2017 02 05

February 1, 2004: Kurdistan Region marks 13th anniversary of Eid attacks in Erbil

February 4, 1872: Macedonia marks 145th Birthday anniversary of Goce Delcev

February 6, 1917: Sami National Day

February 7, 1974: Grenada Independence Day

February 12, 1818: Chile Independence Day

Saami: On the shoulders of Tråante

The higher cost of being Greenlandic

Signe Rink and the white woman’s burden

Why Denmark’s Appointment Of A Digital Ambassador Is A Terrible Idea

Danish goverment launches big gang crackdown

Reported rapes in Denmark double in three years

Danish version of Wikipedia turns 15

Lesser-known walls: How Trump’s presidency is intensifying fear in the Baltics

Russian guards detain Georgian man for collecting wood in occupied forest

Occupied Tskhinvali illegally sentences Georgian man to 20 years in prison

European Parliament Approves Visa-Free Schengen Travel For Georgia

KRG’s Relationship with the Yazidi Minority and the Future of the Yazidis in Shingal

Indonesia conducts “sweeping” in Dogiyai, West Papua

Indonesia blocks internet access to petition to the UN calling for an independence vote in West Papua

Police response outside Indonesian Embassy fails to silence Canberra Papua protest

Shifting demographics in West Papua highlight conflict, says academic

West Papuans are united! Are you? Sign the petition

Free West Papua Campaign Launches Global Petition for Independence Referendum

Western Sahara: AU urges UN Security Council to restore MINURSO’s “full operation”

Morocco’s accession to AU without preconditions is victory for Sahrawi cause

Morocco’s Big African Union Win Comes At the Expense of Western Sahara and South Africa

SADR participates in XV International Pedagogy Congress

EU Court of Justice excludes Western Sahara goods from EU agreements with Morocco

Defending Freedom in Catalonia – Carme Forcadell

Referendum on Catalan independence will take place with all legal and democratic guarantees

Spanish police arrest 18 people related to Catalan independist party CDC

Catalan independist associations come out in support of politicians targeted by Spain for organising independence vote

UK government downplayed Eritrea human rights abuses to avoid accepting refugees

German Foreign Min cites torture, executions in Libyan migrant camps: report

Scores of migrants rescued off Libya

Guinean President Conde takes over from Deby as AU Chairperson

UN installs solar power panels in hospitals in Libya

Mauritania’s Supreme Court postpones ‘apostasy’ blogger’s trial

African leaders back plan for mass ICC withdrawal

Somalia: U.N. issues famine alert

Morocco to fund more projects in South Sudan

Tunisia: NGOs contest the Anti-terrorism Law 2015

“Braille” voting to start in Rwanda

Botswana’s opposition parties unite to unseat incumbent in 2019 elections

UN condemns poor prison conditions in Tunisia

Indigenous Sisters Resistance Leads Women’s March in Seattle

Second Trump Transition Meeting Held with Native Americans

EPA Grant Freeze Cuts Tribes Deeply

Beheaded in Peru: Rosa Andrade, Last Female Speaker of Resigaro Language

Isidro Baldenegro Lopez: Second Goldman Prize Winner Murdered in a Year

Chaco Canyon Oil and Gas Leases Spark Protests

Tribal Sovereign Immunity on Trial at US Supreme Court

Ethnic groups in Russian Federation

A new twist in Russianness? “The population of Russia is 129 million people as of 2012 with over 86% of them living in
Russia while the majority of the 14% live in the former Soviet Union states, especially Ukraine and Kazakhstan”. Is
Putin coming to rescue all of them?

In her first speech at the UN, US representative Nikki Haley condemned Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine and the
occupation of Crimea

Interference in professional activities and persecution of independent lawyers in Crimea

Crimean Tatar lawyer held over ‘extremist propaganda’

Enemy No. 1 for Exposing Lawlessness & Repression in Russian-occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar human rights lawyer Emil Kurbedinov is free

Kremlin-Installed Crimean Leader Admits Preparations for Armed Uprising

Mafia methods used to get the ‘right’ court rulings in Russian-occupied Crimea

Ukraine has launched criminal proceedings against over Crimea

Human rights activists prepare a list of those involved in repressions in Crimea

HMS Putin Hunter: For the first time since the Cold War Theresa May sends Royal Navy warship to Black Sea after warning
we must stand up to Russia

Challenging the U.S., Moscow Pushes Into Afghanistan

Fighting escalates in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine starts presiding over UN Security Council

If the world blinks, Putin will seize the rest of Ukraine

NATO Shelves Plan to Meet With Ukraine

‘Humanitarian Disaster’: Thousands of Civilians Caught in the Crossfire as the War in Ukraine Escalates

Europe’s threat list includes jihadists, Russia — and Donald Trump

Kremlin Critic Hospitalized With Similar Symptoms To 2015 Poison Scare

Trump administration eases sanctions against Russia

Hungary’s Orbán is a tool in Putin’s information war against the West

Ireland votes to stop investing public money in fossil fuels

Croatia and Serbia: Open Issues

Missing Babies Mystery Still Haunts Serbia

‘Serbia is distributing arms in northern Kosovo’

Global Warming could be great news for Latvia

Estonia to create digital information system for EU presidency

Estonian prime minister: EU, US must maintain common understanding about risks

Reasons Behind The Turkmen-Tajik Tiff

Montenegro Shrugs Off Delays in Joining NATO

Gangs’ car bombs rattle Montenegro’s capital

Qatar and Montenegro sign air transport agreement

Macedonian Conservatives Fail To Form Government With Ethnic Albanians

Haiti holds final round of election cycle started in 2015

Israel’s settlers hope Donald Trump will be their champion in the White House

Kuwait Extends World-Topping Rally as Traders Dismiss U.S. Ban

The Gambia: The journalist who found refuge from torture in Scotland on why he’s ready to return home

Scotland Back in the Day: The History of William Wallace inspired all generations

Nicola Sturgeon hints she may set indyref2 date by end of March if the UK ignores Scotland’s voice

Sturgeon hits back at Tory threats to block indyref2

Festival Kernewek – Penzance Cornish Language Festival

Language Legends Help Create a Colorful Snapshot of Australia’s Linguistic Diversity

Aboriginal housing: New lease on life for grandmother who raised 72 children

Tax On Mushrooms And Berries Introduced In Belarus

Project Exile: Azeri journalist fled after warning

Making Malta’s presidency work for people in fisheries

FACTBOX – Who are the Knights of Malta?

How Johnny Mullagh led Australia’s first international and Indigenous team

Pathfinders: The History of Aboriginal Trackers

Finnish-Russian dual citizens in the Defence Force as a serious threat

Finland a “valedictorian in a class of dummies” in cyber security

What happens ‘only in Switzerland’?

25 years on: the end of Zurich’s open drugs scene

How Israel polices Palestinian voices online

The Church of Norway Adopts New Liturgy For Homosexual Marriage

What does it mean to be a gypsy?

Maori Television Brings National Kapa Haka Festival to the United States of America

Iceland: Thousands March in Birna’s Memory

Will Birna’s Death Help Greenland Address Violence?

Yazidi human rights champion banned from coming to Washington to accept award

Sold by Islamic State, bought by strangers: Yazidi child reunited with family

Tibet is Not an Internal Issue of China

Colourful Protests Mark One-Year Anniversary of Language Advocate’s Detention

Monk protestor released after over two years behind bars

Trump Administration Assures Continued Support To Tibet Issue

Cyclists demonstrate in Taiwan ahead of the 60th Tibet uprising day

Dalai Lama Leaves For Public Talk In New Delhi

Tibetan Singer is Freed From Prison After Serving Four-Year Term

Tibet locked down during anniversary of Tibet Uprisin in March 1959

China’s Communist Party is worried about rise of Buddhism

Great Tibet Robbery: know the facts

Kurds, Baluch and Ahwazis Deserve Self-Determination

To Defeat ISIS, Arm the Syrian Kurds

PYD leader Salih Muslim: Kurds are fighting their final war

Overwhelmed KRG warns of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ as forces gear up for W.Mosul

Two pro-Kurdish lawmakers in Turkey arrested on terrorism charges – sources

Austria announces it will ban Islamic veils and force migrants to sign ‘integration

Court OKs Registration of Yes, Bulgaria Party

Concern over spate of deaths in Greek refugee camps

Adivasis plead for better implementation of land rights

NI secretary accused of snubbing Irish national anthem

Taoiseach: Brexit an ‘enormous challenge’ for Northern Ireland

In Albania, communism still hurts

Albanian prime minister sacks outspoken justice minister

Police arrest publisher of Biafra Times, 9 others

Fire destroys 300 shops in Biafra market

SAF Terrex vehicles arrive in Singapore after being detained in Hong Kong

U.S. General Sees Closer Partnership With Armenia

Aboriginal boxer refuses to stand for Australian anthem

Brazil: As Guarani Celebrate Victory for Land Rights, Danger Lurks in Mato Grosso do Sul

Savoy: Raclette cheese has been registered with the EU under the Protected Geographical Indication

Somaliland: Students Victim of US Policy Banning Citizens from 7 Countries

Brittany: Breton Language to be Taught at Harvard

Balochistan: Civilians Killed and Women and Children Abducted in Raids by Pakistani Military

Ogoni: MOSOP Warns Illegal Oil Bunkering May Lead to Further Pollution

Taiwan: Folklore Website Maps 22 Languages Spoken on the Island Nation Today

Moldova ready to raise Khojaly genocide with Azerbaijan in int’l organizations: lawmaker

Green Party calls for te reo Maori lessons in all schools

Slovakia approves restrictive church law targeting Muslims

Namibia’s fairy circles: Has one of nature’s great mysteries been solved?

An artist invites you to find inspiration in Adivasi mythological tales – just like he did

ASU American Indian Policy Institute launches Inno-NATIONS initiative to support Native American businesses

Porto Montenegro Win First Superyacht Marina of Distinction Award

When Biafra Defeated Nigeria At A London Court

Switzerland to lift ban on gay, bisexual men giving blood

Francysk Skaryna, the Martin Luther of Belarus

Parliamentary committee approves changes to Maltese Language Council

The Young Queer Writer Who Became Greenland’s Unlikely Literary Star

Tiny objects, big dreams in Bolivia festival

Baltic media portal presents horrors of Azerbaijani blockade of Nagorno Karabakh

What’s next for Miss Haiti? Find cure for blindness

Cyta first Cyprus company to have almost zero waste sent to landfills

Czech Republic Introduces Law Regulating (Restricting) Bitcoin

Hong Kong’s censored New Year’s Fair – another own-goal by the government

Protesting Greek Farmers Briefly Block Crossing to Bulgaria

Deputy Head of the Mejlis is charged in Crimea

A Small Country Goes Small Screen With Iceland’s Newest Suspense Series, ’Prisoners’

Tibetan PM to highlight his country’s cause in Japan

Moldova may grant citizenship to millionaires

Battered Mongolia faces make-or-break moment

30 Years of US-Mongolia Relations

Mongolia’s bumpy journey to independence

Jamaica Cancer Society looks to raise $20m for mobile mammography unit

UN wants Jamaica to broaden definition of sexual intercourse

Hungary tests EU nerves frayed by Russia as Putin visits Budapest

Poland eyes Belarus ties to revive EU’s Eastern Partnership

Russia establishes controls on border with Belarus

Bizarre Basque ‘bellringing’ festival

Libya leader offers NATO sea access if it upgrades navy

Eastern Libya forces fly wounded to Russia in growing cooperation

Tourism in Slovenia boosted by Melania factor

Bosniaks, Serbs in Montenegro to Appeal for Reconciliation

Russia Deploys Chechens to Win Hearts and Minds in Aleppo

Albania’s LGBTQ Activists Are Transforming Their Community

The Hunt for the Hidden Bombs and Land Mines of Kosovo

‘King of the Gypsies’ wants to help President Trump build Mexico wall

Poverty, injustice still drive migration from Guatemala

Finnish city takes €10bn leap into digitisation

Slovenia Wants Vatican to Mediate in Croatian-Slovenian Border Dispute

Cyprus leaders seek new U.N. peace summit in early March: envoy

Gov’t biometric payroll system unveils widespread fraud in Kurdistan Region

Fake news: Czechs try to tackle spread of false stories

Aboriginal University of Tasmania students head to Arizona to share Indigenous culture

Hong Kong’s freedom score down due to Beijing’s influence: US-based report

Greece’s debt crisis is flaring up again, in case the world didn’t have enough to worry about already

Crimean Tatars beaten by Russian soldiers in Crimea

Palestinian Officials Say U.S. Threatens ‘Severe Steps’ if Leaders Sue Israel in World Court

Crisis-Hit Mongolia Has an Unlikely Investment Winner

Mongolian citizens offer cash, jewelry, horses to pay off government debt

Madrid, Catalonia tensions spike over independence

$42 billion Maori economy about more than just Treaty settlements

‘Secret city’ under Greenland could leak nuclear waste as ice melts, NASA warns

Project Exile: Eritrean state media reporter turns critic – Global Journalist

Senior Eritrean Delegation Concludes Visit to Russian Federation

Albania prosecutor in confrontation with US ambassador

EU Parliament ‘Calls on Albania to Recognize Bulgarian Minority’

Kosovo Wants EU, NATO to Warn Serbia Against Escalation

Danish authorities demand women-only swimming sessions used by Muslim immigrants are scrapped so ‘people learn it is
natural to swim together’

A 19th century Lithuanian book smuggler defies the autocrat’s book-ban

Scottish parliament to hold its own vote on triggering Brexit

Greek Farmers Seal Off Macedonia Border Crossing

Iceland building biodome community to be fully sustainable oasis

Country risk: Croatia is heading for investment grade

Comprehensive Industrial Cannabis Production Coming to Croatia?

Turkmenistan’s silent election [program] – Global Journalist

Roma Women Taking Center Stage in Spain’s Theater Scene

Three Jailed In Armenia On Charges Of Inciting Mass Disorders

Jamaica seeks place on International Maritime Organisation Council

Sweden sets goal to phase out greenhouse gas emissions by 2045

NATO Chief To Discuss Bosnia Membership During Sarajevo Visit

Facebook search for shy Māori language speaker

Rebel, Kurdish Areas in Syria Hit by Heating Fuel Shortages

Artur Mas hopes trial will rouse Catalan separatist movement

Galicia on red alert for giant waves and gale-force winds

Renewed Sortu sets 2026 as target date for sovereign Basque Republic

Bolivia opens ‘Evo museum’ dedicated to indigenous president

Belarusian leader lashes out at Russia

NATO urges Kosovo, Serbia leaders to ease tensions

Don’t Play With Mongolian Fire

Armenia among top ten on Global Militarization Index 2016

Moldova’s pro-Russian President Proposes Flag Without Romanian Symbols

Biafra nationhood: Unfinished decolonization

Serbia’s and Montenegro’s Leaders Need Each Other

Party of Haiti president-elect wins majority of parliament

Singapore to cane Saudi diplomat for molesting hotel intern -paper

Scotland deserves honest politics and it is about time we got it

Albanian authorities call for capture of cannabis kingpin

Sweden’s deputy prime minister trolled Trump with a feminist photo op

‘Go kill yourself’: Social media messages encourage Indigenous youth to commit suicide

How decriminalizing drugs helped Portugal solve its overdose crisis

Denmark seeks harsher punishment for ‘revenge porn’

Denmark appeals to kindness of foreigners to save its citizens from skin cancer

Syria Creates All-Female Force in Kurdish Area

High-profile Spain trial stokes Catalan independence fervour

Bulgaria Grows Uneasy as Trump Complicates Its Ties to Russia

Adivasi way of life is crumbling

For Montenegro, On The Brink Of Joining NATO, The Stakes Are High

Albanian extremists attack Greek National Minority in the country

Former Norway PM detained at US airport over 2014 visit to Iran

Abkhaz, South Ossetian De Facto Officials Reject Tbilisi’s EU Visa Liberalization Offer

Switzerland Parodies Trump’s ‘America First’

Chinese Authorities Turn a Deaf Ear to a Uyghur Mother’s Dying Wish

The Quiet Undercurrents of South Xinjiang

Kosovo and its Serb minority reach deal on contested wall

UN peacekeepers say attacked in south Lebanon

European Union replies pro-Biafra agitators over calls for BiafrExit

21 Biafra agitators detained for 10 years without trial

MASSOB,IPOB must unite to actualize Biafra Republic – Archbishop Chukwuma

European Police Now Patrolling Border Between Greece, Macedonia

Scotland: most expect independence

Namibia: ‘Do not drink and walk’

Finland Wants You to Celebrate their Independence by Going Outside

Serbia blames Kosovo for failed negotiations amid war talk