Hidden Ballot Boxes: Decolonisation Committee rejects West Papua independence petition , Catalonia could declare independence on Monday

2016 October 1: Oromo: Irrecha Festival Deaths

1958 October 2: Guinea Independence Day

1932 October 3: Iraq Independence Day

1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day

1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day

1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day

1970 October 10: Fiji Day

1968 October 12: Equatorial Guinea Independence Day

1991 October 18: Independence Day of Azerbaijan

1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day

Kosovo: Domestic Entrepreneurship and Help From the Diaspora

Kosovo Not Ready for Border Demarcation With Montenegro

“Bosnia won’t even consider recognizing Kosovo”

Kosovo Businesses Say Serbia is Blocking Free Trade

Kosovo does not meet priorities agreed with the EU

Chechen War Moves to Ukraine—And So Does a Wave of Criminal Violence

Russian activist urges EU to probe Chechnya gay abuses

Council Of Europe’s Rights Chief Decries Abuses, Says Russia ‘Only Country Not Cooperating’

New Rift Opens in Czech Elections Over Cheap Foreign Labor

Czexit next? Brussels set for collision course as anti-EU party looks to take power

Irish abortion law: Tens of thousands march in Dublin

What would an Irish language act cost ? And what might the legislation contain?

Basque visitor to Belfast voices concern over Catalonia

Basque in the glory: following Catalonia’s referendum, Sofia Weiss discusses her identity

Catalonia independence: Spain faces IMMINENT DESTRUCTION as Basques given hope for EXIT

Local educator pens historical novel about Saami

Ante portas: Radical Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kurds vote overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Iraq

The reverberations of the Kurdish referendum

Iraqi Kurds face airway isolation after independence vote

Hezbollah says Kurdish vote a step toward wider Mideast partition

Kurdish court approves result of independence referendum

Iraq officially demands Turkey, Iran deal exclusively with Baghdad on oil, borders

Norwegian TV Series ‘Occupied’ Hints At U.S. Leaving NATO, And Russia Invading

Moldova’s pro-Russian president warns country’s pro-Western government against impeaching him

Moldovan official says joining EU is key priority

Russia refuses to withdraw troops from Transnistria, declares itself “guarantor of stability”

Columbus Day? Indigenous people march for Indigenous Peoples Day

Hawaii approves telescope on volcano sacred to indigenous people

New Canadians will have to swear to observe treaties with Indigenous people

Indigenous tribes fronting for patent trolls sue Apple

Canadian Indigenous leaders travel to see Ecuador environmental disaster

Tata Genaro Ramírez: The Farmer Who Revived the Nawat Language in El Salvador

Tribal Head Who Led Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Voted Out

Town seal of pioneer ‘choking’ Native American finally changed

Years spent on the reservation inspire a book of updated traditional Navajo stories

Most countries have given up their colonies. Why hasn’t America?

Catalonia crisis: Crowds urge dialogue to break independence deadlock

Spanish court opens sedition probe of Catalonia officials for independence bid

What happened with Catalonia’s vote for independence — and what’s next

Catalonia independence declaration looms as leaders defy Spanish King

Catalonia could declare independence on Monday

Hidden ballot boxes, encrypted texts: How Catalans staged their referendum

If Catalonia goes independent, these places could be next

Eyeing more independence in the EU

Republic of Abkhazia Supports Catalonia

United Nations refuses to accept West Papua independence petition

French Polynesian leaders address UN decolonisation committee

Guam petitioners urge U.N. to make U.S. cooperate on path to self-determination

New Caledonia addresses UN decolonisation committee as independence referendum nears

Former French PM Valls eager to advance New Caledonia process

New Caledonia enters second month without government

Xinjiang Authorities Jail Six Uyghur Students on Return From Turkey

Chinese Police Order Xinjiang’s Muslims to Hand in All Copies of The Quran

Re-Education Camps in Two Xinjiang Counties Hold Thousands of Uyghurs: Officials

Chinese govt continues violation of religious freedom in Tibet

China Plans To Renovate Dalai Lama’s Iconic Potala Palace In Tibet

Tibetan Nomads Forced to Beg After Being Evicted From Their Homes

Tibetan Woman Wins As 1 Of 5 Global Animal Rights Superheroes

UN member states raise the grim human rights situation in Tibet

How Holodomor that killed millions remained a secret for decades

US representative for Ukraine Volker: there is no doubt about the presence of Russian military in the Donbas

Four Crimean Tatars detained in new wave of religious persecution

Ukrainian prosecutor refuses to investigate police inaction during shocking anti-Roma pogrom

Catalonia is (not) Crimea. The differences and commonalities of two referendums

China says Taiwan not a country, Taiwan says China needs reality check

Taiwan’s new premier affirms support for island’s independence, China warns against such move

Lessons For Taiwan From The Catalan And Kurdish Referendums?

Stopping the spin from Azerbaijan’s very special laundromat

Dozens of people rounded up and thrown in prison just for being gay in Azerbaijan

Aboriginal people make up one-third of Metro Vancouver’s homeles

Aboriginal Parents Feel “An Overwhelming Sense Of Powerlessness” In Struggles With Child Protection System

Aboriginal massacre sites uncovered in first forensic science study

‘Our culture is still strong’ : Parrtjima light festival

‘Historical’ speech Prime Minister Curaçao during Gay Pride

Curacao the Singapore of the Caribbean?

For Malians in Mauritanian desert, going home is a mirage

Europe’s ‘e-believers’ brave skepticism in Estonia

European digital ministers sign Tallinn Declaration on e-Government

Nadia Murad among possible contenders for 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

CEU launches Romani Studies Program

Israel seals off West Bank and Gaza as Sukkot begins

Israel destroys Bedouin village for the 119th time

Interpol approves Palestinian membership despite Israeli opposition

UN sends warning letters to firms that trade in occupied Palestinian territories

Palestinian government meets in Gaza for first time in three years

Rival Palestinian factions take closer steps toward reconciliation

Palestine 2015 attacks triggered new path of resistance

Another climate change concern: Forced migration

Mainstreaming migration for poverty reduction –in diverse country contexts

Michigan Recognizes Artsakh Independence

Asians Urged to Demand Reparations for Colonial Crimes

Balochistan: five members of a family killed by Pakistani forces in Dera Bugti

Balochistan: 20 people killed during shrine attack in Jhal Magsi

Germany: Free Balochistan Movement protest against China-Pakistan nexus in Baloch genocide

Western Sahara: Moroccan forces suppress peaceful demonstration in occupied El-Aaiun

Sahrawi President “it is time to expedite MINURSO mission to organize a Saharawi people self-determination referendum“

Jagmeet Singh and the rise of a new brand of Sikh politics

Three years after Umbrella Movement, Hong Kongers back on the streets

Tens of thousands march to defend Hong Kong’s rule of law against China

Amazigh Morocco: Imprisoned singer released

Nation.Cymru launches politics and identity survey

Independent Wales would be amongst wealthiest nations

Welsh-language theatremakers ‘underserved by the country’s theatres’

A couple created the ‘world’s first Welsh singing toy’ and it sold out almost immediately

Welsh government agrees £200k grant to fund hyperlocal news start-ups over two years

GUAM: Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova celebrate 20th anniversary of cooperation

Hague Court sends registrar to Tbilisi as part of Russia-Georgia war investigation

Open Society Georgia report: Five years from torture videos, progress and challenges

Back-to-Back Hurricanes Take Heavy Roll on the Caribbean

Caribbean hurricane zone-bound U.N. chief: Scientists say extreme storms to be ‘new normal’

On the ground in the devastated island of Barbuda

Barbuda could be climate resiliency leader

Māori businesswoman bringing culture to boardrooms

New Zealand coalition efforts intensify after final results give no clear winner

Labour’s clean sweep of Māori seats sealed Māori Party’s fate – what went wrong and will it return?

The story of the kūmara – a superfood shaped by Māori

Māori girls’ college celebrates 150 years

Niue reserves 40% of its ocean as a marine park

U.K. asks Nigeria to clarify status of ‘missing’ Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu

TIME magazine mentions Biafra supporters among world separatist movements

Biafra is a spirit that can’t be killed with guns, other weapons – Pastor Chris Okafor

Samoa takes important steps to becoming e-commerce ready

Samoa’s national bird under serious threat

Alternative business tax on the way in American Samoa

Marshall Islands President appeals to Pacific governments to grow their economies by empowering women

Faroe Islands creates its version of Google Translate after tech giant snub

New book dedicated to proponent of Saint Lucian culture Patrick Anthony

National security and equity continuously backsliding in St Lucia

Cooks to be first Pacific country with ‘developed’ status

Women forced to remove the veil on day one of Austrian burqa ban

Legal writs fly as Austria’s Facebook scandal deepens

Nauru economy heading into recession as income from running Australia’s asylum seeker detention centre falls

Safety of journalists in Lesotho ‘under threat’

Lesotho votes in third election in five years

Swaziland Still a Secretive State

Solomon Islanders face rising sea levels

Corruption in Solomon Islands ‘a huge problem’

Solomon Islands Joins Interpol

What Are the Limits to Belarus’s Sovereignty?

Moscow denies Ukraine’s accusation that it left troops in Belarus

Guyana trains first female ship captains in inaugural Marine Cadet programme

Tajikistan Authorities Invite Ridicule with Demand Wikipedia Correct ‘Spelling Mistakes’

Central African Republic: Sexual Violence as Weapon of War

Central African Republic Seeks More United Nations Aid As Violence Grows

64,000 flee new fighting in Central African Republic

United Arab Emirates to establish human spaceflight program

Puerto Rico hurricane dispatch: anger growing among America’s ‘second class citizens’

Puerto Rico’s nightmare recovery

Seven graphics that sum up Puerto Rico disaster

While Outrage Mounts Over Puerto Rico, Slums In Other US-Tied Domains Remain Forgotten

Lebanon’s biospheres of sorrow

Syria’s destruction revives a dream of rebuilding Lebanon’s railway

After Anti-China Campaign Rhetoric, Mongolia’s President Congratulates China on National Day

Mongolia has a macho new prime minister who’s apparently an admirer of Putin

‘We Don’t Exist’: Life Inside Mongolia’s Swelling Slums

Is Mauritius big enough for China and India?

China’s Djibouti military base: ‘logistics facility’, or platform for geopolitical ambitions overseas?

Djibouti ‘first of many China military bases’

China’s gigantic strides, ahead of Gambia

A woman’s burden in war-torn South Sudan

The price of water: South Sudan’s capital goes thirsty as costs soar

To intervene or not? China’s foreign policy experiment in South Sudan raises questions

Radioactive wild boar spark concerns in Sweden 31 years after Chernobyl

Burundi’s newest, biggest rebel group

In Historic First, Benin Photographs Return Home

How Benin’s morgues are causing a public health crisis

Equatorial Guinea banned from 2019 Women’s World Cup

Cartoonist detained in Equatorial Guinea for weeks without charge

Malta’s Government Is Putting Academic Certificates on a Blockchain

The people of Togo are fighting back against despotism

The same family has ruled Togo for 50 years. Will widespread protests change that?

Namibia: Gender-Based Violence Crisis in the Black Community

Ahead of a ban, China’s illegal ivory market has moved to Laos

Laos and Cambodia: the China dance

Laos merely a bystander as China pushes Belt and Road ambitions

In Comoros, Africa’s island nations talk disaster preparedness

Eritrea suffers new U.S. sanctions over human trafficking

Ethiopia Frees Eritrean Journalists After Nearly 11 Years

Has tourism eclipsed human rights in the Maldives?

EU calls for travel bans for Maldives’ leaders to ‘wake up’ the nation

Bolivia’s army in dispute with government over Che Guevara homage

Liberia has a big election next week — and a true test of democracy in Africa’s oldest republic

Serbia and Croatia in another strongly-worded row

Babies behind bars: the Honduran prison where children live with their mothers – in pictures

After 78 Killings, a Honduran Drug Lord Partners With the U.S.

‘Just talk’: Belgium offers Spain relationship advice

Somaliland and the Death of Cash

Somaliland and Somalia to establish a joint technical committee on airspace control

Somaliland Cyber Defence Network launched

Nicaragua: U.S. House Passes Bill To Make Loans Dependent On Democratic Elections

Storm Nate: At least 22 dead in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras

Cyprus Says It Agrees With Spain to Postpone Southern EU Summit

Rwanda charges critic of president with inciting insurrection

Prosecutors call parents to school because of the Tatar language

U.S. urges EU hopeful Albania to get tough with ‘big fish’ of crime

Public-private deals? Handle with care, IMF tells Albania

‘Mr Isle of Man’ unveiled at annual Manx LitFest

The tale the Isle of Man wants to shake

What it looks like when a Category 5 hurricane flattens your island overnight

Dominica in tatters weeks after Maria: ‘We saw everything totally destroyed’

Seychelles transforms island prison for drug traffickers into military training camp

First World Bank ‘Blue Bond’ Approved for Seychelles

Tourists Trickle Back to Tunisia After 2015 Militant Attacks

Attacks on Tunisia’s transitional justice process threaten women’s advancement

NFL stars stand up for sex trafficking survivors in the Dominican Republic

Nepotism, Bureaucracy Keep Dominican Republic’s Cultural Scene in Crisis

El Salvador Violence Rising Despite ‘Extraordinary’ Anti-Gang Measures

U.N. ending 13-year peacekeeping mission in Haiti

A year after Hurricane Matthew, Haiti’s children still incredibly vulnerable to disasters – UNICEF

Retired US Army Official Indicted in Haiti Bribery Probe

US expels Cuban diplomats following Havana attacks

Costa Rica Aims to Eradicate Harmful Flies with the Help of Wasps and Nuclear Technology

Macedonia: Mayor beaten as violence mars poll campaigning

Activists Urge Macedonia to Scrap Abortion Curbs

Victory for Gender Identity in Botswana: High Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Man

East Timor president swears in first minority government

Scientists mapping Greenland have produced some surprising – and worrying – results

Predicting the next big flood in Greenland

Greenland: constitution is only one step along the way to more self-determination and independence

Dagestan government is dismissed

Mauritania: The last bastion of institutional slavery

Mauritania: Prolonged Detention of Opposition Leader

Mauritania opposition decries crackdown on ex-senators

Turkey has opened a military base in Somalia as it steps up its Africa engagement

Uruguay Bans Online Gambling, Approves ISP Blocking

Kuwait to have its first electronic passenger information service

Five policemen injured after an explosion in Bahrain’s capital

EU executive steps up action against Hungary over NGO law

Hungary prosecutors probe accounts of opposition Jobbik party

Hungarian villagers in backlash against holiday for migrants

Rosatom’s Paks Nuclear Project in Hungary De

Serbia accuses world of double standards over Catalonia and Kosovo

Balkan Leaders Back Serbia’s Bid to Join EU

Gabon president wins libel case against French author

Clashes as ‘rebels’ storm Indian base in Kashmir

Kashmir ‘mass rape’ survivors fight for justice

EU orders Amazon to repay $295 million in Luxembourg back taxes

Luxembourg Legalizes Space Mining — Here’s What That Means for You

Suffering, thy name is Adivasi

This Dinosaur Really Wants To Save Adivasi Languages

Did This Adivasi Leader Get Arrested For Filing An FIR Against Durga Puja Celebrations?

Telangana: Tribals march to save culture

How the tribal affairs ministry allowed tiger reserves to get away with displacing Adivasis

Kyrgyzstan in talks on hosting second Russian military base

Kyrgyzstan vote to test stability of region’s political oddball

Your gilded chariot awaits: Brunei sultan celebrates 50 years in power

Papua New Guinea Government puts new gun licences on hold amid spate of violence

Papua New Guinea: Health workers train to treat survivors of sexual violence

Jamaica to host High Level Caribbean Forum

Scotland’s Kurdish community gripped by independence referendum

Event in Dundee to celebrate idea of Scottish independence

Scottish Resistance ‘occupy’ Spanish consulate over Catalonia

Latvia’s cellphones stopped working. Russia’s war games may be to blame.

Nunavut premier condemns Russian rocket launch, demands it be halted

Stalin’s Great Terror: Sakha’s Mountain Of Tin And Bones

Does Finland need its swastikas?