2017 03 19

Cornwall Petition: No to a cross-Tamar “Devonwall” parliamentary constituency

Petition: Let independent Scotland stay in the EU!

Help end genocide in West Papua, sign the petition


March 13: National Day of Internet Freedom in Tunisia

March 14, 1855: International Circassian Language Day

March 14, 1801: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

March 17, 461: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

March 18, 2014: Crimea Annexation by Russia

March 19: Finland celebrates equality on Minna Canth Day

March 20, 1956: Independence day in Tunisia

March 21, 1990: Namibia Independence Day

March 23: Nordic Day

March 25, 1821: Greek Independence Day

March 26, 1971: Independence Day in Bangladesh


Crimea: When Is an Annexation Not Actually an Annexation?

Crimea annexation anniversary triggers reactions in US, EU

Iconic natural landmark in Gozo is gone forever

After 219 years, de Valette’s dagger returns to Malta on loan

38 People Have Been Killed by a Bus After a Hit-and-Run Incident in Haiti

Belarus And The Ghosts Of 2014

‘We Are Not Slaves’ – Europe’s most repressive state is re awakening

New Zealand Welcomes A Mighty River To Personhood

Will Libya see Russia’s next foreign intervention force?

Picking at the Tangled Knot of Libya

No let-up in Cyprus bird poaching

Cyprus says sweeping changes have reduced prison suicides

The four big security challenges facing Sweden today

Inspiring hundreds of young entrepreneurs in Jamaica

Sleeping with Bob Marley’s ghost – a unique pilgrimage to Jamaica

Jamaica activist arrested after posting names of alleged sexual predators

Lebanon heroin fighters nervously watch health care reform

With Lebanon no longer hiding Hezbollah’s role, next war must hit civilians: Israeli Minister

Will Lebanon tap its oil and gas wealth?

Moldova needs to improve judiciary and business environment

Serbia’s Vucic: West Balkans Need Clear EU Message

Hunting unicorns, Singapore Exchange turns to dual share system

Singapore beats Hong Kong to claim title of ‘World’s Best Airport

Water price hike sparks rare public protest in Singapore

Scots charity worker jailed for 20 years for child abuse in Albania could be freed after accusers claim they were told to lie

Albania: In Europe’s Wild East Cannabis is a Billion-Dollar Business

Khat in the Horn of Africa: A Scourge or Blessing?

‘Neutral’ Turkmenistan Breaks Away from Russia, Hooked Instead on China’s Natural Gas Imports

In Turkmenistan, Singing The Praises Of Berdymukhammedov’s Mom

Uzbekistan Puts a Smile on an Economic Blow to Turkmenistan

Slovenia Is Now Selling Salami That Pays Homage to Melania Trump

More insurers ‘close’ to picking Luxembourg for post-Brexit base

Ingush antiterror officers charged with battery and torture

Mass brawl erupts during MMA fight in Dagestan, Russian officials tell media to shut up about it

Video of a bin in Kizlyar, Dagestan, goes viral

Tajikistan’s Deadly Export

Tajikistan Extends Lawyer’s Long Prison Sentence For Quoting Avicenna

Greenland closer to building world’s fifth-largest uranium mine

Here’s Why Kuwait’s Dollar-Bond Debut Was a Hit With Investors

Bolivia sees coca as a way to perk up its economy – but all everyone else sees is cocaine

Ban on Head Scarves at Work Is Legal, E.U. Court Rules

Legalizing Discrimination in Europe

Punjab, Tatarstan form committee for enhanced ties

Fleeing for freedom, Eritrean refugees are being abandoned by Europe

Socialists say Bulgaria pays high price for EU’s Russia sanctions

Anger over corrupt politicians could open door to ‘Bulgaria’s Trump’

Bulgaria’s PM says taking steps to prevent election meddling by Turkey

Descendants of Namibia genocide victims seek reparations in New York

Namibia doesn’t want “aid” to make up for Germany’s genocide—it wants $30 billion

Northern Namibia braced for worst flood in memory

Tuva: four-year-old girl hikes five miles in -33C temperatures to find help for dying grandmother

Baying for blood: Wolfhounds are set on each other in vicious fights organised by dog breeders in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan struggling with consequences of illegal construction instead of preventing it

Central Asia corruption: how Kyrgyzstan can make a fresh start

Croatia rejects U.S. lawsuit over World War Two crimes

Romania and Croatia declare support for more EU enlargement

What do people earn in Switzerland?

Free speech permits ‘insults’ about Turkish president, says Switzerland

Swiss first time mothers among the oldest

Dukha: Mongolia’s reindeer herders defend their way of life

Women’s needs take back seat under threat of dzud in Mongolia

Having little and holding on: the generation of Danes who refuse to fly the nest

Abkhazia votes in parliamentary elections

Palestinian leader invited to White House

Muting prayers is muting the Palestinian struggle

Evidence shows Palestinian security forces violently suppressed peaceful protest in Ramallah

Israel shuts Palestinian map office, citing sovereignty breach

UK issues ‘grave concern’ over record Palestinian homes demolitions

Palestinian diaspora divided over right to return

Azerbaijan’s President Calls for Renewed Nagorno-Karabakh Talks. It’s Not That Simple

Azerbaijan: Five years’ jail for leading worship?

Beijing takes aim at Hong Kong’s pro-independence advocates

Beijing has stern words for Hong Kong and Taiwan

Beijing’s new initiative to stifle independence debate in schools ‘not brainwashing’

EU Extends Sanctions Over Russia’s Crimea Annexation

UN mission: prisoners are still subjected to torture in Crimea

Crimean Premier-separatist intends to recognize Putin the Tzar

Russian enforcers forced Crimean Tartar to dig his own grave

The “energy bridge” is down on the anniversary of the “referendum” in Crimea

Siemens has supplied gas turbines to Russia for Crimea

#Macedonia’s political crisis takes ethnic turn

Montenegro tops the list of EU accession countries

Montenegro leader: Russia wants to destroy EU

In Armenia, ‘What Do You Want to Be?’ Is Asked in Infancy

Armenian president: Stronger ties with both EU and Russia a priority

Protest Continues Into Third Day In Armenia Over Activist Death

Stop oppressing Cornwall – Council of Europe’s warning to Britain

Campaign to keep Cornwall whole steps up a gear

Global Kernow – how Cornish place names conquered the world

Five Hundred – A story of the Cornish language

Several political parties come together in ‘Progressive Alliance for Cornwall’

Council awards funding to Cornish language projects

Historic day as Nicola Sturgeon unveils plans for a new Scottish independence vote

Scottish independence: Sturgeon ‘determined’ to have second vote

Unionists line up to condemn ScotRef as ‘divisive’, ‘preposterous’ and ‘unwanted’

Support for Scottish independence soars to an all-time high

Our readers react II: ‘It’s an exciting time to be alive’

Hard Brexit destroys economic case for the UK

South West & Gibraltar MEP becomes the first from England to support Scottish Independence

‘Let Scotland stay’: German petition demands EU allow independent Scotland to remain

Russian ‘threat’ to small nations must be addressed by Scotland says MP

The Boycott law: Israel takes a step away from democracy

Israel denies redress to thousands of Palestinians

Israel to mute mosques’ call to prayer over loudspeakers to ‘help locals who have been losing sleep’

UN’s Rima Khalaf quits over report accusing Israel of apartheid

How Jewish people celebrate Purim

Kurdish internal disputes escalate across Syria and Iraq

Self-immolations on the rise among Iraqi Kurdish women

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Contributor: Address To The Kurdish Nation

Kurdish supporters in Frankfurt protest against Erdogan

The reality the Kurds in Iraq choose to ignore, for the sake of attaining a state

Russia targets Slovakia as the weakest link in V4

Rental housing lacks tradition in Slovakia

What Slovakia loses when it neglects the Roma

25 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Hungary

Hungary’s Orban makes rallying call to European nationalists

Hungary: Activists Blow Whistles on Prime Minister’s Speech

Hungary re-elects President Ader in display of Orban’s dominance

Around the World, Supporters March for Tibet to Mark 1959 Rebellion Anniversary

Tibetan government remembers those killed in 1989 Tibet protests

Pinterest Now Banned In China!

316 is a day of bloodshed: Monk arrested after lone protest in Tibet

The Lost World of Tibet – film of the old pre-occupation Tibet

Chinese authorities using tourism to squash Tibetan Buddhism

Latest self-immolation protest by a Tibetan man reported in Tibet

The Tibet policy: India no longer content playing by China’s rules

Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, and Alabama Shakes ignite Tibet House Benefit stage

I am willing to be messenger of His Holiness’ Middle Way Approach: Chinese Professor

Love for Communist party and need for patriotism, says “fake Panchen”

Campaign “Fly your flag for Tibet” in Germany faces political backlash

Unexpected? Lhasa is China’s “Happiest City” of the Year (Again)

Chinese Diplomat Attempted To Confiscate And Destroy A Tibetan’s Coverage Of Tibet Briefing At United Nations

Aboriginal elder determined to keep advocating for West Papua

Author praised for opening readers’ eyes to West Papua’s repression

Island Nations Call for Investigation into Human Right Abuses in West Papua

Two French journalists deported from Papua over “lack of coordination with related institutions”

Indonesia’s long relationship with Freeport at crossroads

Gaelic Football capturing imagination in Galicia

Galician shipowners express uncertainty over Brexit talks

Barcelona leave the LaLiga title behind in Galicia

Laying bare the atrocities of security forces in Chhattisgar

Adivasi padyatra against ST status delay concludes

Can Serb mayor ease Bosnia’s Srebrenica pain?

Bosnia Accused of Failing Wartime Rape Victims

New hope for Yazidi women tortured by IS fighters

Understanding ISIL’s sexual attacks against the Yazidis

Brutalization of the Yazidi is the crime of our age, and shows ISIL for what it truly is

Czech Zoo to Dehorn Rhinos After Paris Poaching Attack

Finland’s tech scene had a white-hot 2016 — funding jumped 42 percent

Helsinki Airport named the world’s best airport

Time to spark national debate about future of Wales, not excluding independence

Wales as an Economic Entity

Plaid hits out at Welsh Government for failing to protect historic place names

Why independence for Wales is not an idle fantasy – Adam Price

Russian Army to Absorb South Ossetia Units

Protests erupt in South Ossetia as ex-president is refused registration as presidential candidate

Frozen Conflicts And Disputed Borders Create Uncertainty In Russia’s Shadow

Russia is building up its military presence in Georgia. New S-300 in occupied Abkhazia

Call for the Aboriginal flag to fly atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge is growing

Ben Wyatt making history as first Aboriginal treasurer in Australian state or federal government

Aboriginal Peoples Week: University’s St. John’s campus, March 20-24

Shark Bay Aboriginal cultural experience

Ukrainian language set for media boost in new law

Ukraine remembers 100 years of revolution

Five signs of less than universal Russian approbation of Crimean Anschluss

“Anti-parasite tax rallies” throughout Belarus end in mass arrests

Munich and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact revisited, Part 1: The interwar prelude

Rapidly Deterioriating Human Rights Situation in Crimea

Russian agents in Minsk pushing Lukashenka to crack down hard

European Parliament demands Russia release Ukrainian hostages, slams human rights abuse in occupied Crimea

First resource to prevent male Māori suicide launched

Māori singled out by child welfare agencies

Biafra: The missing link

Biafra Genocide Exhibition Spain to France

8 things that must be done before Biafra will come to pass

Radio Biafra resumes operation Sunday – IPOB

Basque Separatist Group ETA pledges to fully disarm by April 8

Young Romani Man From Macedonian Prison Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

Roma families displaced by the war in eastern Ukraine face a double bind of poverty and discrimination

Oromo and Other Minorities Further Marginalized by Ethiopian Government’s Economic Development Strategy

WMS students lend hands to Oromo Awareness Project

It is now illegal not to offer vegan food at prisons, hospitals and schools in Portugal

Portugal enjoys double-digit growth in international visitors for sixth year

Australia’s Response to the Doctrine of Discovery

Honduran Military Involved in Murder of Berta Caceres

Trump asked to continue White House Council on Native American Affairs and annual Tribal Nations Conferences

From coast to coast and north to south, Indigenous women are on the rise

How reporting on Indigenous issues as an Indigenous journalist can get complicated

Native American groups take oil pipeline protests to White House

China’s Xi calls for “great wall of iron” to safeguard restive Xinjiang

What’s the History behind China’s Obsession with Xinjiang?

Elderly Uyghur Woman is Assigned a Chinese Spy as ‘Daughter’

Taming Chechnya

Timeline: A brief history of the Western Sahara

Polisario seeks to keep Sahara dispute in spotlight

UN envoy to Western Sahara resigns

Illegal exploitation of Western Sahara resources

Protest against illegal plundering of Western Saharan resources

President of Republic reiterates adherence to struggle for self-determination and independence

Pop Up Gaeltacht: Breaking the stigma around Irish language

Ireland: are we any closer to a border poll?

What the parties have said on a united Ireland

Sinn Fein demand Irish unity referendum as Brexit trigger looms

Russia turns down Latvia’s proposal for bilateral agreement on confidence-building measures

Baltics: focus of Russia’s ”information machinery” elsewhere at the moment due to other interests

Iceland Exits Krona Controls Eight Years After Banking Crash

In world first, Iceland to require firms to prove equal pay

NATO Deputy Secretary General thanks Iceland for its contribution to European security

Iceland Expects 2.3 million Tourists

Whaling in Iceland to start in a month

Kosovo Moves to Establish Army

Kosovo Ex-Communist Leader Wounded in Assassination Attempt

Kosovo Seeks To Root Out Radical Islam In Prison System

Estonia celebrated Mother Tongue Day with an Estonian e-test

Country as a service becoming reality in Estonia

The very first Estonian feminists – Lilli Suburg and Marie Reisik

Why one American wants Catalonia to be Europe’s new nation

Catalan leaders use Barcelona Champions League miracle to push for independence

Madrid pounces on Catalan separatists amid push for vote

Former Catalonian president Artur Mas banned from office over ‘illegal’ independence vote

Catalan MEPs report “disgraceful and anti-democratic” 9-N sentence to the European Parliament

Catalan independence referendum ‘should be based on Scotland’s 2014 poll’

Romeva at Westminster: “There is more interest in discussing the Catalan question here than in Spain”

Mas, Ortega and Rigau could show the world “how weak democracy is in Spain”

“Political dialogue urgently needed,” says Spanish Constitutional Court President in resignation speech

British MPs defend Catalonia’s democratic right to call a referendum

MEPs consider Catalan independence vote sentencing “reprehensible” and “worrying”

Barotseland: Kuomboka To Take Place After 4 Year Absence

Barotseland: Kuomboka Ceremony in 2017 Expected to be the Grandest Ever

American Indians gather in D.C. for four-day protest against Trump, Dakota Access pipeline

Oklahoma American Indian students lead nation in math, reading scores

Zimbabwe: ‘Female journalists, interns face high level of sexual harassment’

Zimbabwe’s opposition to hold anti-government protests on March 22

App market growing in Africa with new additions every day

UN fears full-blown famine in Somalia

Gabon: Teachers seek solution to crisis

Ethiopia: South Sudan gunmen kill 28, kidnap 43

Guinea: Toumba Diakité formally charged

Somali pirates release hijacked ship and crew without ransom

Africa: Investors predict growth

Rights violations still rampant in South Sudan

CAR: Uneasy calm in Bambari

Libyans stage anti-militia rallies in volatile Tripoli

At least six dead in Burundi floods