In Self-Determination Dispute With Spain UN Sides With Catalonia

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1830 May 28: Indian Removal Act

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

1992 June 3: Mabo Day, Australia

1989 June 4: Tiananmen Square protests/June 4th Incident

1970 June 4: Tonga Emancipation and Independence Day

1523 June 6: National Day of Sweden

1905 June 7, Norway: Independence Day/Union Dissolution Day

1898 June 12: Day of Freedom in Philippines

1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

June 15: International Uyghur Language Day

Amazigh activist Kamel Eddine Fekhar dies after more than 50 days of hunger strike

NGOs Accused of Exploiting Batwa Community

Former Botswana president quits ruling party in row with ex-ally

Hollywood PR firm to defend Botswana elephant hunting

Seas rise, hope sinks: Tuvalu’s vanishing islands – in pictures

High-tech mapping to help Tuvalu adapt to rising seas

‘Save Tuvalu; save the world’; UN chief echoes rallying cry from front lines of global climate emergency

Chinese influence in the Pacific prompts high-level meetings

Comoros swears in president after controversial elections

Comoros president pardons 17 jailed opponents

Guinea-Bissau’s election delivers renewed deadlock instead of solutions

Cyprus elects first Turkish Cypriot to European Parliament

Pro-government Assyrian Forces to Remain Armed in Northeast Syria

Assyrian diaspora seeks to reconnect with homeland

Saint Paul-Based Nonprofit Engages Hmong Youth Through Art and Activism

Honors for Hmong man who served with CIA secret army in Laos

Is ‘Putin is a thief’ a (potentially illegal) insult? Putin’s press secretary thinks so.

Tatarstan-based aluminium producer under fire for offering $1.50 a day bonus for femininity

Dagestan district head beats up a person

The unbearable silence of Chechnya’s lesbians

Chechnya ‘gay purge’ responders receive death threats after home invasion

Security forces supported by armored vehicles search Red Cross in Ingushetia

Rebellion in Ingushetia was driven underground

Netanyahu plunges Israel into new election

Tunisia media magnate announces presidential bid

Dominica Proofs Homes Against Climate Change Using Citizenship by Investment Funds

China Released a Uyghur Mother To Silence Her U.S. Son—Then Sent Her Back to Detention The Next Day

Abdukerim Rahman, a legendary Xinjiang University lecturer, disappeared since March 2018

Ahmatjan Juma, teacher likely detained because of his emigree journalist brother Memetjan Juma

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar, editor at Kashgar Publishing House, arrested with more than 12 others for problematic books

Inside China’s secret ‘concentration camps’ detainees ‘pray to president Xi Jinping’

Muslim Man Detained for Not Smoking or Drinking

China’s Kazakh Ambassador Angrily Rejects Xinjiang Crackdown Allegations

Rights group urges U.S. to sanction China over Xinjiang camps

US Urges Chinese Regime to Release Detained Uyghur Muslims for Eid Holiday

A Tale of Non-Uyghur Activists battling for Uyghurs’ Freedom

Serbia puts army on alert as tensions with Kosovo flare

Is Serbia’s prime minister racist?

Crimea’s Tatar minority fears history is repeating itself amid arrests and persecution from Russian forces

Russia offers dangerously ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner Edem Bekirov his life for a ‘confession’

Russia uses wholesale arrests to try to crush Crimean Tatar human rights movement

Two Crimean Tatar Activists Briefly Detained Over ‘Banned Symbols’

Detained Crimean Tatars tortured by Russians

Norwegian pension fund ditches alcohol, gambling and pornography

Venezuela talks in Norway end without deal

New Zealand becomes first in world to unveil ‘well-being’ budget

Barotse Activist Munyinda finally charged with six counts of promoting tribal war!

Pope Says Argentine Bishop Now Facing Vatican Abuse Trial

Rusal Names Controversial Ex-Ambassador to Head Guinea Office

Portugal becomes the first euro zone country to issue debt on China’s market

West Papuan political prisoners threatened after thanking British parliamentarians for their support for West Papua

Two West Papuan boys shot dead by Indonesian police

Opposition senators in Haiti trash Parliament office

Slovenia drops Mura river hydropower plans to protect environment

Survivors recall chaos as tour boat sank on Danube in Budapest

Restore Indigenous land rights to unlock traditional knowledge and repair ecosystems

PHL pursues preservation of indigenous languages at United Nations conference

Documentary explores death of Colten Boushie and his family’s resilience

Six ways Northwest Natives are using tech to save their languages

Sabah natives urged to remember their rights at Indigenous Walk

UN proclaims August 22 Day for victims of religious violence

National inquiry calls murders and disappearances of Indigenous women a ‘Canadian genocide’

‘We Are Resisting to Exist’: Indigenous Women in Brazil Are Fighting for Their Rights and Their Lives

Ken Wyatt: Australia’s first indigenous cabinet minister

Enslaved for decades, indigenous Indians freed by land titles

Adivasi Professor Arrested for Old Facebook Post on Right to Eat Beef

4 NDFB-S rebels jailed for 5 years for Adivasi massacre

Demand for Adivasi teachers to be a big issue

It’s time we moved the goalposts on Indigenous policies, so they reflect Indigenous values

Inside the First Major Museum Exhibition Celebrating Native Women Artists

Why a Hamptons Highway Is a Battleground Over Native American Rights

Native American graduate told to remove eagle feather from mortarboard gets apology

For Many Navajos, Getting Hooked Up To The Power Grid Can Be Life-Changing

Cherokee Nation’s next chief will have a big footprint in Indian Country

New Canadian navy ships to be affiliated with Inuit communities

Faroe Islands defend slaughter of whales as sea turns red with blood

Greenland’s Ice: A Photographic Eulogy

Tiananmen Book Seller’s Fight Shows China’s Sway Over Hong Kong

Sexual harassment is a ‘major public health issue’ in Sweden: survey

Stakes High for Armenia’s New Government

South China Sea: Tensions ERUPT as Japan promises to protect Philippines against Beijing

South China Sea: Japan and South Korea FAIL to deter Beijing as Shangri-La talks collapse

U.S. Drug Enforcement Investigated Honduras President for Cocaine Trafficking

Fire burns US Embassy entrance in Honduras amid privatization protests

Chad journalist and soldiers killed near N’Gounboua after Boko Haram attack

Lithuania Expels Chief Editor Of Sputnik’s Local Branch

Balochistan: Protesters clash with Iranian forces in Zahedan, 30 participants arrested

Balochistan: Youth arrested and disappeared on his return from Europe

Balochistan: Eleven Baloch abducted in two days from Gwadar and Kech

Balochistan: Military Intelligence office and FC check post attacked

Balochistan: Iranian forces shot dead one Baloch youth and abducted another

Germany: Free Balochistan Movement demands removal of Pakistan’s nukes

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct six Baloch including two students

Balochistan: Pregnant woman dies due to lack of maternity care

Blackheath woman sets up learning centre in East Timor

Russia’s Bulwark on the Afghan Border: Tajikistan

Internet censorship eased as EU Council chief visits Tajikistan

Nicaragua government releases 50 more political prisoners

Inaugural Togo-European Union Economic Forum

Zimbabwe to compensate more than 700 white farmers

Martin Shipton: When it comes to Welsh independence, I’m firmly indy curious

Wales dubbed a ‘Remain nation’ after EU vote

Machynlleth the first Town Council in Wales to back independence

Low turnout in French territories for EU elections

French Guiana still feels forgotten two years after Paris vows

Georgia Marks Independence Day

Breakaway South Ossetia shuts down more Georgian schools

Launch of Project “Education for Democracy in the Republic of Moldova”

Transnistria: Russia’s satellite state an open wound in Eastern Europe

Breakaway Transnistria Threatens to Sue Moldova for ‘War Crimes’

Mauritania: Blogger Mkhaïtir’s Fate Lies in the Hands of the President

Nicola Sturgeon makes fresh call for Scottish independence referendum in 2020

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland must be able to choose independence

EU Election 2019 result brings Scottish independence a step closer

Scottish Labour implodes after disastrous European elections

Scottish government publishes independence referendum bill

Indyref2: Scottish ministers all set with plan to fast-track vote

Yes groups receive more than £80k from Scottish Independence Foundation

Myanmar frees soldiers jailed for Rohingya massacre

Rohingya ‘still being terrorised by military’

In world’s largest refugee camp, Rohingya children face a desperate choice

Belarus: Interior Minister unrepentant following mass raids and detention of Roma

Thousands rally in Mongolia to call for government to step down

Mongolia hopes for Belt and Road bonanza without heavy debt

70,000 families displaced in Paraguay floods

Burundi threatens to cut ties with UN envoy: diplomats

Australia’s Scott Morrison to visit Solomon Islands as China increases influence over South Pacific nation

Equatorial Guinea struggles for place in world tourism

‘Gone Like a Meteor’: Epitaph for the Lost Youth of the Biafran War

Biafra declared its short-lived independence from Nigeria on this day in 1967

52 Years After: Looking At The Civil War Through Biafran Eyes

Photos: IPOB Freedom March for Biafra

EU finds Czech PM in breach of conflict-of-interest rules

Immigrant Proportion Grows Within Icelandic Labour Market

Bosnia mass killings: Efforts under way to identify victims

China and the United States face off in Djibouti as the world powers fight for influence in Africa

Eight Gambian soldiers sentenced over coup plot

High radiation levels found in giant clams near U.S. nuclear dump in Marshall Islands

European Commission recommends opening accession talks with Albania, North Macedonia

Analysis: European elections confirm resilience of Catalan independence

Puigdemont among three Catalan independence activists elected as MEPs

Exiled Puigdemont and jailed Junqueras win seats in Brussels

Catalan leaders braced for legal battle to take EU Parliament seats

Catalan MEPs prepare for legal battle to take seats in Europe

Jailed Catalan pro-independence leader Raül Romeva suspended in Spanish Senate

Strasbourg rejects suit challenging Spain’s suspension of Catalan parliament session in October 2017

ECHR rules against pro-Catalan independence claims about Spain’s handling of secession push

Jailed Jordi Sànchez asks for post-electoral meeting with King Felipe

Judge lifts year-long confinement of pro-independence activist Tamara Carrasco

Spotlight on women in Catalan national theater’s new season

Rene Catalan Finds Time In Giving Back

President Torra announces talks to seek unity among Catalan self-determination supporters

UN calls for release of three jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders

UN: imprisonment of Catalan politicians ‘against Universal Declaration of Human Rights’

UN demands release of Catalan prisoners in Spain

“The Spanish state has the moral obligation of freeing its political prisoners”

Jailed Catalan activist Jordi Cuixart asks for release following UN verdict

Catalan president urges Spain to free pro-independence leaders following UN report

Quim Torra calls for Catalan prisoners to be freed after UN report

Prosecutor to uphold rebellion charges in Catalan independence trial, say media reports

Spanish prosecutor confirms rebellion charges for Catalan leaders and requests up to 25 years in jail

European Parliament refuses entry to Catalonia’s Puigdemont

Catalan independence leader ‘BLOCKED’ from EU Parliament despite winning MEP election

European Parliament denies pass to ex Catalan President and new MEP Carles Puidgemont

European Parliament refuses to issue pass to former Catalan premier

Puigdemont files complaint against EU Parliament heads over denied access

Independence camp plans protest in Strasbourg for EU parliament inauguration

Benin: The Fall of a Model Democracy

Greece Hands Out a Lesson to Italy

ANALYSIS: Liberia – George Weah’s Government Finally Ready to Wear the IMF’s Strait Jacket

Ander Larunbe: The view from the Basque pro-independence left in a year of elections

Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election is crucial

Taiwan is preparing for war by training fighter pilots to use freeways as runways

Election weekend splits Belgium in two

India may extend $100-million defence line of credit to Kyrgyzstan

HRW: Year After ‘Bride-Kidnap’ Murder, Kyrgyzstan Doing Too Little To Curb Violence Against Women

A Journalist Was Killed in an EU Country. Why Has No One Been Caught?

Malta failing on rule of law after journalist’s murder – draft report

Oromo Liberation Front says “it will no longer have an armed group”

Bulgaria makes first U.S. gas purchases with two LNG cargoes

Israel ‘open’ to talks with Lebanon over disputed sea border

New Papua New Guinea leader a wildcard in Pacific power play

US-UAE defence deal comes into force amid Iran tension

Clashes, arrests after Sierra Leone court unseats 10 opposition MPs

Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia denounce decision to grant Amazon Inc rights to .amazon domain

Kurdistan Region Parliament to develop new legislature on disputed areas

ISIS ambushes villagers after setting fire to crops in disputed Kirkuk town

Multiple explosions rock Kirkuk, leave many casualties

Kurdish leaders urge for joint protection of Kirkuk following deadly bombings

Nechirvan Barzani elected Kurdistan Region president

Kurdistan Presidency will be ‘umbrella for unity,’ Nechirvan Barzani says after election

Families of Yezidi genocide victims ask for construction of memorial in Shingal

KRG: Nearly 1.5 million refugees, IDPs remain in the Kurdistan Region

New Call of Duty game inspired by Kurdish female fighters

Kurdistan Region and Iran exchange tens of prisoners

Turkish-backed militants in Syria’s Afrin region abduct, kill disabled child

Turkey’s opposition leader calls for legal arrangements for Kurdish language

HDP welcomes opposition call to recognize Kurdish language

Is the HDP a pro-Kurdish party?

Turkey probes Kurdish city for using Kurdish name

The World’s Longest Minefield Isn’t Where You Think It Is

Saharawi Commission reiterates urgent need for UN mechanism to monitor human rights in Western Sahara

Exit poll indicates strong support for Irish language

Northern Irish party surges in EU poll, seeks Brexit referendum

‘Bilingual town’: Carlow steps up efforts to become landmark Irish language destination

Academics, musicians and sports stars sign letter demanding Irish Language Act

Varadkar and May urged to implement Irish language act in North

President Trump will meet the Irish prime minister — at the airport

Tiny Irish village to welcome Trump with pride, not protest

Irish ‘bad bank’ surplus estimate hits $4.45 billion on property surge

Smyllie’s people: The Irish Times editor and southern Protestant identity

From sky farms to lab-grown shrimp, Singapore eyes food future

US Removing Eritrea from Counterterror Non-Cooperation List

Turkmenistan: In Ramadan, Muslims fear “extremism” accusations

Museum tells complex Bangsamoro story

Bangsamoro region information website launched

Moscow’s Hand in Libya

UNHCR evacuates hundreds of vulnerable refugees out of Libya to safety

Cuba legalises Wi-Fi routers in private homes

Remembering the Tiananmen Massacre, 30 Years On: ‘They Died on The Spot’

China Launches New Drive Against Dalai Lama Photos in Kardze

Chinese government orders Buddhist monastery to “rectify” Tibetan architecture of temple

After Rare Visit to Tibet, US Envoy Urges China to Resume Dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

No Tibetan Leader Invited to Modi’s Swearing in Ceremony