2016 10 01 Saturday


Cyprus’ Independence Day October 1 reminder of road ahead

Nigerian Independence Day 2016: Facts, History And How To


International Day of Older Persons

Zimbabwe: Moyo Threatens to Withdraw Mugabe Protest Student’s Degree

Somalia: Govt Asks U.S to Explain Strike That ‘Killed Troops’

Malawi: Zambian Army Captain Jailed in Malawi for Wildlife Trafficking

Hungary Is Too Small for Viktor Orban

Austria: Man convicted of murder for plowing car into crowd

Intermarium Concept — Response To The Russian Threat

A Lot Depends On Belarus

Milan Authorities Close Lombroso Shelter Making Roma Homeless

Greek Economy Expects Budget Surplus in its First Rebound Since Crisis

Princess Kate and Prince William Snubbed by Canadian Indigenous Leader

Americans Were Still ‘Buying’ Indigenous Canadian Children Just a Few Decades Ago

Native Activist and Speaker Gyasi Ross Launches New Podcast to Share Indigenous Perspectives

Norway is Europe’s best destination for international students

Oslo’s International Ibsen Festival: Norway lauds its most famous son

World Uyghur Congress demonstrates in front of the Chinese Consulate in Munich against 67 years of occupation

Denmark Pays $900,000 for Panama Papers in Hunt for Tax Cheaters

Trump sends Ireland a warning message via Denis O’Brien

You can identify with Irish or not. It’s just a language, not an ideology

Translating Lithuania: my god these people can drink

Ukraine needs greater EU involvement in solving Russia conflict

Think Russia isn’t directing rebels in Ukraine? Then read this about leaked emails

Children beds in the shape of the rocket system that shot down #MH17 on sale in Russia

Remembering Soviet atrocities: Solovki and Sandarmokh

Ukrainian blogger challenges Russian presenter during MH17 show, gets shoved out of studio [VIDEO]

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 4

‘Devonwall’ a breach of minority rights

Iceland Combats Climate Change By Turning Carbon Dioxide To Stone

Climate Change and Savage Winters Fuel Urban Migration in Mongolia

Bold Art Helps Move the Needle on LGBTQ Acceptance in the Baltics

Woman arrested for brutal wartime murder of boy in Bosnia

Whitewashing War Crimes? Bosnian Serbs To ‘Reconstruct’ Sarajevo Market Shellings

Wee Ginger Dug: A Gaelic map isn’t ‘Gaelic imperialism’, it’s a restorative act for the language which created Scotland

Scotland: Pat Kane: Iconic steel industry a powerful symbol of where our nation stands in this world

Baloch Republican Party exposes CPEC & Pakistan sponsored terrorism at the UN Human Rights Council

Solidarity from Indonesian people for West Papua’s freedom!

If you oppose Illegal demolition of Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist centre by China. Kindly click on the link and sign a petition

China armed forces warn Japan against South China sea patrols

Hong Kong’s Pan-Democrats to Boycott Chinese National Day Party

China prepares for Dalai Lama’s death

Turkey’s Erdogan Sued by Germans over War Crimes Against Kurds