First Scotland, Then Catalonia. And Now? Lombardy and Veneto Vote for More Autonomy

1991 October 18: Independence Day of Azerbaijan

1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day

1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day

1955 October 26: Austrian National Day

1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day

1991 October 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day

1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day

1923 October 29: Republic Day of Turkey

1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day

1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day

1903 November 3: Panama Independence Day

French Polynesia’s pro-independence unhappy with France at UN

Xinjiang: What A 21st-Century Police State Really Looks Like

Catalan pro-independence grass-root leaders sent to prison on sedition charges

Slovenia will recognise independent Catalonia, says deputy leader of Slovenian SD party

24 Nobel Prize laureates call for “mediation and dialogue” between Catalonia and Spain

Spain to dismiss all Catalan government and limit Parliament powers

Spain to purge Catalonia police force of pro-independence officers

Catalonia’s ruling coalition committed to declaring independence this week

15 Smallest Countries in the World By Population and Land Area

Taiwan shows Southeast Asia how to resist Beijing bullying

New developments in China’s Tibet policy as Communist Party’s 19th Congress begins

Europe is Ours: A Manifesto

We’re going to talk to 10,000 young people about Welsh independence

Five people describe what the Welsh language means to them

Development Bank of Wales launches with £440m to back ambitious growth firms

The End of Coal Will Haunt the Navajo

Lithuania goes online with files local spies wrote for KGB

Ukrainian teen abducted by Russian FSB charged with school bomb plot, denied medical treatment

Russia hunts ‘organizers’ of Crimean Tatar solitary pickets against repression

Peoples Of Idel-Ural Come Together To Fight Putin’s Language And Nationality Policies

EBRD to lend $500m for Azerbaijan gas pipeline

Azerbaijan and Armenia meet over disputed territory

Frankfurt Book Fair ends, Georgia takes over as Guest of Honour

Brexit is now an ‘existential threat’ to Northern Ireland

Chechen mothers’ agony over fate of Islamic State daughters

Anti-Migrant Platform Drives Austrian Vote

Stop China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Baloch leaders to China

US should support independent Balochistan: American lawmaker

Bosnia and Herzegovina may never be clear of landmines

Israel approves settler housing in the heart of Hebron

Israel closes Palestinian media groups in West Bank

Detained Barotseland freedom fighter hospitalised

Jailed Kurdish leader keeps in touch with supporters through arts, literature

Kurdish people have won the moral argument — the world should embrace our independence

Hezbollah claims Kirkuk a victory over US, Israel

Kurdistan Regional Government offers to freeze outcome of independence referendum to begin dialogue

Finnish government pledges €200K to found conciliation committee on injustice toward Sámi people

Top int’l lawyers condemn Hong Kong’s jailing of democracy activists as ‘a serious threat to the rule of law’

Mainlandization: How the Communist Party works to control and assimilate Hong Kong

China ready to ‘defeat’ Taiwan independence: Xi

Curating the Present: The National Museum of the American Indian

Jobs and American Indian Sovereignty: The Challenge of Gaming

Native American tribe sues Amazon and Microsoft

Australia indigenous poet subjected to student abuse

Hong Kong’s disappearing indigenous culture

Indigenous Community Judge Shot Dead as Colonial Violence Terrorizes Nicaragua

New UN envoy pays first visit to disputed Western Sahara

Duterte’s pro-China shift fractures anti-Beijing alliance in Southeast Asia

Tillerson raps China as ‘predatory’ rule breaker

Ex Kiwi calls for inclusion of Māori team in World Cup

Can a Thrash Metal Band Help Save the Maori Language?

French name wars: Brittany tells Paris to allow the ‘foreign’ letter ‘ñ’

Uncertainty remains over New Caledonia independence referendum roll

Marshall Islands trust fund defrauded of $1M

Spain’s stance on Catalonia causing ‘tension across the entire Spanish state,’ Basque lawmaker says

From the horror of Guernica to Clydeside exile and peace

Speaking Euskera: The Basque language surrounded by mystery

Tiny, and smart, Andorra

Faroe Islands Translate takes on the global giant at its own game

Former military chief in Lesotho charged with murder

The humble nut funding Vanuatu school fees

Vanuatu volcano: Ambae islanders to return to villages as Manaro settles

Safety Drill Prepares Solomon Islands Schools for Tsunamis

Montenegro A ‘Sweet Spot’ Of Untapped Oil, Gas In The Adriatic

Central African Republic children starve as aid workers flee fighting

War criminal or role model? It’s a thin line in Serbia

Russia pressures Serbia on status of controversial base

Mogadishu bombings kill ‘unprecedented number of civilians’

Slovenia Sets Green Vehicle Deadline of 2030

Eritrea country profile: Historic capital, powerful leader, migration headache

‘Prosperity diseases’ the next health challenge for Papua New Guinea

Plague ruled out in Seychelles but islands on guard

Ethiopia’s Oromo leader requests prison visitation as trial date is set

Ethiopia’s Parliament Speaker Resigns Over ‘Disrespect’ to Oromo People. Is the Balance of Power Shifting?

Ethiopia army banned from Oromia-Somali areas amid peace efforts

Mauritania cracks down on critical press after referendum

South Sudan: UN, US failed to prevent ethnic cleansing

South Sudan commander on trial for rape, murder of aid workers found dead

Why reporting from South Sudan is so difficult — and critically needed

Vivid documentary at ImagineNATIVE captures Inuit whale hunt

Branded: How Inuit women in Montreal end up on the street — or dead

Learning their stories: Inuit youth come south to learn about life in the north

Tired of waiting on government, Indigenous groups to protect Quebec caribou on their own

Inventing a Vocabulary to Help Inuit People Talk About Climate Change

Rocket debris is a risk to Inuit food security

Branded: How Inuit women in Montreal end up on the street — or dead

Trump blames Cuba for mysterious attacks on US diplomats

Cuba unveils Jose Marti statue, a gift from Trump’s hometown

Two Macedonian Men Accused In Wiretap Scandal Arrested In Greece

Isle of Man Christmas stamps ‘reflect Manx history’

How Bahrain Is Aiming To Position Itself As A Regional Fintech Hub

Paraguay will ‘burn books’ which don’t promote ‘traditional gender ideology’

Meet the world’s first minister of artificial intelligence

Jailed Rwandan opposition figure accuses president

Tajikistan authorities draw up list of gay and lesbian citizens

Tajikistan’s Gold Rush

Why Investors Can’t Get Enough of Tajikistan’s Debt

Bulgaria Pushes for Clearer EU Membership Path for Western Balkans

Visit The World’s Only Carbon-Negative Country

Fiji to sell world’s first climate-change ‘green’ bonds

Kyrgyzstan: Presidential Election Produces First-Round Winner

Kyrgyzstan holds an election that was not a foregone conclusion

As Guinea residents’ Ebola knowledge improves, misconceptions linger

Dictator’s Games: a rare look inside Turkmenistan

How Close Is Turkmenistan To Instability?

Kuwait: Court Strikes Down Draconian DNA Law

Lebanon passes first budget since 2005

Lebanon issues death sentences in 1982 killing of president

Croatia issues arrest warrant for founder of country’s biggest company

A Maltese Journalist Who Reported on the Panama Papers Has Been Killed by a Car Bomb

One island, 2 worlds: the story of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

A New Chapter for the Disastrous United Nations Mission in Haiti?

Bahamas Ponders Capital Punishment in New Study

Social media is helping to expose police brutality in Belize

Catalan Independence: Only Belgium breaks ranks in EU unity with Madrid

Libya six years on: No regrets over Gaddafi’s demise

World Food Day: 350,000 people in Chad face starvation

‘An Unfinished Revolution’ review: shattering stereotypes of Adivasi-Maoist ties

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Somaliland election campaigns kick off with first ever presidential debate

What Kind of Leadership does Somaliland need?

Circassians prevented from attending jailed activist’s court hearing

A ‘Small Color Revolution’ Breaks Out Inside Russia Among Circassians

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First Scotland, Then Catalonia. And Now? Milan and Venice

Italian Regions of Lombardy and Veneto Vote for More Autonomy

Trans Adriatic Pipeline Will Fuel Albanian Growth

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern signs coalition deal, names Winston Peters Deputy PM