2016 09 24 Saturday

Guinea-Bissau Independence Day: September 24 1973


Indonesian agents attempt to kidnap West Papuan Independence Leader in Sorong last night

Weekend Reading: Morocco’s Amazigh, Istanbul’s Rent, and the Teacher of al-Minya

Wee Ginger Dug: Labour in Scotland want independence for their party but not for our country

Scotland: How independence movements abroad can help us learn for indyref 2

Feds Finalize Rule on a Native Hawaiian Government

UN aviation agency snubs Taiwan, recognising Beijing’s ‘one China’

Switzerland and EU head – politely – for the rocks

Africa: Elections – Much At Stake for Gender Representation

Liberia: President Sirleaf Calls for Investment in Agro Sector At US-Africa Business Forum

Amid Protests, Europe Ministers Try to Salvage Transatlantic Trade Talks in Slovakia

EU urged to watch Eritrea over regime’s right violations

Imprisoned for their faith: These three men have been jailed in Eritrea for over 22 years

Jamaica wants debt-for-climate-change swap

Kurdish separatists say their campaign in Iran will go on

Turkey’s Erdogan says U.S. sent weapons to Kurdish fighters in Syria

Tibetan Writer Detained Again One Day After Release

At UN, Albania highlights efforts to join EU, support for international recognition of Kosovo

Another Political Prisoner Appears In Belarus

Elections In Belarus Can Already Be Held Without Voters

“Shameful” number of women MPs in Malta

Detention of reporter sounds alarm in Montenegro

Armenia Strongly Advocates for Fight Against Impunity for Genocide

Basque National Party hopes September election will pave way to independence


Roma, The Lost Children Of Bharat

Govanhill’s Roma residents to be supported by £500,000 funding pot

PM Sipilä at anti-racism protest: Laws against far-right groups in the works

Portugal: Growth Needs Further Reforms

Lithuania renews fight for 1.4 bln euros compensation from Gazprom

Serbia continues dialogue on Kosovo, seeks integration into EU; Prime Minister tells UN

Planned Serb referendum vote reawakens fears of strife in Bosnia

Time for Wales to chart its own course

‘At least five’ EU states going soft on Russia, US says

Turkey, Greece, and, surprisingly, Ukraine, are the top countries violating the Crimean sanctions regime related to marine traffic

Eurovision winner Jamala releases music video for ‘1944’

Big Russian buy-in for Trump properties

Russian arrested and fined for reading aloud the Constitution