2016 10 07 Saturday

Two Russian planes suspected of breaching Finnish airspace

Finnish President Niinistö spoke with Russia’s President Putin

A chance for an Indigenous Australian anthem

US gov’t urged to rethink Hong Kong policy if threats to autonomy, rule of law, press freedom continue

Glasgow Council Cracks down on Indy Marches

Scotland: Robin McAlpine: I’m changing sides – it’s time to get it done

Only an independence referendum can protect Scotland from Brexit now

Wales: Independence rally/ rali annibyniaeth

Beijing ‘unshakeable’ on ‘one China’ principle – Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen refuses to bow to pressure

BREAKING: Russia transporting Iskander missile system to Kaliningrad

Russia demonstrating wish to control Baltic Sea area

Estonian, Lithuanian foreign ministers stress sanctions against Russia need to remain in place

Lithuanian gas exchange to expand to Latvia, Estonia next year

Anna Politkovskaya was murdered on Putin’s birthday, today ten years ago

Russia considers restoring military bases in Vietnam and Cuba

Another Crimean Tatar faces prosecution for calling Crimea Ukraine

How Ukrainian WW2 veteran Anna survived the “Russian world”

The CEO of Switzerland’s largest bank offers the clearest reason to shun European financials

Switzerland: tops for for political participation rights & lack of financial transparency

European Youth Parliament gathers in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland gets its first hydrogen filling station

Swiss-backed show helps Kosovars find jobs

EU launches joint border guard at Bulgaria-Turkish border

Lebanon can’t elect a president – but that’s the least of our problems

Will Lebanon Meet Its Renewable Energy Pledge by 2020?

South Sudan: Failing South Sudan – First As Tragedy, Then As Farce

Unexpected Eritrean Journalistic Voice Rises in Ethiopia

Africa, Homophobia and Western Hypocrisy

Zimbabwe: Zim Losing Nearly U.S.$1 Billion Over Graft – Corruption Watchdog

Zimbabwe: Outrage As ‘Hitman’ Targets MDC-T Legislators

Zimbabwe: Social Media Headache for Mugabe’s Regime

China confirms $4.86 bn loan to Bolivia for infrastructure projects

Catalan Parliament approves calling a referendum with or without Spain’s consent

Catalonia approves independence referendum

Catalan Parliament Votes Yes to Independence Referendum Next September

Spain courts open 2 new cases against Catalan politicians

Spanish Constitutional Court urges to open a criminal case against Catalan Parliament President

Hungary seeks to quash EU funding freeze reports

Jamaica starts coordinating help for Haiti

Albania Police Introduce Electric Car Fleet, But With One Significant Downside

Iranian Kurdistan: Local Activists Condemn Oppressive Practices of Iranian Authorities

Kurdish women soldiers aren’t just fighting ISIL, they’re leading society in a different way

EU report expresses concerns over increasing racist violence against Kurds in Turkey

Eritrea: Regime orders internet service providers to keep detailed records of their customers

Scenes From the Aftermath of Deadly Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Czech kids’ volleyball team named for poison used by Nazis

China says tourism is Tibet’s best hope. But can its culture survive the onslaught?

China’s Tibet tourism statistics just don’t add up

Members of International Campaign for Tibet Visit Tibetan Parliament

Chinese Officials Swarm Larung Gar to Target Residents For Eviction

Lukashenka Fails To Soft-Talk IMF For Loan, Calls Reforms “Gangster-Like”

20th anniversary of establishment of dictatorship in Belarus to be marked by protest

Indonesia extends crackdown on West Papua independence supporters to other countries

How West Papua became illegally occupied by Indonesia during the 1969 Act of NO Choice

Montenegro in election tug-of-war between Russia and the West

NATO and Moldova strengthen scientific cooperation

UN envoy to Western Sahara to Visit North Africa in Bid to Restart Western Sahara Negotiations

Lithuanians to vote amid scandals, economic concerns

Russian warlord makes his own CHILDREN fight in nationally televised MMA bout

Moscow cautions Montenegro, Bosnia against joining NATO

“No Irish Need Apply” once more as truth of life for Irish Down Under is revealed

Crimean Tatar activist’s house raided by Russian invaders, Mejlis Head Chubarov says

ICC delegation to visit Israel, Palestinian territories

Azerbaijan: Death Threats to Journalists

A step forward for Indigenous education

Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century: Where Do We Go from Here?

Russians buzzing Baltic again

Can this Cambridge business save endangered languages from extinction?

Navajo, feds sign agreement giving tribe greater control over schools