2016 09 30 Friday

Botswana: Africa’s model democracy at 50


Countries losing population are almost exclusively poorer European countries with connection to the European Union

Russia uses minority rights as a means to further colonization

Centuries long GermanoSlavic expansionism continued

Small State Studies without small state students


China: Singer’s music scrubbed from online music services due to Hong Kong activism

Chechen Leader’s Crackdowns

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: Independence can save us from British nationalism

Urban Scots may not be spoken in 50 years time

Switzerland is holding the world’s first Cyborg Olympics


Haiti official loses powerful post after barring LGBTQ event

UN rolls out aid package for cholera-hit Haiti

Greek privatization program offers ‘returns of 15% or more’ for investors

Greece ill-prepared for EU asylum returns

Inside Greece’s juvenile prisons packed with young refugees

Hitler’s house in Austria will NOT be demolished

The Real Conversation on the Welsh Language

Namibian President Optimistic for Country’s Democracy

Namibia’s new uranium mine to triple country’s output by 2017

When Will LNG Terminal Project in Croatia Finally Be Launched?

Singapore court sends teen blogger back to jail for criticizing religion

Once Sleepy Singapore Has Become Asia’s World City—While Hong Kong Is Lagging

Sweden loses fastest internet crown

Take a look inside Facebook’s massive data center in Sweden

Eritrean workers are suing a Canadian mining company for using them as forced labor

Somalia: One Million People in Somalia Now Face Malnutrition

Burundi: Opposition Party Leader Arrested, Linked to ‘Armed Gangs’

Bulgarian migrant hunter Dinko Valev arrested at Macedonian border

Macedonia: Wiretap Investigation Targets Secret Police, Ex-PM’s Relative

Parliament renews its confidence in Puigdemont through pro-independence forces’ votes

Spanish Government rejects Puigdemont’s proposal to hold a binding referendum

Demirtaş urges the EU to increase support for Kurds

Ross Greer: Support Kurdish democracy from Turkish persecution

Turkey stops Kurdish TV broadcasts

“Kosovo should have referendum on unification with Albania”

Serbia arrests senior Kosovo policeman

Cyberattacks in Czech Republic on rise

The Unresolved Dilemma Of Czech Immigration Policy

China Says Highest Priority Is Eliminating Dalai Lama Roots

Tibetan government releases resolution of solidarity

Belarus: Unreal Elections And Their Very Real Effects

Jan Malicki: We are going to prepare the personnel for new Belarus

Listening to the Pacific beat on Papua

Free West Papua rally in West Papua in 1961 before West Papua was illegally occupied by Indonesia

Kaleb Bagau, a West Papuan boy assassinated by the Indonesian police 1 year

Malta shown yellow card over failure to transpose EU rules on professional services

Monument Restoration Center to be Established in Armenia

Hurricane Matthew path threatens Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti

ISIS auctioning sex slaves to wealthy Saudi Arabian buyers

Yazidi family who fled ISIS document their year-long journey to Germany

Thousands of Belgian workers march against planned labor law changes

Belgium to expand targeted security measures in Brussels

The story of Guernica’s darkest day reaches the cinema screen

Euskal Herria: Donostia/San Sebastián European Capital of Culture 2016

Israel’s war on peaceful activism

Shimon Peres: Founder of Israel, architect of the occupation

Shimon Peres’ peace train

Snowden again fails to win no-extradition pledge from Norway

Russia persecutes detained Crimean activist’s kids

Russia secretly ‘tries’ Mustafa Dzhemiliev’s hostage son

Fine Gael’s Brendan Griffin urges expulsion of Russian ambassador to Ireland

Azerbaijan Holds a Referendum Marred by Violations. Does Anyone Care Anymore?

Obama administration settles lawsuits with Native American tribes

Conference links poor Native American nutrition to historical trauma

Indigenous children for sale: The money behind the Sixties Scoop

Irish police officers to strike for first time in pay dispute

Maori Remain Marginalized in New Zealand Society and Government

Maori Women’s Welfare League leader slams ’embedded Pakeha privilege’

Will Republika Srpska’s national day referendum herald a vote on independence from Bosnia?

Reaction to Shimon Peres’s death underscores divide over Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Sweden will join the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence

Largest-ever relabeling scheme uncovered in Latvia

Latvia’s low wage economy explored

Languishing in jail, 3 Uyghur Muslims seek asylum

67th year of the People’s Republic of China- 67 years of the occupation of East Turkestan

Britain’s backdoor to EU influence

Georgia, a bridge between civilizations

World’s first Aboriginal Australian language video game

Yup’ik speaker is 1st to be official court interpreter