2016 09 20 Tuesday


Brazil Indigenous Leaders Tour Europe to Spotlight Exploitation

Roma Gypsies Flee to California After Europe Turns More Hostile

Independent Scotland within EU most popular option in constitution poll

Why Sahrawis see more hope in war than in peace

Latvian foreign minister says next U.S. president must combat Russian aggression

Spain revokes exequatur of Latvia’s honorary consul in Barcelona for displaying Catalan flag

15 Years Behind Bars in Eritrea

Lebanon positions itself as hub for Syrian reconstruction

Experts urge Hungary to end ‘benevolent segregation’ of Roma

Erdogan’s purge against the Kurds continues as Turkish police arrest students who have protested against the dismissal of their teachers

Belgian authorities give permission for Kurdish festival after losing appeal

Tibetan language advocate imprisoned after NY Times interview

China is threatening the Dalai Lama after he spoke at the EU parliament

China slams EU over Dalai Lama visit

Belarus activists risk the wrath of Lukashenko over flag

How the UN Failed West Papua

Indonesia appoints convicted murderer as new chief of intelligence

Indonesia using the same tactics in West Papua as they did in East Timor

Austria will be without a president until 2017

‘No matter the price’, Amal Clooney seeks justice for Yazidi sex slaves

Somalia: Serious Concern in Somalia As 5 Million Go Hungry, UN Says

PNV (Basque Nationalist Party) is once again likely to receive more votes than anyone else

Biafra: IPOB to hold mass protest against Kanu’s detention

Ukrainian citizens are a group at risk in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia has a years-long plot to influence Balkan politics. The U.S. can learn a lot from it.

Checnya: Putin ally celebrates winning 98 percent of vote in a full suit of medieval armor

Lafayette eyes Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Baloch Republican Party demonstration at the United Nations in Geneva against Pakistan barbarism in Balochistan

Lhakar. Every Wednesday wear Tibetan, speak Tibetan, read Tibetan, eat Tibetan, buy Tibetan – boycott Made in China!