2017 01 15

January 7, 1977: The Women Of Charter 77 And The New Dissenters

January 11, 1932: Soviet leadership make a decision enabling Holodomor in Ukraine

January 13, 1991: Soviets storm Vilnius TV tower in Lithuania killing 14 unarmed civilians

January 14, 2004: Georgia celebrates National Flag Day today

January 22, 1919: Day of Unity of Ukraine

29-30 March, 2017: Uyghur Youth Leadership Training Seminar Application

Batumi Trump Tower project in Georgia officially cancelled

Kerry: “Nothing was done after Russia invaded Georgia in 2008”

One day five years ago a man left his house to find it in a different country

Turkmen petroleum products will be transported via Georgia

Frankfurt Book Fair director visits Georgia

Russia’s creeping annexation of Georgian territory

Blood Brothers – Why Lithuanians feel Ukraine’s pain

ISIS kidnaps 1,200 Yazidis, moves them to Mosul

Brave Yazidi teenager tells her story of sex slavery and torture

‘They raped us; they killed our men’: Psychologist helps Yazidi women recover from trauma of ISIS captivity

Freed Yezidis from Mosul renew hope for those still missing

PKK will leave Shingal only once it is under Yezidi control

Iraq’s Yazidi community clings to homeland amid genocide

In the hunt for new ideas, Singapore eases obsession with grades

China links seized vehicles to Singapore’s ties with Taiwan

Uighurs in Kyrgyzstan hope for peace despite violence

Chinese police shoot dead three ‘terror’ suspects in Xinjiang

Xinjiang town orders residents to engrave names and ID numbers on to all knives, including kitchen tools

Group to Probe China’s Human Rights Violations Under U.S. Law

China to ‘take revenge’ if Trump recognizes Taiwan’s independence

US lawmakers defy China’s objections, meet President of Taiwan

China says committed to peace as aircraft carrier passes near Taiwan

Nigeria orders Taiwan trade office to move out of capital

China Tries To Push Taiwan Out Of Its Second Continent, Africa

Human Rights in Hong Kong at Lowest Point Since 1997 Handover

Hong Kong pro-democracy politicians attacked by China protesters

Hong Kong’s legal elite voice autonomy fears after China intervention

Tibetan PM in exile for negotiation with China

Hundreds of Tibetans defy China, gather at birthplace of Buddhism in India

Kalachakra: Dalai Lama’s message to Tibetans inside Tibet

Hope and joy in photos of the first nuns to earn “doctorates” of Tibetan Buddhism

Eat, pray, love the Communist Party: a road trip through Tibetan lands, guided by China

Richard Gere in Bodh Gaya for Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra

Swiss limit Tibetan protest against visit by Chinese president

Why are Swiss-Chinese relations so close?

Can gifts help save local democracy?

Can one be refused a Swiss passport for being too Swiss?

Biafra: Kanu, others ask court to quash treason charge against them

Biafra: Court Fixes February 10 to Rule On Kanu’s Application

Biafra: Kanu in court, alleges plot to detain him perpetually

Journalists ‘barred’ from attending trial of pro-Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu in Abuja

West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing

Indonesia: Silence, and Complicity on Human Rights Abuses

Free West Papua Campaign Australia hold demonstrations outside the Indonesian Consulate tomorrow

ISIS are welcome to help to defend the state of Indonesia

West Papuan attacked by 8 Indonesian soldiers

Four West Papuan students charged with treason

West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda’s interview with Al Jazeera

West Papuan children forcibly removed from families and sent to Islamic schools for re-education

Australia continues to train and fund Indonesian soldiers who murder West Papuans peacefully advocating for their legal right to self determination

Latest effort by a non-tribal person to publicise Adivasi culture ended up offending them

Chhattisgarh police’s arrest of 7 Telangana activists a reminder of its license to destroy lives

Why do reports of mass rape of Adivasi women by the police fail to elicit outrage?

Jharkhand tribals’ protest

Adivasi: Ashram schools – disguised death traps

What Indigenous businesspeople in Toronto think about a district of their own

Coroner blames Aboriginal suicides on Canada’s “ancient apartheid system”

Interactively Tracking Stolen Land in the Name of Oil in Ecuador

Bolivian Water Crisis as Glaciers Vanish

Bolivia’s 1st Autonomous Indigenous Govt To Take Local Office

Forest Guardians: Indigenous Continue Fight against Illegal Logging and Mining in Brazil

National Indigenous Congress announces a parallel indigenous government

Exclusive Interview With Leonard Peltier: ‘I’d Be There For My People Again’

US: Tribes Showing Continued Interest In Solar Energy

‘Their Culture Is Their Armor’

The value of indigenous people

Study Will Explore Best Practices for Creating Free Knowledge in Indigenous Languages on Wikipedia

New Tasmanian play with all-Aboriginal cast set for Opera House premiere

Aboriginal Australians co-existed with the megafauna for at least 17,000 years

Australia Day is a day of mourning – indigenous TV producer

Indigenous family of 10 strong women star in refreshing new reality series

Deadly Indigenous people to watch in 2017

‘You cannot do things alone’: Sherwood Park man receives Aboriginal Lifetime Achievement Award

Politician’s New Year challenge – speak only in Maori

Maori language app launched by the Department of Conservation

Maori suicide rates up dramatically since 1980s

Greenland: Independence is a virtue

Germany may pay out for Namibia genocide

Lawyers for indigenous Namibia groups file suit against Germany over 1904 genocide

Main Killers of Civilians in Syria in 2016

Syrian Kurdish groups say not invited to peace talks

Ankara riled by US push for Kurdish seat at Syria talks

Iraqi Kurdistan, Caught Between Worlds

Turkish PM meets Iraqi Kurdish leader in Erbil

Turkey suspends pro-Kurdish lawmaker for ‘genocide’ comment

Is Turkey wiping out Kurdish institutions during lengthy state of emergency?

New ISIS Video Shows 3 Militant Children Executing ‘PKK Spies’

The Becoming Of Kurdistan

Diaspora plays a role in furthering Kurdish cause

Iranian Kurdistan: Is an Independent Nation Taking Shape?

Iranian Kurdistan/Southern Azerbaijan: Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s Funeral Becomes Opportunity to Voice Dissent

2016 most fatal year for Kurdish Kulbar: Hangaw

Student translates literature into Kurdish to celebrate native language

Obama Extends Sanctions On Russia Over Aggression In Ukraine By One Year

U.S. Sanctions Russia’s Bastrykin And Alleged Litvinenko Killers

Trump Says He’s Open To Shift On Russia Sanctions

Trump Nominates outspoken critic of Russia’s seizure of Crimea as Intelligence Chief

Canada names leading Russia critic, as foreign minister

Which Repression in Russian-occupied Crimea is ‘Smart’, Mr Trump?

Moscow plans to ‘export separatism’ to Baltic countries

Europe erects defenses to counter Russia’s information war

Waiting for medical assistance prisoners die in the remand prison of Simferopol

Russia Invades Crimea, Then Charges Crimeans with ‘Violent Seizure of Power’

FSB detains Ukrainian Cultural Centre activist & his wife in Russian-occupied Crimea

Survey results: Human rights violated badly in Crimea

Will Trump Recognize Russian Annexation of Crimea?

Crimea: In the Dark: The silencing of dissent

Tillerson: Russia Had No Right to Take Crimea

Tillerson says ‘weak’ US response to Crimea emboldened Russian aggression in Ukraine

Ireland Reconsiders Its Constitutional Ban on Abortion

Phil Hogan urges Ireland to keep distance from UK on Brexit

Irish language campaign logo goes viral on social media

Stormont in crisis: Ten-year power-sharing pact ends with exit of Martin McGuinness

Northern Ireland faces elections as deputy leader McGuinness quits

How did it come to this? The cash for ash scandal that brought down Northern Ireland’s government

In Northern Ireland, old divisions could have a new casualty: Brexit

Why Brexit means Irish unity is now inevitable

Paul Givan reverses cuts to Irish language scheme

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir challenges 280-year-old law banning Irish in court

Tory MP Dismisses Malta As A ‘Tiny Little Island’

The future of theatre in Malta

Pope Francis’s authority challenged by Knights of Malta over condom row

Corruption allegations tarnish Malta’s EU presidency

Malta accused of being tax haven as it takes EU presidency

Malta raises alarm on Russia in Libya

Slovenian tourism stirs ‘Melania’ hype

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin May Meet In Slovenia, Melania’s Home Country

6 Reasons Montenegro May Be This Year’s Most Tempting Travel Destination

Support for Montenegro’s Accession to NATO Would Send a Message of Strength

Montenegro seeks extradition of 2 Serbs over failed coup

Serbia: Two Suspects Detained In Alleged Montenegro Coup Attempt

Kosovo blocks entry of ‘provocative’ train from Serbia

Serbia Seeks Extradition From France of Former Kosovo PM

Albanians Abroad Unite for Kosovo Ex-PM Haradinaj

Serbia says it will retaliate if France refuses to hand over Kosovo ex-PM

Serbia under fire for Russian gas deals

Bosnia to expel foreign nationals who have violated property investment rules

Bosnian Serbs Mark Controversial ‘Statehood’ Holiday

Bosnian Serbs halt contact with envoy over national day ‘insults’

Photographers Document Bosnia’s ‘War of Memories’

Croatia’s pension reform: An uncertain future

Croatia to Introduce Euro ASAP

On surviving the Christmas holidays as a lesbian in Bulgaria

Anti-corruption party launches in Bulgaria as election approaches

Albanian Political Parties Demand Language Equality In Macedonia

Albania – A trustworthy and solid partner for the euro-atlantic agenda in the Balkans

Lithuania marks 1991 independence dead as fears rise about Russia, Trump

UN classifies Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia as Northern European countries

Estonia wants to build government systems with other countries

Moscow plans to ‘export separatism’ to Baltic countries

Baltic populations still shrinking

Russian propaganda unsuccessful in Latvia

Lithuania’s foreign minister: Dialogue with Russia shouldn’t be smokescreen for inaction

NATO’s ex-military commander: Dialogue with Russia inevitable

Within just a few years, Russia has been able to transform itself from a partner to a strategic problem for all

NATO Deputy Secretary General: US armored brigade a ‘proportionate response’ to Russia

US defense secretary nominee backs permanent troops in Baltics

Lithuania bars data centre project over fears of Russian spying

Cyber attacks among ‘eight main threats’ to Sweden

Sweden PM ‘can’t rule out’ Russian interference in Swedish elections

Denmark: big year ahead for the 850-year-old capital and European city of culture

Norwegian mass murderer Breivik in human rights appeal case

Iceland’s Independence Party Forms New Government, Pirates Excluded

Iceland gets new government, could restart EU entry talks

Iceland ousted one leader named in the Panama Papers, but ended up with another on the list

‘Tom of Finland’ Opens Goteborg Film Festival

World’s most eco-friendly icebreaker starts duty in Finland

Finnish President mulls changing political landscape as Trump prepares to take office

Niinistö to meet Putin twice in 2017

Four soldiers dead in Jerusalem truck attack

A multibillion-dollar natural gas boom may reunify Cyprus

Cyprus: four decades of division and negotiations

Cyprus, the endgame

Cyprus fears Russia could wreck reunification

Indyref2 still in sight as May drops heavy hints about hard Brexit and Sturgeon insists ‘I’m not bluffing’

Alex Salmond blasts Theresa May as he tells Scots to prepare for a second independence referendum

Yes Scotland’s digital chief: We’re going to have to be clever if we want to win … and we are going to win

Wee Ginger Dug: Don’t wait for permission … Scotland’s future is in our hands

Elaine C Smith: Scotland deserves a better script… let’s start writing it

Indyref2 can be won with a radical agenda say Greens

‘Huge response’ after Labour for Independence relaunches

What we know about Yes and No voters … and how it can help us move forward with indyref2

‘We’ve got the band back together’: Pictures from the first Yes conference since 2014

Sarah Beattie-Smith: Scotland could be a beacon of hope if we work together

Norwegian politicians say Scotland could only join EFTA if independent

Campaigners gather for conference to prepare for indyref2

Yes campaigners make proposals for Scottish pound in bid to improve IndyRef2 bid

Mystery NY donor funds Basque campaign showing girls with penises and boys with vulvas

Euskadi: thousands rally in Spain for ETA prisoners to be moved closer to families

Portugal mourns ‘father of liberty and democracy’ Mario Soares

Catalonia’s Romeva on Mario Soares: “He understood the singularity of Catalonia’s democratic demands”

Spain and Catalunya at loggerheads over independence referendum

Catalonia: Spanish Prosecutor demands 9-year ban from public office for Homs for allowing 9-N symbolic vote

Latvia’s PM wasn’t bribed to support Catalonia’s independence process

Puigdemont won’t stand for president in next Catalan elections

Will Catalonia try to secede from Spain this year?

Catalans plead with EU to recognise ‘insistence on democracy’

Spanish government “must get more involved” in Sahrawi cause

“Moroccan expansionism is a drama that affects the entire region”

Western Sahara: Year of Reform and Repression

Czech Republic: ARA ART launches campaign to support LGBT Roma

Look back in anger: 2016 through a Roma rights lens (part 1)

Stázka Brodníčková: I wouldn’t have come this far without my foster mother

Greek gov’t launches drive for social inclusion of Roma

Bullies Force Out Roma Kids

Czech Republic, Slovakia to cooperate on guarding air spaces

Azerbaijan wants a solid foundation for EU relationship

Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund to carry out transfer to Central Bank with ceiling of AZN 7.5 bn in 2017 first time in its history

The Price for Journalism in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Sustained Crackdown

Azerbaijan: Rights Groups Demand Justice for journalist Mehman Huseynov Tortured in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Using Soviet Methods to Revive Cotton Industry

Chechen President Kadyrov curses Stalin

Prospects For Chechnya’s Oil Sector Remain Unclear

Speaker of Chechen parliament threatens journalist Grigory Shvedov

Moldova wants to be a bridge between East and West

Moldova To Receive Up To 100 Million Euros In EU Aid

Belarus Introduces Visa-Free Five-Day Stay For Citizens Of 80 Countries

Salaries In Belarus To Amount To $40

‘Europe’s last dictatorship’ has a new plan: Tourism

Belarus To Build Camps For Refugees From Syria, Chechnya, Ukraine?

CPJ Urges Belarus To Release Russian Blogger Wanted In Azerbaijan

Lebanon’s Aoun visits Riyadh to mend Saudi fences

Lebanon: Time for Action on Rights Abuses

Jamaica Says U.S. And Others Are ‘Poaching’ Its Nurses

Luxembourg’s Bid to Become the Silicon Valley of Space Mining

Luxembourg broaches dropping French and German as official languages

‘Change education’ to hit one million Welsh speakers target

Welsh language centres will succeed, says Alun Davies

Corbyn rejects idea for Welsh immigration control

Palestinians in Israel strike over home demolitions

Israel lobby infiltrates UK student movement

The Next ‘Exodus?’ Jews Moving Out of France, Italy, Belgium To Israel At Large Rates

Syria accuses Israel of military airport rocket attack

Algerians celebrate Berber New Year amid calls for official holiday

Italy reopening embassy in Libya two years after closure

Libya Ramps Up Oil Production, Threatening OPEC Plans

Russia woos top Libyan military chief

World in Progress: Fleeing from oppression and poverty in Eritrea

Hungary to Meet NATO Defense Spending Goal by 2026

Hungary Plans to Crack Down on All Soros-Funded NGOs

Scotland is butt of jokes in Hungary and Scots are asking for a ‘square go’

Armenia raises alarm as abortions of girls skew population

Armenia: No Accountability for Police Violence

U.S. citizens targeted after extradition of Haiti ex-coup leader

Rebel. Drug Fugitive. Hero? Haiti Erupts Over an Arrest

Here are the real lessons from flawed responses to Haiti’s disasters

Austria to propose plans for businesses to hire local workers ahead of other EU citizens

Greece’s Supreme Court Rules Against Extradition of Remaining Turkish Army Men