Americas: “more meaningful”

June 1
1969 June: LGBT Pride Month
Native American news roundup, May 26-June 1, 2024
100 years ago, US citizenship for Native Americans came without voting rights in swing states
Europe feels at home on the Costa-Rican roads
El Salvador says it seized bombs ahead of president Bukele’s inauguration
El Salvador’s ‘all-powerful’ gang-busting President Bukele sworn in for second term
Honduras declares health emergency as Central America starts peak dengue season
The ‘Submerged Heritage’ and divergent narrative of Afobaka dam in Suriname
India’s Secretary (West) visits Antigua and Barbuda, meets Caribbean leaders

June 2
1924 June 2: Indian Citizenship Act, US
Interior Secretary Deb Haaland: Native Americans Have Always Been Citizens
Guatemala reclaims prison where gang members had call center, held crocodiles
Puerto Rico Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz wins gubernatorial primary

June 3
A Native American sanctuary in Salem County gets green light to operate as a worship site, but only after ‘interrogation’
Remains: The collision of science and America’s Indigenous people
Indigenous peoples in Brazil demand from the Inter-American Court the demarcation of lands
Essential Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir and Short Stories by Native American and Indigenous Authors to Add to Your List
Medical school in Cherokee Nation gives students experience serving Native communities
Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Ventures into Cannabis Industry with New Business Launch
Choctaw Nation Introduces New Veterans Archive Website
Panama’s New President Faces Bumpy Path Ahead
Mom review – Indigenous Mexican woman contemplates the price of a machismo society
Chile to join South Africa’s ICJ complaint against Israel
Sint Maarten regains power after total blackout
Returning a 170-year-old preserved lizard to Jamaica is a step toward redressing colonial harms

June 4
Morgan Talty on Writing a Native American Novel That Subverts Expectations
USDA Embarks on First-ever Trade Mission Focused on Indigenous and Native Nations Products
New Greenland Int’l Airport Nears Completion — but is Greenland Ready?
Nuuk: Strengthening EU-Greenland collaboration
‘The Avengers’ and ‘Star Wars’ get Ojibwe and Lakota dubs from Indigenous language experts
Main initiatives in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador
2,000-year-old rock art, including nearly 140-foot-long snake, may mark ancient territories in Colombia, Venezuela
Sint Maarten: Faced with an increase in armed robberies, the police are intensifying checks
UN Tourism Commits to the Antigua and Barbuda Agenda for Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
At Barbados Gospelfest 2024, WCC leads “Campaign of Hope”
Canadian vlogger accused of sedition in Trinidad
Haiti: Garry Conille sworn in as Prime Minister

June 5
US 100 years later: A congressional act that didn’t ensure equal justice
Could seaweed be Greenland’s next big export?
Canada: statistics on Indigenous peoples
On a remote island, Honduras plans mega-prison in an unstudied reserve
Queen Letizia travels to Guatemala to see some of Spain’s cooperation projects
Agriculture, mining and tourism: Drivers of sustainable growth in Ecuador
Decolonising ‘Indigenous Histories’ at Kode Bergen Art Museum in Norway
Startup, protecting forests and Indigenous communities in the Andes with Acción Andina

June 6
1944 June 6: D-Day/Normandy landings
Tackling a long-running challenge: Greenland is developing recommendations for a national alcohol policy
New CBC, APTN Netflix series captures joys of life in the Arctic
Video game aims to bring Ojibwe culture to life
Supreme Court Backs Tribes in Healthcare Funding Dispute
Panama: Civil Unrest – DREF Final Report (MDRPA018)
Latin American and Caribbean countries welcome Chinese investors with open arms: Nicaraguan Ambassador to China
Democracy and the world of work in Guatemala: from uncertainty to hope
China imports first ‘zero-deforestation’ soybeans from Brazil
Scabies Outbreak Reported in Montserrat
You May Not Need A Passport When Visiting This Caribbean Island
Dominican Republic Working to Reach Visa-Free Travel Agreement With EU

June 7
100 years after citizenship, Indigenous peoples continue to fight to vote
Share of population using the internet in Bermuda from 2002 to 2017
In-person, virtual support groups now available to Navajo veterans
Revitalizing the citrus industry in Belize
El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua – Key Message Update: Delayed rainfall onset will extend annual lean season, May 2024
Nicaragua Strengthens Ties with China
Nicaragua applies to join BRICS
Mexican Indigenous Group Fights to Preserve Sacred Sites
Leaving No One Behind: a UN Joint Programme in Suriname
Guyana opens tender for supply of solar equipment, installations
The International System That Pits Foreign Investors Against Indigenous Communities
Colombia: Demonstrators occupy the nunciature in Bogota
Trinidad & Tobago’s arrest of Canadian vlogger ‘Chris Must List’ raises questions about much more than the law

June 8
France in hot water as colonies increasingly demand independence
Venezuela signs gold deal with Turkey in region hit by illegal mines
Haiti needs a Green New Deal, not another military intervention

June 9
In Belize, I found an ecotourist’s paradise, with a spectacular tapestry of landscapes and close encounters with the wild
Grenada and Dominica Lead the Way in Sustainable Waste Management”
Researchers find coral reef undamaged by global warming near Curaçao

June 10
UNESCO promotes the revitalization of three indigenous languages in the Peruvian Amazon
The gems of French Guiana illuminated by the Olympic torch!
Canoita reunion: indigenous people from Brazil and Colombia discuss integrated management plan
Tech Roundup: Connecting indigenous peoples to reforestation projects
Why the Barbados Agreement Failed: Maduro Needs an Off-Ramp

June 11
‘We are seen’: Giving life to Indigenous languages in rural Nebraska
America: a healthy or healthcare economy?
Critical Metals Corp. to Aquire Controlling Stake in Large Rare Earth Project in Greenland
Cherokee Nation accepting applications for WAVE Technology Training
Guatemala: Civil Unrest – DREF Final Report (MDRGT021)
US imposes sanctions on 3 individuals in Guyana
Igniting Guyana’s Long-Awaited Constitutional Reform
As Guyana’s constitution reform commission begins work, electoral reform must be a priority
Avá-Guarani Indigenous people sieged by glyphosate in Brazil
This is what it’s like to visit Saint Lucia as a solo Black woman
EU-Funded Including Us Program Launched in Saint Lucia

June 12
More Than Music: Native American inspirations
Magic mushrooms helped a Navajo woman deal with trauma. Now she wants to help others
Ojibwe members ask appeals court to confirm Minnesota reservation still exists
Bolivia Turns to China Amid Historic Economic Crisis
Women leaders from Chile and Colombia share their experiences in conflict resolution and peacebuilding
Curaçao Secures Associate Membership in CARICOM
Palestine and Barbados officially establish diplomatic relations amid a global wave of support over Gaza war
Russian warships arrive in Cuba ahead of military exercises in Caribbean

June 13
Native Americans see omen in Yellowstone’s rare white bison
Should sea ice be considered sovereign territory of the Inuit?
Navajo Summit Looks at History and Future of Tribe’s Relationship With Energy
Navajo Homecoming: Austin Energy lineworker returns to his Arizona birthplace to bring power to Navajo Nation families
Muscogee Nation breaks ground on Eufaula Casino & Hotel
Progressing in partnership: Guyana’s health preparedness win
In Peru’s Madre de Dios, deforestation from mining brings huge economic losses
The Bahamas looks to diversify as it hosts Afreximbank Annual Meetings
Widespread outage hits Puerto Rico as customers demand ouster of private electric company
Russian warships in Cuba are no threat, US says
Why are Russian warships in Cuba?
Russian forces arrive in Cuba for joint maneuvers

June 14
1982 June 14: Falkland Islands Liberation Day
Hand talk: Reclaiming Plains Indian Sign Language
US Catholic Bishops formally apologizes for ‘trauma’ inflicted on Native American communities
US Catholic bishops approve outreach to Native Americans and acknowledge boarding school ‘traumas’
U.S. bishops apologize to Indigenous Catholics, vow to address ‘unique cultural needs’
Photos: State of ‘catastrophe’ as downpours hit Chile
Chile ratifies the Safety and Health in Mines Convention, 1995 (No. 176)
$995,000 Homes in the Bahamas

June 15
The Native American Recognition Day Hat is sold out, but discounted tickets are still available
Honduras to build 20,000-inmate ‘megaprison’ as part of gang crackdown
Venezuela’s Threats Are Restructuring China-Guyana Relations

June 16
Greenland women seek justice over forced contraception
Landslide in Ecuador kills at least six, 30 others missing
Celebrations like never before in Guadeloupe for the Olympic torch, transported via the ocean!

June 17
1972 June 17: Who Needs Watergate, When There Is WordPress
Recent discoveries highlight important role indigenous music played in Jesuits’ famous missionary zeal
Brock University: Flag raising, Inuit display launch week of Indigenous celebrations
On thin ice: Greenland’s last Inuit polar bear hunters
Brazil and French Guiana coordinating to combat illegal mining
Peru to probe child sex abuse claims at Indigenous schools
Tourist-Rich Islands Eschew GDP as Metric to Win Access to Aid
Corruption probe forces resignation of US Virgin Islands OMB Director

June 18
Apology from U.S. Catholic bishops falls short for traumatized Indigenous families
Indigenous peoples are reclaiming their celebrations of the summer solstice − and using them to resist
Investigation reveals how universities profit off land taken from Indigenous people
Mescalero Apache Tribe hit by wildfire
The European Union offers assistance to the victims of the wildfires in Belize
Heavy rains in El Salvador leave 11 dead, 800 displaced
Mexico’s Sheinbaum says Indigenous rights a priority for constitutional reforms
Ecuador suspends visa waivers for Chinese citizens over irregular migration
Sol de Minca: Connectivity Through Indigenous Collaboration
Grenada advances sea moss production with the training of farmers and technicians
Transformational companies recognised during Afreximbank’s Annual Meetings 2024 in Nassau, The Bahamas
Protracted Crises in Haiti Drive 60 Per Cent Increase in Displacement since March
Russian warships withdraw from Cuba, leaving trail of tension

June 19
1865 June 19: Juneteenth National Independence Day, US
New partnership will boost agricultural education for Indigenous students
Bermuda-based player gives Oslo stock exchange a go
Premier of Turks and Caicos Islands says adding at large seats for next elections necessary for constitutional change
Martinique : Christian lesbian finds growing acceptance
Fed up with being overlooked, France’s Guadeloupe turns to the far right

June 20
June 20: World Refugee Day
The 11 indigenous peoples recognized in Chile
Landmark verdict in the Manta case: 10 soldiers convicted of rape against Quechua-speaking peasant women in the internal armed conflict
Ecuador struck by power outage leaving 18 million in the dark
Turks and Caicos revises firearms law after arrests of several Americans
Sint Maarten’s Winair buys its first Twin Otter
Curaçao’s JetAir Caribbean files for bankruptcy

June 21
June 21: Canada Indigenous Peoples Day
Saving Anishinaabemowin: RRC Polytech class reclaims one of North America’s oldest Indigenous languages
Center for Tribal Nations to transform Portland waterfront
Native tribes on banning Kristi Noem from reservations: ‘She’d be charged with trespassing’
Bermuda cracks down on connected-party investments after 777 saga
Tungasuvvigat Inuit fill Ottawa park for National Indigenous Peoples Day
From sheep camp to the city to study uranium’s damage to Navajo people
Ojibwe language spirit on ləkʷəŋən land
Strengthening the Capacities and Networking of Guardians of Diversity in Mexico
The Falklands War: Intelligence Indicators for the Taiwan Strait
It’s the longest bridge ever built in Peru, and so far, it goes nowhere
Protecting rainforests with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities
In Anguilla, come for the luxury resorts, stay for the pickleball
An Easy, Breezy Way to Enjoy the British Virgin Islands
Strengthening health care centers in Saint Lucia
Guadeloupe photographer challenges assumptions about LGBTQ people and faith

June 22
‘We’re really funny people’: Native American director Erica Tremblay on Lily Gladstone, laughter for survival and breaking Hollywood
Can ‘blue bonds’ be the solution to Belize’s debt?
Podcast Museums and Chill – Indigenous cultural rights in Latin America
How urbanization and deforestation affect climate
Medical supplies arrive in Haiti after three-month disruption
Cuba joins International Court case against Israel over alleged genocide in Gaza

June 23
I’m from Costa Rica: Here’s what we eat every day for a long, healthy life—it’s our ‘secret to longevity’
Ortega regime turns Nicaragua into gateway for irregular migration to the United States

June 24
They took part in Apache ceremonies. Their schools expelled them for satanic activities
Lessons from Costa Rica: A Tale of Theft, Frustration, and Pura Vida
Report on Trafficking in Persons 2024 (Uruguay Segment)
Indigenous Wai Wai seek markets for Brazil nuts without middlemen
Barbados and the Reform of the International Financial Architecture
Fiscal Reform Can Help Dominican Republic Attract Greater Investment

June 25
1876 June 25: Battle of Little Bighorn, US
TV tonight: the Native American tribe battling for freedom of the press
Honduras Doubles Down on Flawed Mano Dura Strategy
Indigenous Council in Michoacán Protests for the Freedom of Detained Forest Defender
Warao refugees in the Brazilian Amazon face famine, disease & despair
Battle lines redrawn as Argentina’s lithium mines ramp up to meet electric car demand
Indigenous groups impacted by floods in southern Brazil still wait for relief aid
New study reaffirms Indigenous lands key to adapting to climate change in Brazil
Brazil Considers Holiday to Honour Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Kenyan police officers arrive in Haiti to help combat gang violence

June 26
Don’t Buy Greenland, Buy Its Minerals
Bad Press review – Native American journalists’ thrilling battle for free speech
Honduras ex-president gets 45 years for drug crimes
French court greenlights lawsuit against EDF over wind farm in Mexico
Participate in the consultation on experiences of discrimination in Latin American universities
Strengthening Fair Markets: Saint Lucia Hosts Key Competition Law Workshop with CARICOM and Commonwealth
Bahamas Olympic Qualifiers extended roster includes five NBA players

June 27
US Catholic bishops approve outreach to Native Americans and acknowledge boarding school ‘traumas’
Woman who lied to get twin daughters Inuit status sentenced to 3 years in prison
Navajo Stirling to compete in Dana White’s Contender Series
TP regulations: impacts and strategies in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Panama
2023 Report On International Religious Freedom: Guatemala
Guyana Implementing Obstetric Emergency training to achieve Zero Maternal Death goals
China calls for maintaining peace, stability in Bolivia
Bolivia’s failed coup attempt… in 75 seconds
Bolivia foils military coup attempt: All you need to know
FAO and the Universidad Austral de Chile seek to promote macroalgae cultivation in Latin America
In Chile, a pro-Palestinian campus occupation turns witch hunt for ‘Zionist’ faculty
Promote the health of indigenous communities in Venezuela
‘We cannot deny history again’: Brazil floods show how German migration silenced Black and Indigenous stories
‘We are Deeply Concerned.’ A Chicago Woman Disappeared on a Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas
Haiti: Spike in violence feared unless urgent action taken

June 28
‘Authentic’ ayahuasca rituals sought by tourists often ignore Indigenous practices and spiritual grounding
Americans are losing confidence. But the world knows better.
Nunangat university plans have been in works for years but when will it open?
USask and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami sign historic agreement to protect Inuit rights
Navajo Corporal Becomes First Marine Authorized to Wear Traditional Native Hair
Panama Canal announces second set of restriction easing in June
Falkland Islands begins environmental consultation on Sea Lion field
Peru’s Quechua rappers have the world taking notice
Sweeping reform package threatens environmental protections in Argentina, critics say
Purchasing power in the Caribbean Netherlands declined in 2022
Gordon on representing Bahamas: “Switching over to a smaller country is more meaningful”

June 29
Panamanian court acquits 28 people tied to ‘Panama Papers’ scandal
Remembering the ‘Stronismo’: How ghost of a brutal dictator haunts Paraguay

June 30
June 30: International Day of Parliamentarism
Let us sow together: A Catholic’s response to the Church’s apology to Native Americans
A new history of the Americas: Indigenous peoples nearly defeated European colonizers
Sean Sherman: Reviving Native American cuisine
Belize crackdown on gang-related killings leads to dozens of arrests
Falkland Islands eyes economic boom in talks to exploit huge oil field

July 1
1867 July 1: Canada Day
Choctaw Cultural Center, French Museum Partner Again
US and Panama sign agreement that aims to close the Darién Gap to ‘illegal migrants’
The Falkland Islands announce the start of oil exploration in marine areas
Bolivia: fake or real, the attempted coup exposes the country’s deep underlying turmoil
Ecuador’s Security Crisis Demands Global Action
EDF says 10,000 households without power in Martinique after Beryl
Bahamas to regulate banks to offer cbank digital currency
The Bahamas arrive at the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament chasing history

July 2
Latin America & The Caribbean 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season – Snapshot #1 (as of 2 July 2024)
From 1951 to Eisenhower to today, Indian Bowl showcases Ojibwe culture in Wisconsin Northwoods
Choctaw Trail of Tears Bike Team completes 400-mile ride
Muscogee Language Dictionary App supplements learning resources
Indigenous people doing citizen science to assess water quality in rivers of an arid semi-arid biosphere reserve in Mexico
Turks and Caicos reports record tourism growth for 2024
‘Almost whole island homeless’ in Hurricane Beryl’s wake
See the devastation left by Hurricane Beryl in Barbados and Grenada
UNESCO and partners hold ‘mapathon’ to identify buildings vulnerable to climate change in Dominican Republic

July 3
Arizona: New center to help lead national Indigenous language revitalization efforts
As it gets hotter, 13,000 families in this pocket of America live without electricity
A Symbol of Survival: Red Pine Peels and Ojibwe Canoe Factories
Muscogee County School District sues TikTok, other platforms for harming students & costs
UN climate fund axes Nicaragua forest project over human rights concerns
Malvinas Islands government launches offshore oil drilling public consultation
Nightmare hurricane Beryl causes pain in Eastern Caribbean
‘Please send help’: Caribbean reels from Hurricane Beryl devastation
After Island Loses Its Only Hospital, Grenada Scrambles for an Alternative
Banana farmers in Saint Lucia seek government aid post-Hurricane Beryl
TLS Geothermics gets second geothermal exploration permit in Martinique
Destruction on Carriacou and Petite Martinique Islands Captured in Satellite Images
Dominican Republic’s Senate Doubles Down on Abortion Ban in Criminal Code

July 4
1776 July 4: United States Independence Day
Happy July Fourth from your friendly local ‘merciless Indian’
‘Apache Christ’ Icon, Painting Restored To New Mexico Tribe And Parishioners
FPSO ‘identified’ for $1.2 billion Falkland Islands project, but finance an issue
As logging booms in Suriname, forest communities race to win land rights
Beryl pummels Jamaica, Cayman Islands as death toll rises
‘It’s a disaster’: Hurricane Beryl batters Jamaica

July 5
1811 July 5: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence
Nicaragua’s anti-democratic turn has geopolitical implications
Port of Rotterdam supports Curaçao industrial zone redevelopment

1816 July 9: Argentine Independence Day
1973 July 10: Bahamas Independence Day
July 15, Third Week of July: Captive Nations Week
1945 July 16: Trinity nuclear bomb test
1924 July 19: Napalpí massacre, Argentina
1810 July 20: Colombian Declaration of Independence
1969 July 20: Moon Landing
1821 July 28: Fiestas Patrias, Peru
July 30: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
1843 July 31: Hawaiian Sovereignty Restoration Day
1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day
1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day
August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples