2016 11 15 Tuesday

November 9, 1953: Cambodia commemorates 63rd Independence Day

November 11, 1975: Independence Day in Angola

November 11, 1918: National Independence Day in Poland

November 11, 1965: Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence


The new presidents of Bulgaria and Moldova are less pro-Russian than advertised

Conference in Paris on “EU and natural resources in Western Sahara”

Saharawi Government calls for saving negotiation process in Western Sahara

Western Sahara student petitions UN for help maintaining peace between Morocco and her home country of Western Sahara

Sahrawi demonstrators in Paris condemn November 14, 1975 Agreement

NZ businesses continue to profit from Western Sahara occupation

New generation of Sahrawi is tired of waiting for solution in Western Sahara

Photos of the Gulf War Fires That Turned Kuwait’s Oil Fields into Hell

Bolivia Hosts 3rd Continental Summit of Indigenous Communication

Slovenia’s Trump translator: How I became the American explaining our election to Melania’s people

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu asks the new US President to assist in liberating enslaved nations in Africa

Nato chief says West ‘facing greatest threat’ after Trump’s election

Baltic States Nervous Over Trump’s Attitude Toward Russia

Baltics keep fingers crossed that Trump won’t keep his campaign pledges

Lithuania’s new parliament: Tackling emigration will be a key priority for the country’s new MPs

Interactive Guarani Dictionary

How Russia Responds to Cities That Rebel

Missing Chechen Whistle-Blower Flees Chechnya

World Uyghur Congress on the election of a senior Chinese public security official as Interpol president

Aboriginal teenagers say white people abuse them and try to run them down in a remote Western Australian town

‘Us versus them’: Programs mend strained relations between Indigenous, newcomer communities

Yasser Arafat Museum: Palestinian leader’s legacy

Forced Out Of Crimea, Tatar Restaurant Finds Solidarity Among Kiev Diners

Germany thanks Georgian soldiers for repulsing attack on Germany’s Consulate in Afghanistan

Many Young Taiwanese Want to Go to the Olympics With a New Flag and Anthem

White House commemorates Holodomor

‘Nobody talks about the Armenians anymore’

Birthday of the Crimean Tatar national leader Mustafa Dzhemilev

Buying peace? Chinese money brings Tibet growth, apathy

The ultimate goal of China is to turn Tibet into China

China Cancels Annual Larung Gar Festival as Evictions Continue

Larung Gar Evictees Forced to Attend Political Classes Back Home

Lhasa, Tibet: fake monks, i.e. Chinese soldiers

China snubs Slovakia after Dalai Lama meeting

Fire engulfs Tibetan market in Delhi, over 100 shops gutted down

Nepal Police Arrests 41 Tibetans From Tibet

China Seizes Tibetans’ Passports in a Bid to Block Travel

Vision Maker Media Streaming 40 Native Films FREE November–August 2017

Racist of the Year: Botswana President Noses Out Trump for Persecution of Bushmen

‘Rock Your Mocs Week 2016: November 13-19

Erdogan blasts West as Turkey’s Kurdish party boycotts parliament

Human Rights Watch accuses Kurdish forces of destroying Arab homes in Iraq

Turkey seeks life sentences in pro-Kurdish newspaper trial

Thousands in Paris protest Turkey’s Kurdish crackdown

Kurdish protesters clash with London police

Kurdish-Iranian opposition tells Trump Tehran’s power must be ‘curtailed’

Kurdistan after Mosul

Catalonia’s 2017 budget to include allocation for independence referendum

80,000 people defend Catalan institutions at rally against Spain’s use of the courts to halt independence

Barcelona reiterate right to fly Catalan independence flags at UCL matches

Rally against judicialisation of politics “empowers Catalan institutions” to go ahead, says Catalan Government

On 1st December there will be a Global Flag Raising Day for West Papua

West Papua’s most famous political prisoner and Nobel Peace prize nominee Filep Karma calls for an independence referendum

What about a WPexit? West Papuans deserve the chance to vote to leave Indonesia

West Papuan political prisoner Steven Itlay arrives in the colonial Indonesian court charged with treason

West Papua, 27/10/2016. 2 dead and 9 nine injured

West Papua: the “Act of free Choice”, 1969, was a violation of the right of self-determination

Yazidi Town Lies in Ruins After IS

Thousands of Yezidi women remain enslaved by the Islamic State

Kurdish female fighters launch operation in Iraq to avenge enslaved Yezidi women

Yazidis fear boys brainwashed by ISIS will never heal

Yezidi prince meets Pope, discusses protection of minorities

Russia slams Malta for refusing to refuel warship

Trump sets sights on ‘ultimate deal’ between Israel, Palestinians

With Trump in the White House, Israel will continue expanding settlements in the West Bank

Israel thwarts Palestinian bid to join Interpol

Estonia tops Freedom House internet freedom rankings

Hundreds killed since start of Oromo protests

“I’m Welsh, and it’s important that I show people where I’m from”

English bar refuses to show the Wales game because the Welsh players didn’t wear poppies

Less than one per cent of Welsh Government filmmaking fund invested in Welsh-language films

RNIB Cymru transforms Roald Dahl stories into Welsh language ‘Talking Books’

Luxembourg gets serious about space mining

Talks on uniting Cyprus make progress, to resume on November 20: U.N.

Everything You Need to Know About Finland

How Finland fixed homelessness

Greenlanders in Denmark: Symptomatic solution

Greenland settlement stops alcohol sales

Revival of Inuit tattooing: more than just pretty faces

Latvia: 800 events for 100th annivesary

South Sudan: UN Adviser Warns of Genocide Risk

For the first time, a female presidential candidate will be contesting for the top seat of Somalia

Zimbabwe: Is Mugabe Losing Control of His Succession?

Zimbabwe: Gays Give Up Fight for Same Sex Marriages, Say Zimbabwe Not Yet Ready

Community-led solutions for Indigenous suicide prevention

From local identity to the pursuit of independence: The changing face of Hong Kong localism

Taiwan’s ruling party urges China to respect Hong Kong’s democratic aspirations

Thousands of Loyalist Protesters Rally Against Independence in Hong Kong

Beyond the yurt: Mongolian life caught on camera

A look inside the rich culture of Lebanon

What Does A New Cold War Mean For Belarus?

Struggling Belarus turns wary eyes to the west

Contrasting Styles Of ‘Lenin’ Protests In Belarus

Neo-Nazis publish list of Jewish firms on Kristallnacht anniversary

Thriving program makes Penn a Quechua language hub

International Criminal Court aims to make Libya a priority for next year

What does the Trump victory mean for Indigenous people?

Norway seeking ‘active’ role in EU’s defence strategy

Montenegro Prosecutor: Russian Nationalists Behind Alleged Coup Attempt

Kosovo To Get International Phone Code After Deal With Serbia

Thousands protest death of imprisoned Kosovo opposition activist

Positive outlooks mired by divisive rhetoric in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The surge of pro-Trump fake news is coming from Macedonia

Selling Souls for China: How Beijing Divides to Conquer Europe

Greenland: the only country to have left the EU

Local Voices: Life as a minority

‘More’ jihadis recruited in Belgium than elsewhere in Europe

Belgium emerges as terror hub

Human Rights Watch Condemns Mistreatment of Muslims in Belgium

Bannockburn, a milestone for Scottish independence

ETA leader taken to Paris for questioning after arrest

Economic Growth Council to move Jamaica from ‘developing to developed’

‘Gypsy’ crime class raises questions about racial profiling

Mothers-to-be struggle, worry in ruins of storm-hit Haiti

Haiti aid hard to come by one month after hurricane

EU to launch negotiations on a new agreement with Azerbaijan

Muslim teenage girl has her jaw broken by gang of youths who take it in turns to assault her for ‘removing her headscarf’ in Austrian shopping centre

“LNR” Minsk envoy Deinego openly admits Russia is fighting in occupied territory

Native American literature’s shapeshifter

Rates of HIV among Aboriginal men double

Menna Khalil captures the enchanting Amazigh culture

Russia ‘tightening the screws’ on dissenting Crimeans

Tens of Thousands of Croats Move to Germany

Indigenous Woman Will Run to Be Mexico’s Next President

Native American Beliefs Key to Understanding Dakota Pipeline Protests

Jews join Native Americans in pipeline protest

Sexual abuse haunts children in Indigenous communities

Greek PM Tsipras reshapes cabinet in bid to speed up reform

Kuwait makes record bust of liquor

Albania celebrates the beatification of 38 Catholic martyrs

Growing up Indigenous when you don’t look it

How Archaeology Became an Israeli-Palestinian Battleground

‘No big bang theory to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’

Scotland: Independence activists evicted as bailiffs move in to clear protest camp set up outside Holyrood

Bosnia Arrests International Human Trafficking Suspects

Denmark aims to become ‘dementia-friendly nation’ by 2025

Web Summit is windfall for Portugal’s economy