New Caledonian Independists 2 Seats Short of Majority

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

1864 May 21: Circassian Genocide Memorial Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1830 May 28: Indian Removal Act

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

Prefecture in Qinghai to Drastically Cut Tibetan Language Education

China’s Effort to Silence the Sound of Uyghur

Assyrian Writer Uses Language to ‘Engage, Challenge and Empower’

Uzbekistan: Keeping the Karakalpak Language Alive

British languages could be part of cultural loss on ‘a massive scale‘

Ending Cornish autocorrect woes with the SwiftKey keyboard

Language commissioners from six countries support a similar role being established in Northern Ireland

A farewell to the last of the great Scots scholars

Eureka High Students to Receive First California Seal of Biliteracy in Yurok Language Tonight

Thousands take to the streets across #Galicia to call for ‘freedom, justice and equality’ for #Galician

New Breton project to help people find Breton-speaking small businesses

Safeguarding Books and Reopening Schools: Syrian Kurds Fight to Treasure Their Traditions

New Words Help Bring Back Native Languages

Ngambela Manyando shamelessly order arrest of Barotse activist after WhatsApp, Social media brawl!

Chinese fishing giant and Kiribati announce joint venture

Eritrea blocks social media, reportedly to curb planned protests

Equatorial Guinea authoritarian regime praised in UN human rights review

Ex-Armenia president goes on trial, rejects ‘coup’ charges

Beware the Underworld Merchant-Adventurer

Estonian Films Headed for Record Breaking Year

The New Far-Right is Sinking Estonia’s International Reputation

Estonia finance minister vows to oppose further EU integration

Not OK. France’s Le Pen after Estonia visit asks to delete controversial selfie

#EUelections2019: Pro-Kremlin narratives in Latvia

Vilnius University awards diplomas to students expelled by Nazi and Soviet authorities

International Conference Explores Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides

After Attacks On Assyrians, Northern Iraq’s Christian Minority Recommits To A Homeland

Rohingya Muslim shops and schools set on fire by Buddhist vigilante groups

Registration gives many Rohingya refugees identification for the first time

Bangladesh police kill two suspected Rohingya traffickers in clash

Rohingya girls rescued from traffickers in Bangladesh

Guam Has an Amazing, Millennia-Old Indigenous Culture No One Knows About

Trump To Meet Leaders Of 3 Micronesian Nations

UN chief Guterres concerned nuclear ‘coffin’ leaking in Pacific

Libya aid agencies seek U.N. resolution to protect people caught up in fighting

Minnesota could get a new state holiday: Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial Day

Two Australians who gained access to Nauru share the horrors they faced

Contrasting Cases of Energy Dependence: Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago

Without Venezuela’s oil, Haiti struggles to keep lights on

‘Even Young Children Were Not Spared.’ Haiti Police Describe Massacre In La Saline

End A Dissident’s Ordeal in Turkmenistan

HKFP Lens: Lisa Ross dives into the heart of Uighur identity with shots from China’s Xinjiang

China’s online ‘army’ wages war on Uighurs

Religious Repression and Cultural Decimation: Spare a Thought for Uyghurs this Ramadan

‘Saved’ by state terror: Gendered violence and propaganda in Xinjiang

How Uyghurs are silenced from sharing their suffering with the world

Diplomat Confirms Limits on Ramadan in Xinjiang

Western Companies Get Tangled in China’s Muslim Clampdown

The razing of mosques is the next step in China’s crackdown on Uyghur culture

China tells Turkey to support its fight against Uighur militants

China pushes inter-ethnic marriage in Xinjiang assimilation drive

Man arrested during Nicaragua’s massive protests killed in prison

Fugitive El Salvador ex-president Funes paid by Nicaragua government

Croatia’s WWII divisions in the open as Merkel visits

Victims of deportation of Crimean Tatars commemorated in Kyiv

Hizb ut-Tahrir case: Russian court extends remand time for Crimean Tatar men

US urges Russia to free arrested Crimean Tatar activists

Occupation authorities mull terrorism-related charges against Crimea Tatar leader Dzhemilev’s stepson

Crimean Kids With Kalashnikovs: Critics Warn Of Growing Emphasis On ‘Patriotic’ Education

Tortured Crimean Tatar jailed for over 10 years without a crime

When You Think About Crimea, Think Crimean Tatars

Bitter 75th Anniversary of the Crimean Tatar Deportation as Russian persecution mounts in occupied Crimea

Turkey Marks 1944 Tragedy Of Crimean Tatars

Russian bridge to Crimea strangles Ukraine ports

Shhh—No Need To Fear Russia, Says Russiophobia Report Paid For by Russia

Putin calls Ukrainians ‘fascists.’ They’re about to swear in a Jewish president.

Anti-Kremlin campaigner calls for ‘French Magnitsky act’

Council of Europe to allow Russia to vote again

Muslims will trigger disintegration of new Russian empire, Ukrainian mufti says

Dagestani wrestler who desecrated Buddha statue in Kalmykia arrested after igniting mass brawl

Ingush Activist Rizvan Ozdoyev Detained Over Violence At Rallies Against Chechnya Border Deal

Russian embassy wrapped in Pride flag to protest Chechnya’s anti-gay purge

LGBT Torture in Chechnya Continues, Human Rights Group Confirms

“Kiss-in” at Russian embassy to protest homophobia in Chechnya

Turkey’s divided Circassians

Dalai Lama Offers Buddha Statues to Buddhist Temples in Russia

Ingush blogger Ismail Nalgiev expelled from Belarus without trial

Son of Ingush UR party member arrested on suspicion of terrorism

‘Oldest man in world’ dies aged 123 after shunning doctors, TV and alcohol

Is Russia a Muslim country?

Mediation in Norway aims to resolve Venezuela crisis

Venezuela’s Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades

Vatican launches its first ever women’s football team

Victims of Clergy Abuse to Sue Vatican, Seek Abusers’ Names

Growing fears that Ebola could spread within and beyond DR Congo

Money, guns and brides fuel South Sudan’s cattle wars

South Sudan refugees flood into DR Congo

Kiir urges rival Machar to return to South Sudan

UN Steps Up Measures to Combat Ebola at South Sudan-Congo Border

South Sudan bans discos, bars to operate for five hours daily

Sudan protest hub: Roadblocks being removed, US lawmakers pile pressure

How Sudan targeted the women driving protests

United Liberation Movement for West Papua urges Indonesia not to execute West Papuan political prisoner Yogor Telenggen

West Papuan independence activists Yakonias Womsiwor and Erichzon Mandobar jailed for ‘rebellion’

West Papua Issue Raised in UK Parliament, but Follow-Up Is Unlikely

Colonial Indonesian prosecutors seek prison sentances on treason chardges for West Papuan referendum activists

As Indonesia mulls moving the capital, indigenous groups fear another land grab

A new high: Indigenous Thai farmers swap opium for coffee, land

Putla: A 75-year-old woman indigenous rights defender

Tomoko Keira’s ‘The Spirit of Huci’: A year of living with an Ainu elder — review

How democracy has failed India’s adivasis

Millions of indigenous people face eviction from their forest homes

Adivasis demand equal allocation in national budget

No power, water, roads: Telangana’s Guttikoya adivasis demand basic facilities

‘Stop atrocities on Adivasis’: Alleged letter by Maoists warning TDP leaders surfaces

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation donate $750,000 to Sacramento State’s Native American Studies program

Maine to become first state to ban Native American mascots in public schools

Vermont Ditches Columbus Day, Renames Holiday To Honor Native Americans

One of the Last Navajo Code Talkers, Whose Native Tongue Stumped WWII Enemies, Has Died

Cave Inscriptions Shed Light on Cherokee History, Religion and Culture

A Rising Native America Aims to Make Further Gains in the 2020 Elections

Must-Watch Film ‘Welcome to Gwichyaa Zhee’ Fights for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Copper, fjords, reindeer and controversy: inside Norway’s new arctic mine

An Uncommon Victory for an Indigenous Tribe in the Amazon

First Indigenous Women’s March empowers survivors, offers support

Signs of the times: indigenous women and indigenous place names

How a 19th-Century Photographic Technique Erased a Māori Tradition

Indigenous Australians Challenge Government Over Climate at UN

Treaty: Aboriginal Victorians to elect First People’s Assembly

Insiders Insight: Togo family dynasty eyes rule until 2030

Faroe Islands ‘Closed For Maintenance’ to Tourists

The Demise of Hong Kong

Honduran president’s brother admits to knowing drug lords

Multilateral Presence and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific

Vietnam Is the Chinese Military’s Preferred Warm-Up Fight

Chad Suspends Import Taxes on Food to Avoid Sudan-Style Protests

St. Kitts And Nevis Court Rules Adults Can Legally Use Marijuana In Private

Pakistan: 5 killed in Gwadar hotel attack claimed by Baloch Liberation Army

Baloch group warns China against its presence in the region

‘China may end up helping Baloch freedom war’

Gwadar is not last, more attacks to come, Baloch Liberation Army declares

Pakistan’s Shiite Hazara Minority Fear Atrocity at Hands of Sectarian Militants in ‘Prison-like’ Ghettos

It’s Like ‘Living In A Cage,’ Say Pakistan’s Besieged Hazara

Tiny East Timor to become world’s first plastic-neutral nation

Women in Kyrgyzstan are fighting sexism by joining the space race

Zimbabwe to pay US$660 million to white farmers, finance ministry data shows

Plaid Cymru call for votes as Wales poll shows united Remain effort would beat Brexit Party

How Was Polynesia Populated? Two New Books Explore the Pacific’s Mysteries

Stop Tuvalu and ‘the world from sinking’ UN chief tells island nation facing existential threat from rising seas

Solomon Islands disappearing beneath rising sea at ‘unprecedented’ rate

European Commission head Juncker says Georgia is a ‘100% European state’

Allies’ support proves that Russia’s aggression will not deter Georgia’s progress toward EU and NATO – Georgian president

Abkhaz parliament confirms opposition leader was poisoned, presidential elections may be rescheduled

Abkhazia bans foreigners from leading tours

Iceland Tops KidsRights Index

Women Are One Third of Board Members at Iceland’s Largest Companies

Gabon president vows to nab thieves of $250m protected hardwood

Trans-Dniester: The disputed ‘smuggler’s haven’ ruled by Moldovan ‘football kings’

Moldova’s president to dissolve parliament unless deadlock settled by mid-June

Is everyone in Scotland really ready for the responsibility of independence? campaign for independence hits huge milestone in just three weeks

Nicola Sturgeon: There’s now a chance to keep Scotland in EU

Edinburgh McDonald’s stops selling milkshakes during Farage visit

Ex-Belgium king to be fined £4k a day until he takes DNA paternity test

Extreme right is gaining ground in all of Europe, except for Wallonia

Christian Aid urges to Drop Sierra Leone Ebola-related debts

Widespread flooding in Paraguay causes damage, deaths

A new election brings little hope for Solomon Islands’ vanishing forests

Belarus: Media Under Attack as European Games Loom

Switzerland Loves Guns. The E.U. Wants Reforms. Voters Will Decide

Liberia opposition vow to go ahead with June protest

Biafra day to be marked on May 30

IPOB Ready For ‘Landmark’ Event Towards Biafra Sovereignty

Biafra: Police cautions IPOB ahead of May 30 sit-at-home order

Turkey to send second drilling ship off Cyprus

Austrian state plans ‘Ten Commandments’ for asylum seekers

Austria recognises third gender option in official documents

Austria approves headscarf ban in primary schools

Czech protests over new justice minister enter third week

Djibouti Again Ordered to Pay US$385m to port operator

Pendarovski sworn in as new North Macedonia president

Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia sign border agreement

EU peacekeepers warn Serb leader against dividing Bosnia’s armed forces

EU Starts New Program to Fight Graft and Organized Crime in Bosnia

Will The Gambia be a turning point for AU peace efforts?

Ghana keen on crashing ‘Western Togoland’ separatist dream

UAE reports acts of ‘sabotage’ against commercial ships

NYU Chaplain to Be First Chief Rabbi in the United Arab Emirates

Interviewed from prison: Catalan independentists’ choice for Europe’s top job

Joan Miro: The Catalan Magician Remakes the World

Carles Puigdemont will give up Catalan presidency bid if he becomes MEP

Barcelona among 43 world cities listed for fighting climate change

Statistical Institute of Catalonia

Torra’s first 12 months as Catalan president

Defense lawyer accuses Supreme Court judge of ‘violating fundamental rights’ of Catalan witnesses

Supreme Court to allow jailed MPs to take up seats but refuses their release

Catalan political prisoners granted temporary freedom for swearing-in

Elected Catalan pro-independence prisoners allowed to attend parliament on day before opening

Barcelona becomes world’s most popular international conference city

DocsBarcelona back again with a focus on nature, women’s rights and politics

Parliament speaker Roger Torrent urges Council of Europe commissioner to visit jailed Catalan politicians

Spanish electoral authority stops jailed Catalan politician Oriol Junqueras from taking part in a televised debate

Spain goes after Catalan media, government officials and businesspeople over 2017 referendum

Catalonia indyref: 28 new people charged including media bosses

Puigdemont’s list files lawsuit against electoral authority

Catalan president Torra makes court appearance over yellow ribbons controversy

Catalonian Women Filmmakers Raise the Bar

A New Generation of Women Filmmakers on the Rise in Catalonia

Foreign minister pays tribute to slain Catalan photojournalist on Balkans trip

Catalonia Representatives Visit Croatia, Ignored by Officials

Sarajevo, possible venue in Barcelona’s bid to host 2030 winter olympics

Franco’s legacy animates Spain’s Vox party

Catalan pro-independence parties end Socialist leader’s bid to head Spanish Senate

Catalonia: 150 Academics Sign Open Letter Denouncing Violation of Civil Rights

Messi awarded Creu de Sant Jordi for service to Catalonia

Catalan lawmakers to head both Spain’s congress and senate

Spain’s Sanchez nominates Catalans to chair Congress and Senate

Pedro Sanchez picks Catalans for key positions in Spanish government

New York mayor backs reelection of Ada Colau in Barcelona

Dire Straits veteran to play Barcelona in October

Barcelona take on Lyon in ‘dream’ Women’s Champions League Final

Leo Messi’s ‘humility and honesty’ earns him one of Catalonia’s highest civil awards

Barcelona vice-president Mestre believes Catalan giants’ success can help grow female football

How to Make Money Off Rainforests Without Cutting Them Down

Qatar inaugurate first stadium amid possible FIFA plans for 2022 World Cup expansion

EU official voices concern over Greek PM handouts

Greek Anarchists Vandalize U.S. Ambassador’s Home

Greek journalist’s car targeted in reported bomb attack

India and Pak Should Resolve Issues Through Dialouge Involving Stateless Nations of the Region, World Sikh Parliament

Congress and BJP are fighting over 1984 Sikh genocide just for votes, says Dal Khalsa

First aid in years lifts hope for cut-off towns in Central African Republic

ICC postpones hearing of Central African Republic case to September

US in new push to resolve Israel-Lebanon sea border dispute

Lebanon’s Latest Brush With Crisis Has Hezbollah Scolding Banks

UN calls for probe into allegations of torture in Lebanon

In Lebanon, vintage film posters question Western cliches

Lebanon’s ex-Maronite patriarch dies days before turning 99

“We’re Not Coming Out!”: why the overlooked story of Romani Resistance Day still resonates in 2019

Kuwait urges military to take ‘maximum caution’ amid US-Iran tensions

Elephants Can’t Vote, But They May Decide Botswana’s Election

Mining diamonds in Botswana

EU shrinks tax haven blacklist, removes UK, Dutch territories

Josu Ternera, leader of Eta Basque rebels, arrested in France

U.S. Intelligence: China Is Building Up Its Capability to Invade Taiwan

Taiwan loses Asia’s press-freedom top spot – but still pretty good

China Again Blocks Taiwan’s Participation in World Health Meeting

Feud between Rwanda, Uganda strongmen takes toll

Somaliland Celebrates Independence Despite Lack of International Recognition

East Africa Finally Acknowledge the Reality that is Somaliland

Dominican Republic ends probe of defrocked Jersey priest found teaching children

‘A Million Elephants’ No More: Conservationists In Laos Rush To Save An Icon

Sweden Reopens Julian Assange Rape Case

Sweden to host international meeting on ISIS tribunal

‘Rise up’: Papua New Guinea female police chief’s battle cry to women

Yezidis build homes on Mount Shingal, the only place they feel safe

ISIS burns crop fields in Makhmour after farmers refuse to pay tax

US-led Coalition: ISIS not defeated

Yezidi lawmaker introduces bill calling on Iraq to mark national genocide day

Turkish court sentences Kurdish author Fuat Onen to 37 months over writings

Erdoğan’s little helper – Why is Facebook censoring Kurdish solidarity?

Kurdish village fears ‘demographic change’ as hundreds come to unlawfully claim land

Suspected ISIS attack leaves two Kurdish civilians dead in disputed Khanaqin

Blocked from humanitarian aid, Afrin Kurds experience hardships in Serdem Camp

Uncertain Future Awaits Displaced Syrian Yazidis in Lebanon

Kurdish-led authority: Damascus stirring tensions in east Syria

France reopens probe into killing of 3 Kurdish activists

Kurdistan region worried as U.S. and Iran tensions grow

Turkey begins moving 600 Kurdish prisoners from Afrin to unknown location

Iraqi forces demolish homes of 4 Kurdish families in Kirkuk

Turkey’s Erdogan seeks to strip 21 Kurdish, opposition MPs of immunity

“The resistance of the Saharawi people will end with victory and self-determination”, East Timor PM

Sahrawis are fed up with waiting

Human Rights Watch denounces the arrest and trial of a Sahrawi woman

World Bank Offers $27m For Geo-Energy in Dominica

Pro-independence parties progress, are left 2 seats short of majority in New Caledonia Congress

Anti-independents secure narrow majority in New Caledonia vote

French Loyalists Retain Slim Majority In New Caledonia

New Caledonia’s provincial elections sharpen independence political divide

A hardened atmosphere after New Caledonia’s provincial elections

New ‘anti’ force shakes up New Caledonian political landscape

How the Dalai Lama Negotiated the Future of His Nation in Exile

China’s Worsening Human Rights Abuses Evoke Memories of Mao

Nepal Orders ‘Investigation’ of Reporters Who Wrote About Dalai Lama

Two MPs Secretly Attend Tibet Convention Violating Nepali China Policy

Xi had Agreed to Meet Dalai Lama in 2014 but Cautious Indian Govt. Stopped it

Missing facts in China’s white paper on education in Tibet

Tibetan Villagers Evicted to Make Room For New Airport

Dr Lobsang Sangay: ‘The human rights situation in Tibet has gone from bad to worse

Human Rights in Tibet Took Downward Turn in 2018

Tibetan community marks 25 years in Chicago region

China’s Digital Wall Around Tibet

60th Year of Suppression Marked with More Clampdowns

Dear United Nations, Panchen Lama’s Missing Case is Unlike Any Other

11 Reasons Why Tiny Bhutan Stands Out From The Rest Of The World

Donald Trump meets Hungary’s Viktor Orban at the White House

Hungary far-right party forms uniformed ‘self-defense’ group

Bahrain charges lawyer of sharing “fake news” for his Tweets

Tunisia on edge as Libya’s Hifter advances

Burundi orders asset seizure of exiled opposition

Threats, vote-buying in Bangsamoro region on eve of midterm polls

Cuba Rations Staple Foods and Soap in Face of Economic Crisis

Defiance and Arrests at Cuba’s Gay Pride Parade

Political detentions cause political crises, says Brotherhood in Jordan