2016 09 25 Sunday

Was Bolivia-Peru the Sunset Land of the Sumerians?

Native Hawaiians: Is change in federal status a sign of progress?

Bulgaria, US Sign Agreement on DNA Profiles, Fingerprints Exchange

Austria Pledges to Protect EU’s Outer Borders to Control Illegal Migration

Balkan route nations say to focus on achievable ways to prevent new migrant influx

Spain’s Galicia, Basque regions hold regional elections

Basque parliamentary election, 2016

Galician parliamentary election, 2016

Hungary PM says Europe should process refugees in Libya

Blast rocks Hungary’s capital, two injured

Kurdish mothers gather for lost loved ones for 600th time

Time For Kurdexit From Iraq

Dalai Lama begins his exile

Tuvalu supports West Papua at the UN General Assembly!

More support for West Papua at the United Nations from Tonga!

Vanuatu takes to the UN podium and makes another bold statement for West Papua’s freedom!

Solomon Islands once again supports West Papua at the UN General Assembly!

Pankisi Gorge schools teach Chechen language after locals ask

Will 2017 be the year of peace in Cyprus?

Switzerland: Secret service agents have licence to hack computers

Yazidi girl set herself on fire to avoid further rape at hands of ISIS

Days are numbered for the Czech Republic

Why it is time for me to learn Welsh – and begin to reverse 30 years of regret

Global protests move Biafra conflict back into spotlight

Bosnia’s Frozen Conflict Heats Up Ahead of a Controversial Referendum

A freeze on Israeli construction activities east of the fence is proposed

Indigenous street names in Toronto get noticed and made ‘official’

Native Hawaiians Now Have A Pathway To Form A Government

Utah’s Native Tribes Want Jobs, Not Federal Paternalism

Lithuania commemorated the National Memorial Day for the Genocide of Jews

Putin appoints Crimean commander to head Baltic Fleet

Putin moves his most advanced GROWLER anti-aircraft missile system in range of NATO Baltic base as part of Russia’s belligerent stance towards the former Soviet satellite states

Trump and Crimea: from Russia with Love

Transatlantic partnership essential to Denmark

Tiny Denmark Is A Maritime Superpower

In Denmark, au pairs risk abuse in name of “cultural exchange”

Irish and Polish people march for abortion

National Museum of the American Indian unveils secret treaty

An Era in Hong Kong Is Ending, Thanks to China’s Tight Embrace

Kosovo Hacker Gets 20 Years In U.S. Prison For Helping IS Militants

IMF issues warning to Portugal after austerity policy rollbacks