2017 3 26

This edition was completely destroyed during publishing. The entire file turned into some hieroglyphs. Fortunately the file survived in an intermediate form in an application where it wasn’t even saved.


Crackdown in Belarus: write a letter to Lukashenka, so he knows the world is watching

Sign the online book of condolence for Martin McGuinness

Cornwall Petition: No to a cross-Tamar “Devonwall” parliamentary constituency

Petition: Let independent Scotland stay in the EU!

Help end genocide in West Papua, sign the petition


April 9-10 and May 23-24 conference: Armenia 25 Years On, Now What?

Healthy Kids! Healthy Futures! Conference” April 26-27, 2017, at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico

FinTech Awards Luxembourg opens for applications

March 31-April 2: Cherokee Days scheduled at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian


March 22, 2016: Belgium marks first anniversary of Brussels attacks

March 24, 1999: Serbia Mourns 1999 Bombing Victims; Kosovo Thanks NATO

March 25: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

March 25, 1917: Georgian Church marks 100th anniversary of restoration of independence

March 25, 1918: Freedom Day in Belarus (Dzen Voli)

March 25–28, 1949, Operation Priboi: Soviet Mass Deportation from the Baltic States

April 26, 1937: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country


Tuareg factions to boycott Mali peace conference

Tuareg rebellion (2012)

Tuareg people

Mongolia races to preserve two-humped camels

World Bank Project Aims to Help Mongolia Diversify Exports

Ethnic Mongolian Herders Protest Lack of Compensation For Grazing Ban

36th anniversary of first space flight by Mongolian is marked

Which Will It Be for Montenegro: Toward West or Russia?

US Secretary of State urges Senate ratification of Montenegro’s NATO membership

U.S. Senate to vote on Montenegro NATO membership next week

Montenegro to join EU through urgent procedure?

Russia, an alleged coup and Montenegro’s bid for NATO membership

Malta to be reported to EU for ‘de facto tolerance’ of illegal trapping

Here’s a Win-Win Deal for Trump: Cyprus

Six Russian soldiers, six militants killed in foggy Chechnya base attack

Chechen convicted of ‘honour killing’

A third Chechen war is inevitable. The only question is when

It Takes 78 Mercedes-Benzes to Make a Chechen Mafia Wedding Procession, Apparently

Jamaica enjoys mixed rankings on UNDP’s HD report

Jamaican woman is 2017 Young Global Leader from C’bean

Qualified architects leaving Jamaica

Lux. 10th healthiest country

After 19 hours of debate — through the night — Haiti welcomes a new government

Haiti police dispute there was attempt on ex-president’s life

South Sudan, Haiti, Ukraine top list of suffering nations

U.N. Accepts Blame but Dodges the Bill in Haiti

Namibian President Calls for Land Expropriation

Namibia gets UNESCO funding

Do We Care About Namibia’s Natural Treasures?

16 amazing things you didn’t know about Namibia

Representatives of Nordic-Baltic states visit Tshkinvali occupation line

Expert compares situation in Baltics with Berlin during Cold War at U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting

Lithuanian Prime Minister sees no fast solutions to migration problem

A Russian propaganda site incites breaking up Baltic countries

Lithuanian MEP Guoga blacklisted by Russia

Life and culture in Uummannaq, Greenland

Why Australia Is a Continent, but Greenland Is Not

Author of the Month: Seven years in Greenland

Oil in Norway: Continental divide

Disney’s hit ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is banned in Kuwait for its ‘gay moment’

Guarani-Kaiowá leader: “We will resist at any price, because all we have left to lose is our lives”

Peruvian Prof. Presents First Quechuan Thesis Defense in Europe

Dream Big Maori competition

Anniversary showed Belgium at its best (and worst)

Tunisian Man Charged With Attempting London-Style Terror Attack in Belgium

Lebanon’s Jumblatt affirms son as political heir

Hundreds protest Lebanese parliament’s proposed tax hikes

Israeli Army Chief: If Hezbollah Targets Israel, Israel Will Target Lebanon Itself

Hungary seeks to ban Heineken beer’s ‘communist’ red star

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin is ‘moving to Hungary’

In Trump’s America, Hungary finds a friendlier partner

Aboriginal leaders bid to take over neglected national park

Don Dale detainee recounts journey from Australian bush childhood to Darwin adult jail

‘Wait and see, mate’: Indigenous barrister breaks barriers

‘Treated like animals’ and isolated without toilets, Aboriginal Kids’ Commissioner slams government

The politics of Aboriginal kitsch

Australia again denounced for treatment of Aborigines as UN investigates

Pakistan Gets Closer to Tatarstan

‘Freedom of expression is a universal value’ Switzerland tells Turkey

How Swiss democracy sidelines firebrands

US judge grants asylum to teenage blogger from Singapore

Flying TAXIS could be hitting Singapore by 2030

Syrian Refugees Coming Home to Armenia

Armenia arrests opposition activist for weapon smuggling

The ambitious new EU and Armenia deal

Death of the ‘Bread Bringer’ sparks protests in Armenia

Sweden preparing nuclear fallout bunkers across the country amid fear of Russian war

Russia trying to gain influence in Libya: US general

Khalifa Haftar forces accused of Benghazi atrocities

In Slovenia, ski jumping’s coming home

Turkmenistan leader’s son gets senior parliament job

UK excludes Somaliland from donor conference for postponing elections

Somaliland drought “a kind of nightmare” – and a security threat

Albania’s Agribusiness Support Facility – With a Little Help From Your Friends

Russia to pay off Soviet debt with $125 mln for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian War, 25 Years Later: Mostar Bridge Illustrates Lingering Divide

Yazidis who suffered genocide are fleeing again, but this time not from the Islamic State

Yazidi “superhero” wins award for helping survivors of Islamic State atrocities

Scottish Parliament recognizes genocide against the Yezidi people

Kurdistan Regional Government collecting evidence to recognize Yezidi case as genocide

What does “Home” mean after 74 genocides? Interview with a Yazidi refugee

Analysts eye April for break in Czech currency limit

Czech crown may find rise restricted when cap is lifted

Free movement could break up the EU – Czech foreign minister

Population rises in Prague and the Czech Republic

Austria creates charging point network to boost electric car usage

Austria’s chancellor urges Europe to meet social needs

Mass Protests in Macedonia as EU Envoy Tries to Break Deadlock

EU tells Macedonia leaders to stand aside or face sanctions

Russian Propaganda Exploits Ethnic Tensions To Keep Macedonia Looking Inward, Not Westward

Croatia to play in front of first full home crowd since 2014 following hooliganism bans

Croatia preparing law to save economy from Agrokor-like fallouts

Behind Azerbaijan’s facades

Azerbaijan’s Lost Transparency

Nobody trusts world’s best currency

Serbia says no to NATO on alliance’s airstrikes anniversary

In Serbian election, comedy candidate is no joke

The Latest: Exit polls put center-right ahead in Bulgaria

A look at the political blocs in Bulgaria’s general election

Bulgaria’s economy: a tale of extremes

20+ Brutal Photos Of Freedom Day Protest On Minsk Streets

EU must reinstate sanctions after Belarusian dictator’s violent crushing of Freedom Day protests

5 things you need to know about Lukashenka’s crackdown on Minsk protests

Document: Russia Uses Rigged Polls, Fake News to Sway Foreign Elections

‘Russia Is a Threat … to All of Europe’, Lithuanian President

Paul Niland: Creating fake ‘republics’

New Threats Require a New Response: What the Baltic Countries and the US Face in Putin’s Russia

From torture to solitary confinement for a letter in Crimean Tatar

Former Ukraine Minister Named To Manage Puerto Rico’s Financial Crisis

Russia may be helping supply Taliban insurgents: U.S. general

Warning to Russia’s neighbors: Moscow started to undermine Ukraine in Crimea already in 2008

Why Has Russia’s Propaganda Machine Set its Sights on Belarus?

Menacing FSB interrogations of Ukrainian Cultural Centre activists in Russian-occupied Crimea

Hungarian secret agent reveals in detail how serious the Russian threat is

Imaginary “terrorists” with no terror acts: Russia’s collective punishment of Crimean Muslims

Lukashenka’s crackdown will not intimidate Belarusians now, Kalyakin says

Crimean journalist accused of contempt of court for demanding open trial

Products of Luhansk Cartridge Works on sale in Georgia

Kremlin-backed “DNR” to open fake diplomatic mission in Greece

Soviet-era punishment resurfaces in Crimea: the political abuse of psychiatry

Ukraine bans Russia’s Eurovision entrant over Crimea tour

Battling IS, Kurdish Fighters Court Russia And US to Forge New Future

Referendum will tell world what Kurdistan people want: PM Barzani

There will be a referendum this year for Kurdish independence in Iraq: Barzani

Kurdish family demands justice in Turkey’s Diyarbakir

Turkey in new clampdown on Kurdish opposition

Kurdish Activists Arrested in Turkey Ahead of Nowruz Celebrations

Worldview: Rubin: Time for Kurdish independence?

Flag raised at Binghamton City Hall to celebrate Kurdish New Year

Kyrgyzstan: Clashes Break Out as Returning Exiled Politician Detained

A Glimpse Into Moscow’s Little Kyrgyzstan

Court Freezes Media Accounts for spreading “dishonest information” about Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev

Kyrgyzstan: Authorities Respond to Freedom March With Detentions

China, Kyrgyzstan vow to upgrade military ties

Dale Grimshaw on West Papua: ‘It’s heartbreaking that nobody will listen’

Man fined $500 for West Papua protest at Indonesian consulate

Petition seeks NZ govt stand on abuses in West Papua

French journo pair deported from West Papua

West Papua: Human Rights Watch Calls Out Indonesian Restrictions on Freedom of Press

Indonesia Steamrolls Media Freedom in Papua, Again

Why Eritreans Opt for Risky Exodus to Ethiopia

Andorra end 11 year run of 58 defeats with Faroe Islands draw

Faroe Islands to overhaul fishing regulations

Belarus Is the Latest Thorn in Putin’s Side

A new face in Belarus’ anti-government protests: The poor

Outrage as Belarus arrests authors, publishers and journalists

Moldova says no response from Russia on money-laundering probe

Russia Could Have Laundered Up to USD 80 B Via Moldova, Latvia

INTERVIEW: Moldova’s populist pro-Russian ‘hand grenade’

Moldovan Agriculture Minister Dismissed After Arrest On Corruption Charges

UN Human Rights Council adopts first resolution in support of Georgia

Brexit: Full farming devolution urged for Wales

‘Only we care if our country succeeds or fails’: Welsh readers on post-Brexit era

Hard Brexit ‘incredibly damaging’ to Welsh agriculture

£4.2 million for Welsh language schemes

A new national identity: Smörgåsbord Studio rebrands Wales

Why are Welsh language community newspapers thriving?

Tongue twisting: What Brexit means for minority languages

Online Welsh-language journalism: A second ‘golden age’?

Estonia has 1.3 million people: Here’s how it plans to get 10 million e-residents by 2025

Candles lit across Estonia in honor of March 1949 deportations

Adivasi Council to carry out long march in Karachi next month

Under the Radar: Tajikistan on track to be the next Afghanistan

Preparing for Remediation of Uranium Legacy Sites in Tajikistan

Central Asia’s Anxious Watch On The Afghan Border

Biafra: Why Igbo nation will be freest nation when created – IPOB

Biafra: We have reached point of no return – MASSOB

We are created Biafrans and we have to exhibit it in all sense of responsibility – MASSOB

Biafra: IPOB condemns secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu

Biafra: Nigerian government perfecting plans to kill Nnamdi Kanu – IPOB

Russia’s Dagestan to name stadium after pole-vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva

‘No beards, no veils’: Uighur life in China’s Xinjiang

Peter Sanders photographs Muslims in China to dispel negative notions about Islam

Church official calls Stalin “executioner” and supports ban on his perpetuation in Ingushetia

Young Palestinian dancers tell stories of resistance

UN report slams Israel’s ‘subjugation of humanity’ in Palestine

Palestinian Women Try to Bring Baseball to Gaza

Political Prisoners absent during Palestinian Mother’s Day

The Unlikely Populist: John Tsang’s Fight for Hong Kong’s Top Job

Hong Kong relives its failed push for greater democracy as leadership election nears

Will Hong Kong’s next chief executive be gutsy enough to tackle the mainland invasion

Six questions for Hong Kong chief executive candidates Woo Kwok-hing and Carrie Lam

How annexing Crimea allowed Putin to claim he had made Russia great again

Crimea: The place that’s rather difficult to get into

Large-scale Russian military exercise kicks off in Crimea

RFE/RL Contributor Mykola Semena Goes On Trial In Crimea

Crimean dissidents silenced by Moscow

Activists report 43 abductions in Crimea since Russian annexation

Russia shows muscle in annexed Crimea

What role will Crimean Tatars play in Russian-Turkish relations?

Three years later: Russia’s suicide by Crimea

Guernica – when the Basque child refugees arrived in Montrose

Blue plaque to remember Basque refugees housed in Lancing

Basques to descend on Buffalo

Basque LNG bunkering project ‘advancing at a good pace’

How the refugee crisis is dealing another blow to Europe’s Roma

Yuri Yunakov to Headline 20th Anniversary Herdeljezi Romani Music Festival

Newport arts project fuses Welsh and Romani cultures

NAKA prosecutes MP Mazurek for anti-Roma statements

Thirsting for justice: Roma and the human rights to water and sanitation

Documentary exposes racism against Hungarian Roma

Roma fear there is no place for them as Romania’s cities modernize

Discrimination against Roma in education: waiting for changes on the ground

Slovenia: More should be done to ensure that Roma, migrants and those in poverty are not left behind

Declaration against anti-Gypsyism: the Congress calls on local and regional authorities to take a stand

Cornish Minority Report: Stop oppressing Cornwall and fund our culture, language and traditions

The Fires in Tibet

What Ever Happened to Hollywood’s ‘Free Tibet’ Rallying Cry?

‘India sending Dalai Lama to Arunachal but Beijing will decide successor’

Tibetan Pedestrians Being Attacked, Beaten by Chinese Security

Tibetan NGO Organizes Exhibition to Highlight Tibet’s Past Independence Status

Calling for Dalai Lama’s return, farmer stages Tibet’s first self-immolation of 2017

Printing the Ancient Way Keeps Buddhist Texts Alive in Tibet

China Stops Tibetan Horse Festival, Arrests Two Organizers

Celebrating Tibet at Carnegie Hall

Tibetan Women’s Soccer Team Denied U.S. Visas to Attend Tournament Will Host Its Own

The Art of Non-violence: Winning China Over to Tibet’s Story

BBC local news makes light of Cornish oppression claims

World leaders pay tribute to Martin McGuinness

Without Martin McGuinness, there would have been no peace in Northern Ireland

How Ireland is reinventing itself as the best small progressive country in the world

Election has opened pathway to new and equal Ireland

Nicola Sturgeon: ScotRef will be held when it is right for Scots, not when it is convenient for Theresa May

Treated with contempt: Scotland snubbed over Article 50 date announcement

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland’s future should be the people’s choice

Michael Fry: Scotland’s sense of nationhood IS palpable, just like the man said

Nicola Sturgeon: The people of Scotland must choose own fate and not have it imposed upon them

FORMER governor of the Bank of England: there are ‘no major problems’ on currency for an independent Scotland

Only a quarter of Scots trust UK Government to do best for Scotland, survey finds

‘Sex Workers For Yes’ group launch campaign backing IndyRef2 plan

4 ways a second Scottish independence campaign would be different

#Putin gives green light for incorporating some South Ossetian units into Russian Army

Protests Erupt in South Ossetia as Former President Blocked from Running Again

CoE Congress: Abkhazia, S. Ossetia Polls ‘Illegal

Putin Meets South Ossetian Leader in Moscow

Norway ousts Denmark as world’s happiest country

Sami people persuade Norway pension fund to divest from Dakota Access

Catalonia approves funds to hold independence referendum

Catalonia and Scotland at core of Europe’s geopolitical conundrum

Censorship in Catalonia: mention independence in Catalonia and you could be arrested

Spain compelled other governments to oppose Catalonia’s independence

Google Doodle remembers Finnish woman writer & social activist Minnah Canth

Finnish, US defence ministers discuss ISIS and Winter War

Documentary Film: In The Light of Reverence

Fracking, Pipelines and Coal Projects Trample Indigenous Rights

‘We All Know Someone’: Tribal Community, Advocates Seek to Honor Missing and Murdered Native American Women

Trump Budget Takes an Axe to Native Housing Allocations

Vatican and Its Legacy of Domination

World’s Best Heart Health Found in Indigenous Amazon Group

Indigenous Indonesians at a Crossroads

Native communities look toward the next battleground after the Dakota Access pipeline

What does Canada 150 mean for Indigenous communities?

Indigenous communities across Canada move to banish drug dealers

Iceland ends capital controls more than eight years after 2008 crash

How Iceland Makes a big Contribution to Genetic Research

Western Sahara should be able to negotiate their own fisheries partnership agreement with the EU

AU denounces illegal exploitation of Saharawi resources, urges Morocco to comply with international legality

AU calls on international community to support its efforts to overcome current impasse in Western Sahara

Western Sahara: Morocco‘s absence from AU Peace, Security Council, a “failure for first test”

It only took a few centuries, but Denmark has finally repaid all its foreign debts

Denmark doubles PhD numbers ‘without lowering quality’

LGBT community in Denmark rejoices: homosexual marriages in church are not against constitution

One in four young Danes placed in foster care attempts suicide

Latvia’s fortress think tank

Beijing piling on pressure against Taiwan independence

Taiwan says Chinese military threat grows, U.S. regional strategy unclear

Taiwan Plans Military Spending Surge to Counter Rising China

Universities, Taiwan Government at Odds Over Chinese Students

What UK publishers can learn from Portugal in the fight against Google and Facebook

Latvia sends out its centenary invitation

Baltic states’ centenary coin vote launched online

Trump-linked data firm suggested stoking ethnic tensions in Latvia

Candles lit across Estonia in honor of March 1949 deportations

March 25 in Latvia: a day of double significance

Wounded Ukrainian soldiers, families undergo treatment in Georgia

Georgian leaders condemn London terror attack

Head of Norwegian Parliament: “Georgia on way to becoming member of European project”

3 years since annexation of Crimea: Georgia supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity

Balochistan: Hundreds of Baloch Civilians Continue to Suffer Extreme Abuses

Hmong: Newspapers Apologise after Falsely Accusing Two Girls of Theft

Sindh: Repercussions of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for Indigenous Peoples Will Be Catastrophic

Assyria: Documentary on Genocide to Be Screened in Cyprus

Brazil Taken Before the Inter-American Court for Violating Indigenous Rights

Congo militia decapitates 40 police officers in ambush

Sierra Leone police brutality against protesting students condemned

Gambia to set up truth and reconciliation commission

Somali pirates take over Somali vessel to use as mothership

US warns South Sudan government against ‘deliberate starvation tactics’

Benin: Lawmakers reject President Talon’s calls for urgent constitution review

Mauritania constitutional referendum

Twenty million people facing starvation in Yemen and Somalia-Red Cross

Rwanda to send extra troops to South Sudan

Zimbabwe: Opposition wants UN to handle 2018 polls

NGOs raise concern over rights violations in Burundi

Car bomb kills four near Somali presidential palace

Somalia names 26-minister cabinet

Exiled Yahya Jammeh works on Equatorial Guinea farm ‘for the cameras’

The Equatorial Guinea and South Sudan seal oil deal

Djiboutian human rights activist arrested

CAR: François Hollande reiterates support for state sovereignty

Why Africa is less happy than the rest of the world

Pope begs for forgiveness over church’s role in Rwanda genocide

All African delegates of Africa Summit in U.S. denied visas

AU donates $100,000 towards Somalia drought relief, $863.5m needed

1.6 million people flee South Sudan in the past 8 months