2017 01 29

Help Yazidis On Mount Sinjar

Help end genocide in West Papua


February 2-3: Conference: Sovereignty and E-Commerce in Indian Country

February 25 – March 5: Festival Kernewek – Penzance Cornish Language Festival


January 22, 1946: Kurds mark 71st anniversary of Republic of Kurdistan

January 22, 1990: Day of Unity of Ukraine

January 22, 2014: The first killings of protestors on the Maidan

January 25, 1759: annual celebration of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns

January 25: St Dwynwen’s Day, Welsh Valentines Day

January 26, 1788: Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day: a long history of celebration and contestation

January 26, 1950: Republic Day in India

January 27, 1945: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 31, 1968: Nauru Independence Day

February 4, 1948: Sri Lanka Independence Day


One in six Roma students excluded from school in Sheffield

Racism’s cruelest cut: coercive sterilisation of Romani women and their fight for justice in the Czech Republic (1966-2016)

Documentary by young Roma records testimonies of their Elders

Reconsidering ‘GYPSY’ As an Ethnic Slur As the DC Character Comes to the CW

How a Holocaust Commemoration Can Be a Starting Point for Today’s Roma Advocacy

Remembering the Romani Holocaust

More nations must follow Belgium’s lead on Israel

Trump, Netanyahu Discuss Iran and Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Everything you need to know about Donald Trump’s pledge to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Report: Obama quietly sent $221 million to the Palestinian Authority hours before leaving office

The Fate of Iraq’s Indigenous Communities

Yazidi Refugees Languish in Policy Spat After IS Attacks

Yazidi refugees arrive in Canada to open arms

Routed by IS, Yazidis Hope to Build ‘New Sinjar´

Tibet This Week

Passports of Kalachakra returnees torn on arrival, further punitive measures feared

China to Push Mandarin for Minorities

Tibet’s bottled water output to surpass one million tonnes

China says hopes Mongolia learned lesson after Dalai Lama visit

Exiled Tibetans hope Donald Trump will help in resolving Tibet issue

Appeasing China by sacrificing the interests of the Tibetan people have not yielded any benefits to India

Tibetan Doctor Linked to Self-Immolation is Freed After Beatings, Torture

First Tibet Interest Group Meeting of 2017 held in the European Parliament

In China, torture is real, and the rule of law is a sham

Tibet at United Nations-Strengthening Advocacy for Human Rights in Tibet

China objects Tibetan Prime Minister’s presence at US envoy’s dinner

Uighur independence activist invited by minor party to visit Taiwan

China Poised to Repeat Tibet Mistakes: Abusive Policies Planned for Uyghur Region

In Hong Kong, the Lunar New Year flower market takes the pulse of the city’s political climate

Chinese Military Newspaper Hurls Insults At Hong Kong Pop Star

Meet Iraq’s hipsters: Incredibly well-groomed Kurdish men launch clothing brand to prove Iraq is not just a country of war and terrorism

Kurdish Female Fighters: Leaders of a Revolution

‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ face problems reintegrating into local populations

Syrian Kurdish YPG says not bound by Astana peace talks outcome

Kurdistan Region prevents Kurdish infighting in northern Syria

The Case for a Kurdish State in the Middle East

Kurdish pop star fled Iraq as a child refugee and was threatened to be ‘hung with a rope of fire’

Erdogan’s crackdown on pro-Kurdish Halklarin Demokratik Partisi

Pro-Kurdish party to launch ‘no campaign’ against Erdogan empowerment

Yes ‘would win an indyref2 held in 2018’ claims former special adviser to Alex Salmond

Brexit: Article 50 ruling a ‘boost to independence,’ says Nicola Sturgeon

Celebrating Burns: Anither Blast Fir Burns – A poem by Rab Wilson

Profile: Gambia’s new President, Adama Barrow

Catalan president vows independence referendum, no matter what

Puigdemont in Brussels to defend Catalonia’s right to hold an independence referendum

Catalan President: “Europe cannot look the other way”

MEPs urge the EU to find a “democratic solution” for Catalonia

The leader of Catalonia’s independence movement deserves a fair trial

Rhode Island woman’s quest uncovers hundreds of Irish Famine graves

As Maharashtra makes big mining push, tribals push back

As Bastar mob hounds researcher Bela Bhatia out of her home, little has changed for activists here

More than 50 cities in twenty countries joined the global protest action #StopPutinsWarInUkraine

Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution, Then And Now

EU escalates its campaign against Russian propaganda

Russia is targeting French, Dutch and German elections with fake news, EU task force warns

Russian Political Interference: The Finnish Case

Ukraine demands say in any Russia-U.S. talks to end conflict on its territory

Legal war: Ukraine vs. Russia in international courts

Russian aggression against Ukraine not listed as a key problem for Council of Europe

EU court confirms Russia supplies weapons to Donbas separatists, upholds sanctions

Russian soldiers were called by Yanukovych to Crimea

Russian FSB stage abduction to deprive Crimean Tatar leader of his lawyer

Dirty Russian Media Lies as Repression Mounts in Occupied Crimea

Russia uses repression to remove witnesses to illegal arrests in occupied Crimea

Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy’s dossier on Donald Trump

Russia resorts to open terrorization of lawyers & their families in occupied Crimea

Jailed Pro-Ukrainian Crimean Activist likely subjected to torture

OSCE Representative condemns continued deterioration of media freedom and safety of journalists in areas not controlled by Ukrainian government

Donbas “republics” remove Ukrainian from local schools

Plans for a “Great Serbia” and the Kremlin’s hybrid war in the Balkans

Kosovo, Serb dispute threatens to derail Balkan peace

EU commissioner praises Serbia for handling migrant crisis

In Serbia, migrants are held in terrible conditions — from which they can’t leave

Balkan push for new coal-fired plants raises environmental concerns

Overview of Croatia’s Border Disputes with BiH, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Liberland

Capturing the Image of Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia

Remembering the genocide in Bosnia and beyond

Slovenia’s Ana Ros named world’s best female chef 2017

In Slovenia, Melania Trump–Themed Merchandise Sells

White House Website Removes Native American, LGBT, Climate Change, Healthcare & Civil Rights Web Pages

Trump Pushes DAPL, Keystone XL Forward With Executive Order

Native Americans Vow Legal Battle Over Trump Pipeline Orders

Indigenous Women Rise: Inside the Historic Women’s March By Native Youth Cierra Fields

Malia Obama Supports Standing Rock at Sundance

Diabetes-related kidney disease drops among Native Americans

Pilot program puts aboriginal elders in family court process

Canada oil pipeline spills nearly 53,000 gallons on aboriginal land

Indigenous suicide: Struggling communities get $10 million funding boost

Australia Day protesters commemorate ‘Invasion Day’

City’s first Aboriginal councillor driving cultural awareness and opportunities

Locals concerned over closure of Mount Isa Link-Up office

The Human Zoo: Documentary sheds light on stolen Aboriginal people ‘treated as animals’

124 years after overthrow, Hawaiians continue sovereignty push

Rhode Island woman’s quest uncovers hundreds of Irish Famine graves

Former head of EC customs unit says border with Republic will return

In generation shift, Sinn Fein names O’Neill as Northern Ireland leader

With Brexit looming, Ireland’s once-disputed border is again contentious

Brexit Supreme court dismissal of Northern Ireland undermines Assembly’s democratic mandate

DUP ‘should back majority in Northern Ireland’ who voted Remain

UK Corbyn REFUSES to say if he would deploy UK troops to defend an ally invaded by Russia

Denmark remains world’s least corrupt nation

New Bulgaria President Pledges Post to Continuity, Democracy

Bulgaria: President sets date for early general elections

Wales: Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood unite with alternative Brexit plan

Singapore Exchange to Launch LNG Index

Singapore 2G switchoff highlights digital divide

Singapore Consumer Prices Rise for First Time Since 2014

Hong Kong to return armored troop carriers to Singapore

Iceland is drilling the world’s deepest geothermal well

Biafra: Nigeria arrests 65 at pro-Trump rally

South Sudan: Strategic choice between bribery and right to self-determination for Saharawi people

Representative of Frente POLISARIO in France to BBC: We favour political solution with Morocco

Liberia: George Weah to lead opposition coalition into October 2017 elections

Mauritius PM appoints son as successor

Mauritius opposition hold mass protest calling for fresh elections

Burundi pardons political prisoners

The rise and exile of Gambia’s ex-President Yahya Jammeh

Families appeal to Gambian president to find missing victims of Jammeh’s regime

Gambia’s Barrow promises major reforms in first press conference as president

Somalia sets another date for presidential polls after four postponements

Seychelles passport, most powerful in Africa

Ethiopia’s Oromo leader facing terrorism charges denied bail again

IMF calls for international support in recovering CAR’s economic prospect

Benin: Authorities lift ban on 3 pro-opposition media outlets

Whistleblowers feted in Tunisia call for more protection

Kenyan court stops deportation of two South Sudanese opposition figures

Fighting resumes in Upper Nile region of South Sudan, scores feared dead

At least 7 dead after explosion outside Mogadishu hotel

Somali presidential aspirants start $30,000 candidacy process

Somaliland: Opening of the Diaspora Agency Office

Germany moves to atone for crimes against Namibia

EU considers increased support to help Libya tackle people smugglers

Libya Says Oil Sector Open Again for Business

It’s good to talk: Trump phones world leaders

The Cornwall Inspirational List: 50 of the most inspirational men and women in Cornwall today

Truro bidding to be European Capital of Culture

Tories planning to ditch Cornish national minority status?

Could we have our money back please Sir?

Government wants cosmopolitan country with best standards for the Maltese and hope for foreigners

Finland sees more deaths than births for first time since 1940

First American state to adopt Finnish baby box

Finnish cities at their safest since at least 2000

Sex crimes on the rise

Lebanon’s security forces foil suicide bomber in busy Beirut district

Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize: Peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Georgia has been and remains top US ally in the region

New awareness campaign to boost EU-Georgia integration

Georgia’s Defence Minister initiates Nordic-Baltic-Georgian cooperation format

2017 will be very active in NATO-Georgia relations

Hungarians in mourning after horror coach crash

Eastern European countries back NATO support against Russia

Baltic prime ministers to meet with Donald Tusk in Tallinn

Finland, Sweden to consider training along with NATO forces in Lithuania

Ecuador Assumes G77 Presidency, Commits to Promoting Equality

Talysh: Round-Table Discussion Calls for Autonomy and Democratic Change in Azerbaijan

Spokesperson of Balochistan People’s Party Meets with EU Institutions in Brussels

Sindh: Provincial Government Outlaws Child Labour

People of West Papua signing global petition to the UN calling for internationally supervised vote on Independence

Indonesian government to block websites that spread the new petition to the UN

Support for the petition from inside Timika prison in West Papua

Hundreds of people showing support for the petition in Timika, West Papua, outside the prison

Demonstration in support of the petition in Port Numbay/Jayapura

West Papuans not yet a minority in homeland

Greek farmers gunning engines for nationwide protests, blockades

Turkmenistan: Two prisoner of conscience deaths from torture?

Turkmenistan Tirelessly Searching for New Markets for Its Energy

PM Fico: Fascism is not creeping into Slovakia but openly present

EU denies Russia say in Moldova Association Agreement

Moldova: President Wants To Cancel Agreement For NATO Office In Capital

Moldovan President Says ‘Strategic Partnership’ With Russia Essential

Fight over migrant centers in Belarus

Veljo Tormis, Estonian composer whose works gave voice to revolution, dies at 86

Before Haiti’s president-elect even takes office, he’s battling money-laundering suspicions

Luxembourg to set bar high for UK firms seeking post-Brexit relocation

Armenian Service Awarded For Reporting on Migration

Bolivia: The Proud Child Laborers

Bolivia Might Become the South American Energy Core

Lasting Impunity for Violations in Russia’s North Caucasus and Human Rights Crisis in Chechnya

Kadyrov Says Chechens In Russian Military Police In Syria

Gang rape in Sweden streamed live on Facebook

A 100,000-Year Tomb for Finland’s Nuclear Waste

Ukrainian President: Finland and Ukraine both face external threat

CERN pact aimed at halting brain drain in central Macedonia

Development bank EBRD readying northern Cyprus plans

Kuwait declares state of emergency over oil leak on shore

The Roma people’s Hungarian hell

Montenegro Opposition Chiefs ‘Seek Investors’ in Chechnya

Iwi festival brings celebration and unity among Maori generations

How a nod from Germany could trigger a second Scottish independence referendum

Eritrea hasn’t held an election since 1991

Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State

RFE/RL Crimea Contributor Indicted

Adivasi Mela 2017 begins in Odisha capital

Protestant and Catholic employment rates level for first time in Northern Ireland

‘One-China policy’ must not dilute Taiwan’s independence

Roma in Kosovo: The justice that never came

Malta looking to build on its success

Indigenous views on Australia Day

Thousands march demanding change to Australia Day, citing aboriginal injustices

Videotaped gang rape in Haiti sparks debate on sexual violence

Kuwait hangs seven people including royal

What Finland’s plan to be tobacco-free can teach the world

Goodwill short-lived between Kosovo and Serbia after EU talks

Pot, Kettle, Black: The U.S. And Norwegian Air

Indigenous tribes: Arizona road a threat to sacred land

Donald Trump’s ‘Forgotten’ People Doesn’t Include Native Americans, Apparently

Migration Helping to ‘Russify’ Crimea

At Hong Kong New Year Fair, Defiance Gives Way to Resignation

Indigenous languages are being wiped out – and social media isn’t helping

Nordic NATO Members Alert to Risk of Russian Cyberattacks

Bulgaria’s interim PM says priority is fair elections

EU Debates Whether Yazidi Refugees Merit Special Protection

Tibetan govt to highlight the the human rights violations in Tibet at UN

‘Serious Retreats’ In Indigenous Rights Protection, Says UN Rapporteur

Marriage between Nigeria and Biafra no longer working – Pro Biafra Agitators

Greek Farmers Briefly Block Crossing at Bulgaria Border