2016 10 02 Sunday

Guinea Independence Day

Gandhi Jayanti in India: the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation”


Year of atrocities in Palestine

Abbas Participation in Peres Funeral Sends Message of Peace

Aboriginal youth seek shoes for an art project

The indignities that killed Ms Dhu, are the same indignities hurting her family

Russia demands loyalty or silence, say Crimea’s hounded Tatars

Chechnya Museums Mum on Republic’s Independence Wars

Putin’s Syria playbook?

The story of the Syrian Civil War told from a Welsh perspective

Radical Independence Conference launches with sights set on 2nd independence vote

Two Sahrawi journalists arrested by Moroccan authorities

Share the sweetness! Shanah tovah!

In Bosnia, You Can Buy Anything Online, Even Votes (€25)

10 Irish folk cures, spells and superstitions to cure all ailments

An American girl’s first impressions of the famous Irish mammy

Maori not accessing mainstream health services

Louisa Wall: Don Brash’s Māori policy ‘in denial of history’

Albuquerque American Indian Arts Festival & Balloon Fiesta Starts This Weekend

Indigenous Leaders From Ecuador Come to Standing Rock

Bulgaria bans full-face veils in public places

Greek Population Drops by Roughly 30,000 as Deaths Overtake Births in 2015

Singapore’s strict schools start to relax

New agency to help take Singapore into digital future

What’s really making Beijing angry with Singapore?

Hurricane warning for Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti as ‘extremely dangerous’ winds of 115mph to batter Caribbean islands

Belgium’s Plan to Collect Passenger Data Hits German Buffer

Bolivia’s to combat deforestation by planting 6 million trees

Starving children are surviving on ‘rotten food and dirty water’ in war-torn Libya

Vote in Hungary highlights snags in migrant relocation plan

New Slovenian finance minister sees no need for faster privatisation

Iran’s Rouhani sends delegation to Kurdish city amid growing public discontent

Curfew imposed in a dozen Kurdish villages in Turkey

Kurdish National Congress: No peace in Mideast without solution to Kurdish question

The Serbian referendum in Bosnia and Herzegovina

‘World’s deepest flooded cave’ discovered in Czechia

Watch Dalai Lama Impersonate Donald Trump

Mahatma Gandhi is my inspiration,His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Chinese Official: Countering Dalai Lama Influence is ‘Highest Priority’

Luxembourg to launch support service for victims of radicalisation

Mongolia Seeks IMF Cash to Revive Economy as Investment Dries Up

Russia’s SU-27 Probably Departed Belarus

Nearly eight years after birth, child born at sea will finally be registered in Malta

Jakarta boot on Papuan throat

Indonesia must earnestly address human rights violations in Papua

What’s the real deal behind Kuwait’s segregated health care?

Egyptian Who Hijacked Jet Is Ordered Deported From Cyprus

Switzerland agrees extra $825 million for IMF poverty fund

Swissair grounding: 15 years on

Amal Clooney Sues ISIS While the UN Stands by

Disturbing ISIS Rewards Program: Extremist Snitches On Brother, Gets 3 Christian And Yazidi Sex Slaves

NO surprises in the Basque and Galician elections

Somalia: Deaths As Car Bombing Hits Mogadishu

2 October 1958: Cold War comes to Africa, as Guinea gains independence

Komi Republic: journalists detained for filming an oil spill