2017 02 19

18th February Sahrawi Women’s Day

February 18-22: Ukrainians commemorate Heaven’s Hundred Heroes massacred three years ago on Euromaidan

February 21: International Mother Language Day

February 22, 1979: Independence Day of Saint Lucia

February 24, 1918: Independence Day in Estonia

February 24: Cultural Heritage the Focus for Jamaica Day

February 25, to March 5 (St Piran’s Day): Penzance Cornish Language Festival

February 25: Kuwait National Day

Declaration of Conscience For the Kurdish People of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria

Faroe Islands to vote on constitution paving way for independence

Indigenous people of Biafra set to take the world by storm

A Biafran reveals list of countries with diplomatic relations with IPOB

Open letter to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo; Time to release Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu biography

Biafran leader to declare independence for Igbo people on March 15

Biafran group declares self-defense under UN charter

Tension mounts as IPOB claims 17 members missing after assault by troops in Asaba

Spain’s Rajoy Pledges to Stop Catalan Referendum, Restore Links

Can Brexit inspire Catalan independence?

Spanish Parliament to investigate operation aimed at smearing pro-independence process

Spanish Constitutional Court blocks Catalan independence referendum and proceeds to prosecute the independists

Catalan Government to keep independence referendum date despite suspension at Spanish Constitutional Court

Kurdish conference brings four parts of Kurdistan together in Moscow

Iranian Kurdistan: PDKI Supports Pan-Kurdish Solidarity But Argues Respect for Regional Differences

Kurdish officials say peace talks in Geneva will fail without them

Turkey intensifies attacks against Kurdish-led forces in Syria

‘Kurd Idol’ brings welcome fun and music to Iraqi Kurdistan for a change

Turkey detains 800 over alleged links to Kurdish militants

Group of Communities in Kurdistanasks US, Russia to not support Turkey’s anti-Kurdish ‘conspiracy’

US quashes Turkish claim it will abandon Kurdish YPG in Syria

Syrian Kurdish groups expect U.S. support, will fight any Turkish advance

Scotland: Indyref2 date could be revealed within weeks according to Alex Salmond

Trump to stay out of Scotland when UK hosts President

‘Dear Europe …’ a love letter from Scotland on Valentine’s Day

Michael Fry: Guy Verhofstadt will be a useful ally for indy Scotland

Europe is willing to consider a special deal to keep Scotland in the single market, leaked report shows

Indy campaigners face five-figure bill to hold rally after council insists on professional stewards

Even Tony Blair thinks Scottish independence is credible now

Netherlands planning to host first international rally for Scottish independence

Rhiannon Spear: Scottish independence used to be an alternative – now it’s a necessity

Majority in UK now expect Scotland to become independent as new poll reveals post-Brexit fall-out

Unionist in angry outburst at English people backing Scottish independence

Five Things Polls Can Tell Us About How Scotland Feels About Independence After The Brexit Vote

We are fully sovereign, says visiting Taiwanese leader

Would China Use Nuclear Weapons in a War With Taiwan?

The ‘Trilemma’ of Shifting Taiwanese Identity

Freed Tibetan Singer Barred From Travel, Public Performance

Tibetan Freed in Sichuan After Serving Four Years, 10 Months

Tibetan youth arrested after solo protest calling “Freedom in Tibet”

Chinese Security Forces Swarm Festival at Tibetan Monastery

Tackling hypertension, Chinese style

Tibetan Buddhist Lama Gelek Rimpoche Has Died

Niece of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche meets German human rights commissioner, parliamentary Tibet group

Story of the Potala: World’s Highest Palace in Tibet

Buddhist Countries Should Learn from Japan on Support for Tibet, says Sikyong

What happened to Tibet could happen to China’s neighbours: Sikyong

Tibetan PM wishes Donald Trump supports issues in Tibet

We should create ‘Union of World’ and demilitarise it: Dalai Lama

Tibetan leader lays foundation stone of new ethics center in Hyderabad

Contemporary Colonialism: The Uyghurs versus China

China stages another mass anti-terror rally in Xinjiang

Uyghurs Are Told to Confess Political ‘Mistakes’ in Mass Meetings

For Xinjiang’s Uyghurs, ‘Hashar’ by Any Other Name Still Means Forced Labor

China’s ‘War on Terror’ is fracturing Uighur society

More commitment to human rights of the Uyghurs needed

West Papua – the forgotten people

West Papua media access still fettered

Rebel Musik to raise awareness on West Papua struggle

Press freedom fact-finding mission to West Papua faces challenges

Names released of four West Papuans charged with treason

Anatomy of an occupation: West Papua and the need for international solidarity

Polisario: Morocco must accept Western Sahara independence

Trump victory sparks optimism in Western Sahara

Claude Mangin denounces western media “black-out” on Sahrawi cause

UN Security Council to meet on Sahrawi issue on February 22

Bosnia to challenge ruling clearing Serbia of genocide

Croatia, Albania ask NATO to revise Kosovo peacekeeping mission

Threats Target Macedonia Opposition Talks to Form Govt

‘Assassin’ Poster Causes Political Stir in Macedonia

EU silent as Russia gears up for third gas war against Ukraine

Russian nationalist writer fights in Donbas to seize Kyiv

Anti-Semitism on the rise in Russia

Hero hidden from public: artillery officer from Tatarstan awarded hero distinction in secret

The Unsung Lament: Russian Atrocities in Caucasus

Moscow acting in the Arctic the way Beijing is in the South China Sea, French analyst says

Support in Russia for bloody dictator Joseph Stalin at record high

The Russian element behind California’s separatism movement

Belarus now prime candidate for Russian invasion, and anti-Lukashenka protests may hasten it

Babylon’13 film ‘Heaven’s Hundred’ with English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian subtitles

What was Euromaidan?

Aoun, Hariri’s Hezbollah comments lay bare Lebanon’s political divide

Aoun: Israeli threats to Lebanese sovereignty will meet ‘appropriate response’

Lebanon president issues warning to Israel in spat over Hezbollah

Cyprus: An island divided

Cyprus peace talks interrupted by old plebiscite row

US troops deploy to Bulgaria as part of NATO operation to support Eastern European allies

Sanctions ‘hurt’ Russia and the EU, says Bulgaria President Rumen Radev

Hungary wants its cookies to crumble just like Austria’s

Crackdown on Anti-Slavery Movement in Mauritania Continues after Release of Biram Dah Abeid

Oromo: Marathoner Feyisa Lilesa and his Family Reunited

Oromo: Political Conviction Endures, while Communities Refuse to be Stifled

Batwa: Traditional Communities Caricaturised for Tourism Profits in Uganda

Hmong: First Global Hmong Women’s Summit A Success

Talysh: Exiled Journalist Fears for Life if he Returns to Azerbaijan

Abkhazia: Roundtable With Member of German Bundestag Aims to overcome International Isolation

Russian guards detain Georgian man near breakaway Abkhazia

US will not recognise results of illegitimate referendum in breakaway Tskhinvali

OSCE Permanent Council rules referendum in breakaway Tskhinvali illegal

Crimean Tatars: Dzhemilev Fears Russian Occupation Will Become Frozen Conflict

Hatred for Ukraine cultivated among Crimean school children

Ayshe Seitmuratova – a Crimean Tatar heroine at 80

Ukrainians in Crimea: Six sanctions for refusing a Russian passport

Another Rights Activist ‘Deported’ from Russian-occupied Crimea

Defence denied Crimean Tatar leader on trial for saying Russia must leave Crimea

Strasbourg to rule if Russia can ban Crimean Tatar Mejlis for opposing its occupation of Crimea

Russia’s trial of Crimean Tatar leader descends into surreal farce

Ominous arrest of a Crimean Tatar activist and claims of training in sabotage & terrorism

2 thousand Crimeans will be called up for Russian military service in spring

Compulsory military service reintroduced in Georgian Armed Forces

NATO Secretary General: alliance remains committed to Georgia

NATO Defence Ministers positive on Georgia’s bid for NATO membership

Rethinking Singapore’s education: from emphasis on grades to constant retraining of workers

Armenia in Transition: A turning or a tipping point?

United Nations, EU condemn Israel legalizing settlements on Palestinian land

Abbas Calls on World Nations to Recognize Palestine, Save Two-state Solution

Palestine: Hamas elects new leader in uncertain time

Israel-Palestinian conflict: US ‘thinking outside box’

America First, Malta Second video is now finally out!

Luxembourg the post-Brexit “jurisdiction of choice”

Russia-Belarus rift grows as Putin loses patience

“Social Parasites” Decree #3: Outraged Belarusians’ March In Minsk

Belarusian «communism» is about to collapse

BREAKINGVIEWS-Hong Kong’s toothless election could still bite

Hong Kong taxpayers left with hefty bill after ousting of pro-independence duo

US President Says that Crimea was taken and expects Russia to return it

Reconstruction: The full incredible story behind Russia’s deadly plot to stop Montenegro embracing the West

Montenegro revokes immunity for lawmakers connected to coup

Q&A: Duško Markovic, the Prime Minister Stuck Between Putin and Trump in the Balkans

U.S. position on Montenegro accession to NATO is early test of Trump willingness to defy Putin’s Russia

Montenegro to Russia: ‘Keep your hands off’ our NATO bid

Turkmenistan, Apparently, Had an Election

Longtime ruler of Turkmenistan sworn in for new term

Albania opposition protests for free elections and end to corruption

MEPs resolute on Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Austrian Police Arrest Man Described as ‘Hitler’s Double’

Four NATO Nations Would Pick Russia to Defend Them If Threatened: Poll

Slovenia passes law enforcing plain tobacco packaging from 2020

Norway Central Bank Chief Warns of ‘Sharp’ Drop in Wealth Fund

Job creation key to fighting extremism says Norway’s PM

World’s largest wind-mapping project spins up in Portugal

Portugal Charges Angola Vice-President With Corruption

The Baltic states: No easy target

Nordic countries deepen ties over Russia concerns

Lithuania experiencing nuclear blackmail

US role ‘necessary’ in Baltic air defence: Lithuania

Slovakia to have new environmental strategy

IOM Develops Mobile App to Help Prevent Human Trafficking in Slovakia

As a Wearer of Many Hats Promoting the Quechua Language, Language Activist Can Now Include Meme Maker

Crackdown on Amazigh People is Ongoing: Ilyass El Omari

Norbert Juhász’s Portrait of Moroccan Berber Settlements

Did you know that an Amazigh pope created Valentine’s Day?

Czech Prime Minister Courts Communists in Pre-Election Gamble

Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic deepen defence ties

Between genders in Prague

Six key points about Finnish defence policy

Finland inks $266 million deal to revitalize Europe’s largest nickel mine

Trump’s cry for more NATO spending is ‘so simple’ to resolve: Finland President

NATO and Finland step up cyber defence cooperation

Finland will boost its army by over 20% amid heightened tensions with Russia

Russian Anti-Gay Lawmaker Caught Shopping For Embargoed Fish In Finland

Finnish parliament confirms same-sex marriage law

Media not a channel for personal freedom of speech

Australia failing to improve Aboriginal lives

Aboriginal mothers in WA jails discuss domestic violence in lives, as study finds ‘culture of fighting’

Traditional Aboriginal languages to be used more often on Albury’s sculpture trail

U.S., Russian military chiefs to meet in Azerbaijan

Walk of shame: Sweden’s “first feminist government” don hijabs in Iran

Trying to understand the Greek crisis

UK Defence Secretary warns Russia is interfering in Libya to test Nato alliance

Egypt Brokers Libya Peace Roadmap, but Key Figures Fail to Meet

Iceland Fixed Its Teen Substance-Abuse Problem By Giving Them Something Better To Do

Iceland’s GDP Soars 10%, so Residents Are Preparing for the Next Crash

This Time It’s Different, Prime Minister Says as Iceland Booms

Cornwall: Daily Express article recorded as racial incident by Met Police

Cornish in the Landscape

Cardiff’s Yr Hen Lyfrgell asks for help to make sure Welsh language cultural centre can survive

75 years of Welsh language radio show that became UK hit

‘Cymraeg for Kids’ rolled out across Wales

Is a new political alliance forming in Denmark?

The Danish secret to getting through winter

Kosovo: A Day In The Life

Kosovo marks birthday amid isolation and nationalism

Poll: Serbs unwilling to go to war over Kosovo

Kosovo to form truth commission as wounds from 1998-99 war fester

Mayor of Shingal, Kurdish crisis centre head plan Yezidi return

Yezidi town marks rebuilding of shrine destroyed by ISIS

ISIS using kidnapped Yazidi children in suicide missions

Kurds’ move to keep Yazidi, Christian refugees from their homes is hurting anti-ISIS alliance

IT WAS NORMAL’ Captured ISIS militant who ‘killed 500 people and raped 200 Yazidi women’ says he has few regrets

Putin More Aggressive to NATO Since Trump Win, Estonia Says

The tactics Russian intelligence uses to harass foreign diplomats

Estonia one of two European NATO members to reach the 2% defence spending target

Basque street names fuel debate around historical memory

A different imagining of the Basque Country in the post-Franco period, at the Manuel Irujo Chair

The symbolic day an Irish XI faced their Basque counterparts

Moldovan President: Planned NATO Office In Chisinau ‘Provocation’

Irish preparations for border checks bring home the reality of Brexit

Brexit the most dangerous thing for Northern Ireland since partition, says Colum Eastwood

Greenland Demographics: Statistically relevant

Cross-country American Indian Longest Walk kicks off in SF

American Indians struggle to survive winter in South Dakota

My Voice: U.S. Army’s history with Native Americans

Financial Powerhouse: How Colorado’s Southern Utes Took Control of Their Economic Destiny

Water Protectors Told to Evacuate

Pope Francis says Indigenous people have rights over their lands

Facing ‘colonial history’ key for Indigenous youth: Crime Prevention Ottawa

San Manuel Band Supports Grassroots Crowdfunding Initiative

Indigenous and Other Activists Murdered After Peace Accords in Colombia

Sixties Scoop Adoptees Win in Court

No Wells or Toilets, Adivasi Women in Bundelkhand Await Basic Needs

In Jharkhand, Adivasis say changes to tenancy laws dilute their hard-won land rights

Why The Mainstream Should Respect Adivasis In Assam

Radio is Africa’s most influential information outlet

Congo soldiers kill scores during militia clashes

Swimwear outrage leads to government suspension of Miss Guinea pageant

Benin abolishes short-stay visa for nationals of 31 African countries

Togo: Closure of two independent media houses spark protests by journalists

Malawi president signs right to information law

Somalia: President Farmaajo officially takes over

Thousands of Gambians flock Barrow’s inauguration and independence day

Senegal gives The Gambia cars and bikes for Barrow’s inauguration

Tunisia prolongs state of emergency

Libya officially requests NATO to help train its armed forces

Libya rival factions agree to hold general elections in 2018

UN envoy warns on upsurge in CAR violence

Somalia: Al-shabaab attacks near presidential palace

Somalia: Suicide bomb in a market in Mogadishu kills 18, wounds 25

S. Sudan denies blocking UN mission from accessing troubled region

Defections intensify within South Sudan’s military

Republic of Congo former spy chief dies under mysterious circumstances

Almost turning 93, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe shows no sign of vacating office

If Mugabe dies, we will still field him as a candidate-Wife says

Libyans celebrate 6th anniversary of revolt

Burundi: Authority seeks arrest of opposition at Tanzania peace talks

Estonian startup sector 2016

Just 49% of Latvians view NATO as providing protection

A state that pays software devs’ tax bills? Here’s how Latvia is aiming to lure startups