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Bolivia protests: Opposition governor’s arrest stirs anger
Brazil’s president-elect announces 1st Indigenous woman chief for key government post
Epstein’s sex trafficking was aided by JPMorgan, a U.S. Virgin Islands lawsuit says

LSU nursing student visiting from New Orleans murdered in Belize, reports say

1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence
Working With The Inuit, Parks Canada Resumes Franklin Wreck Research

Ojibwe Storytelling with Valerie Barber
Migrants arrive in record numbers in Panama in 2022, data shows
Surfer creates island eco-haven with ancient knowhow

Reflection: Kinngait textiles have another moment
Uruguay’s passport scandal forces reckoning on corruption
Ecuador reaches trade deal with China, aims to increase exports, Lasso says
Ethnical movements in Latin America
48 refugees arrive in the Cayman Islands over the holidays
US Virgin Islands governor ousts attorney general after she sued JPMorgan Chase and accused the bank of covering up Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes

President Lula’s first pro-environment acts protect Indigenous people and the Amazon
Green Ammonia Project Puts Greenland on Offshore Wind Map
Reflection: Shifting our journalism from historic harm to community healing
Uruguay is a sustainability success story – here’s why
How Chile is becoming a leader in renewable energy
President Lula’s first pro-environment acts protect Indigenous people and the Amazon
Brazil’s new president prioritizes Indigenous communities
Cyberattack halts Martinique’s search for new flag, hymn
British man Sean Patterson shot dead in Jamaica, police say
US Embassy in Cuba resumes visa and consular services

Orea to acquire Nordgold’s stake in French Guiana gold project
Paraguay election race puts Taiwan ties on a knife-edge
Is Bolivia the Next Nicaragua?
How ‘blood gold’ damages the Amazon rainforest in Venezuela
Locals fight to save ‘a piece of the sea’ in Venezuela’s Andes
Turks and Caicos under strain after 275 Haitian migrants recently detained
What’s in a name? On language, history and place names in St Vincent and the Grenadines
US restricts migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti

‘Fortnightly demise’: Race to save south America’s indigenous languages
DHS Implements New Processes for Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans and Eliminates Cap for Venezuelans
British Virgin Islands Enacts New Virtual Assets Service Providers Act
Dismay in French Caribbean as Paris court dismisses pesticide case

Honduras Extends, Expands State of Emergency Meant to Fight Crime
Chile’s justice minister resigns in face of opposition to protester pardons
How reparation efforts in Barbados found an international spotlight

1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination
‘The money is gone’: Bahamas tries to turn page after FTX

Baptists assaulted in indigenous community in Mexico
Suriname’s President emphasises on creating ‘Hindi language institute’ in Caribbean
Taiwan pitches democratic alliance to shore up shaky Paraguay ties
Afro-descendants in Paraguay honour their roots
Anguilla plays key part in successful rescue mission

1983 January 10: Margaret Thatcher Day, Falkland Islands
Buu Nygren has been sworn in as the next Navajo Nation president
Murdered Belize environmentalist helped boost marine conservation through technology
First Quantum threatens to shut vast copper mine over Panama tax dispute
Catholic bishop arrested by dictatorship in Nicaragua to be put on trial
Guyana: 1.3 billion barrels in ExxonMobil offshore oil field
Guyana seeks Indian investment in its hydrocarbon sector -Indian official
Peru’s mining south, rocked by violence, braces for ‘endless battle’
Peru orders curfew in violence-hit region after 18 deaths
Political Vacuum in Haiti Deepens as Senators’ Terms Expire
Ana Montes: How Cuban spy used incredible memory to betray US

Portraits of Indigenous People From Around the Globe Details Their Plight
What Indigenous language revitalization looks like in northern Ontario
Durant Local Featured in New Choctaw Nation Series ‘Choctaw Proud’
Native Americans urge Apache Software Foundation to ditch name
El Salvador Passes Law Paving the Way for ‘Volcano Bond’
Honduran environmental defenders shot dead in broad daylight
Venezuela’s Yapacana National Park suffering increasing mining deforestation: report
Environmental defenders join forces across Argentina to stop mining boom
Colombia: UN mission to verify rural reform and indigenous representation in peace process
Colombia investigating 118 soldiers over sexual abuse of indigenous children
Caribbean Netherlands: job growth over 50 percent in 10 years
Cayman Islands to cull feral cats to protect brown boobies
World Bank approves $100 million for Barbados

Poll shows growing opposition to Bermuda’s independence
Wall Street’s New ESG Money-Maker Promises Nature Conservation — With a Catch
El Salvador renews state of emergency as gang crackdown continues
Robbers pull off multimillion-dollar copper heist in Chilean port
The Massacre in Peru Must Be Stopped!
UN to monitor indigenous rights and land reform in Colombia
‘Long overdue’ solar and storage project breaks ground in British Virgin Islands
SVG donates books to Taiwan’s National Central Library

The U.S. renames 5 places that used racist slur for a Native woman
FEMA fires group for nonsensical Alaska Native translations
Iranian Navy Sending Ships to Panama Canal, Says Commander
Colombia: continued violence against indigenous communities “is of particular concern”

Nunavut Indigenous-language TV channel looking to be in the homes of every Canadian
CAN$39 Million to Support Indigenous Languages in the North
This Anishinaabe child care program puts Ojibwe language first
Miss El Salvador dons golden bitcoin outfit at beauty pageant
Suriname President Santokhi thanks India for debt restructuring, seeks military cooperation
Guyana’s oil exports double, with Europe taking half of cargoes
Argentina: “They want the Mapuche to be submissive and impoverished, they can’t accept that we have an autonomous path”.

Ilitaqsiniq project aiming high at 11th annual Arctic Inspiration Prize
Scientists Have Discovered Almost 1,000 Long-Hidden Maya Settlements in Guatemala
Ali invites China to bid for oil blocs in Guyana

3d Monday of January: Martin Luther King Day
Remote First Nations communities advance clean-energy projects
French demonstrators demand extradition of retired priest accused of abusing Inuit children
Space for queer Inuit youth in Ottawa returns for new sessions
Ojibwe culture focus of free online storytelling series in January, organized by Wisconsin Historical Society. Here’s how to tune in.
How the impoverished French overseas territory of Guiana became a ‘narco hub’ for Europe
Argentina: Imprisonment of Milagro Salas Turns Seven
New geophysical imaging technique being tested in Bouillante, Guadeloupe
Puerto Rico to privatize power generation amid outages

How do you say the word ‘sun’ in Cree? It starts with learning respect
Relations on the Land project to strengthen ties with Indigenous partners
B.C. universities reviewing identity policy for Indigenous scholars amid Turpel-Lafond controversy
Nunavut plans to support Inuit language, culture with new music industry association
Indian, European oil firms evaluating bids for Guyana blocks
No Mapuche Resistance involvement proven in Chubut fire
Indigenous Lands Among the Amazon’s Last Carbon Sinks
Argentinian La Chola Poblete is Deutsche Bank’s “Artist of the Year” 2023
Crypto lender Nexo takes Cayman regulator to court over licence rejection
Cruise ship rescues 17 migrants from vessel near the Bahamas

Climate crisis exacerbating loss of indigenous languages – linguists
B.C. signs ‘historic’ deal with Blueberry River First Nations
Temperatures on Greenland haven’t been this warm in at least 1,000 years, scientists report
Broadband Grant Awarded to Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe
Muscogee (Creek) Citizen-directed film premieres at Sundance
‘Aymara blood brothers are travelling to the fight’: Peru protesters gear up to confront government
As more unrest looms, Peru leader calls for calm
Protesters lift blockades in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz region
Sint Maarten approves plan to destroy entire population of vervet monkeys
3 lessons on sustainable growth from the Dominican Republic

More Evidence of Children’s Graves Is Found at Former Indigenous School
‘Significant increases’ in mental health hospitalizations for First Nations youth, StatCan says
Feds and First Nations gearing up to host global ocean conservation summit
Officials must understand why Inuit overrepresented in jails, Labrador leader says
Guyana expects proposal from India for long-term crude purchases
UN Report: 131 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean cannot access a healthy diet
More than 100 civil and indigenous organizations of Latin America requested transparency about energy transition and environmental information as part of the Estandar EITI
Dominican lost at sea survived 24 days by eating ketchup

Top court confirms spiritual beliefs of Indigenous people can be considered by government decision-makers
At Nevada interfaith event, Indigenous religious practices shared, discussed
First Native American woman in space steps out on spacewalk
Bamitoodaa Anishinaabemowin. Let’s Keep the Ojibwe Language Going.
Macon-Bibb County flies the Muscogee Nation flag above the city
Panama Withdrew Flags From 136 Ships That Helped Iran Evade Sanctions
Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport crippled by ransomware attack
Edward Skeete shot dead in French Guiana
Suriname’s Oil Boom Hits A $10 Billion Snag
Pope Francis meets President Abdo Benítez of Paraguay
Peru protests: What to know about Indigenous-led movement shaking the crisis-hit country
Commonwealth observers say Antigua and Barbuda’s general election reflects ‘the will of voters’
Taiwan, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines promote Youth Employment Grant Program
The Netherlands has confidence in reforms in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten
Strong earthquake recorded in Guadeloupe
Christine Kangaloo elected President of Trinidad and Tobago
Usain Bolt missing $12.8 million from investment account in Jamaica, his lawyer says

Brazil declares public health emergency for Yanomami people
After 1,000 Days, Mask Mandate is Lifted on the Navajo Nation
Amazon and Microsoft payroll cuts fuels fears for the future of 18,500 Costa Rican workers
China to upgrade CCTV security system in Suriname
Pope Francis meets President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador
Brazil Declares Public Health Emergency for Yanomami People
The ‘carbon pirates’ preying on Amazon’s Indigenous communities
Lula to visit Amazon amid vow to tackle Yanomami Indigenous crisis

Canada to pay over $2B to hundreds of Indigenous abuse survivors
Canada reaches $2.8bn settlement with Indigenous peoples
Brazil declares emergency over deaths of Yanomami children from malnutrition

Band class action settlement gives First Nations control of programming dollars: lawyer
Ottawa pledges $1.16-million for justice programs by Inuit gov. in Atlantic Canada
Ojibwe ‘Olympic games’ returning to Wisconsin after US government banned them nearly 150 years ago
Brazilian foreign minister: Uruguay’s agreement with China would ‘destroy’ Mercosur
Bolivia selects Chinese-led consortium to develop lithium reserves
Crime, inflation hammer support for Chile’s Boric in tough first year
Brazil appoints Indigenous ministers to reverse Amazon deforestation
Peru riots: unrest in southern Andes lays bare an urgent need to decolonise
Brazil and Argentina are laying the groundwork for a Latin American currency to rival the US dollar
A new direct service elevates this Caribbean isle to the a-list

Brazil to Call for Protection of Indigenous People’s Health After Bolsonaro ‘Abandonment’ During COVID-19
Feds, First Nations settle class-action lawsuit over ‘collective harm’ of residential day schools
Indigenous hockey cards shed light on First Nations players
The Legal Implications of the 2022 Canada-Denmark/Greenland Agreement on Hans Island (Tartupaluk) for the Inuit Peoples of Greenland and Nunavut
After women made historic gains, Navajo Nation Council elects first female speaker
Missing Indigenous Persons Alert issued for Navajo teen
Guyana in talks with Qatar, UK, UAE and India on oil blocks
Trinidad & Tobago proposes a Caribbean energy alliance with Guyana and Suriname
Rabbits, Aymara, Catholic prayers highlight Bolivian festival of abundance
Democracy Is on the Line in Peru
Alleged drug lord known as “Colombia” ordered murders of U.K. journalist, Indigenous activist in the Amazon, Brazil police say
Brazil: President Lula accuses Bolsonaro of ‘genocide’ after gold mining causes Indigenous deaths
Brazil opens investigation into ‘genocide’ of Yanomami Indigenous peoples

Inuit warn ‘rock concert-like’ noise from ships affecting Arctic wildlife
Indigenous Protesters Campaign to Make “Chineo” A Hate Crime in Argentina
Sting and Shaggy Will Headline 2023 Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival
US issues license to Trinidad and Tobago to develop Venezuela offshore gas field

In the clamour and confusion around the Indigenous voice, the media has a special responsibility
Ex-Panama president’s sons return after serving US sentence
Uruguay’s global ambitions shake up Latin America’s Mercosur trade bloc
U.S. slaps sanctions on Paraguay’s VP and former president, citing corruption
Learning from Mapuche teachings of “poyewvn” to counter discrimination online
‘We are not at war, we are united’ – Indigenous Uro community joins Peru protests
The best way to save forests? Legally recognize Indigenous lands.
Indigenous communities in Latin America decry the Mennonites’ expanding land occupation
Curaçao is home to the only Tier-IV Certified Data Centre in C’bbean
Panic Grips Haiti as Police Attack PM’s Residence, Storm Airport

We need native seeds in order to respond to climate change, but there aren’t enough
Watermark to host Ojibwe storytelling, Star Knowledge events Feb. 3-4
Mexico finds over 50 unaccompanied kids from Guatemala in migrant truck
Mexico’s Indigenous rappers find rare spotlight – on Wakanda soundtrack
Brazil and Uruguay Give South American Trade an Adrenaline Shot
Indigenous and State Politics in Latin America: The Mapuche People and the Chilean Constitutional Assembly
Haiti police riot after crime gangs kill 14 officers

1863 January 29: Bear River Massacre
February: African-American History Month, US
1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day
1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day
February 21: International Mother Language Day
1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day
1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day
1926 March 2: James Ronald Webster’s Birthday, Anguilla