2017 01 22

January 15, 1992: Croatia Marks 25th Anniversary of International Recognition

January 16, 2014: Ukrainian anti-protest laws passed by the Parliament of Ukraine

January 20, 1990, Azerbaijan: Black January

January 20, 1991: Barricades remembered in Latvia

January 22, 1919: Day of Unity of Ukraine

January 26, 1788: Australia Day to Invasion Day to Survival Day

Russia’s Chechnya chief says over 50 suspected militants detained

Fleeing Chechens stranded at door to EU

Details Of Roundup Of Suspected Chechen Extremists Unclear, Contradictory

Chechnya Fast Facts

Copenhagen tops Global Talent Competitiveness Index

IS fighters to stop receiving Danish unemployment benefits

Western Sahara: Fragile peace is “on the brink of collapse,” warned New York Times

Lectures on Western Sahara in Japan

North Africa’s Next War

Is FiShara in the Western Sahara the world’s most isolated film festival?

Western Sahara’s Polisario to test EU court ruling on oil shipment

Paris peace conference agrees on two-state solution in Mideast — but neither Israel nor Palestinians take part

Palestinian embassy opens in Vatican City

Why Trump’s team invited leaders of Israel’s settler movement to attend the inauguration

Film: Arktischen Bären

Greenland’s huge internet upgrade may have some hidden costs

Greenland’s prehistoric hunting-grounds are bucking for World Heritage designation

9 facts that’ll make you want to visit Greenland right now

Violence in Balochistan Continues

News from Wamena, West Papua. Pastor Beaten and Tortured by Indonesian Police

Review of West Papua and International developments in 2016

Kantius Heselo, Chairperson of West Papua National Committee in Sorong arrested by Indonesian police

Detention extended for 4 West Papuan political prisoners for treason for demonstrating peacefully

Depopulation of the Papuan People

West Papuan students tortured by Indonesian police in Dogiyai

West Papua: Website Covering Human Rights Violations Blocked by Indonesian Government

Tibetans in Switzerland demanding Free Tibet when China’s president Xitler arrive at Bern. 32 Tibetans jailed.

Tibet protesters detained in Swiss capital during Xi Jinping visit

World Uyghur Congress participated in demonstrations in Geneva in anticipation of Chinese President Xi Jinping

Why more Chinese companies will come to Switzerland

What’s the secret to Switzerland’s success?

Switzerland is world’s best country for attracting talent

Thousands of protesters march through Geneva

China appoints new Tibet governor: Xinhua

Press freedom predator Xi given Davos platform: Media watchdog

Demolition, Expulsions Stop For Now at Larung Gar

Call for release of Tibetan language advocate

Tibetans in Chengdu Call for Bilingual Education for Their Children

Dalai Lama’s Home Dharamshala Made Second Capital Of State

Japan helping Mongolia improve its public pension system

Hungarian firm to produce biometric passports for Mongolia

Mongolia to introduce e-signature in 2018

New China-Mongolia Mining Deal: Economic Windfall or Environmental Threat?

Learning the Singapore way

China will “take off the gloves” if Trump continues on Taiwan, state media warns

Taiwan leader concludes America tour amid Beijing harassment

Beijing wants to crush youth activists in Taiwan and Hong Kong trying to band together

Hong Kong activists declare ‘war’ after appeal bid snub

Taiwan to test criminal gang links in protest against HK activists

Rumors fly that HK-based singer Hins Cheung to be cut from mainland show ‘I Am A Singer’ for political reasons

Robert Chow: Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing firebrand

Hong Kong gov’t bans two political groups from selling merchandise at New Year fair fearing pro-independence merchanise

Hong Kong’s Localist Revolutionaries

Beijing’s Responses to Hong Kong Independence Movements Expected

Hong Kong Media Lose Independent Stance After Bad Year For Press Freedom in China

Hong Kong’s future in doubt as China flexes muscles

Beijing Worried Trump Taiwan Call Indicator of U.S. Policy Changes

Belgium aims to open Honorary Consulate in Kurdistan

US to build biggest consulate building in Erbil

Biden accepts President Barzani’s invitation to visit Kurdistan

Turkey arrests Iranian Kurdish writers

Turkey invites three Kurdish leaders to Syria peace talks

The curse of oil in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iran’s Kurdistan Democratic Party elects new leader

A unified Kurdistan necessary for tomorrow’s challenges

Turkish prosecutor seeks up to 142 years in jail for Kurdish leader

Turkish forces penetrate into Kobani countryside targeting Kurdish forces

Kurdish president: Independent Kurdistan is ‘neither a rumor nor a dream

Multi-party Kurdish delegation will open independence talks with Baghdad

Kurdish Independence and New Constraints on Ankara’s Relations with Erbil

A baby named Trump and admiration for a new U.S. president in northern Iraq

Clashes break out between Kurds and Iranian forces on anniversary of ‘Kurdistan Republic’

Assyria: Anti-Christian Campaign of Turkish Government Gains Momentum

Catalan, Basque leaders snub Spanish regional talks

Catalonia versus the Spanish state — the battleground in the new year

Puigdemont to explain the Catalan Referendum in the European Parliament

Spanish Government sees referendum as ‘democratic abnormality’ and vows to fight it ‘firmly’

Catalan separatists launch new independence campaign

“2017 will mark the start of a new era for Catalonia”, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont

Catalan government to guarantee electronic referendum vote for those living abroad

Diplocat argues that Germany would deal with a case like Catalonia’s “more intelligently” than Spain

Catalan MEPs urge the new president of European Parliament to keep his word and allow Catalan language

Spain’s Supreme Court to try Francesc Homs over 9-N vote

Catalonia to set recommended rental price to avoid new housing bubble

Resilience personified: An Indigenous woman’s perseverance pays off

Innovative strategy for at-risk and Indigenous youth in Vancouver gains momentum

City launches new strategy to improve supports for urban Indigenous people

Saskatoon program helps Indigenous kids get ‘fire lit inside’

McMaster students seek to understand Indigenous youth mental health

Canada’s Indigenous call for national suicide strategy

Ontario chief suggests class action lawsuit to stop Indigenous youth suicides

Vancouver Island First Nation files aboriginal-title claim in court

History To Be Made As Native Legislators Take on Leadership Roles Across the US

Native and Civil Rights Hang in the Balance

Native Americans expect nothing good from Trump…

Faith Spotted Eagle on the Settler-Colonial Mind-Set

Leonard Peltier Denied Clemency in Obama’s Last Days

Center for Native American Youth to Honor American Indian and Alaska Native Youth Leaders

Housing Conditions Worse for American Indian Households

Bolivian jail where families live alongside their criminal relatives

Bolivia Environment Minister Resigns Amid Historic Drought

Bolivia to Build Nuclear Center with Russian Technology

Brazil: Indigenous People Face Uphill Battle for their Rights in 2017

Malia Obama Traveled Bolivia During Her Gap Year and Spent Time With Quechua Community

Russification through church

The first Putin’s Champion Award Recipient Is: Marine Le Pen

Russian involvement in Donetsk and Luhansk

Ukraine sues Russia at UN for acts of “terrorism” and “discrimination” related to eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimean Peninsula

Over half the Berkut officers suspected of Maidan killings given shelter by Russia

Price of Appeasing Russian Adventurism

UN envoy on Putin: A murderer of journalists isn’t a good partner

Freedom cannot be traded in Ukraine

Estonian minister: Russia sanctions shouldn’t be lifted as reward for cooperation elsewhere

Swiss minister wants an end to Russia sanctions

German opposition leader calls for security union with Russia, dissolution of NATO

Putin will meddle in upcoming elections

Russian nationalist accused of war crimes in Ukraine deported from Norway

Third anti-war protest #StopPutinsWarInUkraine took place worldwide

Domestic Refugees in Ukraine: Waiting Out the War

Pickets in support of Crimean Tatars, against Kremlin repression held in St. Petersburg

Putin Will Come: Warning From The Russian Opposition

A Russian presidential candidate recognizes Crimea part of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Savchenko Draws Fire For Crimea Comments

Ukrainians are fired from the biggest plant of Crimea

Poroshenko: Ukraine will get Crimea back

Crimean authorities refuse to investigate abductions of Ukrainians

Mejlis head calls on Ukrainian authorities to initiate creation of Crimean Tatar Autonomous Republic

“Balkan autumn” VS “Russian spring” — how Russia tried to hold on to the Balkans in 2016

Balkan Feminists Rally in Solidarity With US Women

Melania Trump’s hometown in Slovenia marks inauguration

Macedonia says its capital is most polluted city in Europe

Macedonia Warns Serbia to Keep Out of Name Game

Kosovo launches drive to encourage women to claim property rights

Serbia-Kosovo train row escalates to military threat

Serbia’s President Says Ready to Protect Ethnic Serbs in Kosovo

Serbia wants to annex part of Kosovo using ‘Crimea model’: Kosovo president

US Urges Serbia, Kosovo to Avoid Nationalist Rhetoric

Protesters In Kosovo Demand France Release Former Prime Minister Haradinaj

Dodik’s Secession Talk Keeps Bosnia on Edge

U.S. imposes sanctions on Bosnian Serb nationalist leader Dodik

New Movements Emerge Ahead of Albanian Elections

CIA declassifies document on Lithuania’s post-WWII guerrilla fighting

Lithuania to build fence on border with Russian exclave

Gorbachev served summons to testify in 1991 crackdown trial in Lithuania

Estonia, Lithuania sign defence deal with US after Trump bashes NATO

Estonians join paramilitary forces to face Russia fears

Moldova turns from EU to Russia

New President of Moldova does not risk to recognize Crimea part of Russia

Commission approves new aid programme for Moldova

In Russia, Moldovan president says he may scrap EU trade pact

Moldovan President In Moscow To Meet Putin, Discuss Transdniester

Moldova: PM insists ex-Soviet republic wants to join EU

For Former Soviet Republics, Moscow Has a New Playbook

Reunifying Cyprus

Britain, Greece and Turkey wrap up security talks on Cyprus

No timeframe for resumption of Cyprus conference

Security options: can international precedents inform Cyprus?

Can Malta lead in Europe?

Malta Can Lead in Digital Identity Management

Ireland and Malta to probe closer ties on defence matters

Mind your language in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has best healthcare in the world

EU’s future in its own hands say Latvia and Luxembourg

CIA gives a glimpse of Latvia under Soviet occupation

Basques rally for end to Spain’s dispersion policy for ETA prisoners

Estonia to adopt more modest behavior ahead of upcoming EU presidency

Amid Trump’s NATO Blasts, U.S. Marines’ Norway Mission Goes On

Riga, Minsk to make joint bid for hosting 2021 World Ice-Hockey Championship

February 17 – Outraged Belarusians’ March

Freedom Of Expression: Why Do Belarusian Authorities Fear Graffiti?

20 Facts About Belarus In One Video

Belarus To Extradite Russian Blogger To Azerbaijan

Turkmenistan: Life under Trump: What will happen next?

Oromo: Feyisa Lelisa runs in exile after his protest in Rio

Pride in this rich country called Jamaica

Jamaica’s Decade of Misery Is Almost Over

Jamaica’s last vinyl factory Tuff Gong to start pressing records again

Haiti’s cholera fight hits global stage at World Economic Forum in Davos

Donor ‘consortium’ needed to bolster Haiti’s long-term recovery and eradicate cholera, UN adviser says

Women Empowerment In Haiti: Teaching Women To Fish … And More

Discrimination against women continues unabated in West Africa – ECOWAS

14 Benin prisoners ‘abandoned’ in death row despite scrap of death penalty

217 raped by South Sudanese rival forces since July 2016 violence: UN report

Benin malaria drug innovation changing lives

Yahya Jammeh ‘agrees to step down and leave’ The Gambia

Gambia’s former leader Yahya Jammeh flies into exile

AU chief: Obama made Africa proud as POTUS, welcomes Trump

Namibia: Professional Hunters Welcome China’s Ivory Ban

A Colonial-Era Wound Opens in Namibia

Biafra Agitation: Need For A Referendum

The case for Pro-Biafra agitators

Why Biafrans Support Donald Trump

Trump rally turns to tragedy as pro-Biafrans ‘shot dead’ in Nigeria

The man fighting for independence of the tiny West African nation of Biafra… from a council flat in Peckham

Pro-Donald Trump rally in Nigeria leaves 20 dead, many missing: reports

Ogoni: MOSOP Strongly Believes in Peaceful Solution of Niger Delta Conflict

Tamazigh in Morocco: Righting Wrongs

Hanane Oubella Crowned Miss Amazigh of 2017

Billboards and van adverts accuse BBC Scotland of bias

Scotland: Labour leaders harden rejection of independence

With Hard Brexit looming, Nicola Sturgeon asks: What kind of country do we want to be?

Second independence referendum inevitable after Theresa May announces hard Brexit plans

Scots protesters join world to show distaste for Trump

Scotland: Demographics of Independence

How a new data report may hold the key to winning indyref2

‘Clock is ticking’ on Scottish independence vote

Scotland faces independence choice after UK single market decision

Scotland faces independence choice after UK single market decision – Sturgeon

Alex Salmond: Scotland will vote for independence in two years

Welsh language group Cymdeithas yr Iaith refuses to answer UKIP questions

Llangennech School pupils WILL be taught solely in Welsh

Welsh institutions named in top LGBT employers list

Everything you need to know about the next stage of devolution to Wales

First female bishop consecrated in Wales

Ireland: Brexit vote forces Dublin to seek new EU friends

Brexit may be just what the doctor ordered — for Ireland

Ireland to consider banning schools from using religion in admissions

Northern Ireland child abuse inquiry singles out police and church

Northern Ireland faces snap election amid political crisis

End of an era in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: Tens of thousands taken off Stormont electoral roll

Australia was invaded, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

‘We were the first’: How No Fixed Address made white Australia listen

Australia names first indigenous minister

Budj Bim Cultural Landscape: Ancient Aboriginal site a step closer to UNESCO World Heritage status

No picnic at Hanging Rock: Campaign to recognise Aboriginal past rather than ‘white myth’

Indigenous arts community lobby Government to make it illegal to sell fake Aboriginal-style souvenirs

Finland: world’s largest parents’ evening

“We’ve been driven away”: Nordic climate project disrupts lives in Uganda

Will Finland’s basic income trial help the jobless?

Must-see Finland: A year of centenary celebrations

Juuso the bear makes artistic debut at Finnish gallery

NATO is a cornerstone of Europe: Finland foreign minister

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party calls for ban on ‘fascistic Islam”

Austria And Russia: A Love Story In Oil

Austria ‘foils potential terror attack’

Yezidi IDPs on Mount Shingal struggling beneath heavy snow

As Support for E.U. Flags Elsewhere, Bulgaria Sees Its Benefits

Where is Bulgaria After Ten Years in the EU?

Bulgaria’s communist UFO: The abandoned Buzludzha Monument

Bulgaria’s president elect says to dissolve parliament in a week’s time

Portugal protests Spain’s stockpiling of nuke waste near border

Jack Straw and UK government must face kidnap and torture claims, court rules

Russia turns to Libya with show of support for eastern commander

East Libya rejects humanitarian aid from Italy

Libya, Neighbors Hold Talks in Cairo to End Country’s Crisis

Native Affairs Summer Series – Catalan Experts – Make te reo Maori compulsory

Native Affairs Summer Series – DNA of Maori identity

Maori emojis ‘culturally insensitive’

Destruction of Maori village recalled at ceremony

African-born actor in Hungary: ‘People just see me as a migrant’

Hungary set to turn screws on Soros-backed NGOs

New ‘Stop Soros’ Movement Unveiled in Macedonia

Mass rape of Adivasi women in Bastar: Why are human rights body and women’s panel mum?

Tribals of Chinna Jaggampeta left to starve by authorities

‘Safeguard Adivasi rights over forest lands’

Historian’s new book praised for challenging perceptions of Adivasis

Adivasis of Chinna Jaggampeta sit on hunger strike

Back to the cradle of tribal civilization

Ambulances to jam car radios in Sweden

Lone wolves the biggest terror threat facing Sweden in 2017

Sweden conservatives woo far-right to topple government

Sweden’s population reaches historic ten million milestone

Roma and Sinti were again not taken into considaration for the UN Holocaust Commemoration

Far-right violence against Roma in Hungary: victory in Strasbourg for the Helsinki Committee

Azerbaijan’s Successful Path

Another Youth Activist Convicted on False Drug Charges in Azerbaijan

Lebanon gets a new government, now it needs a new economy

Divorce in Lebanon

Lebanon foils bomber in busy Beirut district: security sources

Kuwait’s World-Beating Stock Rally May Just Be Getting Started

Nato to open regional centre in Kuwait

Nordic noir turns dark reality in Iceland as girl vanishes

How Iceland‘s winning war on teen substance abuse