2016 10 04 Tuesday

Independence Day in Lesotho

Little Dream Catchers: a documentary about the legacy of Native Americans’ forced assimilation

Lhakar: Every Wednesday wear Tibetan, speak Tibetan, read Tibetan, eat Tibetan, buy Tibetan – boycott Made in China!


Israel arrested 1,000 Palestinian children since start of 2016

Palestinian court excludes Gaza from municipal polls

Special Report: Who are the Uyghurs and why do they scare China?

Indigenous kids ‘nine times’ more likely to be ‘under care’

Australian Rugby Player Faces Backlash For Racist Instagram Pictures

Hong Kong University ‘Won’t Take Action’ Over Independence Banner on China’s National Day

Vladimir Putin Exits Nuclear Security Pact, Citing ‘Hostile Actions’ by U.S.

Russians want democracy but not democratic values

Highly educated people actively flee occupied Crimea, Donbas

Denver approves permanent recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Columbus Day

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 5

John Cleese sparks outrage over Twitter rant about ‘half-educated tenement Scots’

The SNP think Theresa May just gave their independence plans a big boost

Jordanians turn off the lights to protest gas deal with Israel

Wales remains under England’s colonial eye

Wales ‘frozen out’ of Brexit talks

Greek police pepper spray protesting pensioners – pensioners try to tip a police bus

Singapore wants a self-driving wheelchair by 2017

Strongest drought in 25 years hits Bolivia

Namibia, Zimbabwe fail to get UN permission to export ivory

Croatia Is Best Country for Adventure Tourism Development in Region

EU should get involved in mediating Catalan debate

Prosecutor wants Catalonia’s Mas to be banned from public office for 10 years for 9-N symbolic vote

Serbia and Czech Republic join call to reject migrants in wake of Hungary’s decisive vote against EU quotas

Migrants March From Belgrade Toward Hungary Border to Demand Its Opening

Major rescue sees 6,000 migrants saved in single day off Libya

IS Suicide bomber kills 36 at Kurdish wedding party

Hurricane Matthew Pummels Haiti With Fierce Winds and Rain

Ethiopia is in a state of national mourning after 52 Oromo protesters were killed in a stampede

Cultural Revolution in Tibet: A Photographic Record

USAID awards 23 mil to strengthen Tibetan communities in South Asia

Saving Luxembourg from The Joker

World’s largest dinosaur footprint discovered in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert!

Independence seeking West Papuans gather to thank other Pacific Island nations for support

Viewers shocked after blind contestant on Czech Come Dine With Me whips off her top and flashes boobs

Nobel Prize News:

Celebration of Maori journalism

Born in a Swedish camp in 1932, Romani activist and author Katarina Taikon

Occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco is illegal

More people visiting Danish libraries

Real-life police drama at Danish movie house

Georgian peacekeepers depart for Afghan mission