Bill to Address Chinese Uyghur Re-Education Camps Starts Journey in the US

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

1864 May 21: Circassian Genocide Memorial Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1830 May 28: Indian Removal Act

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

1992 June 3: Mabo Day, Australia

1989 June 4: Tiananmen Square protests/June 4th Incident

1970 June 4: Tonga Emancipation and Independence Day

1523 June 6: National Day of Sweden

1905 June 7, Norway: Independence Day/Union Dissolution Day

Batwa: New Study Shows People is Less Integrated into Social Welfare Programs

Uganda’s Minority Batwa Fear for Disappearing Culture

Gay man takes Russia to Europe’s rights court over Chechnya LGBT+ attacks

U.S. sanctions Kadyrov henchman in charge of MMA fight club for role in Chechnya’s anti-gay purge

Jailed Rights Defender Titiyev Files Request For Early Release In Chechnya

Heads of Crimea and Chechnya police top list of richest regional police officers

Cult of the Kadyrovs – Chechen president’s hometown renamed in honour of father

Turkey marks 155th anniversary of Circassian tragedy

Russian Senator Stripped of Mandate Amid Murder Investigation of Circassian Activist Aslan Zhukov

Three militants eliminated in Dagestan

Dagestan’s Last Tightrope Walkers: A Photo Essay

Xinjiang Re-education Camp Detainees Appointed ‘Crying Time’ Every Two Weeks

Gulgine Tashmemet, a PhD student in Malaysia, disappeared since December 2017, after returning to her hometown in East Turkistan

Zahirshah Ablimit, popular #Uyghur singer from #EastTurkistan, detained in after traveling with his parents to Turkey

Gulshan Abbas, a retired medical doctor, abducted on Sep 11, 2018, from her home in Urumchi

Gulnar Obul, well known university professor, arrested & accused of being ‘Two-faced’ for writing about #Uyghur culture, history & religion

Tashpolat Tiyip, Xinjiang University president, handed suspended death sentences, exact charges never made public

US Senate Panel Passes Bill to Address China Uyghur Crackdown, Camps

75 Years after Deportation, Moscow’s Genocide of the Crimean Tatars Continues

Poroshenko suggests granting Crimean Tatars national territorial autonomy in Ukraine

Russia uses threats & intimidation to drive Crimean Tatar language out of schools in occupied Crimea

Lithuanian MPs suggest recognizing Soviet persecution of Crimean Tatars as genocide

Erdogan: Turkey to defend Crimean Tatars under any circumstances

Mejlis chairman Chubarov: Russia consistently implementing concept ‘Crimea without Crimean Tatars’

State-sponsored abductions that Russia brought to Crimea. Where is Ervin Ibragimov?

UN demands Britain end rule of Chagos Islands in 6 months

Deadly floods in Guinea exacerbated by garbage-filled drains

Thousands March in Northern Ireland Demanding Same-Sex Marriage Equality

May ‘blocked amnesty’ for Northern Ireland veterans

Listen to JFK’s previously unheard private message to Ireland

Trump to visit Ireland during D-Day trip to UK and Normandy

Brexit shifts politics in Ireland as parties look north

Irish soccer’s split identity in the age of Brexit

Ireland United: The dream of an all-island soccer team

As Brexit looms, Irish employment hits new record high

Northern Ireland growth nearly four times slower than London

Theresa May’s successor won’t get better Brexit deal: Irish minister

Irish famine memorial dedicated on Deer Island

American family gives Irish Famine-era manuscript back to Ireland

These Projections Spotlight The Neglect Of Women In Northern Ireland

Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Ease Divorce Restrictions

Fresh plea for Border poll as survey shows 65% back united Ireland

Britain: Indonesia’s claim of sovereignty over West Papua, the Act of free choice” is an “utterly flawed process”

UN chief waffles over West Papuan human rights violations

There is Nothing ‘Neo’ about the Colonialization of West Papua

Dreams of Comoros oil boom hang on seismic survey

Turkmenistan’s alpha male goes to the dogs

El Salvador wartime parties suspend controversial amnesty bill

Finland’s Lions claim ice hockey world championship

Paraguayan indigenous community goes digital to protect ancestral lands

A woman takes leadership of Paraguay’s Maka people

UA students discover 1,800-year-old footprint ‘snapshot’ of Athabascan ancestors’ culture

‘Resisting to exist’: Indigenous women unite against Brazil’s far-right president

Ecuador’s isolated indigenous tribes: Stuck between oil and state neglect

How Bolivian Indigenous Peoples Mobilized History for Social Change

Aboriginal mothers are incarcerated at alarming rates – and their mental and physical health suffers

Yukon has a new protected area

Reviving language: How researchers develop palawa kani, drawing on historical sources, as second dictionary nears completion

Rwanda lawmakers approve swahili as the official Language of the country, dropping french completely

Hong Kong independence activists granted refugee status in Germany

Hong Kong police arrest student independence movement leader for allegedly damaging Chinese flag

We’re approaching a point of no return in Greenland

Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities Need Connectivity to Catch Up

‘Divide and conquer Asean’: China tries to go one on one with Malaysia to settle South China Sea disputes

India, Singapore Begin SIMBEX 2019 Naval Exercises in South China Sea

South China Sea: Tensions to ERUPT as disputed waters ‘on verge of collapse’, expert warns

Farmer Herder Clashes in Chad Follow Familiar Pattern

Tensions flare near Chad’s precarious northern border

French military take over from Belgium at enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Estonia

US energy secretary Perry: Sanctions bill on Nord Stream 2 coming soon

Communism is Prison exhibition opens in Tallinn

U.S., Estonia Sign 5-Year Road Map of Defense Cooperation

Estonian e-services suffer worst breach yet

100 years since Rīga was freed from communist rule

Estonian Song Festival is turning 150

Riigikogu celebrating 100th anniversary with open doors day

Baloch Movement to hold protest against Pak nuke prog on May 28

Car bomb targets Baloch insurgents in Kandahar

George Orwell’s son follows father’s steps in Barcelona during Spanish Civil War

Super League: Catalans Dragons beat Wigan Warriors 33-16 in Barcelona

150 lecturers signal open letter criticising Spain’s remedy of Catalan Authorities

Big pro-Catalan rally staged in Madrid

Jailed leaders register as MPs and senator in Spanish parliament

Japan’s NTT Data opens first European AI center in Barcelona

Junqueras and Sánchez express desire for dialogue in Spanish parliament exchange

Madrid court rejects Puigdemont lawsuit against electoral authority

Raucous scenes as jailed Catalan leaders take office

‘Victory against repression’ as Catalan prisoners take seats at parliament

Sónar+D brings Artificial Intelligence and ‘The Next Internet’ to Barcelona

Aging Catalan population expected to hit eight million by 2030

Here are the top 5 electric motorcycles and scooters from the Barcelona Motor Show

An interview with exiled Catalan President Carles Puigdemont

Cannes: Catalan director shocks with two-hour orgy of sadomasochistic debauchery

Power shifts in southern Catalonia – from nuclear to wind

Nestlé to invest €17.2m in biomass boiler in Girona plant

Catalan independence trial set to end on June 11

‘This is not a trial between equals,’ says Welsh MP Hywel Williams

Independence trial is ‘historic mistake’ says Catalan minister Alfred Bosch

Catalan Tourist Board launches UK campaign to promote Year of Cultural Tourism 2019

Òmnium claims ‘state operation’ aimed to criminalize its head Jordi Cuixart after his arrest

Jailed Catalans suspended as Spanish MPs

Puigdemont says Brussels win shows strength of independence cause

Honduran anti-graft mission probes ex-president over drug money

Welsh Independence Has Gone Mainstream

Bridgend Council threaten landlord with fine over Cofiwch Dryweryn ‘advertisement’

New book explores 15 centuries of Welsh literature

Welsh lessons for migrants and refugees ‘neglected’

Western Togoland Secessionists In USA Petitions UN Over Arrest, Brutality Of Members

Soldier Charged For Aiding Volta Secessionists

Central African Republic massacres leave more than 50 dead

Remote Togo village transformed by solar power

Gridlock in Moldova’s government helps Russia and Putin

Moldovan Pride march met by opposing groups

Southeast Europe’s first P2P lending platform launched in Moldova

Cook Islands targets gold standard for tuna products

Mauritania: Bloggers languish in detention two months after their arrest for condemning corruption

SNP call on BBC to refer itself to Ofcom to allow Question Time probe

Sturgeon: Voting SNP shows Scotland has had enough of being ignored

Nicola Sturgeon renews indyref2 call as Theresa May quits

Expert pollster: No-deal Johnson would give Scotland independence majority

Logging ravaging the Solomon Islands’ forests

Solomon Islands, Taiwan, and the Politics of Recognition

Vanuatu to seek more Belt and Road assistance from Beijing: PM

What if Equatorial Guinea Kept Its Promises on Human Rights?

European Parliament elections: Democracy arrived in Slovakia 30 years ago, but where are the voters?

One in five Swiss women has been a victim of sexual violence

Pro-Biafra Anniversary Turns Bloody As Police Open Fire On MASSOB Members

Biafra: Court Remands 140 Arrested IPOB Members For Alleged Treason

Gerry Gogan obituary: Irish priest expelled from Biafra

Rohingya refugee men join push to curb sexual violence

Thousands of Czechs protest for fourth week against justice minister

In Bosnia, women footballers play against the patriarchy

Gambia targets African tourists for more sustainable growth

Venezuela Gang Muscles Into Trinidad and Tobago, Others May Follow

Qatar not invited to emergency Arab summits in Saudi Arabia – Qatari official

Iran Closes Assyrian Presbyterian Church in Tabriz

Erdogan Describes Assyrian, Greek and Armenian Genocide As ‘Reasonable Relocation’

NIA files charge sheet in Sikh militancy case

G. Bissau protesters call for March election winner to form government

Austria’s coalition government collapses over scandalous Ibiza video

Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting

Galician Literature Day, a celebration of language and culture

Somaliland celebrates independence amid lobbying for international recognition

China accuses U.S. for intervening in its relations with Dominican Republic

Albania government denies links to organised crime

Kyrgyzstan: One spiky little tweet exposes social fault lines

Seychelles set for commercial aquaculture debut

Malta named best European holiday destination for LGBT travellers

Bulgaria builds gas link to end full reliance on Russian gas

Ezidi radio presenter found in Syrian camp four years after ISIS kidnapping

Over 130 Yezidis resettle in France as part of new humanitarian initiative

PKK clash with Turkish forces in northern Erbil province

Kurdistan Region rights commission calls for suspension of acting Kirkuk governor amid ‘Arabization’ policy

Nashville Schools To Offer Kurdish Language Classes

Turkish-backed militants kill Syrian Kurdish abductee in Afrin after blackmailing his family

IS Militants Target Kurdish Farmers in Disputed Iraqi Territories

Kurds are creating a state of their own in northern Syria

US House Committee presses to protect Kurds in Syria

Kurdish city returns to original name ‘Dersim,’ attracts Turkish ire

Kurd in Germany running in EU elections proud of her Kurdish identity

How would a war between the U.S. and Iran impact the Kurds?

Turkish bombing causes population in Kurdistan Region border villages to dwindle

Parliament to elect new Kurdistan Region President on Tuesday

Russian, Turkish proxies poised to intensify clashes in Syria’s Idlib

Kurdish prisoners, MP in Turkey end hunger strike after Ocalan’s call

Bolivia’s Morales begins bid for 4th term despite complaints

Anniversary of Sahrawi armed struggle: 46 years of resistance

Western Sahara: November 8, established as National Day of Saharawi Civil Prisoner

UN envoy for Western Sahara quits over health reasons

France stands behind obstruction of efforts of UN envoy Horst Koehler (Emhamed Khaddad)

Tajikistan prison riot kills prominent opposition members

‘Breaking the silence’: Report documents torture in Kashmir

The tumultuous history of Tibet

US Ambassador to China visits Tibet after four years

US Ambassador Raises Concerns About Religious Freedom in Rare Tibet Visit

As elections near, Belgian political parties pledge support for Tibet in response to ICT questions

The 17-point Agreement – What China promised, what it really delivered and the future?

China forces 30,000 Tibetan monks and nuns to take exams on Chinese law

Human Rights Watch Calls on China to Immediately Release Over 80 Tibetans Unjustly Imprisoned for Long-Term

Taiwanese president challenged to invite Dalai Lama

Tibetan Angst over Chinese buy up in Australia

Morocco Calls Off Amendment Allowing Bank Al Maghrib to Issue Amazigh Banknotes

Tunisia’s indigenous Amazighs launch their first political party

South Sudan Warring Parties Sued Over Delay to Form Government

Can Bahrain “deal of the century” meeting achieve anything tangible?

‘This is not a peace plan’: Palestinians shun Bahrain conference

Tunisia frees United Nations expert suspected of espionage

Renaming of North Macedonia a rare Balkan diplomatic success

Libya documentary puts female footballers in spotlight

Russia Sees Libya Stalemate as Strongman’s Assault Stalls

Head of International Atomic Energy Agency visits Cuba

Shortages plague Cuba as U.S. sanctions sharpen economic woes

Thanks Iceland, Madonna for Disrupting Eurovision’s Big Deception

Blame it on Bieber: Iceland canyon too popular with visitors

Wow Air Collapse Decimates Iceland’s Economy

Kushner’s squeeze play on Jordan’s King Abdullah