2016 09 23 Friday

European Court of Human Rights upholds Kurdish language rights

Excommunicating Saudis? A New Fracture Emerges in Islam

Evidence Of Blatant Violations Calls Into Question Validity Of Elections In North Caucasus

Morocco’s stubbornness, continuing colonization exacerbate Sahrawi refugees’ suffering

Taiwan snubbed by UN aviation agency amid impasse with China

Latvia: Think before you clink

Greek Prime Minister Urges Unity on Migrants

U.S. to boost Haitian deportations, but Haiti may not take them

Slovakia gives 550 scholarships to refugees

Secret report reveals Ericsson is ending all manufacturing in Sweden and cutting 3,000 jobs

Catalonia has the potential to lead the Third Industrial Revolution, says American economist Rifkin

Albania passes divisive law on importing garbage

Syria: Turkey Will Not Join Raqqa Operation If Kurdish Militants Are Involved

Kurdistan: Demirtas calls for national unity as he wraps up Erbil visit

The Kurdish Case, Time for a New Policy

This 19-year-old Chinese pro-democracy leader is one of the most hated men in China

Dalai Lama Returns from Poland

China’s new invasion of Tibet

Belarus: People Are Smiling And Signing For White-Red-White Flag On Massive Scale

Nauru’s President raises West Papua at UN General Assembly!

Marshall Islands raises West Papua at the UN General Assembly!

Baghdad complicates Erbil’s pursuit of justice for Yezidi victims of ISIS

Plaid Cymru founder Saunders Lewis gets Swansea blue plaque

Hungary’s Orbanomics starts to produce rewards

Spanish promotion of regional languages did not breach state aid rules

Fifth of Helsinki region children now of foreign origin

Russia moves missiles to Finnish border


Estonia to push the digital single market in the EU

Indigenous Australians the oldest living civilisation on Earth

European human rights group warns on Azerbaijan constitution

Iceland Ratifies Paris Climate Agreement

Native Americans hit hard by opioid epidemic

Hong Kong’s ‘Pro-Beijing’ Camp Is Imploding From Within

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 2