2016 11 29 Tuesday

November 25, 1975: Suriname Independence Day

November 28, 1912: Albania Independence Day

November 28, 1960: Mauritania Independence Day

November 28, 1821: Panama Celebrates Its Independence From Spain

Crimean Tatars deported again under Russian occupation of Crimea

November 30: St Andrew’s Day: Scotland’s national day

December 1, 1961: West Papuan solidarity events planned to mark Morning Star flag day

Moldova’s geopolitical crossroads

EU, Moldova reaffirm ties after pro-Russian president elected

Pro-European Candidate To Challenge Moldova’s Presidential Election Results

The Indian caste where wives are forced into sex work

China orders Xinjiang residents to hand over passports

NT domestic violence campaign reaches Parliament House

Sahrawi Human Rights Commission Condemns Repression, Torture Against Women in Western Sahara’s Occupied Territories

Montenegrin lawmakers approve new pro-NATO government

Students in Belarus speak up against challenges they face on campuses

Denmark´s New Coalition Government Picks Eurosceptic as Foreign Minister

China protests to Singapore over military ties to Taiwan

Nigeria security forces killed 150 peaceful pro-Biafra protesters since August 2015

Biafra Republic will be my last words on earth, Nnamdi Kanu vows

Why Delta, Idomas and other minorities should join the Biafra struggle

Behold, Māori politics’ great realignment. Or, don’t believe the hype

New Putin move to win a military base in Libya

Yanukovych ‘doesn’t remember’ the bloodiest day of Maidan killings

Number of Ukrainians taken hostage by the Kremlin has risen to 36

It’s long past time to identify and shame Holodomor deniers

6 Reasons You’ve Probably Read Russian Propaganda Today

The new Putin coalition

MEPs draw map of pro- and anti-Russia countries in the EU

Russia’s border doesn’t end anywhere, Vladimir Putin says

Ukrainian hostages in the “LNR” and “DNR: The price of life

Stalin starved populations to death to russify Ukraine, North Caucasus and Kazakhstan

Bull fights: cultural clash in Catalonia

Catalan Minister for Education aims to repeal Spanish Education Reform, considers it “ideological”

Catalan Diplomacy appoints 39 internationally-known citizens to explain Catalonia to the world

Catalonia: government budget for 2017 allocates €5.8 M for pro-independence referendum

Romani women gather in Czech capital to discuss how their position has changed during the last 50 years

Tackling inequalities faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities

Coercive and Cruel: Sterilisation and its Consequences for Romani Women in the Czech Republic (1966-2016)

15 Things to Know Before You Go to Galicia

Namibia leads Africa on global entrepreneurship index

Basque Country leader to push for more autonomy from Spain

European Parliament Resolution on the Situation of the Guarani-Kaiowá Indigenous People in Brazil

How Berber women are fighting desertification

Finland set to become first country to ban coal use for energy

Finnish president has busy schedule for 2017 independence centenary

Parliament of Georgia approves new Government

Edward Snowden loses Norway safe passage case

Taiwan: Detailed List Shows Extent of Diplomatic Block by Mainland China

Tbilisi tower lights up to mark women’s global anti-violence campaign

‘6 Myths About Happy Thanksgiving’ & Natives

DAPL: Evacuation Orders and Snowflakes Fly as Injured Water Protectors Sue Morton County

Pope to visit Ireland, possibly Northern Ireland

17 famous people who were born and raised in Cornwall

Are Cornish people victims of acceptable racism?

Scotland: plan to project Saltire on buildings for St Andrew’s Day blocked as ‘too political’

Scotland: yes is back: January conference will kick off major push to get ready for indyref2

The head of National Museum of the American Indian on what we should all know

American Indian tribes commemorate Colorado’s Sand Creek Massacre

Could Kurds join Nato one day?

After Mosul, Iraq’s Kurds Face Internal Crisis

In Iran, the Kurdish Struggle Remains in the Shadows

Nottingham demonstrators stand in solidarity against Kurdish oppression in Turkey

Turkey issues arrest warrant for Syrian Kurdish leader

2 Mass Graves of Iraq’s Yazidi Minority Found Near Mosul

How an underground network gets Yezidi girls and women out of ISIS-held Mosul

The Yazidi people: who are they and why are they on the run?

In northern Iraq, Yazidis risk all to flee Islamic State

‘It’s about revenge’: The Yazidi women and their personal war on Isil

Indonesian group supports referendum for West Papua

West Papua: political prisoner and KNPB Leader Steven Itlay convicted of treason by colonial Indonesian courts

Australia accused of training and funding death squad that is used by Indonesia to torture and kill peaceful West Papuan self determination activists

Intimidation as Governance in Tibet

China Takes a Chain Saw to a Center of Tibetan Buddhism

Photos: The sights and sounds of Delhi’s Mini Tibet

Dharamshala TSO organizes first Tibetan local leaders’ conference

Land of Happiness: Vision of a fearless Tibetan mother

Tibetan PM urges Canada to send fact-finding delegation to Tibet

Parliamentarians on Tibet applaud Mongolia for welcoming Tibetan leader

Opposition wins seats in Kuwait vote, as does just 1 woman

Libya won’t take part in any OPEC cuts for ‘foreseeable future’

Finger pointed at Russians in alleged coup plot in Montenegro

Haiti elects new president

Denmark urged to clean up U.S. military waste in Greenland

Switzerland has voted against plans to abandon nuclear power by 2029

Why Iceland (the country) is suing Iceland (the grocery store)

Namibia: Genocide Meeting Turns Ugly

Kuwait’s Strength Is Also Its Weakness

Scotland: St Andrew’s Day Special: Gerry Hassan: Seven challenges which must be addressed if we want independence

Scotland: SNP survey will be gold dust for Yes activists, says indyref strategist

Denmark most expensive nation in the EU

Russia ‘brainwashing’ Europeans says Lithuania’s FM

Repression and Nonviolent Resistance in Africa’s Last Colony

Ogoni: MOSOP Denounces Extensive Delays of Ogoniland Environmental Clean-Up


2016 11 24 Thursday

November 21: the 3d anniversary of Euromaidan

November 22, Ukrainians and freedom-loving people all over the world remember Holodomor

Lebanon’s new president attends parade for Independence Day

The Scottish NATIONAL is two years old!

20 years ago Belarus had a constitutional coup


Taiwan pro-independence groups to create cooperation platform

Scotland: The National celebrates its second anniversary

Scotland wants to retain special terms with the EU

Brexit – the End for the United Kingdom?

Welsh Government calls on Westminster to end austerity to help growth in Wales

Chat in Cornish! Suitable for all levels of ability!

Tension Mounts in Haiti Ahead of Election Results

Belgium inspired by Israel’s airport security

Jamaica Fosters Culture Of Fear With Police Impunity

Trump: I’d love to make Israel-Palestine peace deal

Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back Into China

UN: Southern Mongolianian interrupted by the Chinese delegation with vocal support from Libya, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Cuba & Venezuela

Southern Mongolia: Self-Determination Activist Tortured in Prison and Kept Under House Arrest

Slovak prime minister tells journalists they are ‘dirty prostitutes’

Aboriginal victims made up a quarter of Canada’s homicides in 2015: StatsCan

Indigenous groups paid to light fires to cut emissions

Russia is concerned that Croatia may transfer Ukraine its experience in regaining occupied territories

73,000 Russians moved to Occupied Crimea

Libya’s ‘monkey war’ to end after tribal agreement

Wiki for Indigenous Languages: Using Technology to Stop Language Loss

Texting in Alaska Native languages? It just got easier thanks to a new app

Apple rejection of Indigenous app described as symptom of ‘digital colonisation’

Bolivia’s severe water shortage triggers national emergency

4th Africa-Arab Summit Comes Out in Support of Western Sahara

Western Sahara pays the price for New Zealand’s phosphate season

Moscow seeks closer ties with Bulgaria and Moldova following presidential elections

Defense hawk Skvernelis to be new Lithuanian prime minister

Lithuania’s New Prime Minister Pledges to Increase Military Spending

Cyprus talks hit impasse over territory

NATO chief rejects interference in Montenegro membership bid

U.S. helps Kosovo in the fight against violent extremism

Partnership formed between Maori and Aboriginal Australians

NZ Government adviser fired over offensive comments about Māori

The Daily Vertical: What Happened To The Europe Ukrainians Died For?

Eastern Europe Must Prepare for the Worst about Trump

Russia continues Crimean arrests with debunked ’Ukrainian nationalist’ proof

MEPs push for more EU cooperation to better protect Europe

Catalan MEPs report “democratic regression in Spain” and explain judicialisation of politics to the European Parliament

Spanish Constitutional Court has 45 pending appeals relating to Catalonia

Catalonia Parliament’s President to testify before the court on 16 December

Suspension of judge who wrote draft of Catalan Constitution proceeds

Fayyis Oromia:- Oromo’s objective is self-rule of Oromia and/or shared-rule of Ethiopia

Tibet: Dalai Lama: ‘I have no worries’ about Trump’s election

Tibet PM seeks Canada’s support

On the Great Significance of the Dalai Lama’s latest visit to Mongolia

Older Monks and Nuns Expelled From a ‘Calmer’ Larung Gar

China plans to build hotels, ski resorts on Tibetan north face of Mount Everest

20 inspiring indigenous women who have changed Australia

Uyghur Entrepreneur Fights Prejudice One Nut Cake at a Time

In China’s Xinjiang, Some Uyghurs are Forced Into a Sharecropper’s Life

Lawyers take Chinese organ-harvesting claims to Australia

‘A Girl is Born’ photo exhibition against gender-biased sex selection opens in Tbilisi

US Department of State condemns Russia-Abkhazia military deal

Georgia celebrates Saint George’s Day

Georgia’s Mariam Mamadashvili wins 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Washington Post: Senators will visit Georgia to “reassure” partners on US policy to Russia

UNICEF: Poverty indicators drop but 1 in 5 children live in poverty in Georgia

Crimean Tatars set up religious administration of Crimea Muslims in Kyiv

Luxembourg Drafts New Space Law: Private Companies Now Have Right Over Resources Harvested in Space

Greenlandic constitution: to have and hold on to

Presidental Medal Of Freedom Should Come With Freedom For American Indians

Ever-Intractable Transdniestria

Czech book market turns new page

Biafra supporters visit Facebook office

MASSOB pastors hold prayer summit for Trump, predict Biafra actualization soon

Turkish Governments enmity of democracy and Kurds continues

Thousands rally against crackdown on Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish party

Euro MPs vote to freeze Turkey EU membership talks

Iranian Kurdish fighters (PAK) sing songs after Bashiqa captured from ISIS

Finland plans to set up centre to counter ‘hybrid’ threats

Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian films available under one Cinema flag

Trapped in Serbia, migrants shelter in warehouse

Bulldozers to raze Palestinian village in Israel

Lebanon criticised for building a ‘security’ wall around Palestinian refugee camp

Hong Kong’s banned lawmakers aren’t backing down

Oathgate will hurt Hong Kong democracy

New evidence reveals Montenegrin plotters participated in Crimea invasion

2 Russians probed in Montenegro coup attempt

Dangerous Women – Roma Storyteller

The Oromo protests have changed Ethiopia

Turkey blocks MEPs from visiting imprisoned Kurdish leader

Kurdistan FM: Kurds treated as guest in Baghdad, we want our state

Sulaimania: Saving the dream city of a Kurdish prince

On the sidelines of Mosul, the battle for Kurdish culture

Kurdish politician Ahmet Türk, who recognized Armenian Genocide, detained in Turkey

Syrian Kurds as a U.S. Ally

Banned Papua flag raised near Indonesian ship in NZ

Oppression not preventing Papuan cause gathering steam

19 October 1961. Before Indonesia invaded and colonisaed West Papua

How mining and militarisation led to an HIV epidemic in Indonesia’s Papua

West Papuan children are being forcibly removed from their families and sent to Islamic schools in Java for re-education

South Moluccas: Amnesty International Campaign Supports Imprisoned Maluku Teacher

Serbia lost more than 600,000 inhabitants since 1992

Lawyers, politicians among 20 men arrested in Norwegian pedophile network probe

Singapore wants to drop F1 race: Ecclestone

Who are the women running in Kuwait’s election?

Standing Rock is not the new Woodstock

Indigenous sexual abuse likely to dominate inquiry into missing, murdered women

Kosovo: new nation, fresh problems

South Sudan: Citizens Flee One of Last Peaceful Towns

Somalia: Blast in Mogadishu Kills Top Army Officer, Injures Five

Liberia: PM Justin Trudeau of Canada Arrives in Liberia for Two-Day Official Visit

Crackdown on Anti-Slavery Movement in Mauritania Continues after Release of Biram Dah Abeid

Brittany and Savoy: French Minority Groups Claim Rights at 9th UNHCR Forum on Minority Issues

Hmong: Diaspora’s Elementary Students Perform New Year Ceremony

Barotseland: Imprisonment of Leaders Could Help Raise Awareness for Independence Struggle

Youth Dialogue Between Different Ethnic Groups Most Powerful Chance for Sustainable Peace




2016 11 20 Sunday

November 18, 1955: Independence Day of Morocco

Latvia turns 98


How World War III Could Begin in Latvia

How A Trump Administration Looks From Lithuania

Baltic countries ‘justified’ in concerns over Putin, top NATO general

Balochistan: No end to military operations: Five killed in Dera Bugti

Greater Balochistan: How and Why Political and Economic Marginalisation Should Be Brought to an End

After hurricane, Haiti to hold long-awaited vote

Europe’s first cathedral in a decade inaugurated in Norway

The world’s best cheese comes from Norway

Nuclear bunker in Albania reopens as museum of communist persecution

Albania holds first ever Albanian Diaspora summit

Albania to provide subsidies for citizens scrapping old cars

Albania promotes first woman as army general

“Foreigners come here and want to see a shaman” – photo guide aims at an accurate image of the Sámi

Indigenous leader Andrea Mason named Australian Businesswoman of the Year

Indigenous leaders demand action on violence against Aboriginal women

Aboriginal TV network seeks U.S. expansion

Georgia – one of Europe’s least corrupt nations

‘Georgia Awaits You’ New program for Georgian diaspora announced

Council of Europe concerned by hard human rights situation in Georgia’s occupied regions

Trump Tower project to resume in Batumi

Cyprus edges towards reunification after landmark talks

Cyprus: Donald effect, post-truth and other enigmas

Cyprus referred to EU court of justice over internal market failures

Backlash against second home ownership in Cornwall is gathering momentum

Putting Namibia on the World Music Map

Supporters of California independence move to challenge Democrats

Letters II: Robert Burns spoke enough of independence to put his liberty at risk

Beyond GERS: How to calculate the finances of independent Scotland

Alba/Scotland: Wee Ginger Dug: What are we waiting for? The time to start indy campaign is now …

Who speaks in a referendum? Scotland’s Indyref TV news coverage

Scottish parliament asks UK to ring-fence Scots EU single market membership

Wales and Scotland could follow a ‘Norway model’ of EU membership after Brexit, says Adam Price

Scotland and Wales allowed to intervene in Brexit court case

Cymraeg is among most difficult Western European tongues to master

Macedonia charges 10 spies in wiretapping scandal

Macedonia’s ex-leader, ousted after scandal, seeks re-election

Putin adds Moldova to eastern club

Outgoing Moldovan President Repeats Call For Withdrawal Of Russian Troops

Women Entrepreneurship Day: Luxembourg needs more women entrepreneurs

CNN surprised about Luxembourg plans to go into space

Tens of thousands march on Croatia Independence War anniversary

Croatia marks 25th anniversary of Vukovar massacre

Croatia working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase security of energy supply

Croatia: Readers’ Choice Destination of the Year 2016

Dalai Lama preaches in Mongolia, risking China’s fury

Meet the retired North Tyneside postman who is changing lives in Mongolia

Listening tour hears Inuit call for cross-border polynya management

Denmark, Greenland in “crisis” over US bases

Ménage à Trump: Trump, Thule and America’s uncertain Arctic future

Plan to build five publicly run visitor centres in Greenland

November is Native American Heritage Month

Indian Country Was Like America … Only More So

A Deadly Month: Police Shootings of Natives Spike in October

Google Honors Native Heritage Month with Native Writer James Welch Doodle

UN Denounces Abuse of Free Assembly Rights for Water Protectors Standing Against DAPL

Largest Bank in Norway Sells Its Assets in Dakota Access Pipeline

Palestinians support indigenous Dakota pipeline protests: “We stand with Standing Rock”

Indigenous Bolivian dresses go global

Proofs of direct Russian military involvement in war against Ukraine in #Donbas presented at #NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Ukraine Hopes to Score a US Presidential Visit

Ukrainians worry they’re the big losers in the U.S. election

McCain warns against another ‘reset’ with Russia

US and EU agree to keep sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

Evidence says, shooting of Euromaidan activists was planned

Johnny Depp joins campaign in support of Ukrainian director and Kremlin’s political prisoner Oleg Sentsov

Russian President Putin’s presidential plane chased across Switzerland by fighter jets

UN urges Switzerland to improve gender equality

‘The ethical urge’ powers fair trade in Switzerland: Study

Multinationals fear for Switzerland as a business location

Tensions boil over in overcrowded Greek migrant camp

Greek police, protesters clash in Athens during Obama visit

How Donald Trump Disrupted President Obama’s Plans for a Victory Lap in Greece

4th Bailout Seems Inevitable for Greece

pro-Russian Serbian nationalists in Montenegro on Putin and Trump: “Let’s make the world great again — together”

Russian Tycoon Sues Montenegro Over Aluminum Plant

Welcome to Putinovo: Tiny Serbian village wants name change

Montenegro Names Russian Suspects In Alleged Coup Plot

Iran’s Kurdistan Democratic Party set to elect new leader

Strong Kurdish leadership will lead to independence: former US Army General

What is preventing Kurdish independence?

Kurdish start-up incubator partners with Global Entrepreneurship Network

Rojavan authorities arrest members of Kurdish opposition party, shut down radio station

Czech couple involved with Kurdish group facing terror charges in Turkey

Turkey inciting extremist groups to attack Kurds in Belgium

Scots Kurdish solidarity activists step up fight as Turkey continues clampdown

Turkey shuts down 370 NGOs in new step towards tyranny: Kurdish organization

Co-mayorship of a man and woman practiced at Kurdish municipalities a crime: Turkey Interior Minister

Turkey bill to pardon statutory rape if perpetrators marry victim

Ahwazi: Student Brutally Beaten for Selling Flowers

Assyria: Lawsuits Filed by Turkish Government Threaten Existence of World’s Oldest Orthodox Monastery

Yazidi Women Fighters: ‘We Hope for Battle’

Kurdish PM opposes Canada’s ‘organized migration’ of Yazidis

In battered town seized from IS, Iraq’s Yazidis dream of return

Southern Azerbaijan: Activists Languish in Prison After Raising their Voices Against Ethnic Discrimination

Tibetan nursery rhythms

Tibetan monk released from Chinese prison in poor health

Two Tibetan Women Missing After Staging Peaceful Protest in Ngaba

Twenty Tibetans arrested for anti – mining protest in Dechen County

Tibet: Refugees Bear the Brunt of Closer China-Nepal Ties

The upper Han: world’s rising superpower has a particular vision of ethnicity and nationhood

China holds ‘World Internet Conference’ as censorship intensifies

Over 100 West Papuan people arrested for peacefully demonstrating

West Papua National Committee mediating for legal right of self determination is 8

Goldmine that funds illegal occupation of and genocide in West Papua

West Papuans needs the support from international community, esp in Pacific

East Timor Minister Constâncio Pinto Reflects on 25th Anniversary of Santa Cruz Massacre

International community intensifies its efforts to resolve the conflict in Western Sahara

European Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Saharawi People speaks out for decolonisation of Western Sahara

Morocco Pushes Huge Renewables Agenda In Disputed Western Sahara

Lithuania’s first post-independence leader Landsbergis honoured with France’s highest award

In Estonia, Caution but Surprising Cheers for Trump’s Victory

Estonia: new coalition will fund center to investigate crimes of communism

Serbia defense ministry says weapons missing from warehouse

Israeli forces kill Palestinian protester near Gaza

Declaration of Independence barely remembered in Palestine

Trump could kill off what’s left of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Slovakia comes to grips with proudly neo-Nazi party

Slovak presidency proposes ‘effective solidarity’ on migration

EU chair Slovakia presses eastern states’ migration agenda, stirs anger

Slovenia: Constitutional right to water “must flow down to” Roma communities

Roma designer hopes fashion can build bridges in Hungarian society

Hong Kong court dismisses legal bid to unseat pro-independence lawmaker Lau Siu Lai

Lebanon, your future is waiting …

Jamaica cops highest ranking in international aviation standards in the Caribbean

Jamaica House to go solar

Jamaica Observer: Donald Trump is the greatest!

What Does Trump’s Presidency Mean For Belarus?

Lessons From Montenegro: Is A Coup Possible In Belarus?

Three ‘Thorns In The Flesh’ Of Belarus-Poland Relations

How Belarusian Oil Imports Change Geopolitics In Eastern Europe

Danish high court declares Uber an illegal service

Why Denmark is no longer seen as global green leader

Eritrea: Nationals Abroad Hold Discussion On National Issues

Italy and Austria elections keep Europe on edge

Finland pining for post-Nokia economic champion

Finland has one of the best education systems in the world — here are 4 things it does better than the US

Singapore executes Nigerian and Malaysian for drug trafficking offences after appeals rejected

The Potential Of Geothermal Energy: Lessons From Iceland

Iceland does not face another bust, but its economy looks lopsided

Secret to Iceland’s Tourism Boom? A Financial Crash and a Volcanic Eruption

China’s Arctic ambitions take shape in remote Iceland valley

Czech lawmakers seek to make defaming the president a crime

No better US ambassador for Prague than Trump’s ex-wife, says Czech president

Schindler’s Czech factory will be given new life as a Holocaust memorial and museum

Kosovo says it’s foiled ISIL attack against Israeli football team

How the Māori LGBTQ Community Became a Family

Calls for a National Māori Research Strategy

Life for Indigenous Australians ‘stagnating, worsening’

Azerbaijan marks National Revival Day

Poll Shows Catalans Evenly Split on Independence From Spain

Catalonia: ‘Junts Pel Sí’ would win new elections but pro-independence forces could lose majority

Spain appoints Catalan MP Enric Millo as new delegate of the Spanish executive in Catalonia to show “negotiating disposition”

Puigdemont praises Catalonia’s economic strength despite Spain’s “negligence”

The United States has added the deputies of the State Duma, elected in Crimea, to the sanction list

NATO says Crimea still a concern, day after Trump-Putin call

International Criminal Court demolishes Russia’s narrative on Crimean annexation

Hague Court rules against Moscow on Crimea, so Moscow withdraws from Rome Agreement

UN committee adopts resolution recognizing Russia as occupying power in Crimea

Armenia votes against draft resolution on Crimea and Sevastopol in UN

Jailed & now subjected to punitive psychiatry for being Muslim in Russian-occupied Crimea

Rada approves budget to finance Crimean Tatar TV channel

Authorities of Crimea to open criminal cases for each meeting of Mejlis


2016 11 15 Tuesday

November 9, 1953: Cambodia commemorates 63rd Independence Day

November 11, 1975: Independence Day in Angola

November 11, 1918: National Independence Day in Poland

November 11, 1965: Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence


The new presidents of Bulgaria and Moldova are less pro-Russian than advertised

Conference in Paris on “EU and natural resources in Western Sahara”

Saharawi Government calls for saving negotiation process in Western Sahara

Western Sahara student petitions UN for help maintaining peace between Morocco and her home country of Western Sahara

Sahrawi demonstrators in Paris condemn November 14, 1975 Agreement

NZ businesses continue to profit from Western Sahara occupation

New generation of Sahrawi is tired of waiting for solution in Western Sahara

Photos of the Gulf War Fires That Turned Kuwait’s Oil Fields into Hell

Bolivia Hosts 3rd Continental Summit of Indigenous Communication

Slovenia’s Trump translator: How I became the American explaining our election to Melania’s people

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu asks the new US President to assist in liberating enslaved nations in Africa

Nato chief says West ‘facing greatest threat’ after Trump’s election

Baltic States Nervous Over Trump’s Attitude Toward Russia

Baltics keep fingers crossed that Trump won’t keep his campaign pledges

Lithuania’s new parliament: Tackling emigration will be a key priority for the country’s new MPs

Interactive Guarani Dictionary

How Russia Responds to Cities That Rebel

Missing Chechen Whistle-Blower Flees Chechnya

World Uyghur Congress on the election of a senior Chinese public security official as Interpol president

Aboriginal teenagers say white people abuse them and try to run them down in a remote Western Australian town

‘Us versus them’: Programs mend strained relations between Indigenous, newcomer communities

Yasser Arafat Museum: Palestinian leader’s legacy

Forced Out Of Crimea, Tatar Restaurant Finds Solidarity Among Kiev Diners

Germany thanks Georgian soldiers for repulsing attack on Germany’s Consulate in Afghanistan

Many Young Taiwanese Want to Go to the Olympics With a New Flag and Anthem

White House commemorates Holodomor

‘Nobody talks about the Armenians anymore’

Birthday of the Crimean Tatar national leader Mustafa Dzhemilev

Buying peace? Chinese money brings Tibet growth, apathy

The ultimate goal of China is to turn Tibet into China

China Cancels Annual Larung Gar Festival as Evictions Continue

Larung Gar Evictees Forced to Attend Political Classes Back Home

Lhasa, Tibet: fake monks, i.e. Chinese soldiers

China snubs Slovakia after Dalai Lama meeting

Fire engulfs Tibetan market in Delhi, over 100 shops gutted down

Nepal Police Arrests 41 Tibetans From Tibet

China Seizes Tibetans’ Passports in a Bid to Block Travel

Vision Maker Media Streaming 40 Native Films FREE November–August 2017

Racist of the Year: Botswana President Noses Out Trump for Persecution of Bushmen

‘Rock Your Mocs Week 2016: November 13-19

Erdogan blasts West as Turkey’s Kurdish party boycotts parliament

Human Rights Watch accuses Kurdish forces of destroying Arab homes in Iraq

Turkey seeks life sentences in pro-Kurdish newspaper trial

Thousands in Paris protest Turkey’s Kurdish crackdown

Kurdish protesters clash with London police

Kurdish-Iranian opposition tells Trump Tehran’s power must be ‘curtailed’

Kurdistan after Mosul

Catalonia’s 2017 budget to include allocation for independence referendum

80,000 people defend Catalan institutions at rally against Spain’s use of the courts to halt independence

Barcelona reiterate right to fly Catalan independence flags at UCL matches

Rally against judicialisation of politics “empowers Catalan institutions” to go ahead, says Catalan Government

On 1st December there will be a Global Flag Raising Day for West Papua

West Papua’s most famous political prisoner and Nobel Peace prize nominee Filep Karma calls for an independence referendum

What about a WPexit? West Papuans deserve the chance to vote to leave Indonesia

West Papuan political prisoner Steven Itlay arrives in the colonial Indonesian court charged with treason

West Papua, 27/10/2016. 2 dead and 9 nine injured

West Papua: the “Act of free Choice”, 1969, was a violation of the right of self-determination

Yazidi Town Lies in Ruins After IS

Thousands of Yezidi women remain enslaved by the Islamic State

Kurdish female fighters launch operation in Iraq to avenge enslaved Yezidi women

Yazidis fear boys brainwashed by ISIS will never heal

Yezidi prince meets Pope, discusses protection of minorities

Russia slams Malta for refusing to refuel warship

Trump sets sights on ‘ultimate deal’ between Israel, Palestinians

With Trump in the White House, Israel will continue expanding settlements in the West Bank

Israel thwarts Palestinian bid to join Interpol

Estonia tops Freedom House internet freedom rankings

Hundreds killed since start of Oromo protests

“I’m Welsh, and it’s important that I show people where I’m from”

English bar refuses to show the Wales game because the Welsh players didn’t wear poppies

Less than one per cent of Welsh Government filmmaking fund invested in Welsh-language films

RNIB Cymru transforms Roald Dahl stories into Welsh language ‘Talking Books’

Luxembourg gets serious about space mining

Talks on uniting Cyprus make progress, to resume on November 20: U.N.

Everything You Need to Know About Finland

How Finland fixed homelessness

Greenlanders in Denmark: Symptomatic solution

Greenland settlement stops alcohol sales

Revival of Inuit tattooing: more than just pretty faces

Latvia: 800 events for 100th annivesary

South Sudan: UN Adviser Warns of Genocide Risk

For the first time, a female presidential candidate will be contesting for the top seat of Somalia

Zimbabwe: Is Mugabe Losing Control of His Succession?

Zimbabwe: Gays Give Up Fight for Same Sex Marriages, Say Zimbabwe Not Yet Ready

Community-led solutions for Indigenous suicide prevention

From local identity to the pursuit of independence: The changing face of Hong Kong localism

Taiwan’s ruling party urges China to respect Hong Kong’s democratic aspirations

Thousands of Loyalist Protesters Rally Against Independence in Hong Kong

Beyond the yurt: Mongolian life caught on camera

A look inside the rich culture of Lebanon

What Does A New Cold War Mean For Belarus?

Struggling Belarus turns wary eyes to the west

Contrasting Styles Of ‘Lenin’ Protests In Belarus

Neo-Nazis publish list of Jewish firms on Kristallnacht anniversary

Thriving program makes Penn a Quechua language hub

International Criminal Court aims to make Libya a priority for next year

What does the Trump victory mean for Indigenous people?

Norway seeking ‘active’ role in EU’s defence strategy

Montenegro Prosecutor: Russian Nationalists Behind Alleged Coup Attempt

Kosovo To Get International Phone Code After Deal With Serbia

Thousands protest death of imprisoned Kosovo opposition activist

Positive outlooks mired by divisive rhetoric in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The surge of pro-Trump fake news is coming from Macedonia

Selling Souls for China: How Beijing Divides to Conquer Europe

Greenland: the only country to have left the EU

Local Voices: Life as a minority

‘More’ jihadis recruited in Belgium than elsewhere in Europe

Belgium emerges as terror hub

Human Rights Watch Condemns Mistreatment of Muslims in Belgium

Bannockburn, a milestone for Scottish independence

ETA leader taken to Paris for questioning after arrest

Economic Growth Council to move Jamaica from ‘developing to developed’

‘Gypsy’ crime class raises questions about racial profiling

Mothers-to-be struggle, worry in ruins of storm-hit Haiti

Haiti aid hard to come by one month after hurricane

EU to launch negotiations on a new agreement with Azerbaijan

Muslim teenage girl has her jaw broken by gang of youths who take it in turns to assault her for ‘removing her headscarf’ in Austrian shopping centre

“LNR” Minsk envoy Deinego openly admits Russia is fighting in occupied territory

Native American literature’s shapeshifter

Rates of HIV among Aboriginal men double

Menna Khalil captures the enchanting Amazigh culture

Russia ‘tightening the screws’ on dissenting Crimeans

Tens of Thousands of Croats Move to Germany

Indigenous Woman Will Run to Be Mexico’s Next President

Native American Beliefs Key to Understanding Dakota Pipeline Protests

Jews join Native Americans in pipeline protest

Sexual abuse haunts children in Indigenous communities

Greek PM Tsipras reshapes cabinet in bid to speed up reform

Kuwait makes record bust of liquor

Albania celebrates the beatification of 38 Catholic martyrs

Growing up Indigenous when you don’t look it

How Archaeology Became an Israeli-Palestinian Battleground

‘No big bang theory to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’

Scotland: Independence activists evicted as bailiffs move in to clear protest camp set up outside Holyrood

Bosnia Arrests International Human Trafficking Suspects

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