2016 12 11 Sunday

December 5, 1994: Budapest Memorandum in pictures

December 10: Human Rights Day

December 12, 1963: Jamhuri must be about transforming Kenya

December 16, 1971: Bahrain Independence Day

December 16, 1991: Kazakhstan Celebrates Independence Day

December 18, 1971: Qatar National Day


Baloch political parties have recorded worldwide protest on human rights day

Will Trump Support Scottish Independence?

No Scottish musicians on BBC’s ‘meaningless’ Sound Of longlist for fourth successive year

Brexit: Supreme Court is told: Article 50 is none of Scotland’s business

Scotland Back in the Day: Loyalties of Scots were divided in America’s revolution

The Irish served bravely for the Union in the American Civil War

The Cornish in Latin America: ‘Cousin Jack’ and the New World

Michael Gray: Impotent calls for a federal state can only boost the independence cause

Sturgeon snubs UK’s offer of a post-Brexit indyref2

Mayors and councillors of 300 Catalan cities to work during Spain’s Constitution Day

Head of Catalonia’s delegation to UK explains independence process at Westminster

Scotland’s George Kerevan lodges motion against trial of independist Speaker of the Catalan Parliament Carme Forcadell

British MPs report Forcadell’s “prosecution” to the Parliament and warn it may set “a dangerous precedent”

Pro-independence parties present motion against prosecution of Catalan Parliament President

Association of Municipalities for Independence explains Catalonia’s political process to 500 mayors worldwide

Junqueras to advance pro-independence referendum depending on Spanish decisions towards Catalonia

Catalonia: Summit to organise independence referendum to be held on 23 December

The “niche” and “ailing” Cornish Language: another assault on ethnic minority rights in the UK
The Express version & the Sun version

Breton – Cornish Youth & Breton Cornish Language Exchange

Value of Gaelic to businesses and communities in Scotland

Norway, Sweden express concern over Israeli settlement bill

Palestinian Authority delegation heads to US hoping to meet with Trump

Netanyahu: Trump ‘feels very warmly about the Jewish state’

Obama Pressed to Wade Into Israel-Palestinian Fight Again

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Is Worth the Necessary Rethink

Election Being Held In Moldova’s Breakaway Transdniester Region

China: the People’s Republic of the Disappeared

Human Rights Day 2016: Stand up for Uyghur Rights Today

A Statement of Solidarity from a Tibetan, Uyghur, Southern Mongolian, and Chinese Activist

Tibetan, Uyghur and Chinese protesters in Trafalgar Square, London

Why Hong Kongers are calling for independence

Hong Kong: are democracy’s days numbered in this former colony?

Hong Kong’s Beijing-Backed Leader Says He Will Not Seek Re-election

Taiwan: Tsai’s Call to Trump Upholds Nation’s Dignity on the International Stage

Czechs Approve Smoking Ban in Pubs, Restaurants

Kuwait offers ‘illegal’ workers amnesty

Kuwait emir appoints Essam al-Marzouq new oil minister

Suspected of 46 offenses in Finland, Janitskin claims he is now in Russia

Record 2.7 million watch Independence Day ball broadcast in Finland

Sámi instruction has fallen behind

Revitalization of Inari Saami language

Government of Canada supports Aboriginal tourism

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau Announces Indigenous Languages Act

Georgia’s capital Tbilisi named among top 10 tourist destinations

Sweden, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria all support Georgia’s EU integration

OSCE Group of Friends of Georgia adopt declaration supporting Georgia’s territorial integrity

Russia Follows the Policy against Belarus Practiced Before the Annexation of Crimea

Belarus arrests advocates of “Russian world”

Mustafa Dzhemilev: Belarusian authorities are acting as kholops of Moscow

Crimean Tatars: Mustafa Dhzemilev Warns EP of Russian Nuclear Arms in Crimea

Forget Objectivity: For The Atlantic Council, Eritrea’s Prison State Isn’t That Bad

Refugees in their own land: How Indigenous people are still homeless in modern Australia

How #IndigenousDads became one of the most important movements

Genetic study points to Indigenous Australians as the oldest continuous society on Earth

Veterans Ask for Forgiveness and Healing in Standing Rock

Standing Rock Tribe Defied History; What Happens Next Is Anything But Inevitable

How Northwest Tribes Joined Forces to Beat Fossil Fuel Initiatives

Sindh: New Laws Aim to Enhance Protection of Women

Aceh: Devastating Earthquake Strikes Region, Killing More Than 100 People

Crackdown on Anti-Slavery Movement in Mauritania Continues after Release of Biram Dah Abeid

Venetians call for recognition as a ‘minority’

Armenian and Assyrian Writing Replaced by Turkish Flag

Nigerian govt. must intervene to prevent extinction of minority languages

IPOB launches ‘Operation David Dance’

Biafra will be actualised without war – IPOB

7 reasons why we are fighting for Biafra – IPOB

Biafra: Why we want to break out from Nigeria – Ohanaeze

Conference: Local to Global Perspectives on Language Revitalization and Documentation

16th International Conference on Minority Languages

Independence of Saharawi state only way to ending violations of human rights in occupied Western Sahara

China’s Major General Wang Xiaojin Appointed Commander of the UN Mission for Referendum in the Western Sahara

China ‘blocks’ Mongolia border after Dalai Lama visit

Chinese state media chides Mongolia for seeking Indian financial aid

Does India Sense an Opportunity in Mongolia Amid Ulaanbataar-Beijing Split Over Dalai Lama?

The First “Plastic-Free” Advent Fair Opens in Croatia

Five killed in Bulgarian explosion following train derailment

Lithuanian parlt panel requests funds to train 7,000 experts to recognise suicide risks

Lithuanian residents unlikely to stand up for violated rights – poll

From Washington, influencing Ethiopia’s politics

Wales: £1m appeal to build ‘world’s largest dragon’

Five Things To Watch In Macedonia’s Early Elections

Macedonians Voting In Wake Of Wiretap Scandal

Denmark has fewer long-term unemployed than the rest of Europe

Danish court blocks Apple from exchanging an iPhone under warranty with a refurbished model

What are the most watched videos in Luxembourg?

Thousands of Haitians seek refuge in Mexico

Taiwan is trending, and L.A.’s Taiwanese community has mixed feelings about it

Libya: a dead-end for migrants

No respite for Libya after Islamic State driven from coastal city

Estonia: Why Trump Makes This Small Country So Nervous

Estonian embassy in Minsk to take over as NATO contact point embassy

Latvia and Belarus to sign defense agreement

Baltic PMs: Regional gas market would be a good thing

NATO, EU have woken up to propaganda problem

Russia is bad-mouthing the Baltics again

Armenia to promote sustainability and strengthen competitiveness with World Bank support

Lawyers seek to launch Brexit challenge in Irish court

Reframing modern Ireland

Greenland’s ice-free past exposes sea level rise danger

Studies paint grim outlook for mammal species

Solid majority favours Greenland independence

The View from Copenhagen: no-one is going to oppose Greenlandic independence

A boost in Māori doctors

Why is the “European CNN” becoming the voice of the Kremlin?

Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says

Trump’s man in Moscow claims ‘misinformation’ about Crimea, Ukraine was ‘catastrophic’ & sanctions don’t work

Officer from Russian 18th Motor Rifle Brigade traced to war zone in Ukraine

Russian mercenaries on contract service in the Russian army after Donbas

Russian Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense officer identified in Donbas

Crimean Tatar rights activist placed in psychiatric clinic on eve of Human Rights Day

Language as enemy

UK spy chief warns of Russia’s role in Syria ‘tragedy’

Russia bombs Syria & uses refugees as a weapon while denying them asylum

Senators Urge Trump to Provide Lethal Aid to Ukraine

Russia threatens retaliation over latest round of Canadian sanctions

Sanctions on Russia Need More Teeth

Crimean Tatars ’tried’ & fined for solidarity with victims of persecution

The United States hints at that Ukraine should give up with Crimea for Donbass

Kremlin won’t accept Finlandization of Ukraine

Ukrainian Muslims join in affirmation of unity and support for Ukraine

Swiss wary of Trump protectionism

Chocolate bar made in Serbia triggers trouble in Croatia

Switzerland extends freezing of assets of former Ukrainian officials for a year

Serbian attitudes harden as migrants gather once again

As Iraq’s Kurds Eye Statehood, a Border Takes Shape

‘Talks begin’ with Baghdad over Kurdistan independence

Kirkuk governor: Remaining with Baghdad is ‘a disaster’

Thousands turn to online English course in Kurdistan

Former American diplomat calls for a US-protected Kurdish autonomy in Syria

US facilitating joint talks with Turkey, Syrian Kurdish forces to ease tension

As Turkey Cracks Down, Kurdish Mayors Pack Bags for Jail

Literary night in Istanbul highlights Swedish-Kurdish ties

Turkey’s CHP declares initiative aimed at opening to Kurds

Crackdown in Turkey Threatens a Haven of Gender Equality Built by Kurds

Kurdish and Arab neighbours forge stronger relations post-ISIS

New round of talks aims to break Kurdistan’s political impasse

Instead of Uniting, Kurds Are Busy Fighting Each Other

Assad Says Kurdish Federal Zone in Syria ‘Temporary’

Amnesty urges Iran to release Kurdish prisoner, give medical care

Tibetan self-immolator calls for freedom in Tibet, democracy in China

Where from here? The curious case of Free Tibet Movement

Human rights violations in Tibet high, government-in-exile says

Tibetan refugees observe World Human Rights Day

Expelled Larung Gar Nuns Held in Camp in Kardze

Central Tibetan Administration Calls on UNHCHR to Take Urgent Action to Save Larung Gar

China sentences ten Tibetans to varying prison terms in Tibet

Former Tibetan village leader jailed for ‘inciting secession’ released after four years

Tibetan mother jailed in connection with self-immolation released in poor physical and mental health

Niece of Tibetan reincarnate lama says her uncle was poisoned to death in prison

Top US Congressman Urges President-elect Trump to Meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Payment card use in Slovenia still rising

Icelanders Prefer Credit Cards to Cash

Iceland’s wait continues for news of next government

Swedes should be on Mars by the 2030s: Liberals

Want to avoid stress in Sweden? Stay away from public transport

Jamaica moves up two places on ICT Development Index

Portugal with fourth fewest smokers in the EU

Gala Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Sweden, Norway

Digital Activists Meet Up Offline to Promote Bolivia’s Language Diversity Online

Mid-winter eviction puts over Romani 600 people on the streets in Paris

Election brings no hope to Macedonia’s Roma-run ‘ghetto’

Online hatred for Czech Roma growing

Helsinki Commission focuses on human rights, security violations in Russian-occupied Crimea

Why Is China Playing Hardball With Singapore?

Chechen Whistle-Blower Appeals To Russian Investigators Over Threats By Local Authorities

Reports: Russia Sent Chechen Forces to Syria with Claim to Protect Hmeimim Base

Chechnya’s leader says troops would fight happily in Syria

Israeli Army Tweets Fake Map of Hezbollah Positions in Lebanon

You’ll never guess, or pronounce, Austria’s word for the year

Verdict on Haiti Vote Challenges Kicked Up to Highest Court

Bulgaria seeks to buy eight fighter jets

e-Estonia: Lessons for Namibia

Estonia joins US in passing Magnitsky law

EU takes step towards Bosnia’s membership but warns on rhetoric

The Plan for an Energy Internet Revolution in Luxembourg

Russia and Terrorism Dominated CIA Chief’s Albania Visit

Not just Athletic Bilbao anymore: Basque Country clubs are boldly buoyant in Spain

Highest share of low-wage earners in Latvia

Hungary’s leader urges Hungarian minority to vote in Romania

Orban: Poles and Hungarians are joined by ‘brotherhood of blood’

British troops ‘to be investigated’ over killings during the Troubles in Northern Ireland

Irish Diaspora 2017 Presidential Awards winners

Malta still discriminating against the non-religious

In Europe first, Malta bans gay conversion therapy

If You Cared About Standing Rock, You Need To Know About West Papua

Human Rights Day in West Papua: thousands demand their right to self-determination

West Papuans arrested and threatened with life sentences for a graffiti

International Parliamentarians for West Papua is growing

United Liberation Movement for West Papua lobbies the UN

West Papuan and Indonesian students celebrate West Papua national day

West Papua on mainstream media in Australia

Incarcerated in West Papua – a six-month ordeal

Iraq’s Yazidis plead for the world’s protection

Yazidi Leader Seeks Protection for Community After Genocide

Rescued Yazidi Women Relate the Horror of Captivity Under IS

Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania ‘Can Be Centers of Excellence for Nuclear Decommissioning’

Sweden joins dash to host EU drugs agency instead of London after Brexit

Inside Russia’s secretive stronghold of Kaliningrad ‘where World War Three could start’

Can Belarus Punish Lithuania For Its Position On The Astraviec Nuclear Power Plant?

21 UK residents get Jamaican citizenship

Is This Norwegian TV Series the Future of Television?

China imposes hefty fines for fake or harmful news in Xinjiang

Iceland’s Next Generation of Filmmakers Gains New Entrant in Guðmundur Guðmundsson With Debut ‘Heartstone’

Organization Demands Clarification on Number of Amazigh Speakers in Morocco

Lebanon: Schools in Palestinian camp reopen after gun battles

Switzerland Buys Back Its Own Luxury Watches

Aboriginal war memorial helps heal old wounds

Azerbaijan: A decade in jail for graffiti activist is a shameless attempt to stifle criticism

Journalist in Crimea charged with extremism

Russia undermines European security through its actions in Crimea, Donbas

Time for Bulgaria to Join Euro Waiting Room – C-Bank Governor

Oromo: Refugees Protest Being Denied Asylum in Egypt

Ethnic tensions could see Ethiopia descending into civil war

A New Radio Drama Inspired by PJ Harvey, On Kosovo Field, is Coming to BBC’s Radio 4

Kosovo Bans Building of Serb Wall in Mitrovica

Bosnia Arrests Third Ex-Soldier for Sarajevo War Rape

Inuktut language group to tour Wales to learn about language revitalization

NSU taking proposals for 45th annual Symposium on the American Indian

Film examines realities of American Indian

Jamaica, Cuba pledge to deepen relations

Money-Laundering Monitor Says Switzerland Has Work to Do

Sweden has the fewest smokers in Europe

Thriving Program Makes Penn a Quechua Language Hub

Armenia’s Former Flagship Enterprise Declared Bankrupt

Palestine: The End of the Bedouins?

Hungary leaves anti-corruption group that criticized it

Orban Allies Tighten Media Grip Ahead of Hungary Election

Bulgaria’s Socialists Return Govt Mandate to President

Sweetheart tax deals in Luxembourg, Belgium spike

UN prosecutors urge life term for ‘Butcher of Bosnia’

Estonia and Finland have best EU science teaching

Stigma still an issue for Maori living with HIV

No respect for Māori custodians of Porotī Springs

Turkish border guards kill three Syrian Kurdish civilians

OSCE helps Albania dispose of toxic chemicals

Greece, Not Italy, Still Poses Biggest Challenge to Eurozone

Migrants in Greece Drop Off Grid

Galicia seeks to improve European proposal for 2017 fishing opportunities

Bosnia arrests Serbs for 1992 mass killing

Chechen strongman not to be called at Kremlin critic’s murder trial

Bank of Lithuania promises fastest financial institution license for FinTech companies in EU

Hungary lags far behind CEE peers in terms of growth

Moldova: a country being emptied of its inhabitants

Large Syrian Refugee Population in Lebanon Sparks Social Tensions

Croatia Becomes First Free Reading Zone Country in the World

UN Warns Croatia about Abortion, Contraception and Sex Education

Greece could profit from Europe’s political turmoil but it needs all the friends it can get

Czech firms grow hedges to offset impact of crown cap removal

The rain feast: an Aymara measure

National Committee for Human Rights: Amazigh, Tubu rights must be guaranteed by Libya’s constitution

Kuwait’s anti-austerity lawmakers threaten reform plans

Crimean authorities plan to black out Ukrainian broadcasting on peninsula

Crimea is expecting another “business delegation”— this time from Greece

Belarus: Is The Isolation Spell Broken?

Far Right loses in Austria

Once Booming, Mongolia’s Economy Veers From Riches To Rags

Danish doctors come out against circumcision

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich American Indian reservations

More Punishment for Tibetan Buddhists

Caught With Your Pants Down? Must Be Christmas in Catalonia

Gunman kills three women in Finland

Cyprus minority sees chance to save ancient language