Story of three independence referendums: Catalonia, Kurdistan, West Papua

1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day

1970 October 10: Fiji Day

1492 October 12: Cities That Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day Instead of Columbus Day

1968 October 12: Equatorial Guinea Independence Day

October 14: Defender of Ukraine Day

1991 October 18: Independence Day of Azerbaijan

1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day

1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day

1955 October 26: Austrian National Day

1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day

1991 October 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day

1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day

1923 October 29: Republic Day of Turkey

“Pygmy” man pleads with Bronx Zoo organization after son is killed for conservation

Goulburn gets behind the Kisoro Project

Gwich’in prepare for another battle to stop drilling in caribou calving grounds

Canada will pay indigenous people nearly $600M over forced adoptions

Renowned indigenous leaders call for end to uncontacted ‘genocide’

Brazil’s National Indigenous Movement: resolute in times of crisis

Indigenous woman registers to run for Mexican presidency in 2018

Native Canadians Are Thriving … in the Suburbs

Trump’s Interior Head: If We Take Down Confederate Statues, American Indians Will Complain Next

Plight of Baloch population

New October 14 ‘Day of Defender of Ukraine’ holiday marks break with Soviet past

Crimea Isn’t the End of Russia’s Black Sea Ambitions

How Stalin Hid Ukraine’s Famine From the World

Who are the Europeans Demanding Russia Sanctions Be Lifted?

Jamala becomes UN Goodwill Ambassador against human trafficking

Russia fights civic activists & Crimean Tatar solidarity with terrorism charges

The Only Thing Catalonia and Crimea Have in Common Is the Letter C

Czech president proposes Ukraine sell Crimea

Russia abducts and ’arrests’ two Ukrainian border guards

Chilling disappearances and killings in Kremlin-backed ‘Luhansk republic’

What the Hurricane Maria migration will do to Puerto Rico — and the US

How one Sikh freedom fighter is helping political prisoners by committing himself to a hunger strike

Georgian-language schools disappear in South Ossetia: Russification or Expanding Opportunity?

Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova to create free trade zone

European Parliament Pressing For Ways To Bring Georgia, Ukraine, And Moldova Closer

EU appoints new special representative for South Caucasus

West Papua petition: Australia made a human rights promise that’s about to be tested

West Papua petition causes UN stir, but Papuans say demands still clear

West Papua: almost two million people calling for a vote on independence from Indonesia

Despite Common Threat in Beijing, Other South China Sea Rivals Still Spar Among Selves

Classmates beat girl, 10, in French primary school ‘for being Jewish’ but police keep it quiet for a week

US, Israel announce withdrawal from UN cultural agency UNESCO, cites anti-Israel bias

Greece remains the worst performing property market in the EU

Greece passes sex change law opposed by Orthodox Church

As Catalans call a referendum, we dare not risk China’s wrath in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, New Ways of Caving In to China

In Hong Kong, It’s the Fans Who Protest During the National Anthem

Skype’s Homeland Grapples With Dilemma of Robot as Legal Person

Estonia ‘first country in world able to function without physical land’

Czech election front-runner charged with subsidy fraud

Czech President, PM Clash Over Russia Sanctions For Crimea Annexation

Taiwan president pledges to defend freedoms despite China pressure

People want the Union flag to be removed from Welsh driving licences

Norway will pay their male and female football teams the same

PUK and KDP reject demands to cancel referendum result

Kurdish leadership invites Baghdad for ‘unconditional’ dialogue

Iraqi forces take Kirkuk, lower Kurdistan flag

Every nation needs a capital: how Erbil turned itself Kurdish

Iran Flexes Its Muscles After the Kurdish Referendum

It’s not independence, but Syria’s Kurds entrench self-rule

Time is running out for nonviolence — or Trump — to save Tibet

America Must Stand Up To China To Defend Human Rights In Tibet

‘Tibetan unity sends crucial message to China’ Pres on D’sala anniversary

Hong Kong under “One Country Two Systems” becomes the new Tibet?

How flags and emojis can be powerful symbols of independence movements

The Tibetan Spirit is Indomitable Despite Chinese Repression: His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Five-Fifty Forum

Road to Palestinian Statehood

Palestinian rivals Hamas and Fatah sign reconciliation agreement

Israeli, Palestinian women join peace march through desert

The long road towards Palestinian re-unification

Turf homes: Inside the grass-topped farmhouses that defined Iceland

Iceland Becomes The Smallest Country Ever To Qualify For A World Cup

World’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone

Broadcasting the Thrill of the “Gooooooooal” in the Quechua Language

Rights of Rural Women Have Seen Uneven Progress in Latin America

Navajo Nation Code Talker David Patterson dies at 94

Fifth Curaçao Pride broke all records!

Curaçao’s 7th anniversary as an autonomous country in the Kingdom; is there really something to celebrate?

Is Puerto Rico Part of U.S.? That’s Complicated

Yezidi children rescued from ISIS pray for freedom for their families

Niue marine park to preserve ocean for future generations

Nigeria govt seeks international cooperation over Biafra terrorism tag

Keighley exhibition recalls Basque refugees who came to town in 1937

American Samoa joins US climate change Alliance

Former president Anote Tong compares Kiribati’s future to the sinking of the Titanic

Suriname making strides to fix macro weaknesses

Austria’s conservative ‘wunderwuzzi’ Sebastian Kurz likely to be Europe’s youngest leader at 31

#OromoProtests in Ethiopia take an unexpected turn

Kosovo just held its first official LGBT pride event and even the president turned up

Serbian PM: Kosovo major obstacle in EU talks

Investigative Journalist Beaten In Kosovo

Kosovo leader assails empty ‘promises’ of Western leaders

Catalan leader signs document declaring independence from Spain

Generalissimo Is Back: Catalan pro-independence grass-root leaders sent to prison on sedition charges

North Korea revives Guam threat ahead of US-South Korea drills

Palau to host ‘Our Oceans’ conference in 2020

Delay in deploying a peacekeeping force to Lesotho triggers fears of violence

Former Lesotho army chief arrested

Going to school? Unlikely if you’re a girl in South Sudan

South Sudan Oil Conference Fails to Draw Biggest Energy Firms

As South Sudan implodes, America reconsiders its support for the regime

YES Armenia Program Seeks Young Talent to Help Modernize Armenia’s Public Sector

Somaliland court jails journalist for 18 months

Somaliland Elections on Track for November

Somaliland delegation heads to Moscow for bilateral talks

Breaking taboos: Unwed mothers in Tunisia speak out

Togo bans marches hours after opposition announces one

Togo bishop condemns ‘indiscriminate brutality’ by security forces

Felling Namibia’s Ancient Giants

Jamie Harron and other bizarre arrests in the United Arab Emirates

UAE Stops Issuing Visas for North Korean Laborers

Kuwait’s plans for mandatory DNA database have been cancelled

Seychelles reports plague case linked to Madagascar outbreak

Bolivia: President Evo Morales’ bid to extend term limits sparks mass protest

Pacific:Tuvalu proposes climate change insurance facility

Photographer captures incredible images of everyday life in Kashmir

Freudian slip?: Indian education board ‘recognises’ Kashmir as separate country

UN human rights high commissioner warns of “endemic” violations in Libya migrants’ centres

Weah to face Boakai in Liberia presidential runoff

Botswana finds anthrax outbreak after spate of hippo deaths

Botswana Trans Man’s ID Should Reflect His Gender Identity, Court Rules

Andorra: small European nation becomes a “living lab” for urban innovation researchers

Bahamas Has a Plastic Problem, and This Woman Is Out to Fix It

Bahamas ‘Riding Behind Competitors’ In Financial Services

Dangerous sound? What Americans heard in Cuba attacks

Likely successor to Cuba’s Castro rejects U.S. demands for change

Millions of dollars in gold end up in Switzerland’s sewers every year

Why Is Switzerland Bullish on Cryptocurrencies?

Maldives hotel unveils ‘world’s first Instagram Butler’

Mauritius: World Food Day 2017 – Invest in Food Security and Rural Development

EU To Start Negotiations On New Political Deal With Kyrgyzstan After Election

Q&A: Kyrgyzstan’s President on Democracy, Islam, and Being Friends with Putin

Will #Kyrgyzstan democracy pass its next test?

Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Revolution Bulldozer’ Bows Out Of Politics

Stakes in Presidential Elections Extend Beyond Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan: Dirty Election, Vibrant Electorate

Moscow Bribes Bishkek to Stop Kyrgyzstan From Changing to Latin Alphabet

Life-saving lyrics fill the airwaves in Sierra Leone

“No more beatings”: Sierra Leone’s husband schools take on domestic violence

Sierra Leone – our democracy, our only power – make it work

Sierra Leone News: Inclusive Education is not an option in Sierra Leone

A New Cabinet for Mongolia

Mongolia to boost wind capacity amid regional super grid hopes

After nearly 14 years, blue-helmet U.N. peacekeepers leave Haiti with an unclear future

After The Earthquake, How One Man Rebuilt Golf In Haiti By Hand

Death toll exceeds 30 as wild fires rage in Portugal

East Timor contributes most to fund to rebuild after Portugal fires

St Maarten/St Martin, Anguilla and St Barths have slow recovery after Irma

Here’s Where Some Of The Hurricane Impacted Caribbean Nations Stand Today

Armando Calderon Sol, first president to lead El Salvador after its civil war, dies at 69

Central African Republic could be on the brink of a bloodbath

Macedonia Sees Opportunity To Get Closer To EU Membership In Coming Year

In Macedonia, Memories of a Crackdown on the Ajvar Culinary Tradition Remain Fresh

Turkmenistan’s Council of Elders To Be Transformed Into People’s Council

Vladimir Putin gets puppy for birthday from Turkmenistan’s president

Crime costing Jamaica $68 billion per year

Albania’s Economy Booms Despite Political Infighting

Uruguay’s 1st transgender senator seated, vows protections

Circassians protesting against jailing of remembrance day organizer

Small Island Developing States in Crisis

In order to rebuild after a hurricane Dominica to waive taxes on importation of food, construction materials

Four Nations Meet to Resume Stalled Afghan Peace Talks in Oman

Mother of Rwandan president’s challenger tells court of torture

Extra €2.5m to help Irish language outside the Gaeltacht and to create jobs within

80 Years On, Dominicans And Haitians Revisit Painful Memories Of Parsley Massacre

Elaine C Smith: It’s time for the tough questions and bridge-building that will take Scotland to independence

Big names set for major Scottish Independence Convention event 4 November

Barotse National Freedom Alliance to report abuses against Barotse at the UN’s High Commission for Human Rights during Zambia’s Universal Periodic Review

This is why Wales is called Wales

People want the Union flag to be removed from Welsh driving licences

Welsh language heartlands ‘need vibrant economy’

EU ‘Ready to Welcome’ Belarus President to Eastern Partnership Meeting

Scenario of Russia’s Zapad drills was oriented towards aggression, not defense

Icelandic ex-minister criticizes Baltic states’ position on Catalonia