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Reclaiming Wôpanâak Language
3d Monday of January: Martin Luther King Day
A Story Of Success; The New Armed Forces Of Liberia
Hong Kong’s Chinese University to start patriotic ‘national security education’
South Korea’s embrace of Australia goes beyond China
Terrorist Wanted by Interpol Special Guest in Ortega’s Nicaragua
Thousands of Cubans Looking Towards a Nicaragua “Paradise”
Hong Kong teenager pleads guilty over ‘seditious’ leaflet advocating independence
Twitter’s deal with Nigerian government sacrifices digital rights
National Monument Proposed by Congresswoman and Tribes in Nevada
Kabul protest calls attention to recent killing of two Hazara women
Massive anti-China protest in Pakistan’s Sindh on birth anniversary of GM Syed
Latvia steps up military presence in the east, says Defense Minister
Tibetan Muslims straddle faith and tradition in China and India
Estonia prepared to host 5,000 NATO soldiers
“Hotel Rwanda” hero absent at opening of appeal trial
Lithuanian Seimas Representative: Chances to Bypass Potash Transit Ban Equal to Zero
At least 7 protestors killed in Sudan’s Monday demonstration
Russian Forces Arrive in Belarus for Joint Military Drills
Deposed Guinean President Condé flown abroad for medical care
NATO sends Dutch warship to Baltic Sea
Posters Banning Non-Hindus From Ganges Ghats Draw Outrage
Russian cyberattacks target Norway’s infrastructure
Yemen Houthi rebels claim responsibility for deadly drone attack in Abu Dhabi
Poroshenko returns to Ukraine where he faces treason charges
Golden State Warriors owner says ‘nobody cares’ about Uyghurs
For Putin, Kazakhstan is a domino too big to fall
Kazakh Activist Abishev Dies Three Months After Release From Prison
Denmark earmarks millions for Ukraine as border tensions rise
Azerbaijani Opposition Politician ‘Beat Himself’ In Police Custody, Prosecutor Says
Britain Says It Is Supplying Anti-Tank Weapons to Ukraine
Djokovic Lands In Belgrade After Deportation From Australia, With Another Slam Now In Doubt
Russia seeks to maintain its global status by making threats and keeping others off guard
Lockdown Imposed Again In ‘Coronavirus-Free’ Turkmenistan
Finland’s sports minister to attend Beijing Winter Olympics
Kyrgyz Customs Chief Detained On Suspicion Of Corruption
FC Barcelona Femení sell out Camp Nou for Real Madrid clash
Turkish leader Erdogan visits Albania to boost ties
New ‘council of nations’ chaired by PM will ‘play to the advantage’ of Wales and Scotland
Trailblazing Arab lawmaker shakes up Israeli politics
The REAL Scottish Politics: Scottish Tories go into hiding once again
Canada deploys small contingent of special forces operators to Ukraine
Daily Mail criticises plans for St David’s day bank holidays in Wales
Guatemala pushes back 622 migrants from U.S.-bound caravan
Labour’s Martin Lennon disputes claim party has banned Yes supporting candidates
Significant damage reported on Tonga’s main island after volcanic eruption
NATO, Ukraine Sign Deal to ‘Deepen’ Cyber Cooperation
Top Yazidi official in the Kurdistan Region passed away
Bang for buck: Getting the most out of Pacific Islander remittances
Second federation of stateless nations’ and regional parties established in France
US Groups Send Milk Donations to Cuba
A Million Signatures for Cuban Prisoner Maykel Osorbo
University of Hong Kong students protest removal of Tiananmen monument with ‘invisible’ flash-mob using AirDrop
These podcasters are carrying African Languages into the new audio world
‘Reservation Dogs’ Earns Nomination for Best New Series from Writers Guild of America
Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement demand release of missing Sindhi political activists
How film is putting Indigenous languages in the spotlight
Real Sociedad’s secret to LaLiga contention? Basque pride, soccer passion and a taste for life
Russian cargo plane takes unexplained detour over Finland
Belarus deploys migrants in clash with European Union
The IT attack that crippled a town in northern Sweden
U.S. senators: We are in Ukraine to send clear message to Putin
Gwynedd becomes first council to give staff St David’s Day off
Deploying troops to Ukrainian borders has cost Russia almost $10 billion
Belgium Court of Appeals orders repeat of rapper Valtònyc’s extradition trial
Canada, UK to extend training missions in Ukraine
Tibetan language advocate speaks up again after prison release
The hidden links between Cuba and Scotland unearthed by Stirling academic
Malaysian FM sees shift in China’s justification of sweeping South China Sea claims
Erdogan Warns Russia Against Invading Ukraine
Lao women held by Chinese-run casino plead for help
Russia taking its diplomats’ families out of Ukraine
Economy needs “deep reforms” says the IMF’s envoy to Tunisia
U.N. Report Detailing Belarus Diversion of Ryanair Flight Raises Fresh Questions
UN launches appeal to avoid humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa
Kremlin’s efforts aimed at integrating occupied territories of Ukraine – Borrell
12,000 detainees held in Libya
US weighs more military support for Ukraine to resist Russia if it invades
Customs authorities in Senegal seize ammunition aboard a cargo ship
Coworking for Belarusian journalists opens in Poland’s Bialystok
Sudanese barricade streets as two-day civil disobedience starts
Lukashenka To Lose About $ 2 Billion From Potash Exports Already In February
Chad: rebels and political opponents granted amnesty freed
Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada rescues videos, testimonies of Ukrainian dissidents
Tunisia: ‘Freedoms face peril’, rights groups warn
Pope Francis sends aid to migrants at Belarus border and victims of typhoon in Philippines
US Experts Laud Australia as Bulwark Against China
Five Lessons from 1989 Poland for U.S. Support to Transforming Countries
Hong Kong to Kill 2,000 Animals After Hamsters Get COVID
Slovenia to bolster trade ties with Taiwan, wading into row with China
Volcanic Ash on Tonga Puts UN Aid Operation on Standby
Denmark renews its contribution to NATO’s Air Policing in the Baltic region
Suicide Bombing Kills 4 in Somali Capital
Time to stop China’s economic hostage-taking of Lithuania
Around 20 Killed in Deadliest Coalition Strikes on Yemen’s Sanaa since 2019
Estonian Defense Forces will remain in Mali
Guatemala, with Taiwan’s help, to hire Trump ally for lobbying push
Can Lithuania make good use of Taiwan’s support?
White House says Russia could launch attack in Ukraine ‘at any point’
Estonian public broadcaster one of most underfunded in Europe
Erdoğan: US pulling support for EastMed gas pipeline due to high costs
Estonian, Chinese FMs discuss cooperation, cybersecurity, human rights
US sanctions Lebanese tourism company, Hezbollah members for ties to terrorism
China’s Bullying of Lithuania Spurs European Unity
New Interpol chief facing torture complaint
Sweden Re-Opens Defense Divisions in Västernorrland
Erdogan Says Serbia’s Backing Crucial For Bosnia’s Territorial Integrity
Austria raises alarm about ‘dramatic’ femicide plague
Kazakhs Seek Answers As Loved Ones Detained, Injured, Or Killed Amid Unrest
Belarus food import embargo ‘weapon’ as part of hybrid attack on EU
Irish mourn slain 23-year-old teacher who was out jogging
U.S. lawmakers call for U.N. Uyghur rights report before China’s Olympics
Judge signs plan, resolves Puerto Rico bankruptcy battle
Maltese conservative Metsola becomes third woman to head EU parliament
UK police asked to probe Indian officials’ role in Kashmir
Cambodia to resume treason trial of opposition leader
1990 January 19: Azerbaijan: Black January
Newly-arrived Rojava refugees in Duhok warm themselves with blankets
Mongolia suffers under China’s zero Covid policy
Ortega Realized “He Doesn’t Have Popular Support”
Playing the Cold War Game
Cuba Without the Castro Brothers
Cuban Agriculture’s Forgotten Plans
Chinese rights lawyer Xie Yang detained for ‘inciting state subversion’
Netizens mock China’s suggestion that Omicron was brought to Beijing via a letter from Toronto
Tobago ditches ‘colonial’ dress code, waits for its sister isle, Trinidad, to catch up
BÁC le Gaeilge encourages Irish speaking during everyday business in Dublin city centre
Taliban arrests fighter who shot dead Hazara woman at checkpoint
Yazidi Women Union calls for ending Afrin occupation
Sindh demands independence, massive rally at Sann despite Pak repression
Moroccan human rights organisation: Amazigh language issue does not live up to expectations
Learning Indigenous languages by using them outside the classroom in daily life
‘Frustrating’: Board game creator slams Amazon for rejecting Welsh language reviews
China condemns plans by Slovenia to upgrade Taiwan ties
Taiwan denies residency to Hong Kong applicants born in mainland China
Russian troops in Belarus a new form of coercion says intelligence expert
Hong Kong independence activist Edward Leung released from jail, told to stay silent
The U.S. will provide $200 million in military aid to Ukraine amid crisis
Sierra Leone marks 20 years since end of civil war
American Official: Moment That Will Decide Lukashenka’s Fate Comes
Ethiopians celebrate Orthodox Epiphany in conflict-torn Amhara
Estonian Defense Forces commander: There will likely be war in Ukraine soon
Phone Service in Tonga Partially Restored After Eruption
Lithuanian Defence Minister calls on NATO allies to expand military assistance
UN Chief: ‘Real Opportunity’ to Resolve Ethiopia Conflict
Canada deploys special forces to Ukraine
Kazakh President Replaces Defense Minister, Parliament Removes Nazarbaev From Lifetime Posts
Estonian MEPs: Metsola win a victory for small countries in EU
Austria gears up to fight EU ‘green’ nuclear energy plan
Dress With Portraits Of Belarusian Political Prisoners Won Most Prestigious Art Competition In Poland
‘Patriotic millionaires’ call for wealth tax at virtual Davos
Minsk: Bathing in ice-cold water on Epiphany
Bulgarian president takes oath of office for second term
Ukrainians ask to personally join NATO, offer private land for NATO base
Barbados holds snap general election amid criticism
Latvia plans to supply both lethal and non-lethal equipment to Ukraine, not soldiers
Three of Tonga’s smaller islands badly damaged by tsunami
Estonian government to allocate additional €380 million to national defense
Doctor goes on trial in Germany accused of torture in Syria
We must avoid war, officials say in Vilnius conference
Pfizer chief Albert Bourla wins $1 million Genesis Prize
Denmark’s F-16s to deploy for Nato’s eAP mission in Lithuania
Water crisis looms as residents tackle debris in tsunami-hit Tonga
‘Happiest man in Estonia’ has no electricity bill to speak of
Finland’s PM says NATO membership is “very unlikely” on her watch
41 EU lawmakers’ letter slams China over Lithuania
Gambian President Barrow vows economic progress at start of second term
US warns Belarus to keep its commitment to neutrality
Malta police search house of former Prime Minister Muscat
Montenegro prime minister faces no-confidence motion in his Cabinet
Ukraine faces mounting encirclement as Russian troops enter Belarus
Europe’s Move Against Google Analytics Is Just the Beginning
1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia
From one conflict zone to another: Vahe’s move from Lebanon to Armenia
Ortega Shuts the Doors to Almagro’s Diplomatic Efforts
Ortega Sends Intimidating Message to Nicaraguans
Do not let Beijing Winter Olympics distract from human rights violations
The Hong Kong government ordered 2,000 rodents culled. Netizens are organizing to save them
What is Ground Penetrating Radar, and How is it Used at the Sites of Former Indian Boarding Schools?
In France languages like Occitan, Corsican, Breton, Alsatian, Basque and Catalan are still regarded as second-class
New Jersey Senate condemns 1984 Sikh genocide in new resolution
Suspect in anti-Sikh attack at JFK airport arrested and charged with hate crime
Afghanistan’s last Sikhs in a dilemma: To stay or leave
Hazara Shia Minority Protests on Anniversaries of Killings in Pakistan
Over 50 Sindhi nationalists booked for sedition in Pakistan: Report
Ireland adds St. Brigid’s feast day as national holiday
As more CEE countries embrace Taiwan, the 3SI could be key to even greater engagement
UN approves resolution condemning denial of Nazi Holocaust
Released Tibetan language right activist again in trouble with Chinese police
UK Parliament should retain power to ‘abolish’ Welsh Senedd, Lords report recommends
Green Strategic Partnership is building a more sustainable relationship between India and Denmark
Maduro, Putin talk after diplomat hints at military activity
Catalonia: Electoral board strips CUP’s Pau Juvillà of MP seat following disobedience ruling
U.S. clears Baltic states to send U.S.-made weapons to Ukraine
Cuban protesters await sentencing, facing long prison terms
Spain allows Airbnb to advertise unlicensed tourist flats in Catalonia
How Norway Popularized an Ultra-Sustainable Heating Method
US drops case against MIT professor accused of ties to China
China takes down Tibetan prayer flags, hoists China’s flag instead
MP calls for Estonia to raise defense spending to 2.5 percent of GDP
Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military
Arakan Army, not military junta, run the show in Myanmar’s Rakhine state
Inside Finland’s Plan to End All Waste by 2050
Tunisian party blames death of member on police violence
Barbs traded after US warship sails in China-claimed territorial sea
Baltics and Taiwan discuss countering hybrid threats
UN: Food aid in Ethiopia’s Tigray now at ‘all-time lowest’
Calls grow for real-name link to track, restrict individuals’ movements in Hong Kong
Lukashenka’s Money Found In Mongolia
Emirates to again fly Boeing 777 to US as 5G rollout slowed
It’s a miracle Uyghur survivor Mihrigul Tursun could escape “re-education”
UN report rejects Belarus’ bomb threat excuse to divert Vilnius-bound Ryanair flight
6 killed in rocket attack on northern town in Syria
Gambia’s Barrow sworn in for second presidential term
Iceland issues distress call to electricity companies
Lebanon’s poorest scavenge through trash to survive
Nigerian court upholds treason charges against Indigenous People of Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu
Prime Ministers of Lithuania and Sweden discuss the pandemic, security in the region
Russia announces sweeping naval drills amid Ukraine tensions
Church stampede kills 29 Liberian worshippers, including Children
Biden: Finland joining Nato is “last thing” Russia needs
North Korea slams US, hints at resuming nuclear, ICBM tests
Senegal: The Kourtrajmé collective opens its first free film school in Africa
Lithuania extends military patrols on Belarus border until mid-May
Cut off by volcano, Tongans relieved as contact restored
In Rwanda, KivuWatt transforms gas from ‘killer lake’ into electricity
Zelensky, Sweden’s PM talk over phone
In Western Sahara refugee camps, little optimism over frozen conflict
Court rules against gay couples seeking recognition in Namibia
Kaja Kallas: Estonia must contribute more toward security
Analysis: As Haiti investigation stalls, U.S. probes president’s killing
Facebook shut in Burkina Faso due to Security reasons
Russia deploys multiple rocket launcher systems and sets up military camp in Belarus, 200 km from Kyiv
Islamic State militants attack prison in Syria’s al-Hasaka, U.S.-backed SDF says
Head of Libya’s National Oil Corporation asks for funds
58 migrants turned back on Latvia-Belarus border Wednesday
U.S. seeks way to speed delivery of new fighter jets to Taiwan
Europe, US Aim to Ensure Mali Doesn’t Become First of Many Dominoes
Corona spreading like wildfire in Denmark … but a trend is emerging
China, Russia delays U.S. bid to sanction North Koreans at U.N.
French Parliament Passes Motion Calling China’s Treatment of Uyghurs Genocide
Urmas Reinsalu: Defense decisions require supplementary budget
U.S. charges second man in plot to assassinate Haitian President Moise
North Korea Expands China Trade, But Wider Pandemic Approach Unclear
Erdogan invites Putin and Zelensky to Turkey ‘to settle differences’
Reporter Kidnapped, Beaten in Northeast Syria
Biden words may have encouraged further Russian aggression
“There’s a Ground for Rumors of Lukashenka’s Serious Illness”
US Says It Will Not Resume Sudan Aid After Recent Violence
Latvia’s security needs more investments: Defense Minister
US to charge man suspected in assassination of Haitian president
Sweden and Ukraine Share Same Geopolitical Boat of Uncertainty
Kazakh Officials Say ‘Secret Graves’ Found In Almaty Following Deadly Unrest
We are not backing down, says Lithuanian FM on ‘de-escalation’ with China
Military Buildup: New Images Capture Russian Armor Massing Near Ukraine
Biden Strengthens His Words on Ukraine After Flustering European Partners
Lukashenka Sets February Vote On Amendments Further Consolidating His Power
SDE MP: Estonia’s independent defensive capacity needs to be boosted
Serbia Drops Plans For Controversial Lithium Mine
“Sense Of Inevitable Change Runs Rampant Through All Post-Soviet Space”
Despair, Grief After Suspected Suicide At Tbilisi’s Crumbling ‘Titanic’ For Displaced Georgians
Time needed for Russia to launch attack shrinks to hours, says Lithuanian defence minister
‘They’re Going To Ukraine’: Social Media Chatter Sheds Light On Russia’s Military Mobilization
APN podcast: Will Finland join Nato?
European countries urge Israel to stop construction in East Jerusalem
Georgian FM David Zalkaliani Visits Lithuania
White House tells chip industry to be ready for potential Russia export curbs
Ukraine raises rate to 10% as inflation and Russia standoff weigh
EU and UK set end February deadline for NI protocol deal
Europe’s fastest-growing property prices, in Iceland
US, allies pledge to act swiftly if Russian troops cross Ukraine border
Russian troops in Belarus trying to hide hull numbers of its combat vehicles
Red Cross: Hack exposes data on 515,000 vulnerable people
Searches Are Underway At Belarus’ Largest Mobile Communications Company
Montenegro government urges early vote to resolve crisis
U.S. Charges 4 Belarus Officials With Piracy in Forced Landing of Ryanair Jet
US broadcaster urged to include China’s oppression in Tibet in coverage
Nicaraguan Political Prisoners Families Denounce Horrible Mistreatment
Antonia Urrejola Appointed Chilean Foreign Minister in Boric’s Cabinet
Gang truce or not, President Bukele is still popular in El Salvador
‘Heart’ of Little Shell: Newest Federally Recognized Tribe to Open First Clinic
Tibet activists urge Allianz to drop Beijing Games sponsorship
Turkish drone strikes target two cars in Yazidi town of Shengal as tensions escalate
Somaliland’s quest for recognition: UK debate offers hint of a sea change
SRP partnering with Navajo Nation on new solar plant
Let’s Move To… The Isle of Man
Baltics quietly push Biden to pursue stronger Russia policy
Search launched to find next National Poet of Wales
High Court: Catalonia has two months to ensure 25% of classes are in Spanish
Scottish independence support on the rise amid Boris Johnson’s chaos, pollster finds
Peru: 21 beaches polluted by spill linked to Tonga eruption
Security researchers spot flaws, surveillance in official Beijing Olympics app
Finland: opposition criticises Marin over Nato membership remark
Airbus revokes Qatar Airways A321 jet order amid dispute
European parliament slams Hong Kong rights abuses under draconian security law
UK mulls sending ‘hundreds’ more troops to Baltics
Israeli general turned lawmaker emerges as settler critic
Five Lao men arrested for stealing cable from Lao-China railway
Norway mass killer tests limits of lenient justice system
New Zealand water ship unloads in Tonga as other aid trickles in
Report puts spotlight on PLA units deployed in South China Sea
EDF chief: Russia occupation of Ukraine territory would likely be temporary
U.S. calls on Bosnian leaders to stop divisive rhetoric, actions
Mali’s transitional leader celebrates army’s 61st anniversary
Iceland extends its support to strengthen home-grown school feeding in Malawi
U.N. chief condemns deadly Saudi-led coalition strike in Yemen
Twitter suspends accounts in Ethiopia
‘Propaganda machine’: Moscow House in Vilnius to be demolished – mayor
Haiti’s allies need to help tackle spike in violence -Canada PM Trudeau
Tunisia President denies country is returning to authoritarianism
Kyiv: Russia sends more tanks into Donbas
Dredgers spotted off Cambodian base where China is funding work -U.S. think tank
Yemen’s rebels hold protest against Saudi-led coalition strikes
Russia moving S-400 anti-aircraft missiles into Belarus
Mali: Funeral held for former President Keita
Russian cyberwar in Ukraine could ripple out globally
Aid to Victims of Tonga’s Volcanic Eruption Gaining Momentum
NGOs of Latvia wade into anti LGBTQ+ trouble with Finnish authorities
Islamic State Operatives, US-Backed Forces Clash in Syria
Czech Republic is ready to provide weapons to Ukraine
South Africa’s Indigenous People Fight Planned Amazon Headquarters in Court
Lithuania to hand over thermal sights to Ukraine’s special forces
UN Chief: ‘Avalanche of Action’ Needed to Stem Global Crises
It took Red Army ‘a decade’ to subdue Western Ukraine after 1945, Russian specialist on Ukraine warns Kremlin
Saudi airstrike kills 70 in Yemen
Lithuania setting up €130m fund for businesses involved with CCP
US sanctions ‘international’ Hezbollah financing network
Baltic nations sending US-made Stingers, Javelins to Ukraine
Chechnya’s Kadyrov Says ‘Real Prison’ Awaits Prominent Lawyer’s Mother
Canadian-led battlegroup in Latvia at ‘high readiness’ amid NATO-Russia tensions
Ukrainians Mark Donetsk Airport Battle Anniversary
Some German businesses pile pressure on Lithuania in China blockade over Taiwan
Kazakh Official Arrested On Suspicion Of Ordering Journalist’s Assassination
55 people deterred from crossing Latvia-Belarus border
China incensed by French parliament’s genocide declaration
This week in tax: Estonia, Hungary and Poland oppose EU tax reform
Digital anonymity and the Online Safety Bill
Latvia is the most stressed country in the EU
Austria to give out annual €200 ‘climate bonus’
Germany Blocks Estonia From Transferring Weapons of German-origin to Ukraine
Germany’s Nord Stream pipes promote war in Europe
Belarusian opposition organisations to set up coordination centre in Vilnius
Šuica: Commission will support changes to treaties if citizens ask
Baltic, Polish MPs call on NATO not to give in to Russia’s demands
German industry calls for better EU-Swiss relations
Netherlands ready to deploy F-35 to NATO Air Policing in Bulgaria
Finnish and Russian presidents in call on European security, Ukraine
Space Norway restores redundancy for Svalbard ground stations
1946 January 22: Establisment of the Republic of Kurdistan
1919 January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine
Products & Services You Can Pay for in Cryptocurrency in Cuba
NGO Denounces Machista Attacks on Dissident Cuban Women
China warns of ‘no mercy’ in regulatory crackdown, Jack Ma’s Alibaba-linked Ant Group in crosshairs
Clean sweep for incumbent Mia Mottley in Barbados’ first election as a republic
Call for Hazara province renewed
US academics use radar to help seek missing in split Cyprus
Indigenous activism heads online as the Aboriginal Tent Embassy celebrates 50 years
An Indigenous warrior. An enduring mystery. A long-overdue translation
International Decade of Indigenous Languages launched from Cherokee Nation Reservation
Visually Stunning Bolivian Drama Explores the Dying Quechua Way of Life
Russia wants to jail world-renowned Crimean Tatar leader for 20 years on the basis of three ‘secret witnesses’
Local Limerick group ignites a grá for the Irish language
Taiwan and Belgium’s Flanders sign agreement
‘Miserable and Dangerous’: A Failed Chinese Promise in Serbia
Five women from Uyghur family sentenced to long prison terms in China’s Xinjiang
Welsh language train announcements ‘incomprehensible’ says Telegraph assistant editor
North Korea holds ‘emergency’ lectures nationwide, but citizens left wondering why
Ghost stations of Barcelona’s metro and the historic underground shopping center
Worries in Laos and Thailand as upstream dams drain Mekong River
UK Government consider Ayrshire coast for nuclear plant despite Scottish Government opposition
Clashes break out in Burkina Faso capital as banned demo goes ahead
Help Us Investigate Facebook Pixel Tracking
In Hong Kong, ‘Normal Journalism’ Doesn’t Work Anymore
73 East Europe experts call on Germany to “fundamentally correct” Russia policy
Some Money Services Reopen in Tonga, Drinking Water the Priority
Minister: calm on Lithuanian-Belarusian border “deceptive”
US-backed Forces Continue Battling Islamic State Over Syrian Prison
Russia now wants NATO out of Bulgaria, Romania, and 12 other countries
UN Says Thousands of Eritrean Refugees in Tigray Dying as Access to Aid Remains Blocked
An Estonian-Croatian startup is developing an awareness system for armoured vehicles
Remote Kiribati under lockdown for first time
Sweden and Finland – in Talks with NATO
Kyiv Says Russia Stepping Up Military Involvement In Eastern Ukraine
China has erred in its reading of Lithuania
Nearly 1,000 Still Detained Over Deadly Kazakh Protests
Inside Finland’s cruel fox fur farms, the shame of the luxury fashion industry
How Did A Notorious Former Donbas Prison Warden Live Quietly In Kyiv For Two Years Before His Arrest?
Turning back the time on NATO to 1997 inconceivable
2 priests, 2 lay people to be beatified in El Salvador
Ethiopian army planning to ‘eliminate’ Tigrayan forces -military official
James Brooke: Finland’s Winter War lessons for Ukraine
Houthis, aid group: Death toll from prison airstrike hits 82
UAE grounds most private drones for a month after Houthi attack
King of Sweden gives audience to President of Estonia
Australia delivers water, telecommunications aid to Tonga
Ukraine bans Austrian design firm working on Crimea theatre project
Rev. Valjakka: accompanying Finland’s Sámi Christians on the journey to unity
Kuwaiti minister visits Beirut in first Gulf Arab trip since rift
Czech Senate committee calls for closer tabs on Chinese coercion on Lithuania
Residents of Ukrainian city near Russian border brace for the unknown
90 tons of U.S. military aid arrives in Ukraine as border tensions with Russia rise
Head of German Navy: Putin deserves our respect
1719 January 23: Founding of Liechtenstein
1954 January 23: World Freedom Day, Taiwan & South Korea
Baloch refugee registered with UN murdered in Kabul, IVBMP demands a UN probe
Kyrgyz Journalist Says Drugs Planted By Police After Report On President, Security Chief
In Kashmir, India batters press freedom — and journalists
UAE bans drones after attack on oil facility, airport
China continues unabated cultural genocide in Tibet
Heavy Gunfire Heard as Mutiny Occurs at Burkina Faso Military Base
Uighurs in Turkey call for boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics
Armenian President Resigns Saying Constitution Doesn’t Give Him Enough Influence
Being Adivasi
Head of Guinea’s ruling junta appoints members of transitional council
Gujarat: Adivasi uprising in Sabarkantha to feature in Republic Day tableau
Voters flock to the polls in Senegal’s local elections
Michele Wilson brings her Māori culture to both her brand and personal style
Africa’s traditional Chinese medicine boom sparks fears for endangered species
In Russia, Indigenous land defenders face intimidation and exile
Barcelona’s civil war bomb shelters
Continuity of indigenous languages through songs
People are loving singer’s Welsh language version of Elton John classic
Worldwide collaboration aims to curb biodiversity decline, improve Indigenous peoples’ health
Talks Between Taliban, Afghan Civil Society Begin In Norway
Indigenous languages find a home on the world’s most translated website
Taiwan reports new large-scale Chinese air force incursion
Biarritz: a right royal time on the Basque coast
Yemenis struggle without internet for third day after air strikes
Saudi-led coalition says two foreigners injured in a Houthi missile attack
Wickedest man in Cornwall’s screams can still be heard across the Duchy
Rival Honduran lawmakers back different congressional heads in dispute with next president
Pope calls for day of prayer for peace for Ukraine
China using ‘Russia’s playbook’ as massive disinformation campaign mounted in Lithuania
Omicron spreads in New Zealand, spoiling PM’s wedding plans
Lithuanian Post delivers 50-year-old letters interrupted by Soviet censors
French soldier dies in attack on anti-insurgent base in Mali