2017 03 12

Help end genocide in West Papua, sign the petition


March 6, 1957: Ghana, the first sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

March 8, 1944: Kabardino-Balkaria commemorates 73rd anniversary of Stalin’s deportations

March 10, 1959: Tibetan National Uprising Day

March 11, 1990: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

March 12, 1968: Independence Day in Mauritius


March 16: History night focuses on The ‘Basques in Emmett’

May 5: Holodomor Education Conference: Education–Awareness–Action


Belarus spring challenges Lukashenko’s hardline rule

Belarus’s Almost Revolution

In Belarus, a rising fear: Will we be the next Ukraine?

3 Belarus opposition leaders sentenced to 15 days

Andrei Sannikov: West Must Support Belarusian Democratic Opposition

Belarusian protesters win a real victory: officials feel compelled to meet with them

A Rubicon is crossed: Like Ukrainians, Belarusians now view fighting despotism as patriotic

Is there a Khrushchevian ‘Crimea’ in Belarus?

For Belarus, Moscow reanimates themes used to justify aggression in Ukraine

The U.S. is sending 2,500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq

Macedonia at the Crossroads – Is Peaceful Transfer of Power Possible in Authoritarianism?

GOP congressman worries: Russia might move in the Balkans

U.S. insurer AIG makes Luxembourg its EU hub to cope with Brexit

Just one in five foreign rapists in Sweden are ever deported to their home countries

Is Sweden really the best place in the world for women?

Austria calls for less money for EU states opposing refugee distribution

Once welcoming to migrants, Austria now taking tougher stance

Austria stops four Turkish political meetings as row spreads

With eye on Turkey, Austria wants ban on foreigners campaigning on its soil

Austria Is Making Electric Cars More Affordable Than Ever

Montenegro Jails Five More Serbs Over Alleged Coup Plot

Serbian court rejects extradition of Montenegro coup suspect

Montenegro coup suspects push for poll to foil Nato bid

With some support in Forbes: President Donald Trump Should End NATO Expansion Charade

Singapore relaxes some property curbs

Singapore considers harsher penalties for child sex crimes after public outcry

Azerbaijan leaves transparency group after membership suspended

Donald Trump’s hotel Azerbaijan

A sample Cyprus history lesson

Cyprus: EU opposes peace deal giving Turks key freedoms

Cyprus’ religious leaders unite against violence to women

Turkey referendum affecting peace talks: Cyprus President

Island, interrupted: Peace remains elusive for divided Cyprus

Survey: Switzerland considered ‘best country’ in the world

Hydropower: Switzerland’s massive source of renewable energy

12 fascinating facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland

Country with the biggest number of cars produced per capita: fifth carmaker could come to Slovakia

China Courts Albania Investment As U.S. Pushes Reforms

Albania Opposition Delays Launch of Judicial Reform

Mogherini to Albanian students: You are the present of this country

DNA reveals Aboriginal people had a long and settled connection to country

Australia’s first aboriginal minister seeks referendum on recognising aboriginal within Australia

Hungarian law targets Soros, foreign-backed NGOs

Czech president starts re-election bid with media jab and a bit of Russian

Czech prime minister holds on to party leadership before election battle

Looking Into The Horse Milk Story That The Dalai Lama Told John Oliver

Far East Affairs: Mongolia and Japan

India Can’t Be Mongolia

Ban or not, Mongolian child jockeys stay in the saddle

Libya’s eastern parliament quits UN peace deal with Tripoli

Libya’s eastern parliament calls for elections next year

‘Serbia Also First, Please’

Serbian confidence in EU accession process declining

OSCE Calls on Kosovo to Continue Talks With Serbia

Kosovo: Talks between Belgrade and Pristina ‘essential’ to peace, UN envoy tells Security Council

New war crimes court may bring Kosovo families justice

Foreign affairs MEPs encourage #Serbia and #Kosovo to do more to improve ties

McAllister regrets Serbia is ignoring anti-Russia sanctions

Serbia Presidential Elections 2017

UN report: Turkey guilty of ‘serious’ abuses in Kurdish region

Damning UN report slams Turkey, revealing the extent of its anti-Kurdish war

Armed Forces Chiefs Meet in Turkey Over Syrian Kurdish Tensions

Greenland’s constitutional commission

Young Greenlanders are in no rush for their country to gain its independence

Plans unveiled for a massive uranium mine in Greenland

West Papuan flag raised on the Great Wall of China!

Indonesia trying to divert attention away from serious human rights violations in West Papua

Slovenia pursues plan to sell its largest bank

Elections in Armenia: The Missing Ideological Battle

France seeks to revive Armenia-Azerbaijan peace push

Little Free Libraries in Armenia Launches Campaign to Expand to Regions, Artsakh

Armenia Must Recognize Artsakh says ARF’s Manoyan

In Algeria, Berbers Fight For Equal Amazigh-Arabic Language Status

Haratin: Women Prime Victims of Slavery and Sexual Violence in Mauritania

Eritrean refugees in Missoula fled a nation of oppression and military conscription

Eritrea: International Women’s Day Commemorated Nationwide

11 Malian soldiers killed in an attack on army post near Burkina border

In Tunisia, a theater fights against obscurantism

UN chief on emergency visit to Somalia

Lesotho readies for elections after parliament is dissolved

Akon lights up Gambian village

Outrage as Gambian journalist is attacked at press conference of ruling coalition

South Sudan: ex-army general forms rebel group aimed at deposing President Kiir

South Sudan famine stricken regions receive emergency food rations

Mama Togo, first supporter of “The Sparrowhawks”, the Togo football team

Botswana president Ian Khama meets German Chancellor Merkel ahead of international tourism fair

South Sudan leaders have failed the people and neglected their duty- UN

For the fast time in a more than 25 years Somalia to print new bank notes

Dozens of passengers left stranded after Tunisair grounds all flights over uniform row

Gambia: Remains of opposition activist Solo Sandeng exhumed

Somaliland: Investigators discover 17 bodies from old mass graves

Repatriation of Tshisekedi’s body postponed as divisions deepen in Congo’s opposition

Gambia: coalition near collapse over legislative election

Gabon opposition rejects President’s call for talks to ease political tensions

Hundreds join anti-government protest in Guinea-Bissau

Congo accused of ‘gross’ human rights violations by the United States

Former Abkhaz Leader Seeks Election To Parliament

Tbilisi says illegal election in breakaway Abkhazia is attempt to legalise occupation

Russian Activist Navalny Opens Campaign Office in Tatarstan, Calls For More Decentralization

Russia’s Eyes Focus on Tatarstan

Bulgaria Being Pushed into ‘Geopolitical Sandwich’

Czar Bust in Crimea Reportedly Appears to Shed Tears

Three years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Tatar voices are still unheard

Atlantic Council: U.S. Has Thrown Ukraine ‘Under the Bus’

Is Trump throwing Ukraine to the Kremlin sharks?

Ukraine three years on: a basis for optimism

‘Out of sight, out of mind’: Humanitarian crisis worsens in Ukraine as world focuses on Syria, Iraq

Taras Shevchenko. The case of a personal fight against the Russian Empire

Russia in the Hague accused of terror & discrimination in Crimea & funding terrorism in Donba

Russia slanders Crimean Tatar Mejlis & openly lies about Odesa, MH17 at Hague Court

Russia’s lawyer doesn’t deny Russian missile downed MH17, only that it’s terrorism

Ukraine vs. Russia in The Hague: key arguments

Russia lies about its most openly anti-Crimean Tatar trial at the Hague

The Sad, Rich, and Hopeful History Behind Crimean Tatar Traditional Clothing

Peoples of Russia have nothing in common except loyalty to Putin

Putin gives military award to Russian soldier for Donbas battle

Searching for the American Dream on the Edge of the War in Ukraine

Malta’s famous Azure Window rock formation collapses

‘If you live here and want to be Welsh, you are’ Leanne Wood outlines her vision for tolerance

How the Welsh developed their own form of poetry

Former Caernarfon gym could be transformed into Welsh language experience

Faroe Islands’ first Michelin-starred restaurant

Chisinau accuses Russia of hindering money laundering investigations

Moldova Warns Against Official Travel To Russia, Citing ‘Humiliating’ Abuse

How a single mom revolutionized Moldova’s Jewish community

Moldova: The Captured State on Europe’s Edge

Moldova Pays High Price for Power Games

Romania to offer technical support in implementing European legislation in Moldova

Thousands gather to mourn Haiti’s former president

UN expert flags ‘daily violations’ in Haiti prisons

Haiti is Ready for UN Peacekeepers to Leave Soon

World’s First Ship Tunnel to Bypass Norway’s Most Dangerous Waters

14.8 million euros to stimulate tourism in the Basque Country

Basque Actress looks forward to switching off the TV during the national anthem of Spain et al

San Sebastián’s Renown For Great Food Keeps Growing

Celebrating Basque culture in Virginia City

‘Time to bury’ US-led law, as Bolivia expands coca production

Bolivia: Former Governor Sentenced for Orchestrating Massacre of Indigenous Protesters

Touristic project to unite Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

Reporting in Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechnya

Why Putin May Not Want to Defeat ISIS in Syria

We have nothing else to sell but our teeth

Heritage New Zealand launch new Maori strategy to protect land

Battle for the Maori electorate seats is going to be a hot one

New initiatives helping to grow Māori Social Enterprise

10 fascinating facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina

U.N. Court Declines to Reopen Bosnia’s Genocide Case Against Serbia

Bosnia Investigates Lawyer Who Appealed Genocide Case Before UN Court

Yazidi boys made to fight for IS

Amal Clooney and Yazidi rape victim pressure UN to investigate ISIS crimes

Prague to send psychotherapists to help Yazidis in Iraq

Nagas, tribes focus of Cambridge exhibit on India’s marginalised

Jharkhand’s Adivasis have been relentlessly protesting for months. Why?

Bangladesh: identity grabbing

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Indigenous Groups Vulnerable to Corrupt Police

Draft law proposed for protection of indigenous groups’ land rights

‘Why British, Nigerian governments don’t want Biafra Republic’

Biafra national party, UPP, restructuring for Anambra state elections

Biafra: Why our camps, headquarter in Igboland were shut down – MASSOB

These 17 photos show Finland’s brutally cold World War II battle with the Soviet Union

Finland founds International Gender Equality Prize

Who are the richest people and families in Ireland?

In wake of election, Sinn Féin sets its sights beyond Stormont

Northern Ireland Scrambles to Save Power-Sharing as Brexit Looms

Will Northern Ireland’s political upheaval be good news for marriage equality?

Dublin wants special deal for Northern Ireland to ease Brexit impact

Hotel with ‘the worst view in the world’: Banksy opens a Palestinian guest house

Elton John tells Palestinians: “Please know that you are not alone”

Israel’s Biggest Crime Against Palestine Is Occupation Itself

Palestinian legal activism, between liberation and the ‘desire’ for statehood

Are British universities silencing critics of Israel?

PM Modi’s Israel visit without a stopover in Palestine shows shift in New Delhi’s foreign policy

The Second Palestinian Nakba: Kuwait and the Iraq War

Greece’s economy has turned corner, says central bank chief

Greece’s economy performed even worse than expected at the end of 2016

Taiwan urges reconciliation as China butts in on memorial

Former Taiwan President: Student Exchanges Could Be Key to Peace With China

Taiwan is weighing whether to evict former dictator Chiang Kai-shek from his own memorial

Gauging Climate Change’s Impact on Iceland

Iceland’s Contribution to UN Reproductive Health Fund Triples

Jewish community centres hit by wave of bomb threats

Why Hollywood has abandoned Brand Israel

2017 Pritzker Prize goes to Catalan firm RCR Arquitectes

Catalan National Assembly member speaks out as Homs trial continues

Westminster to create All-Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia

Ex-CIA spy freed in Portugal, avoids extradition over kidnapping

Ñuqanchik Peruvian news caught international media’s attention

The lost ones: Inside Brazil’s Indigenous suicide crisis

Indigenous Mexicans Slam Misappropriation of Native Designs

A United Nations Observer Said The US Is Still Mistreating Native People

UN rights expert urges US to create indigenous land policy

‘It’s kind of late to complain about immigration,’ says Indigenous writer Doug Cuthand

Families divided after Ottawa tells thousands they’re not indigenous

Stacey Dooley investigates sinister facts behind 1,200 indigenous Canadian women who have gone missing or been MURDERED since 1980

Words Matter: Horizon Zero Dawn, Games Criticism, and Native Appropriation

Indigenous people speak out against pollution of tribal lands

Indigenous Languages Still In Danger Throughout Indian Country

Native Women’s Day Is Every Day

Native Nations Rise March: A Powerful, Emotional Uprising for Indigenous Rights

Boxing kids and women shining silver… Captivating black and white photos show the lives of the Corke’s Meadow travellers who set up home in 1950s Kent

Former South Ossetian Leader To Appeal Election Ban

Ossetia to be latest focus of Russia’s uneasy relationship with EU

Protesters rally to save last green site in Lebanon’s Beirut

Hitting the slopes at Lebanon’s oldest ski resort

Lebanon looks to develop oil industry

Spirit of Unity: Three Russian Buddhist Republics Celebrate Losar in Moscow

India brushes aside Beijing’s warning against Dalai Lama’s Arunachal visit

Ani Choying Drolma: Nepal’s rock star nun

Meet the Little Tibet of Delhi

The Dalai Lama Is Politically Incorrect

Nepal bans ‘Tibetan Uprising Day commemorations’ again

History Leading Up to March 10, 1959

Visit the holiest Tibetan temple

China Hands Out Monetary Awards to ‘Patriotic’ Tibetan Monks, Nuns in Rebgong

Tibet remains 2nd least free place in the world

Tibetan languages face heavy government pressure whilst modernity threatens neglected dialects

Need to resist China’s uncivilised expansionist policies

Commemorating Tibetan Uprising Day in the face of our political differences

Tibetan Man Beaten, Arrested For Sharing Dalai Lama Pictures

India asks Beijing not to politicize Dalai Lama’s Arunachal visit

More than ten sovereignty organizations actively fight for the independence of Hawaii

Anyone who appreciates our language, customs and values can be an Estonian

Theresa May accused of attacking the foundation of the Scottish Parliament by seizing back devolved powers

Oil and gas ‘should not be part of the economic case for indyref2’

Unionist side will bring its very own brand of grievance culture to indyref2

50/50: Half of Scots now ready to vote Yes

Indy Scotland will target rUK businesses anxious about Brexit in bid to close growth gap

Spanish MEP from ruling party: We won’t veto Scotland’s EU membership

‘All-out offensive’ in Xinjiang risks worsening grievances

Remembering the Ghulja Incident: 20th Anniversary of ‘Uyghur Tiananmen’ Passes With Little Notice

Detained on Unknown Charge, Uyghur Kills Five With Axe

Morocco pulls troops from contested area of Western Sahara

Balochistan: More Than 22 Million Children Without Access to Education in Pakistan

Iran: Swiss Parliament Conference Raises Awareness for Plight of Minority Groups

Georgian Ambassador to US calls for “stronger America in Georgia, in region”

Tbilisi to host NATO Parliamentary Assembly session in May

Georgia surprises 6,000,000th tourist with once-in-a-lifetime adventure

Deterring Russian Aggression in the Baltic States

Lithuanians stock up for ‘hybrid’ war with Russia

Representation of women in decision-making processes remains low in all three Baltic states