September 25, 2017 independence referendum in Kurdistan; October 1, 2017 self-determination referendum in Catalonia

Petition: Help to END THE GENOCIDE in West Papua

June 6, 1523: National Day of Sweden

June 12, 1898: Day of Freedom in Philippines

June 14, 1941: Soviet Mass Deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

June 17, 1944: Foundation of The Republic of Iceland

Euro-MP Paloma Lopez warns of effects of continued plundering of Western Sahara’s natural resources

Asia: 260 Million Indigenous People Marginalised, Discriminated

Asia – Indigenous Women Fight for Justice, Influence and Equity

Explainer: What was the Myall Creek Massacre?

Scottish National Party sees steep losses in UK vote count

Over 40 Tibetans arrested after clash with police over water rights

Did the US Just Abandon Tibet?

Miss Tibet Wins Pageant Held in Exile Community

President Trump, Don’t Forget About Tibet

China bans foreign climbers from Everest after illegal Tibet crossing

US Congressman Calls for New US Policy on Tibet

Karmapa Said He Left a Message When He Escaped Tibet in 1999

Grand Tibet Solidarity Rally held in Geneva

Nigeria needs to start talking about the horrors of the Biafra war, fifty years on

Nigeria: Likely Scenarios If Biafra Goes

Ethnic Tensions Bubble in Nigeria in Echo of Biafra Civil War

Time to let ‘Biafra’ go

Biafra: MASSOB reveals next line of action

Underground Basque group claims arson attack on Basque couple’s second home

Shocking statistics about Indonesia’s “development” in occupied West Papua

Wansolwara student journos report on West Papua human rights struggle

Kurdish forces bring the battle to the heart of ISIS’ capital after liberating new villages

Kurdish cantons in northern Syria already linked

Kurdistan Region to hold independence referendum on Sept 25

Catalonia to hold self-determination referendum on October 1, 2017

“The referendum will not take place,” says Spanish government

Experts say Catalan question must be faced to “avoid another front of instability” in Europe

La Model Prison, a symbol of Francoist repression, is shut down in Barcelona

European Court of Human Rights ruled Russia responsible for actions of Transnistria

Transnistria. Why Russia should leave the occupied territories

Executed in Donbas: activists present data on 95 extrajudicial killings

South Ossetia becoming something of a Switzerland or Cayman Islands for self-styled Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics”

Georgia to play viral transit role connecting India to Europe

Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan conduct joint military drills

Georgia receives record Foreign Direct Investments in Q1 2017

Abkhazia’s roads: deadlier than a warzone

Russia, Serbia, Belarus Hold ‘Slavic Brotherhood’ Military Drills

Russia threatens retaliation as Montenegro becomes 29th NATO member

Kremlin hackers’ new target: Montenegro

Flag-raising ceremony marks Montenegro’s entry into NATO

Montenegro court confirms indictment for Russians accused of involvement in coup plot

Russia actively stoking discord in Macedonia since 2008, intel files say

Bracing for Russian military exercise, Lithuania puts up a border fence

Lithuania warns Russian drill may mask troop build-up

Lithuania’s Former President Recalls Country’s Fight To Secure Independence

Reykjavik Summit: When Iceland paved the way for world peace

Norwegian mass murderer legally changes his name

Ukraine restores course towards NATO membership

How Ukraine can open its door to NATO

What Ukrainians Think about NATO?

79 percent of Estonia’s residents support women’s voluntary conscript service

Majority of Estonia’s Russian-speaking residents against NATO presence

20th anniversary of the Welsh Language Project in Patagonia

October 2-5, 2017: Food Sovereignty Summit

Ottawa continues to fail Indigenous children

Six Indigenous scholars share their views of Canada at 150

Indigenous rights in Canada: Significant work still needed

Window art displays across Montreal highlight issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women

Indigenous and environmental rights under attack in Brazil

Pascua Yaqui First to Successfully Prosecute Non-Indian for Domestic Violence

Indigenous Traditional Healer Nominated to Run for President of Mexico

Brazil: UN Special Rapporteur Criticizes Country’s Record on Indigenous Issues

Mayan Weavers Seek Legal Protection of Their Designs

Church of Scientology recruiting Irish translators

Fears that DUP deal with May will result in concessions to unionism

All bets are off on a Stormont deal while DUP has a hold over Tory government

Gerry Adams is the most successful party leader in this election

Refat Chubarov: Russia stepping up repressions against Crimean Tatars after ICJ ruling on Mejlis

EU Ambassadors Favor Extending Crimea Sanctions

Crimean Tatar Leader Umerov Goes On Trial On Separatism Charge

Crimeans seek stable life under Russian control

’Judge’ in Soviet-style trial of Crimean Tatar leader is wanted by Ukraine for treason

Russia methodically destroys and removes cultural treasures from occupied Crimea

Due to political repression, nearly hundred Crimean kids grow up without fathers

Third ‘Ukrainian Crimea saboteur’ says Russia TV confession obtained through torture

Russia refuses to let imprisoned Crimean Tatar leader see his gravely ill mother

Forensic tests overturn Russian FSB ‘Ukrainian Crimea saboteur’ story

Somalia: Farmajo’s 100 days in office, security still in limbo

Al-Shabaab seize Somali town after overrunning army base

Five people killed as Somalia soldiers fight over food aid distribution

Zambia deports 31 Chinese illegal miners after diplomatic protest

Zambia’s opposition chief sent to high-security jail pending treason trial

Chadian opposition reject proposed national forum by president Idriss Deby

EU diplomat says claims of meddling in Burundi politics is ‘fake news’

NGO’s in Congo call for release of activist

Mali settles for constitution referendum

Made in South Sudan exhibition kicks off in Juba

20 foreign journalist banned by South Sudanese media authority

South Sudan president declines to attend summit on his country’s situation

African countries break ties with Qatar

Five things to know about the Qatar-Gulf rift

US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news behind Qatar crisis

Qatar vows no surrender in Gulf crisis as U.S., Kuwait seek solution

Zimbabwean 12 year-old girl defies odds to become first female motocross champion

In Ethiopia, Authorities’ Reshuffling of the Oromo Language Alphabet Touches a Nerve

Wakeffanna Assembly disheartened by Minister’s depiction of Oromo religion and culture

Eritrean radio station Radio Erena provides a voice for the voiceless

Renewing The Mandate Of The UN Special Rapporteur In Eritrea

Rwanda’s electoral commission to regulate social media

Sahel region risks becoming a global terrorist den – France cautions UN

$3,379 for speedboat ride to Europe: Italy busts Tunisian human smugglers

Lesotho: Incumbent Mosisili loses election to former Prime Minister Thabane

Regional troops to remain in The Gambia

West Africa a source of democratic hope for Africa, world – EU’s Mogherini

Chilufya Tayali and Munyinda trials: Are Lozis second class citizens in Zambia?

Thousands of Slovaks protest corruption, demand resignation of interior minister

Kosovo Voters Look To Put Europe’s Newest Country Back On Track

Kosovo IS commander killed, police and family say

Cyprus Peace Talks Summit Set for June 28

Cyprus: four decades of division and negotiations

Israeli commandos head to Cyprus for largest land-based drill

Belgium detains 12 after raids linked to Brussels attacks

Jared Kushner’s family is a legend in this Belarus town

Belarus Sends Chechen Man Back To Russia Despite Fears For His Life

BELARUS: Priest forced out after ten years

EU should put pressure on Belarus nuclear project

Even Shanghai Got Tired of Lukashenka

MEPs to discuss civil rights in #Moldova

In Moldova, thousands protest over proposed voting changes

Usain Bolt confessed to being a nervous wreck before winning final race on home soil in Jamaica

Jamaica: Inside the Block Party of World’s Biggest Exporter of Black Models

Good things are happening in Jamaica

Race for Mongolia’s Presidency Begins

Mongolia Presidential Hopeful Urges More State Control in Mining

Mongolia Presidential Candidate Evokes Trump, Challenges IMF

Getting Deported Back to Haiti Almost Killed Me

Haiti fears deportations will mean surge of child servants

A Haiti reboot? Country welcomes Google, Facebook, Silicon Valley to tech summit

Haiti chefs carving out higher profile for country’s cuisine

Czech soccer chief steps down, facing graft charges

Miners eye Europe’s largest lithium deposit in Czech Republic

Czech architect puts tree house on a pedestal

Anti-EU rhetoric props up Czech election race

Sweden says to tighten laws to fight terrorism

New law and space agency to support Luxembourg’s space resources ambitions

New European Public Prosecutor’s Office to be based in Luxembourg

Hong Kong, Singapore rivalry hobbling Asia in $100 billion fintech race

UN human rights chief calls for end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine

Persistence of Palestinian Memory

1967 war: How Israel occupied the whole of Palestine

Misery of Palestinian people is the result of two historic events marked this year

Israeli forces kill Palestinian protester in Gaza

In Armenia, the frontline starts at school

Why are children in Armenia being given compulsory chess lessons?

Remembering Bash Aparan, and Building a Green Sustainable Armenia

Support for independence drops, despite concerns over Hong Kong’s post-Handover decline

China Purges Critics in Hong Kong 20 Years After Handover

After Two Decades of Chinese Rule, Hong Kong People ‘Not Optimistic’ About City’s Future

Next Hong Kong leader plays down threat of independence advocates in talks with Chinese officials

Tens of Thousands in Hong Kong Commemorate the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre

Romansh: Switzerland’s smallest national language struggles for survival

Alois Mock, Austrian Who Helped Tear Down Iron Curtain (Literally), Dies at 82

Austrian court jails parents who took kids to live under Daesh

Hungary to Ease Planned Restrictions on Foreign-Funded NGOs

Malta’s Prime Minister Promises to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Lebanon: Fighters to Bikers

Welcome to Lebanon … in the United States

Critical Mass exhibition celebrates Lebanon’s female graphic designers

Bulgaria wants to be free of EU monitoring by end of 2018

‘Eyebombing’ transforms crumbling streetscapes in Bulgaria

Russia strengthens military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

End Of UN Contraceptive Program In Kyrgyzstan A Bitter Pill For Many

The Downside of Foreign Aid in Kyrgyzstan

Albania Struggles to Make Parties Declare Election Finances

Albanian Judicial Reform Faces New Court Challenge

Albania’s big parties in election campaign to ditch ‘king-maker’

Mabo anniversary: Aboriginal Tasmanians say land handback fight far from over

Mabo Day: ‘Always has been, always will be Aboriginal land’

Marking Mabo: How has Native Title changed since the landmark ruling?

Aboriginal men in central Queensland aim to rebuild life after prison with New Endings program

How Indigenous tourism can help bring about reconciliation in Australia

Aboriginal women ‘sick of being another domestic violence statistic’

Greens, anti-Adani groups ‘hijacking’ interests of Aboriginal people

Gang jailed after ‘flooding’ Cornish towns with drugs

Disney searching for Māori Moana

China eroding Taiwan’s defense advantages

Half Soldiers: Meet Bastar’s Adivasi Militia Who Were Used and Abandoned

Leela Santhosh: Kerala’s first Adivasi filmmaker who wants to tell the real stories of Adivasi struggles

Tribals in Kerala’s Attapady are blaming banana farms for infant deaths

Why development must not be pursued at the cost of adivasis

Adivasis in remote Sajek villages require attention

First-Ever Roma Cultural Institution Opens in Europe

Athens: An anti-Roma pogrom continues for a second day

Turkmenistan: 18 Men Tortured, Sentenced in Unfair Trial

Turkmenistan: Hosting Asian Games Amid Widespread Repression

Turkmenistan leader wants to end free power, gas, and water

Chechens ‘forced to attend’ Russia Day celebrations

EU Urges Azerbaijan To Release Detained Opposition Figures

Azerbaijan moves forward with ‘5-star’ free-trade hub

China Embeds Cadres in Uyghur Homes During Ramadan

Australian sovereignty under threat from influence of China’s Communist Party

Did you know Chinese students in Australia are monitored by the Chinese Embassy?

Yazidi Villages Have Been Liberated, But The Community Still Needs International Support

‘Let ISIS see we do not die’: Yezidis repair their temples

US taking stronger stance in South China Sea

Countries Defy China’s Extra-Strict Fishing Moratorium in South China Sea

China builds 24 fighter-size hangars on South China Sea outposts

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct head of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons

Two children among three killed in ISI attack on Bugti refugees camp in Afghanistan

Ahwazi: Daughters of Political Prisoner Yousef Silavi Demand Answers From Ayatollah Khamenei

Puerto Rico votes to become America’s 51st state

What’s Next in the Fight for Puerto Rico Statehood?