2016 10 15 Saturday

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Declaration of Independence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 15 November 1983


President Anastasiades Reiterates the Goal Is ‘Liberation and Reunification’ of Cyprus

China Expels Nine Uyghur Children From Soccer Talent Program

Goat Island to be returned to Aboriginal people

Aboriginal remains to return from UK

Second Scottish independence referendum could happen before UK leaves EU

Israel suspends UNESCO ties over al-Aqsa resolution

Call for a Welsh referendum if Scotland votes to leave the UK

Don’t forget to greet people today with a Shwmae or a Su’mae!

Albanian PM: The sooner Serbia recognizes Kosovo the better it will be for everyone

Serbian, Albanian businessmen meet to boost economic ties

As Russia, Putin infect election debate, ‘bear’ next door makes Estonia nervous

‘Day of Defender of Ukraine’ marks break with Soviet past

Famine fears rise after hurricane wrecks Haiti’s bread-basket

Creepy clown on the loose after stabbing teen in Sweden

Indigenous Namibians furious at German reparations ‘insult’

Catalan ex-leader faces trial over self-determination vote

Conflict in prospect as Catalans advance independence plan

Spain takes Catalan referendum bill to Constitutional Court

Sarajevo welcomes the exhibition ‘We don’t forget’ by Catalan photojournalist Miquel Ruiz

Kurdish journalists in Turkey protest crackdown on free press

Assad: I cannot give Kurds federalism, I don’t own the political system

Turkey’s president tells Iraqi leader to ‘know his place

Iraqi MP calls PKK to open office in Baghdad

Slovakia: when seeing means myopia

Luxembourg rolls out truck scanner at French border

UN requests Indonesia response to allegations of violent discrimination against Papuans

Nun Urges U.S., Europe to Care About Christian and Yazidi Refugees, Too

Swiss stories

Surrounded by Europe

Hungary tax authority raids NGO, rekindles fears of crackdown

Belarus: Inflation Already “Ate” Pensions Raise

Central African Republic: Wounds Remain Raw in Central African Republic

Rwanda Turns to Drones to Deliver Vital Blood Supplies

Crises in Africa Come From Outside

Liberian Warlords to Account for War Crimes As Obama Hints in 2014 Letter

President Obama Signs Bill For Native Children Commission

Billy Mills Announces $100K in Native Youth Grants on Anniversary of Gold Win

Conditions at American Indian hospitals deplorable

Trunk teaches tribal traditions

Although 1/5 of Russian Federation are not Russian, no news in English ever escapes

Greenland Is Very Mad About the Toxic Waste the US Left Buried Under Its Ice

EU presents key planning document for future assistance to Moldova

National group aims to address inequalities in mental health for Maori

Steinmeier supports CoE initiative on monitoring in Crimea

Art festival explores Palestinian right of return

PA: Denial of Jewish history ‘victory for Palestinian people’

China is snubbed by Hong Kong legislators at their oath-taking

Sweden, Norway Sell Shares in SAS, Say Airline Better Off in Private Hands

Participants in FiSahara call for expansion of international network of solidarity with Saharawi people

Iceland Aiming To Join The European Space Agency

House prices: “Let’s all move to Iceland”

Is Iceland the new Nordic football superpower?

Largest travel day in Danish history

Tbilisoba 2016: Georgia’s capital celebrates its rich history today

US Navy visit reaffirms America’s support for Georgia

‘Stunning’ cave etchings discovered in Basque region

Nigeria must respect Biafrans’ right to peacefully protest

Azerbaijan Considering Bulgaria’s Proposals on Balkan Gas Hub

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 9: Parliament

Chechen accused of terrorism by Russia, granted refugee status in Sweden, in extradition proceeding in Slovakia

Sixty Years in Journalism: Revisiting the Revitalized Baltics

Peruvian Film Documents Massacre of Indigenous Protesters

Indigenous suicide linked to bigger picture issues, psychologist says