2017 01 29

Help Yazidis On Mount Sinjar

Help end genocide in West Papua


February 2-3: Conference: Sovereignty and E-Commerce in Indian Country

February 25 – March 5: Festival Kernewek – Penzance Cornish Language Festival


January 22, 1946: Kurds mark 71st anniversary of Republic of Kurdistan

January 22, 1990: Day of Unity of Ukraine

January 22, 2014: The first killings of protestors on the Maidan

January 25, 1759: annual celebration of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns

January 25: St Dwynwen’s Day, Welsh Valentines Day

January 26, 1788: Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day: a long history of celebration and contestation

January 26, 1950: Republic Day in India

January 27, 1945: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 31, 1968: Nauru Independence Day

February 4, 1948: Sri Lanka Independence Day


One in six Roma students excluded from school in Sheffield

Racism’s cruelest cut: coercive sterilisation of Romani women and their fight for justice in the Czech Republic (1966-2016)

Documentary by young Roma records testimonies of their Elders

Reconsidering ‘GYPSY’ As an Ethnic Slur As the DC Character Comes to the CW

How a Holocaust Commemoration Can Be a Starting Point for Today’s Roma Advocacy

Remembering the Romani Holocaust

More nations must follow Belgium’s lead on Israel

Trump, Netanyahu Discuss Iran and Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Everything you need to know about Donald Trump’s pledge to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Report: Obama quietly sent $221 million to the Palestinian Authority hours before leaving office

The Fate of Iraq’s Indigenous Communities

Yazidi Refugees Languish in Policy Spat After IS Attacks

Yazidi refugees arrive in Canada to open arms

Routed by IS, Yazidis Hope to Build ‘New Sinjar´

Tibet This Week

Passports of Kalachakra returnees torn on arrival, further punitive measures feared

China to Push Mandarin for Minorities

Tibet’s bottled water output to surpass one million tonnes

China says hopes Mongolia learned lesson after Dalai Lama visit

Exiled Tibetans hope Donald Trump will help in resolving Tibet issue

Appeasing China by sacrificing the interests of the Tibetan people have not yielded any benefits to India

Tibetan Doctor Linked to Self-Immolation is Freed After Beatings, Torture

First Tibet Interest Group Meeting of 2017 held in the European Parliament

In China, torture is real, and the rule of law is a sham

Tibet at United Nations-Strengthening Advocacy for Human Rights in Tibet

China objects Tibetan Prime Minister’s presence at US envoy’s dinner

Uighur independence activist invited by minor party to visit Taiwan

China Poised to Repeat Tibet Mistakes: Abusive Policies Planned for Uyghur Region

In Hong Kong, the Lunar New Year flower market takes the pulse of the city’s political climate

Chinese Military Newspaper Hurls Insults At Hong Kong Pop Star

Meet Iraq’s hipsters: Incredibly well-groomed Kurdish men launch clothing brand to prove Iraq is not just a country of war and terrorism

Kurdish Female Fighters: Leaders of a Revolution

‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ face problems reintegrating into local populations

Syrian Kurdish YPG says not bound by Astana peace talks outcome

Kurdistan Region prevents Kurdish infighting in northern Syria

The Case for a Kurdish State in the Middle East

Kurdish pop star fled Iraq as a child refugee and was threatened to be ‘hung with a rope of fire’

Erdogan’s crackdown on pro-Kurdish Halklarin Demokratik Partisi

Pro-Kurdish party to launch ‘no campaign’ against Erdogan empowerment

Yes ‘would win an indyref2 held in 2018’ claims former special adviser to Alex Salmond

Brexit: Article 50 ruling a ‘boost to independence,’ says Nicola Sturgeon

Celebrating Burns: Anither Blast Fir Burns – A poem by Rab Wilson

Profile: Gambia’s new President, Adama Barrow

Catalan president vows independence referendum, no matter what

Puigdemont in Brussels to defend Catalonia’s right to hold an independence referendum

Catalan President: “Europe cannot look the other way”

MEPs urge the EU to find a “democratic solution” for Catalonia

The leader of Catalonia’s independence movement deserves a fair trial

Rhode Island woman’s quest uncovers hundreds of Irish Famine graves

As Maharashtra makes big mining push, tribals push back

As Bastar mob hounds researcher Bela Bhatia out of her home, little has changed for activists here

More than 50 cities in twenty countries joined the global protest action #StopPutinsWarInUkraine

Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution, Then And Now

EU escalates its campaign against Russian propaganda

Russia is targeting French, Dutch and German elections with fake news, EU task force warns

Russian Political Interference: The Finnish Case

Ukraine demands say in any Russia-U.S. talks to end conflict on its territory

Legal war: Ukraine vs. Russia in international courts

Russian aggression against Ukraine not listed as a key problem for Council of Europe

EU court confirms Russia supplies weapons to Donbas separatists, upholds sanctions

Russian soldiers were called by Yanukovych to Crimea

Russian FSB stage abduction to deprive Crimean Tatar leader of his lawyer

Dirty Russian Media Lies as Repression Mounts in Occupied Crimea

Russia uses repression to remove witnesses to illegal arrests in occupied Crimea

Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy’s dossier on Donald Trump

Russia resorts to open terrorization of lawyers & their families in occupied Crimea

Jailed Pro-Ukrainian Crimean Activist likely subjected to torture

OSCE Representative condemns continued deterioration of media freedom and safety of journalists in areas not controlled by Ukrainian government

Donbas “republics” remove Ukrainian from local schools

Plans for a “Great Serbia” and the Kremlin’s hybrid war in the Balkans

Kosovo, Serb dispute threatens to derail Balkan peace

EU commissioner praises Serbia for handling migrant crisis

In Serbia, migrants are held in terrible conditions — from which they can’t leave

Balkan push for new coal-fired plants raises environmental concerns

Overview of Croatia’s Border Disputes with BiH, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Liberland

Capturing the Image of Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia

Remembering the genocide in Bosnia and beyond

Slovenia’s Ana Ros named world’s best female chef 2017

In Slovenia, Melania Trump–Themed Merchandise Sells

White House Website Removes Native American, LGBT, Climate Change, Healthcare & Civil Rights Web Pages

Trump Pushes DAPL, Keystone XL Forward With Executive Order

Native Americans Vow Legal Battle Over Trump Pipeline Orders

Indigenous Women Rise: Inside the Historic Women’s March By Native Youth Cierra Fields

Malia Obama Supports Standing Rock at Sundance

Diabetes-related kidney disease drops among Native Americans

Pilot program puts aboriginal elders in family court process

Canada oil pipeline spills nearly 53,000 gallons on aboriginal land

Indigenous suicide: Struggling communities get $10 million funding boost

Australia Day protesters commemorate ‘Invasion Day’

City’s first Aboriginal councillor driving cultural awareness and opportunities

Locals concerned over closure of Mount Isa Link-Up office

The Human Zoo: Documentary sheds light on stolen Aboriginal people ‘treated as animals’

124 years after overthrow, Hawaiians continue sovereignty push

Rhode Island woman’s quest uncovers hundreds of Irish Famine graves

Former head of EC customs unit says border with Republic will return

In generation shift, Sinn Fein names O’Neill as Northern Ireland leader

With Brexit looming, Ireland’s once-disputed border is again contentious

Brexit Supreme court dismissal of Northern Ireland undermines Assembly’s democratic mandate

DUP ‘should back majority in Northern Ireland’ who voted Remain

UK Corbyn REFUSES to say if he would deploy UK troops to defend an ally invaded by Russia

Denmark remains world’s least corrupt nation

New Bulgaria President Pledges Post to Continuity, Democracy

Bulgaria: President sets date for early general elections

Wales: Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood unite with alternative Brexit plan

Singapore Exchange to Launch LNG Index

Singapore 2G switchoff highlights digital divide

Singapore Consumer Prices Rise for First Time Since 2014

Hong Kong to return armored troop carriers to Singapore

Iceland is drilling the world’s deepest geothermal well

Biafra: Nigeria arrests 65 at pro-Trump rally

South Sudan: Strategic choice between bribery and right to self-determination for Saharawi people

Representative of Frente POLISARIO in France to BBC: We favour political solution with Morocco

Liberia: George Weah to lead opposition coalition into October 2017 elections

Mauritius PM appoints son as successor

Mauritius opposition hold mass protest calling for fresh elections

Burundi pardons political prisoners

The rise and exile of Gambia’s ex-President Yahya Jammeh

Families appeal to Gambian president to find missing victims of Jammeh’s regime

Gambia’s Barrow promises major reforms in first press conference as president

Somalia sets another date for presidential polls after four postponements

Seychelles passport, most powerful in Africa

Ethiopia’s Oromo leader facing terrorism charges denied bail again

IMF calls for international support in recovering CAR’s economic prospect

Benin: Authorities lift ban on 3 pro-opposition media outlets

Whistleblowers feted in Tunisia call for more protection

Kenyan court stops deportation of two South Sudanese opposition figures

Fighting resumes in Upper Nile region of South Sudan, scores feared dead

At least 7 dead after explosion outside Mogadishu hotel

Somali presidential aspirants start $30,000 candidacy process

Somaliland: Opening of the Diaspora Agency Office

Germany moves to atone for crimes against Namibia

EU considers increased support to help Libya tackle people smugglers

Libya Says Oil Sector Open Again for Business

It’s good to talk: Trump phones world leaders

The Cornwall Inspirational List: 50 of the most inspirational men and women in Cornwall today

Truro bidding to be European Capital of Culture

Tories planning to ditch Cornish national minority status?

Could we have our money back please Sir?

Government wants cosmopolitan country with best standards for the Maltese and hope for foreigners

Finland sees more deaths than births for first time since 1940

First American state to adopt Finnish baby box

Finnish cities at their safest since at least 2000

Sex crimes on the rise

Lebanon’s security forces foil suicide bomber in busy Beirut district

Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize: Peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Georgia has been and remains top US ally in the region

New awareness campaign to boost EU-Georgia integration

Georgia’s Defence Minister initiates Nordic-Baltic-Georgian cooperation format

2017 will be very active in NATO-Georgia relations

Hungarians in mourning after horror coach crash

Eastern European countries back NATO support against Russia

Baltic prime ministers to meet with Donald Tusk in Tallinn

Finland, Sweden to consider training along with NATO forces in Lithuania

Ecuador Assumes G77 Presidency, Commits to Promoting Equality

Talysh: Round-Table Discussion Calls for Autonomy and Democratic Change in Azerbaijan

Spokesperson of Balochistan People’s Party Meets with EU Institutions in Brussels

Sindh: Provincial Government Outlaws Child Labour

People of West Papua signing global petition to the UN calling for internationally supervised vote on Independence

Indonesian government to block websites that spread the new petition to the UN

Support for the petition from inside Timika prison in West Papua

Hundreds of people showing support for the petition in Timika, West Papua, outside the prison

Demonstration in support of the petition in Port Numbay/Jayapura

West Papuans not yet a minority in homeland

Greek farmers gunning engines for nationwide protests, blockades

Turkmenistan: Two prisoner of conscience deaths from torture?

Turkmenistan Tirelessly Searching for New Markets for Its Energy

PM Fico: Fascism is not creeping into Slovakia but openly present

EU denies Russia say in Moldova Association Agreement

Moldova: President Wants To Cancel Agreement For NATO Office In Capital

Moldovan President Says ‘Strategic Partnership’ With Russia Essential

Fight over migrant centers in Belarus

Veljo Tormis, Estonian composer whose works gave voice to revolution, dies at 86

Before Haiti’s president-elect even takes office, he’s battling money-laundering suspicions

Luxembourg to set bar high for UK firms seeking post-Brexit relocation

Armenian Service Awarded For Reporting on Migration

Bolivia: The Proud Child Laborers

Bolivia Might Become the South American Energy Core

Lasting Impunity for Violations in Russia’s North Caucasus and Human Rights Crisis in Chechnya

Kadyrov Says Chechens In Russian Military Police In Syria

Gang rape in Sweden streamed live on Facebook

A 100,000-Year Tomb for Finland’s Nuclear Waste

Ukrainian President: Finland and Ukraine both face external threat

CERN pact aimed at halting brain drain in central Macedonia

Development bank EBRD readying northern Cyprus plans

Kuwait declares state of emergency over oil leak on shore

The Roma people’s Hungarian hell

Montenegro Opposition Chiefs ‘Seek Investors’ in Chechnya

Iwi festival brings celebration and unity among Maori generations

How a nod from Germany could trigger a second Scottish independence referendum

Eritrea hasn’t held an election since 1991

Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State

RFE/RL Crimea Contributor Indicted

Adivasi Mela 2017 begins in Odisha capital

Protestant and Catholic employment rates level for first time in Northern Ireland

‘One-China policy’ must not dilute Taiwan’s independence

Roma in Kosovo: The justice that never came

Malta looking to build on its success

Indigenous views on Australia Day

Thousands march demanding change to Australia Day, citing aboriginal injustices

Videotaped gang rape in Haiti sparks debate on sexual violence

Kuwait hangs seven people including royal

What Finland’s plan to be tobacco-free can teach the world

Goodwill short-lived between Kosovo and Serbia after EU talks

Pot, Kettle, Black: The U.S. And Norwegian Air

Indigenous tribes: Arizona road a threat to sacred land

Donald Trump’s ‘Forgotten’ People Doesn’t Include Native Americans, Apparently

Migration Helping to ‘Russify’ Crimea

At Hong Kong New Year Fair, Defiance Gives Way to Resignation

Indigenous languages are being wiped out – and social media isn’t helping

Nordic NATO Members Alert to Risk of Russian Cyberattacks

Bulgaria’s interim PM says priority is fair elections

EU Debates Whether Yazidi Refugees Merit Special Protection

Tibetan govt to highlight the the human rights violations in Tibet at UN

‘Serious Retreats’ In Indigenous Rights Protection, Says UN Rapporteur

Marriage between Nigeria and Biafra no longer working – Pro Biafra Agitators

Greek Farmers Briefly Block Crossing at Bulgaria Border


2017 01 22

January 15, 1992: Croatia Marks 25th Anniversary of International Recognition

January 16, 2014: Ukrainian anti-protest laws passed by the Parliament of Ukraine

January 20, 1990, Azerbaijan: Black January

January 20, 1991: Barricades remembered in Latvia

January 22, 1919: Day of Unity of Ukraine

January 26, 1788: Australia Day to Invasion Day to Survival Day

Russia’s Chechnya chief says over 50 suspected militants detained

Fleeing Chechens stranded at door to EU

Details Of Roundup Of Suspected Chechen Extremists Unclear, Contradictory

Chechnya Fast Facts

Copenhagen tops Global Talent Competitiveness Index

IS fighters to stop receiving Danish unemployment benefits

Western Sahara: Fragile peace is “on the brink of collapse,” warned New York Times

Lectures on Western Sahara in Japan

North Africa’s Next War

Is FiShara in the Western Sahara the world’s most isolated film festival?

Western Sahara’s Polisario to test EU court ruling on oil shipment

Paris peace conference agrees on two-state solution in Mideast — but neither Israel nor Palestinians take part

Palestinian embassy opens in Vatican City

Why Trump’s team invited leaders of Israel’s settler movement to attend the inauguration

Film: Arktischen Bären

Greenland’s huge internet upgrade may have some hidden costs

Greenland’s prehistoric hunting-grounds are bucking for World Heritage designation

9 facts that’ll make you want to visit Greenland right now

Violence in Balochistan Continues

News from Wamena, West Papua. Pastor Beaten and Tortured by Indonesian Police

Review of West Papua and International developments in 2016

Kantius Heselo, Chairperson of West Papua National Committee in Sorong arrested by Indonesian police

Detention extended for 4 West Papuan political prisoners for treason for demonstrating peacefully

Depopulation of the Papuan People

West Papuan students tortured by Indonesian police in Dogiyai

West Papua: Website Covering Human Rights Violations Blocked by Indonesian Government

Tibetans in Switzerland demanding Free Tibet when China’s president Xitler arrive at Bern. 32 Tibetans jailed.

Tibet protesters detained in Swiss capital during Xi Jinping visit

World Uyghur Congress participated in demonstrations in Geneva in anticipation of Chinese President Xi Jinping

Why more Chinese companies will come to Switzerland

What’s the secret to Switzerland’s success?

Switzerland is world’s best country for attracting talent

Thousands of protesters march through Geneva

China appoints new Tibet governor: Xinhua

Press freedom predator Xi given Davos platform: Media watchdog

Demolition, Expulsions Stop For Now at Larung Gar

Call for release of Tibetan language advocate

Tibetans in Chengdu Call for Bilingual Education for Their Children

Dalai Lama’s Home Dharamshala Made Second Capital Of State

Japan helping Mongolia improve its public pension system

Hungarian firm to produce biometric passports for Mongolia

Mongolia to introduce e-signature in 2018

New China-Mongolia Mining Deal: Economic Windfall or Environmental Threat?

Learning the Singapore way

China will “take off the gloves” if Trump continues on Taiwan, state media warns

Taiwan leader concludes America tour amid Beijing harassment

Beijing wants to crush youth activists in Taiwan and Hong Kong trying to band together

Hong Kong activists declare ‘war’ after appeal bid snub

Taiwan to test criminal gang links in protest against HK activists

Rumors fly that HK-based singer Hins Cheung to be cut from mainland show ‘I Am A Singer’ for political reasons

Robert Chow: Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing firebrand

Hong Kong gov’t bans two political groups from selling merchandise at New Year fair fearing pro-independence merchanise

Hong Kong’s Localist Revolutionaries

Beijing’s Responses to Hong Kong Independence Movements Expected

Hong Kong Media Lose Independent Stance After Bad Year For Press Freedom in China

Hong Kong’s future in doubt as China flexes muscles

Beijing Worried Trump Taiwan Call Indicator of U.S. Policy Changes

Belgium aims to open Honorary Consulate in Kurdistan

US to build biggest consulate building in Erbil

Biden accepts President Barzani’s invitation to visit Kurdistan

Turkey arrests Iranian Kurdish writers

Turkey invites three Kurdish leaders to Syria peace talks

The curse of oil in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iran’s Kurdistan Democratic Party elects new leader

A unified Kurdistan necessary for tomorrow’s challenges

Turkish prosecutor seeks up to 142 years in jail for Kurdish leader

Turkish forces penetrate into Kobani countryside targeting Kurdish forces

Kurdish president: Independent Kurdistan is ‘neither a rumor nor a dream

Multi-party Kurdish delegation will open independence talks with Baghdad

Kurdish Independence and New Constraints on Ankara’s Relations with Erbil

A baby named Trump and admiration for a new U.S. president in northern Iraq

Clashes break out between Kurds and Iranian forces on anniversary of ‘Kurdistan Republic’

Assyria: Anti-Christian Campaign of Turkish Government Gains Momentum

Catalan, Basque leaders snub Spanish regional talks

Catalonia versus the Spanish state — the battleground in the new year

Puigdemont to explain the Catalan Referendum in the European Parliament

Spanish Government sees referendum as ‘democratic abnormality’ and vows to fight it ‘firmly’

Catalan separatists launch new independence campaign

“2017 will mark the start of a new era for Catalonia”, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont

Catalan government to guarantee electronic referendum vote for those living abroad

Diplocat argues that Germany would deal with a case like Catalonia’s “more intelligently” than Spain

Catalan MEPs urge the new president of European Parliament to keep his word and allow Catalan language

Spain’s Supreme Court to try Francesc Homs over 9-N vote

Catalonia to set recommended rental price to avoid new housing bubble

Resilience personified: An Indigenous woman’s perseverance pays off

Innovative strategy for at-risk and Indigenous youth in Vancouver gains momentum

City launches new strategy to improve supports for urban Indigenous people

Saskatoon program helps Indigenous kids get ‘fire lit inside’

McMaster students seek to understand Indigenous youth mental health

Canada’s Indigenous call for national suicide strategy

Ontario chief suggests class action lawsuit to stop Indigenous youth suicides

Vancouver Island First Nation files aboriginal-title claim in court

History To Be Made As Native Legislators Take on Leadership Roles Across the US

Native and Civil Rights Hang in the Balance

Native Americans expect nothing good from Trump…

Faith Spotted Eagle on the Settler-Colonial Mind-Set

Leonard Peltier Denied Clemency in Obama’s Last Days

Center for Native American Youth to Honor American Indian and Alaska Native Youth Leaders

Housing Conditions Worse for American Indian Households

Bolivian jail where families live alongside their criminal relatives

Bolivia Environment Minister Resigns Amid Historic Drought

Bolivia to Build Nuclear Center with Russian Technology

Brazil: Indigenous People Face Uphill Battle for their Rights in 2017

Malia Obama Traveled Bolivia During Her Gap Year and Spent Time With Quechua Community

Russification through church

The first Putin’s Champion Award Recipient Is: Marine Le Pen

Russian involvement in Donetsk and Luhansk

Ukraine sues Russia at UN for acts of “terrorism” and “discrimination” related to eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimean Peninsula

Over half the Berkut officers suspected of Maidan killings given shelter by Russia

Price of Appeasing Russian Adventurism

UN envoy on Putin: A murderer of journalists isn’t a good partner

Freedom cannot be traded in Ukraine

Estonian minister: Russia sanctions shouldn’t be lifted as reward for cooperation elsewhere

Swiss minister wants an end to Russia sanctions

German opposition leader calls for security union with Russia, dissolution of NATO

Putin will meddle in upcoming elections

Russian nationalist accused of war crimes in Ukraine deported from Norway

Third anti-war protest #StopPutinsWarInUkraine took place worldwide

Domestic Refugees in Ukraine: Waiting Out the War

Pickets in support of Crimean Tatars, against Kremlin repression held in St. Petersburg

Putin Will Come: Warning From The Russian Opposition

A Russian presidential candidate recognizes Crimea part of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Savchenko Draws Fire For Crimea Comments

Ukrainians are fired from the biggest plant of Crimea

Poroshenko: Ukraine will get Crimea back

Crimean authorities refuse to investigate abductions of Ukrainians

Mejlis head calls on Ukrainian authorities to initiate creation of Crimean Tatar Autonomous Republic

“Balkan autumn” VS “Russian spring” — how Russia tried to hold on to the Balkans in 2016

Balkan Feminists Rally in Solidarity With US Women

Melania Trump’s hometown in Slovenia marks inauguration

Macedonia says its capital is most polluted city in Europe

Macedonia Warns Serbia to Keep Out of Name Game

Kosovo launches drive to encourage women to claim property rights

Serbia-Kosovo train row escalates to military threat

Serbia’s President Says Ready to Protect Ethnic Serbs in Kosovo

Serbia wants to annex part of Kosovo using ‘Crimea model’: Kosovo president

US Urges Serbia, Kosovo to Avoid Nationalist Rhetoric

Protesters In Kosovo Demand France Release Former Prime Minister Haradinaj

Dodik’s Secession Talk Keeps Bosnia on Edge

U.S. imposes sanctions on Bosnian Serb nationalist leader Dodik

New Movements Emerge Ahead of Albanian Elections

CIA declassifies document on Lithuania’s post-WWII guerrilla fighting

Lithuania to build fence on border with Russian exclave

Gorbachev served summons to testify in 1991 crackdown trial in Lithuania

Estonia, Lithuania sign defence deal with US after Trump bashes NATO

Estonians join paramilitary forces to face Russia fears

Moldova turns from EU to Russia

New President of Moldova does not risk to recognize Crimea part of Russia

Commission approves new aid programme for Moldova

In Russia, Moldovan president says he may scrap EU trade pact

Moldovan President In Moscow To Meet Putin, Discuss Transdniester

Moldova: PM insists ex-Soviet republic wants to join EU

For Former Soviet Republics, Moscow Has a New Playbook

Reunifying Cyprus

Britain, Greece and Turkey wrap up security talks on Cyprus

No timeframe for resumption of Cyprus conference

Security options: can international precedents inform Cyprus?

Can Malta lead in Europe?

Malta Can Lead in Digital Identity Management

Ireland and Malta to probe closer ties on defence matters

Mind your language in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has best healthcare in the world

EU’s future in its own hands say Latvia and Luxembourg

CIA gives a glimpse of Latvia under Soviet occupation

Basques rally for end to Spain’s dispersion policy for ETA prisoners

Estonia to adopt more modest behavior ahead of upcoming EU presidency

Amid Trump’s NATO Blasts, U.S. Marines’ Norway Mission Goes On

Riga, Minsk to make joint bid for hosting 2021 World Ice-Hockey Championship

February 17 – Outraged Belarusians’ March

Freedom Of Expression: Why Do Belarusian Authorities Fear Graffiti?

20 Facts About Belarus In One Video

Belarus To Extradite Russian Blogger To Azerbaijan

Turkmenistan: Life under Trump: What will happen next?

Oromo: Feyisa Lelisa runs in exile after his protest in Rio

Pride in this rich country called Jamaica

Jamaica’s Decade of Misery Is Almost Over

Jamaica’s last vinyl factory Tuff Gong to start pressing records again

Haiti’s cholera fight hits global stage at World Economic Forum in Davos

Donor ‘consortium’ needed to bolster Haiti’s long-term recovery and eradicate cholera, UN adviser says

Women Empowerment In Haiti: Teaching Women To Fish … And More

Discrimination against women continues unabated in West Africa – ECOWAS

14 Benin prisoners ‘abandoned’ in death row despite scrap of death penalty

217 raped by South Sudanese rival forces since July 2016 violence: UN report

Benin malaria drug innovation changing lives

Yahya Jammeh ‘agrees to step down and leave’ The Gambia

Gambia’s former leader Yahya Jammeh flies into exile

AU chief: Obama made Africa proud as POTUS, welcomes Trump

Namibia: Professional Hunters Welcome China’s Ivory Ban

A Colonial-Era Wound Opens in Namibia

Biafra Agitation: Need For A Referendum

The case for Pro-Biafra agitators

Why Biafrans Support Donald Trump

Trump rally turns to tragedy as pro-Biafrans ‘shot dead’ in Nigeria

The man fighting for independence of the tiny West African nation of Biafra… from a council flat in Peckham

Pro-Donald Trump rally in Nigeria leaves 20 dead, many missing: reports

Ogoni: MOSOP Strongly Believes in Peaceful Solution of Niger Delta Conflict

Tamazigh in Morocco: Righting Wrongs

Hanane Oubella Crowned Miss Amazigh of 2017

Billboards and van adverts accuse BBC Scotland of bias

Scotland: Labour leaders harden rejection of independence

With Hard Brexit looming, Nicola Sturgeon asks: What kind of country do we want to be?

Second independence referendum inevitable after Theresa May announces hard Brexit plans

Scots protesters join world to show distaste for Trump

Scotland: Demographics of Independence

How a new data report may hold the key to winning indyref2

‘Clock is ticking’ on Scottish independence vote

Scotland faces independence choice after UK single market decision

Scotland faces independence choice after UK single market decision – Sturgeon

Alex Salmond: Scotland will vote for independence in two years

Welsh language group Cymdeithas yr Iaith refuses to answer UKIP questions

Llangennech School pupils WILL be taught solely in Welsh

Welsh institutions named in top LGBT employers list

Everything you need to know about the next stage of devolution to Wales

First female bishop consecrated in Wales

Ireland: Brexit vote forces Dublin to seek new EU friends

Brexit may be just what the doctor ordered — for Ireland

Ireland to consider banning schools from using religion in admissions

Northern Ireland child abuse inquiry singles out police and church

Northern Ireland faces snap election amid political crisis

End of an era in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: Tens of thousands taken off Stormont electoral roll

Australia was invaded, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

‘We were the first’: How No Fixed Address made white Australia listen

Australia names first indigenous minister

Budj Bim Cultural Landscape: Ancient Aboriginal site a step closer to UNESCO World Heritage status

No picnic at Hanging Rock: Campaign to recognise Aboriginal past rather than ‘white myth’

Indigenous arts community lobby Government to make it illegal to sell fake Aboriginal-style souvenirs

Finland: world’s largest parents’ evening

“We’ve been driven away”: Nordic climate project disrupts lives in Uganda

Will Finland’s basic income trial help the jobless?

Must-see Finland: A year of centenary celebrations

Juuso the bear makes artistic debut at Finnish gallery

NATO is a cornerstone of Europe: Finland foreign minister

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party calls for ban on ‘fascistic Islam”

Austria And Russia: A Love Story In Oil

Austria ‘foils potential terror attack’

Yezidi IDPs on Mount Shingal struggling beneath heavy snow

As Support for E.U. Flags Elsewhere, Bulgaria Sees Its Benefits

Where is Bulgaria After Ten Years in the EU?

Bulgaria’s communist UFO: The abandoned Buzludzha Monument

Bulgaria’s president elect says to dissolve parliament in a week’s time

Portugal protests Spain’s stockpiling of nuke waste near border

Jack Straw and UK government must face kidnap and torture claims, court rules

Russia turns to Libya with show of support for eastern commander

East Libya rejects humanitarian aid from Italy

Libya, Neighbors Hold Talks in Cairo to End Country’s Crisis

Native Affairs Summer Series – Catalan Experts – Make te reo Maori compulsory

Native Affairs Summer Series – DNA of Maori identity

Maori emojis ‘culturally insensitive’

Destruction of Maori village recalled at ceremony

African-born actor in Hungary: ‘People just see me as a migrant’

Hungary set to turn screws on Soros-backed NGOs

New ‘Stop Soros’ Movement Unveiled in Macedonia

Mass rape of Adivasi women in Bastar: Why are human rights body and women’s panel mum?

Tribals of Chinna Jaggampeta left to starve by authorities

‘Safeguard Adivasi rights over forest lands’

Historian’s new book praised for challenging perceptions of Adivasis

Adivasis of Chinna Jaggampeta sit on hunger strike

Back to the cradle of tribal civilization

Ambulances to jam car radios in Sweden

Lone wolves the biggest terror threat facing Sweden in 2017

Sweden conservatives woo far-right to topple government

Sweden’s population reaches historic ten million milestone

Roma and Sinti were again not taken into considaration for the UN Holocaust Commemoration

Far-right violence against Roma in Hungary: victory in Strasbourg for the Helsinki Committee

Azerbaijan’s Successful Path

Another Youth Activist Convicted on False Drug Charges in Azerbaijan

Lebanon gets a new government, now it needs a new economy

Divorce in Lebanon

Lebanon foils bomber in busy Beirut district: security sources

Kuwait’s World-Beating Stock Rally May Just Be Getting Started

Nato to open regional centre in Kuwait

Nordic noir turns dark reality in Iceland as girl vanishes

How Iceland‘s winning war on teen substance abuse


2017 01 15

January 7, 1977: The Women Of Charter 77 And The New Dissenters

January 11, 1932: Soviet leadership make a decision enabling Holodomor in Ukraine

January 13, 1991: Soviets storm Vilnius TV tower in Lithuania killing 14 unarmed civilians

January 14, 2004: Georgia celebrates National Flag Day today

January 22, 1919: Day of Unity of Ukraine

29-30 March, 2017: Uyghur Youth Leadership Training Seminar Application

Batumi Trump Tower project in Georgia officially cancelled

Kerry: “Nothing was done after Russia invaded Georgia in 2008”

One day five years ago a man left his house to find it in a different country

Turkmen petroleum products will be transported via Georgia

Frankfurt Book Fair director visits Georgia

Russia’s creeping annexation of Georgian territory

Blood Brothers – Why Lithuanians feel Ukraine’s pain

ISIS kidnaps 1,200 Yazidis, moves them to Mosul

Brave Yazidi teenager tells her story of sex slavery and torture

‘They raped us; they killed our men’: Psychologist helps Yazidi women recover from trauma of ISIS captivity

Freed Yezidis from Mosul renew hope for those still missing

PKK will leave Shingal only once it is under Yezidi control

Iraq’s Yazidi community clings to homeland amid genocide

In the hunt for new ideas, Singapore eases obsession with grades

China links seized vehicles to Singapore’s ties with Taiwan

Uighurs in Kyrgyzstan hope for peace despite violence

Chinese police shoot dead three ‘terror’ suspects in Xinjiang

Xinjiang town orders residents to engrave names and ID numbers on to all knives, including kitchen tools

Group to Probe China’s Human Rights Violations Under U.S. Law

China to ‘take revenge’ if Trump recognizes Taiwan’s independence

US lawmakers defy China’s objections, meet President of Taiwan

China says committed to peace as aircraft carrier passes near Taiwan

Nigeria orders Taiwan trade office to move out of capital

China Tries To Push Taiwan Out Of Its Second Continent, Africa

Human Rights in Hong Kong at Lowest Point Since 1997 Handover

Hong Kong pro-democracy politicians attacked by China protesters

Hong Kong’s legal elite voice autonomy fears after China intervention

Tibetan PM in exile for negotiation with China

Hundreds of Tibetans defy China, gather at birthplace of Buddhism in India

Kalachakra: Dalai Lama’s message to Tibetans inside Tibet

Hope and joy in photos of the first nuns to earn “doctorates” of Tibetan Buddhism

Eat, pray, love the Communist Party: a road trip through Tibetan lands, guided by China

Richard Gere in Bodh Gaya for Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra

Swiss limit Tibetan protest against visit by Chinese president

Why are Swiss-Chinese relations so close?

Can gifts help save local democracy?

Can one be refused a Swiss passport for being too Swiss?

Biafra: Kanu, others ask court to quash treason charge against them

Biafra: Court Fixes February 10 to Rule On Kanu’s Application

Biafra: Kanu in court, alleges plot to detain him perpetually

Journalists ‘barred’ from attending trial of pro-Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu in Abuja

West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing

Indonesia: Silence, and Complicity on Human Rights Abuses

Free West Papua Campaign Australia hold demonstrations outside the Indonesian Consulate tomorrow

ISIS are welcome to help to defend the state of Indonesia

West Papuan attacked by 8 Indonesian soldiers

Four West Papuan students charged with treason

West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda’s interview with Al Jazeera

West Papuan children forcibly removed from families and sent to Islamic schools for re-education

Australia continues to train and fund Indonesian soldiers who murder West Papuans peacefully advocating for their legal right to self determination

Latest effort by a non-tribal person to publicise Adivasi culture ended up offending them

Chhattisgarh police’s arrest of 7 Telangana activists a reminder of its license to destroy lives

Why do reports of mass rape of Adivasi women by the police fail to elicit outrage?

Jharkhand tribals’ protest

Adivasi: Ashram schools – disguised death traps

What Indigenous businesspeople in Toronto think about a district of their own

Coroner blames Aboriginal suicides on Canada’s “ancient apartheid system”

Interactively Tracking Stolen Land in the Name of Oil in Ecuador

Bolivian Water Crisis as Glaciers Vanish

Bolivia’s 1st Autonomous Indigenous Govt To Take Local Office

Forest Guardians: Indigenous Continue Fight against Illegal Logging and Mining in Brazil

National Indigenous Congress announces a parallel indigenous government

Exclusive Interview With Leonard Peltier: ‘I’d Be There For My People Again’

US: Tribes Showing Continued Interest In Solar Energy

‘Their Culture Is Their Armor’

The value of indigenous people

Study Will Explore Best Practices for Creating Free Knowledge in Indigenous Languages on Wikipedia

New Tasmanian play with all-Aboriginal cast set for Opera House premiere

Aboriginal Australians co-existed with the megafauna for at least 17,000 years

Australia Day is a day of mourning – indigenous TV producer

Indigenous family of 10 strong women star in refreshing new reality series

Deadly Indigenous people to watch in 2017

‘You cannot do things alone’: Sherwood Park man receives Aboriginal Lifetime Achievement Award

Politician’s New Year challenge – speak only in Maori

Maori language app launched by the Department of Conservation

Maori suicide rates up dramatically since 1980s

Greenland: Independence is a virtue

Germany may pay out for Namibia genocide

Lawyers for indigenous Namibia groups file suit against Germany over 1904 genocide

Main Killers of Civilians in Syria in 2016

Syrian Kurdish groups say not invited to peace talks

Ankara riled by US push for Kurdish seat at Syria talks

Iraqi Kurdistan, Caught Between Worlds

Turkish PM meets Iraqi Kurdish leader in Erbil

Turkey suspends pro-Kurdish lawmaker for ‘genocide’ comment

Is Turkey wiping out Kurdish institutions during lengthy state of emergency?

New ISIS Video Shows 3 Militant Children Executing ‘PKK Spies’

The Becoming Of Kurdistan

Diaspora plays a role in furthering Kurdish cause

Iranian Kurdistan: Is an Independent Nation Taking Shape?

Iranian Kurdistan/Southern Azerbaijan: Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s Funeral Becomes Opportunity to Voice Dissent

2016 most fatal year for Kurdish Kulbar: Hangaw

Student translates literature into Kurdish to celebrate native language

Obama Extends Sanctions On Russia Over Aggression In Ukraine By One Year

U.S. Sanctions Russia’s Bastrykin And Alleged Litvinenko Killers

Trump Says He’s Open To Shift On Russia Sanctions

Trump Nominates outspoken critic of Russia’s seizure of Crimea as Intelligence Chief

Canada names leading Russia critic, as foreign minister

Which Repression in Russian-occupied Crimea is ‘Smart’, Mr Trump?

Moscow plans to ‘export separatism’ to Baltic countries

Europe erects defenses to counter Russia’s information war

Waiting for medical assistance prisoners die in the remand prison of Simferopol

Russia Invades Crimea, Then Charges Crimeans with ‘Violent Seizure of Power’

FSB detains Ukrainian Cultural Centre activist & his wife in Russian-occupied Crimea

Survey results: Human rights violated badly in Crimea

Will Trump Recognize Russian Annexation of Crimea?

Crimea: In the Dark: The silencing of dissent

Tillerson: Russia Had No Right to Take Crimea

Tillerson says ‘weak’ US response to Crimea emboldened Russian aggression in Ukraine

Ireland Reconsiders Its Constitutional Ban on Abortion

Phil Hogan urges Ireland to keep distance from UK on Brexit

Irish language campaign logo goes viral on social media

Stormont in crisis: Ten-year power-sharing pact ends with exit of Martin McGuinness

Northern Ireland faces elections as deputy leader McGuinness quits

How did it come to this? The cash for ash scandal that brought down Northern Ireland’s government

In Northern Ireland, old divisions could have a new casualty: Brexit

Why Brexit means Irish unity is now inevitable

Paul Givan reverses cuts to Irish language scheme

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir challenges 280-year-old law banning Irish in court

Tory MP Dismisses Malta As A ‘Tiny Little Island’

The future of theatre in Malta

Pope Francis’s authority challenged by Knights of Malta over condom row

Corruption allegations tarnish Malta’s EU presidency

Malta accused of being tax haven as it takes EU presidency

Malta raises alarm on Russia in Libya

Slovenian tourism stirs ‘Melania’ hype

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin May Meet In Slovenia, Melania’s Home Country

6 Reasons Montenegro May Be This Year’s Most Tempting Travel Destination

Support for Montenegro’s Accession to NATO Would Send a Message of Strength

Montenegro seeks extradition of 2 Serbs over failed coup

Serbia: Two Suspects Detained In Alleged Montenegro Coup Attempt

Kosovo blocks entry of ‘provocative’ train from Serbia

Serbia Seeks Extradition From France of Former Kosovo PM

Albanians Abroad Unite for Kosovo Ex-PM Haradinaj

Serbia says it will retaliate if France refuses to hand over Kosovo ex-PM

Serbia under fire for Russian gas deals

Bosnia to expel foreign nationals who have violated property investment rules

Bosnian Serbs Mark Controversial ‘Statehood’ Holiday

Bosnian Serbs halt contact with envoy over national day ‘insults’

Photographers Document Bosnia’s ‘War of Memories’

Croatia’s pension reform: An uncertain future

Croatia to Introduce Euro ASAP

On surviving the Christmas holidays as a lesbian in Bulgaria

Anti-corruption party launches in Bulgaria as election approaches

Albanian Political Parties Demand Language Equality In Macedonia

Albania – A trustworthy and solid partner for the euro-atlantic agenda in the Balkans

Lithuania marks 1991 independence dead as fears rise about Russia, Trump

UN classifies Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia as Northern European countries

Estonia wants to build government systems with other countries

Moscow plans to ‘export separatism’ to Baltic countries

Baltic populations still shrinking

Russian propaganda unsuccessful in Latvia

Lithuania’s foreign minister: Dialogue with Russia shouldn’t be smokescreen for inaction

NATO’s ex-military commander: Dialogue with Russia inevitable

Within just a few years, Russia has been able to transform itself from a partner to a strategic problem for all

NATO Deputy Secretary General: US armored brigade a ‘proportionate response’ to Russia

US defense secretary nominee backs permanent troops in Baltics

Lithuania bars data centre project over fears of Russian spying

Cyber attacks among ‘eight main threats’ to Sweden

Sweden PM ‘can’t rule out’ Russian interference in Swedish elections

Denmark: big year ahead for the 850-year-old capital and European city of culture

Norwegian mass murderer Breivik in human rights appeal case

Iceland’s Independence Party Forms New Government, Pirates Excluded

Iceland gets new government, could restart EU entry talks

Iceland ousted one leader named in the Panama Papers, but ended up with another on the list

‘Tom of Finland’ Opens Goteborg Film Festival

World’s most eco-friendly icebreaker starts duty in Finland

Finnish President mulls changing political landscape as Trump prepares to take office

Niinistö to meet Putin twice in 2017

Four soldiers dead in Jerusalem truck attack

A multibillion-dollar natural gas boom may reunify Cyprus

Cyprus: four decades of division and negotiations

Cyprus, the endgame

Cyprus fears Russia could wreck reunification

Indyref2 still in sight as May drops heavy hints about hard Brexit and Sturgeon insists ‘I’m not bluffing’

Alex Salmond blasts Theresa May as he tells Scots to prepare for a second independence referendum

Yes Scotland’s digital chief: We’re going to have to be clever if we want to win … and we are going to win

Wee Ginger Dug: Don’t wait for permission … Scotland’s future is in our hands

Elaine C Smith: Scotland deserves a better script… let’s start writing it

Indyref2 can be won with a radical agenda say Greens

‘Huge response’ after Labour for Independence relaunches

What we know about Yes and No voters … and how it can help us move forward with indyref2

‘We’ve got the band back together’: Pictures from the first Yes conference since 2014

Sarah Beattie-Smith: Scotland could be a beacon of hope if we work together

Norwegian politicians say Scotland could only join EFTA if independent

Campaigners gather for conference to prepare for indyref2

Yes campaigners make proposals for Scottish pound in bid to improve IndyRef2 bid

Mystery NY donor funds Basque campaign showing girls with penises and boys with vulvas

Euskadi: thousands rally in Spain for ETA prisoners to be moved closer to families

Portugal mourns ‘father of liberty and democracy’ Mario Soares

Catalonia’s Romeva on Mario Soares: “He understood the singularity of Catalonia’s democratic demands”

Spain and Catalunya at loggerheads over independence referendum

Catalonia: Spanish Prosecutor demands 9-year ban from public office for Homs for allowing 9-N symbolic vote

Latvia’s PM wasn’t bribed to support Catalonia’s independence process

Puigdemont won’t stand for president in next Catalan elections

Will Catalonia try to secede from Spain this year?

Catalans plead with EU to recognise ‘insistence on democracy’

Spanish government “must get more involved” in Sahrawi cause

“Moroccan expansionism is a drama that affects the entire region”

Western Sahara: Year of Reform and Repression

Czech Republic: ARA ART launches campaign to support LGBT Roma

Look back in anger: 2016 through a Roma rights lens (part 1)

Stázka Brodníčková: I wouldn’t have come this far without my foster mother

Greek gov’t launches drive for social inclusion of Roma

Bullies Force Out Roma Kids

Czech Republic, Slovakia to cooperate on guarding air spaces

Azerbaijan wants a solid foundation for EU relationship

Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund to carry out transfer to Central Bank with ceiling of AZN 7.5 bn in 2017 first time in its history

The Price for Journalism in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Sustained Crackdown

Azerbaijan: Rights Groups Demand Justice for journalist Mehman Huseynov Tortured in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Using Soviet Methods to Revive Cotton Industry

Chechen President Kadyrov curses Stalin

Prospects For Chechnya’s Oil Sector Remain Unclear

Speaker of Chechen parliament threatens journalist Grigory Shvedov

Moldova wants to be a bridge between East and West

Moldova To Receive Up To 100 Million Euros In EU Aid

Belarus Introduces Visa-Free Five-Day Stay For Citizens Of 80 Countries

Salaries In Belarus To Amount To $40

‘Europe’s last dictatorship’ has a new plan: Tourism

Belarus To Build Camps For Refugees From Syria, Chechnya, Ukraine?

CPJ Urges Belarus To Release Russian Blogger Wanted In Azerbaijan

Lebanon’s Aoun visits Riyadh to mend Saudi fences

Lebanon: Time for Action on Rights Abuses

Jamaica Says U.S. And Others Are ‘Poaching’ Its Nurses

Luxembourg’s Bid to Become the Silicon Valley of Space Mining

Luxembourg broaches dropping French and German as official languages

‘Change education’ to hit one million Welsh speakers target

Welsh language centres will succeed, says Alun Davies

Corbyn rejects idea for Welsh immigration control

Palestinians in Israel strike over home demolitions

Israel lobby infiltrates UK student movement

The Next ‘Exodus?’ Jews Moving Out of France, Italy, Belgium To Israel At Large Rates

Syria accuses Israel of military airport rocket attack

Algerians celebrate Berber New Year amid calls for official holiday

Italy reopening embassy in Libya two years after closure

Libya Ramps Up Oil Production, Threatening OPEC Plans

Russia woos top Libyan military chief

World in Progress: Fleeing from oppression and poverty in Eritrea

Hungary to Meet NATO Defense Spending Goal by 2026

Hungary Plans to Crack Down on All Soros-Funded NGOs

Scotland is butt of jokes in Hungary and Scots are asking for a ‘square go’

Armenia raises alarm as abortions of girls skew population

Armenia: No Accountability for Police Violence

U.S. citizens targeted after extradition of Haiti ex-coup leader

Rebel. Drug Fugitive. Hero? Haiti Erupts Over an Arrest

Here are the real lessons from flawed responses to Haiti’s disasters

Austria to propose plans for businesses to hire local workers ahead of other EU citizens

Greece’s Supreme Court Rules Against Extradition of Remaining Turkish Army Men


2017 01 08

January 01, 2007: Bulgaria Marks 10 Years of EU Membership

January 01, 1814: Haiti observes 214th anniversary of political independence

Rapper from Cornwall is taking the internet by storm with song about PASTIES

What Does It Mean To Be Cornish In 2017?

Chair of Welsh language group refuses to pay TV licence fee

Wales needs more “innovative” grassroots media to help explain how the nation works

Radio Cymru is 40: Penblwydd Hapus

Western Mail launches its latest Welsh History Month with women centre stage

Smiles and happy tears as new parents open Scotland’s first baby boxes

Consultation on a Draft Scottish Independence Referendum Bill

Nicola Sturgeon takes next step towards second Scottish independence referendum

The 3 steps that could take Scotland to an independent currency

Labour for Independence returns to launch major recruitment drive with Yes2 backing

No Irish Need Apply – The actual signs and ads

Northern Ireland’s peace process is not too big to fail

Tim Cook accused of being ‘disrespectful to the Irish people’ after refusing to appear before tax probe committee

Poland to set up consulate in Belfast

Police Killed More Native Americans in 2016 Than Previous Year

Fighting Big Oil in the Amazon

New Witch Hunt in Ecuador Against Indigenous and Environment Defenders

Amazon Indigenous REDD+: an innovative approach to conserve Colombian forests?

Bolivia indigenous group nears extinction with woman’s death

First Quechua Language TV News Show Premiers In Peru

New mayor a woman and indigenous too

Maori and Aztec unite on environmental issues

Sixties Scoop: Personal Stories of Adoption in Canada

First Nations Adoptees Seeking Redress: Canada Confronts the Sixties Scoop

From Dakota Access to Murdered and Missing Women: The Indians Won 2016

White House Hopes Trump Won’t Kill Council on Native American Affairs

Project adds Indigenous names to Canadian history

Ottawa accused of failing to provide for indigenous children

Pilot project designed for Indigenous survivors of domestic violence

Learning Not To Discuss Native People in the Past Tense

‘We, as a people, still exist’ — artist illuminates Native American history with family photos

What it means to be Indigenous: Boyden raises difficult questions

The Video Game That Attempts to Preserve Native Alaskan Culture

Pari Ibrahim receives prize from Folia magazine HvA / UvA_Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) for founding / leading Free Yezidi Foundation

Why are Yazidis being uprooted again?

US to Resettle Iraqis Victimized by IS

KRG closes offices of Yezidi rights organization Yazda

Closure of Iraq Charity Puts Rescued Yazidi Sex Slaves at Risk, Director Warns

A network of smugglers rescues women from ISIS

West Papuan Flag was seen on the roof of the Indonesian Embassy in Melbourne

Australian government funds and trains Indonesian army that tortures, mutilates and kills Australia’s WW2 allies, the people of West Papua

West Papuan Zakarias Waer died after being severely tortured by drunk Indonesian police officers

EVERY DAY over 20 West Papuan people are arrested by the Indonesian police for peaceful expression

Steven Itlay sits in jail for treason against Indonesia for leading prayer service to support West Papua as a full member of the MSG

West Papua celebrate the anniversary of the alliance of people of Timika for self determination

China Considering Strong Measures to Contain Taiwan, Sources Say

The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese

Young Taiwanese support independence even if it means war with China: poll

Chinese trolls jumped the firewall to attack Taiwan’s president and military on Facebook

South China Sea: Japan And Taiwan Send Their Own Strong Messages To Beijing

Taiwan leader heads to Americas; US stops set to irk China

American bull in a china shop

Hong Kong: Pro-Independence Protests Erupt

China’s leaders worry about Hong Kong independence movement

HK activist Joshua Wong under police protection after failed assault in Taiwan: Reports

Hong Kong in the mood for marching, as Beijing cracks down on local aspirations

Singapore and Hong Kong gain ground as rising currency trading rivals to London

Uyghur Government Workers Ordered Not to Identify on Forms as Muslim

Show of force in Xinjiang sends hardline message

Xinjiang: Uighurs Grapple with Travel Restrictions

Modi’s Empty Promises May Have Pushed Mongolia Into China’s Arms

Inner Mongolia: Herdsmen welcome 2017 with camel race and beauty pageant

Tibetan Parliament Appeals UN to Reaffirm its Commitment on Tibet

Dalai Lama Commences 34th Kalachakra

China admits it discouraged Tibetans from attending Kalchakra ritual in Bodhgaya

Tibetan Singers Release Music Albums in Bodh Gaya

Thousands of Tibetans Forced Back to China Ahead of Buddhist Gathering

China Calls Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra ‘Illegal,’ Threatens Punishment for Those Taking Part

Spiritual leader of Tibet urges devotees to be 21st century Buddhists

Buddhist Scholar Bob Thurman on the Dalai Lama’s View That a Woman Could Succeed Him

China tightens Tibetan border security to combat ‘separatism’

Tibetan parliament-in-exile asks UN to restart Sino-Tibet talks

Tibetans Beaten, Detained For Coming Late to Lecture on Public Health

Security threats bring Iran’s Kurdish groups closer together

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party condemns Istanbul attack

Are Conditions Ripening for Iraqi Kurdish State?

Barzani vs. PKK: Recipe for Kurdistan’s Second Civil War?

Donald Trump-themed restaurant opens in Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdistan and Hungary extend education exchange program

Turkey demands US to stop supporting Kurdish YPG forces in Syria

Turkey shuts down Kurdish language institute in Istanbul

Three countries to open, upgrade representative offices in Kurdistan

US welcomes France’s support to the Kurdistan Region

Paris Demands Justice for Murder of Kurdish Citizens in 2013

‘Patients who should live are dying’: Greece’s public health meltdown

Demonetisation ground report: Helpless adivasis pay Rs 20 for withdrawal slip

Mainstream and marginal in ancient India

If Adivasi children want to get educated, they have to leave their families

70 villages in Maharashtra unite to oppose mining, save the Adivasi way of life

Tribals protest sexual exploitation of students in Adivasi Ashram Shalas

Khagrachhari blockaded over arrest of Adivasi leader

Adivasi question in Uttar Pradesh

Adivasis cautioned against women trafficking

Odisha’s Niyamgiri adivasis pick their nominees for development

Former Soviet republics must and will become Russia’s ‘protectorates,’ Moscow blogger says

Russia should reinstate the monarchy and appoint PUTIN as royal emperor, says influential Moscow churchman

Putin’s most likely next anschluss – a united Ossetia within the Russian Federation

French Front National chief Le Pen: annexation of Crimea “not illegal”

Ban on entry for Le Pen after scandalous statement on Crimea

A Trump-Putin deal on Crimea could trigger a much bigger war, Israeli analyst says

USA Today Parrots Kremlin Propaganda on Crimea

Moscow is trying to destroy the Crimean civic nation, Shtepa says

Like Crimea, ‘Trump is Ours,’ Russian products proclaim and other neglected Russian stories

Crimean Tatars: Moscow Adds Those Opposing Annexation to List of ‘Terrorists & Extremists’

NATO is funding a cyber defence programme for #Ukraine

Ukraine Def. Minister reveals number of Russian military grouping, hardware in Donbas

Senator McCain says U.S. ‘must stand up to Vladimir Putin’

Greendland: Independence: Quiet resolution

Saami: Making a statement

The slippery nature of cultural identity

U.S. Lending Support to Baltic States Fearing Russia

Latvia not actually «scared to death»

Latvia worried about potential attempts to influence elections

Lithuania: new links cut electricity costs to Baltics

Like the sound of 10-gigabit internet everywhere? Then move to Estonia

Baltic states: please stop calling us «former Soviet» countries

Lithuania refuses to extradite former head of Georgia’s anti-terrorism center to Russia

Kosovo ex-PM arrested in France on Serbian warrant

US Senator: Putin Illegally Annexed Part of Georgia

Finland Celebrates 100 Years Of Independence: Here’s What To Expect

US deterrence forces arriving in Europe

Homeless man invited to spend Christmas in Sweden after giving directions to tourists

Russia spreading fake news and forged docs in Sweden: report

Biafra: International observers to monitor Nnamdi Kanu’s next court sitting

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has called for a sovereignty referendum in its bid to actualising Biafra

Israel Refuses to Return Bodies of Hamas Militants

Benjamin Netanyahu Questioned in Israel Graft Inquiry

Israeli Blogger Feared Soon to Be Extradited From Belarus to Azerbaijan

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma: It is unfathomable that Western Sahara still remains colonized

US administration does not recognize alleged Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara

Independence of Western Sahara is an inalienable right

Anatomy of Europe’s democratic recession

Understanding Malta’s EU Council presidency

Malta to establish common EU Policy on asylum seekers during presidency

Olympics: IOC refuses to lift Kuwait sports ban

Oil Rallies To 18-Month High As Kuwait, Oman Cut Output

Kuwait Shows Depth of Opposition to Austerity in the Gulf

When Kuwait was on fire, they saved the day

‘Denying [Armenian] genocide traumatises survivors a second time’

Roma actor sells Silver Bear award to feed kids

Tragic death in UK of two Romani girls from Czech Republic sparks horrible online commentary

Ukraine: Odessa is flooded with anti-Romani posters

Documentary: The men of the Fifth World

First Nation healers working to keep traditional medicine alive

Australia’s first Aboriginal grower group established in Western Australia

Aboriginal culture tours kick off in Watsons Bay

Czech Fake News Watchdog Kicks Off Operations

Czech ‘hybrid threats’ centre under fire from country’s own president

Czech budget shows first surplus in two decades

Albania: Europe’s cannabis paradise

Transgendered no longer considered mentally ill in Denmark

Denmark: Russia, terrorism and cyber-attacks highlight annual risk assessment

100-year flood hits Denmark

Flooding in Denmark becoming the norm

Montenegro’s NATO-Russia Chess Match

Iceland center-right parties to seek EU referendum

This Is How Often Iceland Will Cover Europe In A Volcanic Ash Cloud

Iceland: artist salary in 2017

Norway Ends 500-Y-O Lutheran Church Partnership, ‘Biggest Change Since the Reformation’

Norway, an Exemplar of NATO Burden-Sharing

Norway will become the first country in the world to switch off FM radio

Jamaica’s film industry — 100 years on and we are still gasping for breath

Costa confounds critics as Portuguese economy holds course

India, Portugal sign defence agreement

New Moldovan, Transdniester Leaders Hold Meeting Behind Closed Doors

Moldova’s Dodon Revokes Citizenship Of Pro-Western Romanian Leader

Ex-Romanian President will sue Moldova’s President for removing his citizenship

Largest lake in southern Europe under threat from “eco-resort”

16 sexual assaults reported in Austria after New Year’s Eve celebrations

Satire one of few remaining bastions in Orban’s Hungary

Fidesz dominance of Hungary’s rural media depicted on a map

Hungary’s First Heart Transplant Operation Was Performed 25 Years Ago

Luxembourg nationality law goes to vote in January

Luxembourg’s millennials optimistic but critical of society

The website daring to mock the Eritrean regime

2016 Donostia Protocol – A Tool to Ensure Protection for Regional and Minority Languages

Galicia: shellfish management plans will include environmental information for the first time

Critics urge repeal of Lebanon rape law

Haiti: Jovenel Moise confirmed as new president

Why it took 14 months for Haiti to get a president-elect

Food stocks low in southern Haiti in wake of storm

Former Haiti rebel leader wanted in US arrested during talk show

Former Haitian rebel leader appears in US court on drug charges

Croatia Starts 2017 Off Right by Abolishing Fur Farms

Oromo: Study Identifies Strategies Ethiopian Government Uses to Create Information Blackout

A total of 1,523 violent deaths were reported in Libya in 2016

Libya says will declare force majeure at two ports over smuggling

Germany is sued in U.S. over early-1900s Namibia slaughter

How Spain’s King Felipe kept low profile in Catalonia in 2016

Bulgarian radio barred from playing new music in copyright fight

Anti-corruption party launches in Bulgaria as election approaches

Macedonia’s Ethnic Albanians Want Nation Declared Bilingual

Belgium to fight terror with curb on travel tickets

Hope for a fresh settlement in Cyprus

Balochistan: Malnutrition and Child Mortality Still Rampant

Somaliland: Internet Providers Support Government in Suppressing Critical Voices