2017 02 12

February 5, 1997: Gulja massacre, Xinjiang

February 6, 1917: Sámi National Day celebrated – 100 years since first Sámi Conference

February 7, 1974: Grenada Independence Day

February 12, 1818: Chile Independence Day

February 13,1913: Tibet Independence from Manchu’s Qing Dynasty

February 15, 1804: Statehood Day in Serbia

Fabruary 16, 1918: Independence Day in Lithuania

February 17, 2008: Kosovo declaration of independence

February 18, 1965: Gambia Independence Day

Former Catalonia president Artur Mas goes on trial for the crime of allowing advisory independence referendum

Dutch and Germans to lead first international rally for Scottish independence

Catalonia’s vote on indy will have consequences for Scots and the EU

Catalan trial turns into pro-independence show of force

Mas at 9-N trial: “We didn’t disobey but faced up to the Spanish State”

Scottish Parliament votes against Theresa May’s Brexit Bill

Game On! Salmond’s rallying cry as support for indy surges to 49% in Scotland

Ex-Doctor Who David Tennant backs Scottish independence after losing faith in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour

Tatars, beaten by Russian military, are intimidated and bribed in Crimea

Ukrainian Cultural Center may be closed in Crimea

Crimean officials recognize that resources to develop Crimea have been exhausted

Former political prisoner Afanasyev’s family is persecuted in Crimea

“Crimean saboteur” is cut off medical care in prison

Yanukovych knew that Russia was preparing the annexation of Crimea

Four Easy Ways the EU Can Support Ukraine

Hell freezes over: guest blames Russia for war in Ukraine on Russian state TV live

Imprisoned Ukrainian Library Director on trial for ‘extremism’ takes Russia to Strasbourg

Putin’s Mercenaries

Belarusian authorities are helpless before information and psychological attacks from Russia

U.S. Preps for Infowar on Russia

Putin may exploit disarray in Washington to launch attack on Belarus, Minsk experts say

Will Belarus Be Putin’s Next Victim?

Prominent Ukrainian Author Seized In Belarus, Ordered To Leave

Russia likely to use trade disputes to force Belarus to allow Russian military bases

EU-Belarus co-operation: Can it help in fighting illicit trade?

Defective Generator Delivered At Belarusian NPP

Russia to publish “anti-Ukrainian Ukrainian newspaper” in occupied Crimea

Putin signs law decriminalising domestic violence against spouses and children

Senators move to limit Trump on Russia sanctions

Putin´s Rival Barred From Presidential Elections

Russian occupants in Abkhazia expand training range at the expense of cemetery and church

Inside Stalin’s holiday home

Abkhazia: EU Visa Free Travel Denounced as Georgian Trap by Foreign Ministry

Russia increasing isolation of Georgia’s occupied territories

Russia uses collaborators at UN to deny its repression of Crimean Tatars

Will the makeshift blockade in Donbas hit the Russian-backed enclaves’ economy?

Children are being taught that there are two sides to Soviet genocide – this outrage has to stop

Radio Free Europe, Voice of America launch new Russian-language TV channel

Russia invents ‘terrorism’ and fights children in occupied Crimea

Russian meddling in the Baltic is a threat to all Nato members – and the world

Russia urged to intervene in Libyan migrant crisis

Russia has more than torture to hide in FSB’s ‘Ukrainian Crimea Saboteur Plot’

Lithuania claims Russia’s upcoming war game is aimed at the West

NATO says it sees sharp rise in Russian disinformation since Crimea seizure

UN Middle East envoy: Israel’s settlements law crosses a very thick red line

The forgotten generations: Palestinian refugees in Iraq

Amazigh High Council expresses preparedness to fight so-called Libyan Arab Army

Turkey and Greece flex their muscles over rocks in the Aegean

Georgian Foreign Minister, US Secretary of State meet in Washington

Is Ireland about to get its first social media watchdog?

Enda Kenny seeks eastern Europe’s support for Ireland’s Brexit stance

Putin says could meet Trump in Slovenia, but choice not Moscow’s alone

BJP’s Adivasi yatra began on Tuesday from Unai

Greenland needs money. Is a uranium mine the answer?

Greenland´s Expansion Capital Nuuk

The forgotten genocide: While Yazidis struggle for existence, the world does little to help

75 songs to celebrate Welsh Language Music Day

Welsh language campaigners demand broadcasting devolution

Welsh information at 2016 assembly election ‘unsatisfactory’

What would an Irish language act actually mean?

Dismantling the last Soviet nuclear silos in Latvia

Baltic States Seek More NATO Help Ahead of Russian Exercise

Putin planning to send 100K troops to Baltic border for drills?

German President Gauck makes ‘symbolic’ final state visit to Baltic states

Baltic presidents laud Germany’s role

The Trump administration should not encourage Russia’s aggressive land grabs

Baltic leaders plan to meet with new US vice president in Munich in February

Economies Can Recover Without Credit, Just Ask Latvia

China upset about move to invite Uyghur leader to Taiwan

Dreams of Soccer Fame for China’s Uyghur Kids

Persecution of Tibetans and Uyghurs: EP Conference Sheds Light on Chinese Counter-Terrorism Policy

Ghulja Massacre 20 Years On: Uyghurs still facing unprecedented levels of repression

Beijing’s New Scorched-Earth Policy Against the Uighurs

HK bookseller Lam warns Taiwan of China intervention

Serb bulldozers demolish wall in Kosovo’s divided city

19 int’l judges named for Kosovo special court

How West Papua’s gold rush has created a wasteland

Shirking Matilda: The Realpolitik Case for Australian Recognition of West Papua

West Papuan Political Prisoner Steven Itlay released from jail

Cambodian Prime Minister Bans Tibetan and Taiwanese Flags

Tibetan Pilgrims Barred From Kirti Monastery by Chinese Police

HRC chief assures ‘open door’ to Tibetan delegation to UN

Lemma Megersa calls for Oromo unity and economic revolution

Biafra: No retreat, no surrender, IPOB tells FG

How many countries support Biafra?

Nnamdi Kanu named as president of the Biafran people

Promote universal values through education: Spiritual leader of Tibet

Actor Richard Gere talks with Angela Merkel about Tibet

Conference held in European Parliament – Reincarnation of Dalai Lama: Why it Matters to China

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Andhra Pradesh CM Inaugurates First Ever National Women’s Convention in Amaravati

Tibetan Parliament Congratulates New US State Secretary Tillerson

Somali MPs elect former PM, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, as new president

UN warns of possible genocide in South Sudan

EU launches economic development fund for Africa

Togo diversifying to soybeans and Zimbabwe introduces new food tax

EU to give ‘virtually bankrupt’ Gambia 225m euros

Rwanda moves to make Swahili its fourth official language

Libya on edge as militias enter Tripoli

Burundians march to dispute UNHCR figures indicating a surge in people fleeing the country

Turkey’s top Kurdish politician faces up to 143 years in jail

Renowned Kurdish politician Leyla Zana detained in Turkey

Iranian Kurdistan: PEN Intl Urges Turkey to Release Two Activist Writers

Kurdish politician urges ‘new peace era’ in Turkey after jail

Kurdistan Region discuss independence with senior Shiite delegation

Turkey bombs Kurdish villages in northwest Syria

Corporal punishment in Kurdish schools draws public outrage

Why Kurdistan Must Be Independent

15,000 Kurds have taken to the streets in Europe to protest for leader’s release

Why Iceland Could Be Heading for Trouble With the IMF

Sahrawis divided by a mined wall

In violation of the CJUE ruling, France receives a second shipment of Western Sahara

Danish company stops salt imports from Western Sahara: Important victory for Sahrawi people

Zambia hopes that Western Sahara borders are respected following Morocco’s accession to AU

We Are Not a Nation of Immigrants

Chevron Stall Tactics in Ecuador to Be Addressed in Canadian Court

Tribes Get High Marks On Housing Sovereignty

Trump’s Executive Orders Violate Treaties

Will Kadyrov Reap The Whirlwind In Chechnya?

EU red carpet for Azerbaijan sends wrong message

#EU partnership talks with Azerbaijan and Armenia – a chance for peace and prosperity

EU’s Juncker says fun is over as he heads to meet Azerbaijan’s Aliyev

Azerbaijan’s Aliyev Cancels Brussels Meeting With EU Parliament President

Thousands of Roma ‘made homeless’ in France in 2016

Gozsdu Udvar denies Roma women entry to popular Budapest nightlife area

Breaking the glass ceiling: meet the first of a new generation of Romani lawyers at the ERRC

Roma Holocaust center closes in Csepel due to lack of funding

For Roma in France, Education Is an Elusive Path to Integration

Czech Human Rights Minister and Romani advisers visit socially excluded locality without meeting Romani residents

President Kaljulaid: Estonia is not afraid of Russia

Estonian president stresses need to preserve unity of countries that think alike

Peruvian news program in Quechua asserts the use of one of the oldest languages in the world

Jovenel Moise sworn in as Haiti’s new president

Macedonia Blasts U.S. Congressman’s Claim It’s ‘Not A Country,’ Should Be Divided

EU Official Urges Formation of Government in Macedonia

Plague of locusts leads Bolivia to issue state of emergency

Kuwait’s new opera house complex catches fire, no casualties

Switzerland, land of European immigration

A Quiet Siege of Turkmenistan

Serb court rejects extradition of Montenegro coup suspect

Landmark Srebrenica massacre trial starts in Serbia

In Serb village, praise for Putin and hopes for Trump

Toxic smog in Mongolia’s capital worsens amid harsh winter

Slovak sportswear firm hit by hate mail for using black model in advert

Chris Sarra, Andrea Mason spearhead Malcolm Turnbull’s bid to reboot Indigenous policy

Half of indigenous Aussies report racism

Fanny Cochrane Smith’s Tasmanian Aboriginal songs and language preserved forever

Moldova’s pro-Russian president in Brussels, asking to scrap Association agreement with EU

There must be no amnesty for corruption in Moldova

Moldova President doesn’t allow troops to participate in military drill in Romania

Moldovan President Warns Against ‘Rush’ To Closer Ties With NATO

Jamaica, EU engage in political dialogue

For Singapore, globalization is still the future, despite ‘dark shift’ to protectionism

Lloyd’s of London is homing in on Luxembourg for its new EU camp post-Brexit

Luxembourg opens criminal case over VW emissions scandal

3,000 Muslim women and their supporters protest in Vienna against Austria’s face-veil ban, claiming the niqab is a sign of ‘self-empowerment’

Balochistan: Teenage Son of Political Leader Abducted in Karachi

Iranian Kurdistan: Kolbar Questioned by Iranian Intelligence

Southern Mongolia: Herder Community Activist to Be Prosecuted for Statements on Land Rights