2016 12 04 Sunday

November 30, 1966: Barbados independence 50: What changed after the British left?

November 30, 1967: Fractured unions new and old: South Yemen independence day

December 1, 1961: the day the West Papuan national flag was first raised

December 1, 1640: Restoration of Independence Day in Portugal

December 2, 1766: Sweden’s pioneering free press act turns 250

December 2, 1972: National Day in United Arab Emirates

December 4, 1835: Aboriginal warrior: Tasmanians commemorate the anniversary of Mannalargenna’s death

December 6, 1917: Finland Independence Day

December 9, 1961: Tanzania Independence Day


People of West Papua, Melanesia celebrate their national day

Russia increases its misinformation attacks against the Baltics after US presidential elections

Norway urges Trump to issue predictable, clear policy on Russia

Norway and Finland thaw relations with Russia

Latvians keep calm but also keep allies, weapons close

Lithuania urges Trump to uphold NATO security commitments

Lithuanian civilians fearing Russian attack train for worst

Russian tanks in exercise as British soldiers prepare to face up to Putin in Estonia

From wintry Lithuania, NATO sends Russia a signal of resolve

Baltics should be more worried about EU collapse than transatlantic relations

Estonia hosts major robotics event

Largest NATO cyber defense exercise ends in Tartu

Tartu students mark 97th anniversary of Estonian-language university

Record setting tree lighting takes place in Latvia

Nordic, Baltic countries hold security consultations with US

Kuwait receives widespread praise for Amir Jaber prize at UNESCO

Kuwait tops Gulf states in attracting commercial banks

Kuwait fails to keep up with its neighbours

Book review: A difficult story of Tibet and Xinjiang

East Turkestan: Man Detained In Chinese Attempt to Force His Brother’s Return From Turkey

Southern Mongolia: Newly Imposed Surcharges Place Extra Strain on the Region

Ethnic Mongolian Kills Four Chinese Farmers, Highlighting Ethnic Tensions

Top Mongolian rapper ‘savagely assaulted’ by Russian diplomat for wearing swastika

Singapore minister sees increased threat of extremist attack

Singapore is Evolving, Infocomm Media Development Authority

Troop carriers seized: Is China sending Singapore a message?

Singapore may prove a tough nut for China to crack over regional security

A Tale of Two Economies: Singapore and Cuba

Trump’s Phone Call With Taiwan President Sparks China Complaint

Why Singapore can’t afford to be pushed around by China

Tibet’s pilot national park: a land of golden opportunity?

Tibetans inside Tibet are the rightful owners of Tibet: Dalai Lama

China Seizes Tibetans’ Passports in a Bid to Block Travel

Dalai Lama Receives Tibetans Ordered Home by China

New York City’s Lhakar Group On CBS Television

The Dalai Lama in Mongolia: ‘Tournament of Shadows’ Reborn

Mongolia Stands Up Against China With Dalai Lama Again

China imposes new fees on Mongolian imports after Dalai Lama visit

Karmapa visit to Arunachal Pradesh likely to irritate China

Long friendly with US presidents, Dalai Lama looks forward to vising Trump

Indian MPs reaffirm support for the issue of Tibet

Bonhams Sets New World Auction Record for Tibetan Sculpture

Tibet Museum in Tibet closes for renovation, expansion – to be reopened in three to five years

Russia’s Golden Triangle of Buddhism: Buryatia, Kalmykia, and Tuva

Nothing but praise after Finnish opera premiere in New York

Although support for NATO membership remains low, many more in Finland see Russia as negative influence

What Azerbaijan Plans To Do When The Oil Runs Out

Hong Kong officials widen legal attack on fledgling independence movement

China warns Taiwan not to meddle in Hong Kong affairs

Stoltenberg vows NATO’s strong political support for Georgia’s independence

Georgian alphabet added to UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Two Russian citizens sent to jail for sending ‘warning’ texts prior to Russia-Georgia war

EU report: Georgia making headway in implementation of Association Agenda

PM Kvirikashvili: “First visit to Brussels after elections confirm Georgia-EU strategic ties”

Final Chance to Say NO to Devonwall!

Independent Scotland could take UK’s place in EU says European Green Party co-chair

Where now for Scotland?

Scotland’s National Day: Sanct Andra’s Day: Oor National makar Rab Wilson haes scrievit a brent new poem

St Andrew’s Day Special: The No voters who have changed their minds to Yes

New alliance: Irish leaders lend support to ‘positive’ Nicola Sturgeon, contrasting her with the ‘lies’ of the Leave campaign

Politicians across Irish senate back independence for Scotland

Documenting Yes

The Russians Are Coming – Regime Change in Bulgaria and Moldova

Viewers in Malta spend two hours daily watching TV

One in five people in Malta cannot afford monthly meal with friends

Migration: Malta to serve as an ‘honest broker’ in difficult talks on Dublin reform – Abela

Canada says it isn’t liable for the removal of Indigenous children from homes in the Sixties Scoop

With Disney’s “Moana,” Hollywood almost gets it right: Indigenous people weigh in

Indigenous social work students call for women’s shelters on reserves

These Big Native American Facebook Pages Are Actually Being Run By People In Kosovo And Vietnam

Native Americans stand by Standing Rock Sioux to defy corporate interests

US military veterans backing North Dakota pipeline protests

Solidarity with Standing Rock on West Papuan Independence Day

Standing Rock protests mirror Pacific indigenous rights

The Climate Movement Is Indigenous-led

Coastal Indigenous people eat 15 times more seafood

Brazil: Indigenous Communities Protest Against Government Programmes

The Desert Rock That Feeds the World

Western Sahara: right to self-determination, a fundamental human right

UN Security Council called to assume its responsibilities in protection of peace and security in Western Sahara

Ethiopia arrests top Oromo opposition politician after Europe Parliament speech

Balochistan: Eight People Abducted by Pakistani Security Forces

Austria’s economy looks confident despite political division

Austria Heads to Polls in Latest Test for Populist Tide

Pirates given mandate to form new Iceland government

Killing of 150 Pro-Biafra activists

Simply The Best – Jamaica Shines At World Travel Awards

Corporate Jamaica backs #CrimeFreeChristmas campaign

Bosnia’s disabled children swim against indifference

Ratko Mladic: the ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ whose trial nears end

Bosnia war crimes court indicts six over Srebrenica

Welsh Cathedral to host LGBT film premiere

The Question: Will the Irish ever accept water meters?

Birte Kauffmann gains a rare insight into the Irish Traveller community

The Late Late Toy Show: ‘You can’t explain it to non-Irish people’

The Irish government is compensating a woman after abortion trauma

Ireland moves towards legalizing marijuana for medicinal use

President of Kosovo bans anti-Semitic books

Only Albania and Kosovo Have Slower Internet than Croatia

Albanian PM warns Islamists, and Moscow, may seek to undermine Europe via Balkans

Croatia Again Refuses Continuation of Border Arbitration Proceedings with Slovenia

Melania Trump Hires Law Firm to Protect Her Image in Slovenia

Denmark second in the world at fostering talent, after Switzerland

Four new neighbourhoods on Denmark’s inglorious ‘Ghetto List’

Māori loan words making English more Kiwi

Libya’s cities making $346M a year from people smuggling

Libya capital clashes ‘worst in two years’

Armenia Is Literally Joining Forces With Russia

Russian diplomats and spies trained Hungarian neo-Nazis

Shootout raises fears over Russian ties to Hungary’s far right

Kremlin-backed militants arrest dissident Luhansk blogger

Serbian nationalists on Moscow’s service

Tomislav Nikolic: Serbia won’t align with East or West

Russia Snubs Croatia’s Peace Initiative on Ukraine

Half the Berkut officers deployed against EuroMaidan activists remain police officers

Russia transports Syrian chemical weapons to Crimea

Ukraine did receive threats from Russia over the upcoming exercises near occupied Crimea

Russia accused of mechanisms of political repression in Crimea unprecedented since Stalin & Hitler

Next year Russia is going to cut funds for annexed Sevastopol

Russia targets only Crimean Tatars in revenge prosecution and their families

Suspected Russian interference in elections around the world is spreading

Russia’s quiet encroachment

KRG Restrictions Harm Yezidi Recovery

Ex-IS sex slave fearful for Yazidi women left behind

‘They raped girls of eight or nine’: An interview with a woman who escaped ISIS

Former Yazidi Sex Slave Uses International Stage to Spotlight Trafficking

Thousands of Yazidis are ready to move to Canada: NGO

Greece facing millions of euros in fines over waste-water treatment

Farmers block border in northern Greece

Greece needs reforms, not debt relief: Germany’s Schaeuble

Latest arrests mean no more local, parliamentary reps for Kurdish Province in Turkey

Turkey seeks 30 life sentences for Syrian Kurdish leader

Turkey accused of planning assassination of Kurdish activists abroad

Kurdistan Region close to independence, predicts Jewish scholar

US Vice President emphasizes Washington support to Kurdistan

UN: Investigation of torture on Kurdish detainees in Turkey ‘difficult’

Islamists bomb Kurdish district amid mounting violence in Syria’s Aleppo

‘US will recognize an independent Kurdistan’

Indonesian police violently suppress West Papua independence protest

Demos and arrests expose core West Papua grievance

Decolonisation Fundamental to Pacific Sovereignty

‘Rize of Morning Star’ boosts global ‘free Papua’ movement with new video

Vanuatu pushes for position on UN committee to counter Indonesian colonization in West Papua

Morocco-Spain: King Mohammed VI Should Call For Self-determination of People of Catalonia

Spanish government may contest allocation of money for independence referendum in Catalan budget

Legal “disconnection” from Spain to start only after a ‘Yes’ victory, says CUP

Spain’s dialogue promises “must be backed by action”, says Catalan Government

Cutting-edge contemporary dance comes to Belarus

EU Confirms Execution Of Third Inmate In Belarus In November

Cyprus leaders agree to resume peace talks

U.N. Finally Apologizes For Cholera In Haiti … But Omits One Point

New hydroelectric power projects threaten The Valbona Valley in Albania

Lebanon’s very own apartheid wall?

Slovakia Toughens Church Registration Rules to Bar Islam

Roma fear Brexit to bring back bad times for their thriving Slovak town

Romani celebrity faces racist comments, death threats from fans of xenophobic band Ortel

Is there life after George Soros? Not for these Hungarian NGOs

Michal Mižigár: Inclusion is an opportunity for a better life

Switzerland agrees banking transparency with 21 more countries

Swiss police raid homes in World Cup probe

In Macedonia’s fake news hub, this teen shows how it’s done

Human trafficking increases in Luxembourg

Explore stamps from the world’s largest island: Greenland

Sweden threatens action to stop Facebook ‘hate and lies’

The Czech Republic May Dodge a Bullet to Free Speech This Year. But Will It in 2017?

Tension cools as EU approves Czech renewables support

Namibia will stay in ICC – if United States joins, says president

People with HIV have life in Namibia

UNESCO Deems Belgium’s Beer Culture A Treasure Of Humanity

Dutch, Belgium swap pieces of territory

Why Portugal has become an oasis of stability

How US security aid to Palestinian Authority sustains Israel’s occupation

Palestinian leader seeks Trump support for independence

Palestinian teacher Hanan Al Hroub opens London Stock Exchange on UN Palestine Day

Ex-President Carter urges US to recognise Palestine

Azerbaijan Criminalizes Defamation of President Online

Dozens gather, remember Hawaiian Independence Day at Anahola Beach Park

Indigenous Australians respond to Pauline Hanson’s call on what makes an Aboriginal