2017 02 26

Open Call for Facilitators: Dikh he na Bister – Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2

February 23, 1944: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia

February 25, 1921: Soviet Russian Invasion in Democratic Republic of Georgia

February 27, 1844: Dominican Republic Independence Day

February 27, 1976: Declaration of Independence of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

March 1, 1992: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day

March 6, 1957: Ghana, the first sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

Four Things That Happen When a Language Dies

Bilingual education enhances third language acquisition: Evidence from Catalonia

Displaced Yemenis returning home as conditions deteriorate further

Alex Salmond in challenge to the Unionists: ‘Where’s your Vow noo?’

Ellon Roadshow: Rural Yes supporters unite in Aberdeenshire to say: We’re still here

Pensioners for Independence group relaunches campaign to woo elderly voters

Constitutional expert: Scottish independence “sweet deal” for EU

Yes2 Freedom rally is hailed as big success and shows ‘growing support for indyref2’

Wee Ginger Dug: Forget the Scottish Six – we need our own SBC

Lesley Riddoch: In welcoming BBC Scotland, we must also ask why Aunty has dished us up such a sop

‘We need to be ready’: German firm starts selling ‘EU 2019’ map with Scotland as independent member

Secretive Unionist funder with links to Saudi Arabia opposes indyref2

Journey to Yes: Why businesswoman Caroline has switched to Yes on Scottish independence

Outlander star Sam Heughan: Scottish independence worth the ‘gamble’

Bookmakers put Scottish independence odds-on favourite by 2025

An Independent Scotland and the EU: What Route to Membership?

The true scale of immigration and crime in Sweden in five charts

Macedonia is infamous for fake news. This woman is trying to combat it with real journalism

Turkmenistan, A Country For Old Men

A Closer Look at Turkmenistan’s Election Numbers

RFE/RL Contributor In Turkmenistan Given Suspended Sentence

Crowding and malnutrition inside Haiti’s prisons

Mass funeral held for 20 Haitians who died in dismal prison

Russia plotted to kill Montenegro Prime Minister

Montenegro hit with more ‘professional’ cyberattacks

Montenegro ‘100 percent’ sure of U.S. backing for NATO accession

France’s Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

Cyprus talks on the rocks over school history rule

Slovakia’s Kazimir: not ready to pay any price for IMF in Greece

Rights groups: Slovakia discriminates against Roma kids

Moldova: NATO Liaison Office Will Open In June

Gagauz future lies in Moldova: Turkish deputy PM

Romanian companies invited to attend privatization programme of Republic of Moldova

Transnistria’s economic woes present Moldova with opportunity

Mongolian Bond Prices Jump Following $440 Million IMF Bailout

The IMF bails Mongolia out—again

Mongolia reaffirms commitment to one-China policy

The surrender of Singapore

Calls for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to receive free Welsh lessons

MPs allowed to speak Welsh in some Westminster debates

Rare protests in Belarus spread beyond the capital

There Were No Such Harsh Remarks About The Authorities From Ordinary People In 20 Years

Chechens struggle to enter the EU through Belarus

Wild boars roam Czech forests – and some of them are radioactive

Protests over Morales expose divisions among Bolivians

Bolivian lawmakers pass bill to nearly double legal coca area

Cartoons and calendars help Bolivian farmers dampen fire risk

Bolivia, Russia Building “Peaceful” Nuclear Research Center

EU “impressed with Serbia’s handling of migrant crisis”

Brazilian footballer in tears after racist chants in Serbia

Bosnia appeals UN ruling that cleared Serbia of genocide

Heartbreaking photos show refugees living in freezing warehouses in Serbia

Young migrants survive on their own in Serbia

China stages another mass show of military force in restive Xinjiang

Cars in Xinjiang area to be tracked

China Cracks Down on Xinjiang’s Christians in ‘Anti-Terror’ Campaign

Is China’s Counterterrorism Policy in Xinjiang Working?

Killings in Xinjiang’s Guma Sparked by Anger at Prayer Restrictions

Three Uyghur Officials Arrested For ‘Neglecting Duty’ Following December Attack

China’s imprisonment of Uyghur academic Ilham Tohti has dire consequences

Action in Xinjiang, silent on Azhar: Chinese double standards on terror are just like Pakistan

Brexit prompts ship insurers to look at Luxembourg, Cyprus bases

Another dig from Alfonso towards Guardiola & Pique over Catalan independence

Madrid Switches to Dialogue With Catalonia

How Spain can learn from Britain and Canada when it comes to Catalonia

Puigdemont urges Spanish Government to present their proposal for Catalonia

New record for Catalan exports in 2016

Catalan executive receives Spanish Constitutional Court’s notification suspending self-determination referendum

Alternative to independence is decline, says Catalan president

Puigdemont denies “negotiations” with Rajoy, as report assures both presidents secretly met in January

Further lawsuits against Forcadell and the members of the Parliament’s Bureau for the referendum’s proposal

Ross Kemp meets ruthless Libyan people smuggler accused of trafficking 2,000 desperate migrants into Europe – as 74 bodies wash up on beach in latest shipwreck tragedy

Eastern Libya Ban on Women Traveling Abroad Alone Spurs Outrage

Libya’s Seraj sees Russia as possible intermediary with eastern commander

North African Diplomats Seek Solution for Chaotic Libya

Trial of Libyan Gadhafi Regime Members Found Flawed

Grand Master’s dagger to return to Malta after 200 years for exhibition

Kosovo deserves to join UN, says US ambassador

NATO general: Troops will stay in Kosovo as long as needed

Slovenia allows same-sex marriage, but not adoption

Exploring Namibia’s diamond future

Austria approves US extradition for Ukrainian oligarch

Austria to reward companies for hiring locals

Irish police scandal hastens end of Kenny era

Enda Kenny insists on united Ireland clause in Brexit deal

European left wants piece of Portugal’s ‘contraption’

Portugal Detains Former C.I.A. Officer Sought by Italy

Portugal Has Plenty of Tourists But Needs Locals to Spend More

Azerbaijan’s Leader Just Appointed His Wife as His Vice President

Azerbaijan, future gas supplier to Europe, faces shortfall at home

Armenia-Azerbaijan war: line of contact

The Armenia-Azerbaijan war: A refugee’s story

How Trump’s Approach May Alter Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts

Israeli soldier jailed for 18 months for killing wounded Palestinian attacker

How factionalism is killing the Palestinian struggle

Palestinian diaspora holds first global conference

Israel refuses visa for Human Rights Watch, accusing group of ‘Palestinian propaganda’

Palestinian protesters throw shoes at Trump picture

Palestinian police launch gender strategy

Tamazight declared official language in Amazigh-peopled districts in Libya

Opposition leader calls for recognition of Amazigh Moroccans

Albanian Anti-Communists’ Families Remember ‘Martyrs’ Deaths’

EU Officials Urge Albania Opposition Not to Block Reform

Albania opposition boycotts parliament

Albania: Protesters Converge On Tirana, Demand Resignation of Edi Rama

Albania opposition boycotts parliament

Italian Prosecutor Raises Concern About Marijuana Traffic From Albania

Human trafficking: Poor women and girls targeted in Albania

Aboriginal Australia: 8 war heroes you didn’t learn about in school

Lynch Cooper: the first Aboriginal World’s Sprinting Champion

Stolen Generations: Victims to get $73 million compensation, NSW Government says

Archie Roach on the healing power of song

Britain concerned over challenges to Hong Kong’s ‘one country, two systems’ deal

Will Hong Kong’s Democracy Survive in 2047?

Putin’s ‘hybrid’ recognition of Moscow-sponsored breakaway republics in Ukraine

Moscow to start distributing Russian passports in the occupied Donbas

New Laws in Ukraine Obstruct Prosecution for Crimes against Maidan Activists

Ever more Russian governors forming their own military units, not just Kadyrov

A short guide to the linguicide of the Ukrainian language

U.S. Lawmakers Call For Lethal Weapons For Ukraine

On 73rd anniversary of deportation, Chechnya and Ingushetia divide on Stalin and his crimes

Remembering the 23 February 1944 Chechnya’s exile

Putin-Ally Kadyrov Curses Hero Worship of Stalin

After 73 years, the memory of Stalin’s deportation of Chechens and Ingush still haunts the survivors

Georgia a victim not just of communism but also of Soviet occupation, memorialization reaffirms

Latvians ready to defend their country in the underground if necessary

Despite crackdown, some brave Russians continue to demonstrate for Crimean Tatar rights

Ukrainian lawmaker offers to lease Crimea out to Russia for 100 years

Russia will not pay rent for Crimea, Kremlin says after maverick peace plan emerges in White House

Turkey declares his “fundamental divergences” with Russia on the issue of Crimea

A Crimean Tatar Documents Her Annexed Homeland

Collaborator from Sevastopol admits that Russia had multiple plans to capture Crimea

20 Crimean Tatars detained by Russian security officials in Crimea

Russian TV shows fake ’anti-terror operation’ to hide arrests of Crimean Tatar activists

Detained Crimean Tatars report being abused by law-enforcers

US to Putin: Sanctions to Remain in Place Until Crimea Occupation Ends

Day of Crimea in Verkhovna Rada: Crimean Tatar cuisine, souvenirs, charity. Photos

Ukraine has publicized the names of Russian commanders involved in the annexation of Crimea

Jailed for proving that Crimea did not ask for annexation

Shock of Crimea occupation helps Ukraine to rethink Tatars role in its history

17 people disappear, 12 killed in Crimea since annexation

‘Ukraine should be persistent to take back Crimea’

Presidential Administration: Ukraine to return Crimea through international courts

Ukrainian jailed as a ‘terrorist’ in Russian-occupied Crimea for converting to Islam

100 Kilometers From ISIS, Kurdish Hipsters Declare Style War

Migration of young people still a major challenge in Kurdistan

Rosneft becomes first oil major to pre-finance Kurdish crude

Tehran wants assurance Kurdish independence won’t ‘threaten’ Iran’s security, official says

On Mother Tongue Day, Kurds hope to maintain Kurdish identity through their language

The sour holes in the Swiss cheese

Switzerland ‘revised’ Tibet policy to boost ties:Chinese media

Teenage Tibetan Monk Detained After Solo Street Protest

A Giant Open Prison: TCHRD annual report on human rights in Tibet

Tibetan Writer Missing Nine Years, Feared Dead

Tibet is a litmus test for the world: Sikyong in Japan

Sikyong greets people of Tibet on Tibetan New Year ‘Losar 2144 ‘

Tibetan woman deported by Switzerland jailed in Nepal

UN Special Rapporteurs Question China on Larung Gar and Yarchen Gar

First Ever Tibetan Women’s Empowerment Conference Criticised For ‘Lack of Women’

Western Sahara edges closer to renewed conflict

Frozen in the Desert: Western Sahara and the Forgotten Conflict

Glencore risks investor ire as partner resumes hunt for oil in disputed Western Sahara waters

Can the African Union pressure Morocco to accept a referendum on the Western Sahara?

EU should seize Morocco’s accession to AU to reopen negotiations on Western Sahara conflict

Human rights in occupied Western Sahara: Moroccan repression continues in 2016

US congressmen on visit to Sahrawi refugee camps Sunday

Sahrawi official reveals extent of Morocco plunder of Sahrawi resources

What Other Countries Can Learn From Iceland’s Tourism Boom

As other countries eye exit, Iceland debates joining EU

Lithuania Is Great Again… For Doing Business

Merkel backs Lithuania over Belarus nuclear plant

Why the ‘fake rape’ story against German NATO forces fell flat in Lithuania

Kaziukas’ Fair surprise – unprecedented €1.5

West Papua: Man Fleeing Persecution Deported by Australian Authorities

Indonesian rights violations in Papua triple

Barotseland: Renewed Calls for Independence

Batwa: New Documentary Highlights the Plight of Conservation Refugees

Hmong: US Bill Proposes Including History of Community in School Curriculum

Balochistan: Minorities Protest Forceful Implementation of China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Brazil: Hivos, Greenpeace and COICA Launch Programme to Combat Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

Adivasis stage rail blockade demanding Scheduled Tribe status

In Police Presence, Nationalist Hindu Student Organisation Hurls Stones, Shuts Seminar On Adivasi Issues

Why Dalit and Adivasi political dynasties lag behind those of forward (and even backward) castes

Danish Man Who Burned Quran Is Prosecuted for Blasphemy

Denmark’s dark past is up for an Oscar

Irish parliament passes first-ever resolution in support of Georgia

Online libraries to launch across Tbilisi in April

Georgian FM: Conflict resolution must start with withdrawal of Russian occupation forces

Georgia-EU trade turnover increases 27%

Estonia marks independence day with military parade

Estonia has stood up for other countries on Russia’s borders

Estonia has one of best performing labor markets in EU

Estonia supports Kosovan aspirations towards EU integration

Nagorno Karabakh Republic Speaker of Parliament holds meeting with Basque Country representatives

Basque National Liberation Movement prisoners

Maori internet history told

Iceberg-inspired Greenland cultural center celebrates 20 years of resilience in the Arctic

Galicia allocates EUR 8 million to promote sustainable aquaculture

Finland: elderly more marginalised, developing alcohol problems

Coping with beggar gangs

Cruel Lidl employees film themselves locking screaming Roma gypsies in caged supermarket bins

Where is Europe’s Roma policy?

Slovak TV program focuses on Romani girl who studies despite living without electricity

Jan Cina: Being Romani is a normal part of my identity, but more important is what I know how to do

Anniversary of the death of Helena Biháriová, one of the first victims of racial murder in post-1989 Czech Republic

Biafra’ll be actualized without gunshot — Uwazuruike

Stop Harassing Pro-Biafra Agitators, Ohanaeze-Ndigbo Pleads with Federal Government

Biafra: Why we won’t give up our struggle for Igbo nation – MASSOB

MASSOB to issue Biafra currency in exchange of Naira

Biafra: Nigerian military has killed over 150 agitators in Igbo land – Amnesty International

Latvia becomes 1st EU country to sign on to Canada’s trade deal

Rights chief calls on Europe to approve same-sex unions

Refugees keep leaving Latvia

Coca-Cola Urged to End ‘Biopiracy’ Against Indigenous Guarani

Wary of divided loyalties, a Baltic state reaches out to its Russians

Russian navy to flash nuclear power in Baltic Sea

Baltic test for arms control in Europe

Baltic Dread

Trauma therapy centre for Yazidis to be set up in Iraq

Canada Says It Will Resettle 1,200 Yezidi Refugees Fleeing Persecution by ISIS

US ‘nuclear sniffer’ plane flies to Norway – where radiation particles spreading across Europe were first detected – as mystery still surrounds the source

EU funding boost for Scotland-Norway power cable

Norway Says All Cars in the Country Will Be 100% Electric

Norway pledges $10 million to counter Trump’s global anti-abortion move

Norwegian Air to offer U.S.-Europe fares starting at $65 one way

Mexico apologizes to indigenous women wrongly jailed for kidnapping

Concordia University makes Indigenous students feel more welcome

Senses of Belonging: How Indigenous Sovereignty Unsettles White Australia

Teachers become students at first-ever PD day on Indigenous studies in Ottawa

Trudeau announces review of laws related to Indigenous peoples

National Gallery of Australia announces artists for National Indigenous Art Triennial

South Sudan: Kiir vows to fight famine, says 2017 is ‘year of peace and prosperity’

Burkina Faso: Solar powered cinema inaugurated

Pastoralists rely on hosts and aid to beat drought in Somalia

Rwanda: Major aviation summit opens

Zimbabwe: Mugabe celebrates 93rd birthday, pledges to remain in power

U.N. chief urges Burundi parties to participate in peace talks

Benin set to receive $150 mn IMF fund to support economic development

Tunisia to accelerate reforms as IMF freezes loan

World Bank pledges $60 million in budget support for Gambia

South Sudan: People queue for food and vaccination in famine affected regions