plummet With Tax Break Elimination

Denmark Revokes 334-Year-Old Blasphemy Law

White House accused of homophobia after Luxembourg PM’s husband omitted from photo caption

Health of Māori and Pasifika men in dire state

How Miranda Harcourt inspired Find Me A Maori Bride star Te Kohe Tuhaka

Research aims to harness growing Māori econom

Why New Zealand’s Maori got a treaty, and Australia’s Indigenous peoples didn’t

More Māori officers needed for Māori prisoners

Dagestani policeman beat and robbed detainee, extorted bribe

Israel set to approve 2,500 settlement housing units

Billions spent on settlements since Israel captured West Bank

1968 poll shows what Jewish Jerusalemites thought of Palestinians

UN ‘wrongly singling out Israel for criticism’ says US ambassador Nikki Haley on eve of visit

Radiohead defends upcoming Israel concert amid boycott campaign

Only 13% UK Jews support Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

Atambaev Says Kyrgyzstan To Hold Presidential Vote On October 15

Kyrgyzstan: Lawmaker Proposes Stripping Reporter of Citizenship

Report reveals the full brutality of anti-gay purges in Chechnya

Speaker of Chechen parliament oversaw persecution of gay men

Aboriginal Australians Press For Constitutional Recognition

Bringing them Home: Aboriginal children in out of home care still increasing

Report: renewed crackdown on Christians in Eritrea

Yazidi campaigner Nadia Murad weeps as she returns to village where Isil killed her family

Adult baptisms and selfie sticks: Yazidis becoming newly religious following Isil atrocities

Last Yazidi villages freed as Islamic State pushed out

Shia liberators hand back Yazidi land divided and ruined

More than $5 million paid in ransom for release of Yezidis

Nestlé Competition for the Guarani Aquifer Threatens Guarani Land Rights

Landmark Victory for the Ogiek delivered by the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights

Mexico has its first indigenous woman candidate for president

Indigenous newsroom in Canada nears ‘total shutdown’

Indigenous culture not protected in Canadian law, lawyers and academics say

Trudeau invites pope to Canada for Church apology to indigenous peoples

Rare Footage Captures Sentinelese Tribe in India’s Andaman Islands, Banned to Outsiders

Amid Life and Death Risks, Brazil’s Land Defenders Stand Firm

Mohawk Networks Awarded $6.4M Grant Via NY Broadband Initiative

Genocide of Brazil’s Indians

Bosnia Honours Prijedor Victims With White Ribbon Day

“Shooting has stopped, but war in Bosnia is not over”

Court seizes Mari El ex-Head’s property worth $16.6m

China created a new terrorist threat by repressing secessionist fervor in its western frontier

Exiled journalist abducted in Georgia to face prosecution in Azerbaijan

Christians face fines in Azerbaijan for distributing literature

Bangladesh: Adivasi villages torched following death of local leader

50 Years After Biafra By Ahanonu Kingsley

Nigeria’s Biafra separatist backers mark 50 years after war

50 years on: Nigeria’s Biafra secessionist movement

Shutdown for 50th anniversary of Biafra declaration

Biafra’s military veterans: no regrets, 50 years on

Tension as Biafra marks 50 years since independence bid

Balochistan: Understanding China Pakistan Economic Corridor from the Inside

Ahwazi: Cultural Activists are Handed Prison Sentences

Southern Mongolia: Quiet Resurgence of Mongol Identity Amidst Cultural Assimilation

Somaliland: Lack of Recognition Slows Down International Response to Food Crisis