Yes vote ahead in Catalan independence referendum poll with 64% turnout

Petition: Help to END THE GENOCIDE in West Papua

June 21: National Aboriginal Day, Canada

June 25, 1975: Mozambique Independence Day

June 26, 1960: Madagascar Independence Day

June 27, 1977: Djibouti Independence Day

June 29, 1976: Seychelles Independence Day

June 30, 1960: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

July 1, 1962: Independence Day of Burundi

July 1, 1867: Canada Day

July 1, 1997: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

July 1, 1962: Rwanda Independence Day

July 4, 1776: Independence Day (United States)

July 5, 1962: Algeria Independence Day

July 5, 1975: Cape Verde Independence Day

July 5, 1811: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

July 6, 1975: Comoros Independence Day

July 6, 1964: Malawi Independence Day

July 7, 1978: Solomon Islands Independence Day

July 9, 1816: Argentina Independence Day

July 9, 2011: South Sudan Independence


Myanmar: Ethnic minorities face range of violations including war crimes in northern conflict

Top Chinese general cuts short Vietnam trip amid South China Sea tensions

China, Russia To Hold Joint Military Drills In Baltic Sea After Trump Visit

Georgia Accused Of ‘Aggressive Policy’ Towards Abkhazia And South Ossetia

Georgia and South Ossetia — working to identify the dead

National Geographic issues special edition about Georgia

What were main topics of 40th round of Geneva Talks?

Russian Army Again Threatening Georgia From the Occupied Territories

Long struggle for the right to speak the Welsh and Irish languages

Guardian faces backlash in Welsh language row

Counselling and Wellbeing service through the Welsh language

How sad that English-speaking parents fear their children being taught in Welsh

Welsh schools: an approach to bilingualism that can help overcome division

Tajikistan: the first hybrid war? February 1990

Tajikistan’s Civil War: A Nightmare The Government Won’t Let Its People Forget

Tajikistan Bars Citizens Under 40 From Performing Hajj

Growing Islamist control along Afghan-Tajik border likely to lead to opportunistic incursions into Tajikistan by militant groups

Adivasi meet from today

Adivasis in Aarey Colony protest against move to displace them

Adivasis losing battle against their own govts

Assam MP canters into adivasi trouble

“Russian guests” massively replace indigenous population of Crimea

Kremlin agents seeking to reduce part of Kazakhs to a Russian-speaking sub-ethnos of the Russian nation

107 remains of political prisoners executed by NKVD found in old Lutsk prison

Status of Russian language worries 1% of Ukrainians; war in Donbas – 71%

Russia refuses to release Ukrainian jailed by mistake in occupied Crimea

Ukrainian activist forced to flee FSB persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia assassinated at least 13 Chechens abroad before victim returned fire in Kyiv

Ukraine ramps up fight against Russia’s hybrid war

Intimidation as a Russia’s propaganda tool in the Nordic countries

Illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol: EU extends sanctions by one year

US tightens sanctions on Russia over Crimea

Russia gives imprisoned Crimean Tatar leader Akhtem Chiygoz 10 minutes with his dying mother

Activist Flees Crimea Fearing For Safety

Crimean Tatar Leader Umerov’s Trial Resumes In Simferopol

Trial Of Crimean Journalist Semena Adjourned Until July

Russian FSB ‘Expert’ in trial of Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov doesn’t know the language

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Crimea Ordered to Renounce Faith or Fight for Occupying Russian Army

Other View: The hidden abuses in Crimea

“Russian guests” massively replace indigenous population of Crimea

Russia puts Crimean Tatar political prisoner in punishment cell for six months

Crimean Tatar activists reject Russia sponsored attempt to foist a fake ‘Day of Joy’

Brilliant video of Maori All Blacks’ haka to the tune of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ emerges on social media

Māori stories can now be shared nationwide says Paora Maxwell

Maori language in danger of dying out

How the Basque Country became a smart grids leader through a public-private partnership

Greenland mourns 4 washed out to sea in their homes in tsunami

Estonia, Bulgaria and Austria ‘presidency trio’ outlines priorities

Yazidis Of Iraq Are Disappearing From The Country

Canadian presence in Latvia reduces danger of Crimean-style takeover, Latvian ex-general says

Israel breaks ground on first new settlement in 20 years

Missing babies: Israel’s Yemenite children affair

Jared Kushner’s Pursuit of Middle East Peace Looks a Lot Like Total Surrender to Israel

Unlikely allies: Israel and the Saudis

Israel hits Syrian military targets after errant fire reaches its side of the Golan Heights

Beijing looks to throw Taiwan’s leadership off balance

Pro-independence position remains unchanged: Lai

NATO Deputy Secretary General welcomes Bosnia and Herzegovina’s reform efforts

Stagnant Bosnia Awaits its “Macedonian Moment”

OSCE: Bosnia Boosts Wartime Sexual Violence Prosecutions

Bosnian students keep up their protest against segregated schools

UNPO Organises a Succesfull Football Cup for Unrepresented Nations

Indonesia’s impact on the land of West Papua

1969 West Papua: “Free Choice” – so long as you vote “yes”

15 year old West Papuan boy was brutally tortured by the Indonesian police in Wamena

Denmark the best place in the world to live and Central African Republic the worst in ‘social progress index’

Faroe Islands Looks to Restart Hunt for Oil and Gas

Grindadrap: mass slaughter of whales turns sea red, sparks outrage

Denmark approves the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the Faroe Islands

Chinese Tibet Propaganda Masks Repression

Tibetan women’s soccer team set to make international debut in Vancouver

Soccer organizer facing extra scrutiny after inviting Tibetan women’s team to tournament

Decades After Fleeing Tibet, Refugees Still Have Limits on Rights in India

Tibetan Animation and Pictorial Dictionary Launched in Dharamsala

Tibet’s Next Leader Warns How Apathy Can Kill

Two monks jailed for sharing information on Tibet and splittist activities

Tibetan Cuts Own Throat in Lhasa Freedom Protest

Is Lithuania still homophobic? My girlfriend and I held hands to find out

Two Transgender Men Obtain Legal Gender Recognition in Lithuania

Lithuania rejects legalization of same-sex ‘marriage’

Iraqi Kurdistan makes headway in fighting corruption and FGM

ANALYSIS: Threat of war hangs over Kurdish independence vote

Kurdish region of Iraq is going to vote on independence. Here’s what you need to know.

The looming question of Kurdish independence in Iraq

Kurdish Oil Appears Bound for U.S. Again After Three-Year Pause

Kurdish and French reporters killed in Mosul explosion

ISIS fully encircled in Raqqa city after latest Kurdish advances

Iran’s top leader opposes Iraqi Kurdish independence vote

Kurdistan electoral body needs 60,000 temporary workers for referendum

Colorful Kurdish flags adorn shops and streets ahead of referendum

Iceland law closes gender gap, pays women as much as men

Silence no longer an option – Barotseland Post at five

Biafra: Nigeria’s Vice-President Says Secessionists and Ethnic Inciters Will ‘Face Full Force of Law’

Northern Group Writes Osinbajo, Urges Him to Allow Biafra Republic

SADR participates in Africa Public Service Day conference in Kigali

Committee of 24 reaffirms its mandate of decolonization of Western Sahara

Somaliland calls for talks with Somalia

Somaliland-Khatumo unity agreement: what you need to know

Worcester native Jonathan Starr builds future in Somaliland

A preventable tragedy: millions around the world still threatened with starvation

Why is Eritrea the world’s fastest-emptying nation?

Guinea-Bissau prime minister opens up on country’s political situation

Al Qaeda-linked group claims deadly attack at Mali resort

Eritrea-Djibouti border tensions: UN, IGAD join de-escalation calls

UN Security Council backs west African force to combat militants in Sahel

Public violence case against 51 anti-Mugabe protesters dismissed

Central African Republic warring factions sign peace accord to end conflict

CAR: Several wounded in renewed clashes a day after ceasefire deal

Soldier sentenced to death for Somali minister’s killing

At least 10 killed in Mogadishu car bomb

Somali star is first hijab-wearing model on cover of top US magazine

At least 4 killed in car bomb attack outside Somali police station

Chadian opposition MPs reject calls to quit ‘illegitimate’ parliament

Libya gets new UN envoy after four months

Libya’s Amazigh intend to declare a military council

ICC ends Gabon mission citing contradictory information by parties

Benin president returns after about one-month medical leave in France

Beninese took to the streets to protest against “bad governance”

Rwanda’s Kagame files candidature to contest for third term

Botswana mourns its ex-President who ‘fought’ for southern Africa’s liberation

Gambian places third in UAE Quran competition that saw Somali expelled

Gambian President Barrow replaces Jammeh-era police chief

Namibia buries leader who campaigned against apartheid

South Sudanese president issues shoot to kill order to fight crime

World refugee crisis growing, fastest in South Sudan

South Sudan no longer in famine despite severe food insecurity

Pope Francis donates over $500k to South Sudan after failed visit

Football can heal South Sudan

World’s youngest nation has canceled independence day for the second year in a row

South Sudan under pressure to lift ban on foreign journalists

South Sudan censors press, restricts reporters in civil war

Thousands flee government crackdown in Congo Brazzaville

New talents grace Congo’s fashion cult

Congo to pull out all military peacekeepers in CAR over sexual abuse issues

Luxembourg’s politicians pin economic hopes on fintech drive

See a different side of Luxembourg

Catalan foreign minister says Europe ‘would welcome’ indy Scotland

Journeys to Yes: the economics of Scottish independence

Why Scotland should begin shadowing the UK cabinet in preparation for indy

New report outlines how indy Scotland could comfortably raise $40bn to set up a new currency

Majority of Scots want the option of indyref2 kept on the table

#speakCornish – Kelly’s saw their sales increase when they started using #Cornish

Speak Cornish Week 23/6 – 2/7

Who is standing up for Cornwall in Westminster?

June 27, 1497: a day to remember the great patriotic Cornish uprising

‘Yes’ vote ahead in Catalan Indy referendum poll with 64% turnout

The new Catalans: Catalonia, Independence, Spain, Immigration

Catalan independence referendum details to be unveiled on July 4

Catalan economy hits 19% of Spanish GDP for first time this century

Catalonia’s Challenge to Spain

Spain rejects Catalan independence vote – but rebels to hold referendum anyway

Rajoy rejects defining Spain as ‘plurinational’

Longtime German MP urges Europe to intervene in the Catalan question

‘New York Times’ defends independence referendum in Catalonia

Russia and Belarus: Behind the media battle

Is Belarus just ‘Greater Russia’? Neighbouring states dismiss Belarusian sovereignty

“Square Remains Only Real Way To Freedom’

Belarus children affected by Chernobyl disaster overjoyed to be reunited with their Irish host families for a month-long respite break

Inside the Chechnya concentration camp where gay men say they were tortured

Chechnyan city Grozny shortlisted as potential 2018 World Cup team base

China wants another try at brainwashing Hong Kong’s young into being obedient patriots

Two decades after handover, scant love for China among Hong Kong youth

China’s Xi to attend Hong Kong handover anniversary

Hong Kong independence advocates plan June 30 rally despite ‘zero tolerance’ warning

In Pictures: A pro-independence artist’s view of Hong Kong as a colony – before and after 1997

Hong Kong’s New Chief Vows to Fight ‘Pro-independence Behavior’ With Law Enforcement

Pro-independence party says gov’t blocked Handover anniversary vigil due to ‘maintenance works’

What Hong Kong can learn from Puerto Rico, an American ‘SAR’

Roma: ‘There is nobody in this school who hasn’t had travel in their lives’

Activists demand removal of pig farm from Roma Holocaust site

Roma Families in Istanbul Face Continued Gentrification

Support UK’s Romany Gypsy & Traveller people, to bring down a new law which seeks to deny us a home

Slovakia: Three skinheads assault Romani mother and her children with racist abuse

Serb minister takes part in painting over anti-Roma graffiti

Slovak President Kiska: Let’s stop speaking of the “Romani problem” and use Romani potential

Europe’s outsiders

New Finnish government survives first confidence vote

Finnish growth rises along with calls for government to reform economy

A photographic history of Finland – warts and all

A Guided Tour of Australia’s Blue Mountains Follows Ancient Aboriginal Songlines

Aboriginal press photographer reveals work

Chinese Police Detain at Least 10 Ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang For ‘Ties With Uyghurs

In China’s far west the ‘perfect police state’ is emerging

Bolivians Raise Hands to Sun to Usher in Aymara New Year

This Indigenous Group Traveled 500 Miles Across Argentina to Deliver a Simple Message

Report submitted to Ottawa highlights police abuse against Indigenous women

Religious and indigenous leaders urge better protection of forests

Indigenous people need resources 24/7 to cut suicide rates, committee recommends

What does ‘I Am Indigenous’ mean to you?

‘We aren’t Indians’: Indigenous teens say words matter

Indigenous candidate offers voice, unity to Mexico’s long-silenced native people

Indigenous entrepreneurs can fuel Canadian economic growth

Indigenous communities in Canada finally on Google Maps

Small EU states meet amid search to fill post-Brexit void

Portugal’s forest fires, though never before as deadly, are all too familiar

Norway issues $1bn threat to Brazil over rising Amazon destruction

Brazil: Tense Protests over Brazilian President Temer’s Visit to Norway

Norway offers oil firms record number of Arctic blocks

Oil lurks beneath EU-Norway snow crab clash

Four go on trial in Hungary over truck deaths of 71 migrants

State Department warns Hungary: Anti-Soros law ‘another step away’ from NATO

Hungary: Opposition says hurt by law on political billboards

Hungary’s Orban sees EU reform drive after German election

France’s Macron, eastern Europeans try to mend fences

Macron’s plan to protect France from cheap EU labour riles eastern Europe

From Hungary, the Secret Language of a Silenced People

Northern Ireland emerges as the thorniest issue in Brexit talks

UK government’s ‘shabby’ deal with DUP branded a threat to Good Friday Agreement in Ireland

Bulgaria to start talks with Sweden over warplane purchase

Bulgaria’s first communications satellite launched into orbit

Bulgarian President Radev invites Putin to visit in 2018

Icon of Khalistan Movement Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh Passes Away

Serbia opens chapters 7 and 29, Montenegro opens 1, 22, closes 30

Udmurt Acting Government Chairman Rafis Kasimov Detained

Court Arrests Property of Former Head of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviev

Switzerland most expensive in Europe, but not for everything says new study

Ancient Bones of Mystery Creature Dug up by Children in Yakutian Village

Hundreds of Tourists in Croatia Evacuated Amid Forest Fires

Belgium fights for its famous fries after EU deems them unsafe

France lands $1.2 billion armoured vehicle deal from Belgium

Belgium probes station bomber shot dead by soldiers

European Arthouse Movie Channel, Streaming Service Expands to Belgium, Netherlands

Eight princesses from the United Arab Emirates convicted of human trafficking in Belgium

Workers at Volkswagen plant in Slovakia strike over wages

In Greece, China Finds an Ally Against Human Rights Criticism

Four Ingush men convicted of ‘pedophilia’ by Rostov Court

A Slovenia Dining Guide From the World’s Best Female Chef

International court to rule on Slovenia-Croatia border row

Moscow, Circassians Now on Collision Course

Cyprus uses high-tech tools to speed search for its missing

Cyprus official: Lowest-ever interest rate on bond issue

Cyprus faces brain drain

Cyprus leaders under pressure to strike peace deal

UN presents draft common document for Cyprus talks

No Decisive Winner in Mongolia Presidential Vote Forces Second Round

Mongolians pick president in uncertain time

Mongolia economy, graft in spotlight as voters elect president

Mongolian voters weigh love-hate relationship with China

New project to boost renewable energy in Mongolia

Kyrgyzstan, Russia sign agreement on military-technical co-operation

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan deny reports they are in talks with Russia to send troops to Syria

Macedonia’s Controversial Coalition Government

Macedonia PM Aims to Heal Breach With Bulgaria

Israel would go ‘all-out’ if war breaks out again with Lebanon: air force chief

Human Rights Watch demands Lebanon government hold soldiers accountable for ‘unlawful’ beating of protesters

Report on the state of EU-Lebanon relations: strengthening our partnership

China encouraged to invest in Lebanon’s oil sector by the country’s FM

Moscow City Court cancelled arrest of businessman suspected of bribe-giving to Mari El Governor

Malta calls for increased EU efforts on migrant return and re-admission

Gay marriage to be on new Malta government’s agenda

U.N. owes Haiti relief from cholera epidemic it introduced

In Haiti, Security Council spotlights opportunities for country’s reform towards stability and development

Former Haiti rebel gets 9 years in prison in US drug case

Haiti orphanages hotspot of child trafficking, abuse, says charity

Albania dictator’s grandson on trial for cocaine trafficking

Albania Judges Its Judges in Pursuit of EU Milestone

Albania’s Socialists win ruling majority in parliamentary elections

Female And Gay: Vucic’s Unlikely Choice For PM Sets Two Firsts For Serbia

Dozens of Serbia gays say election of gay PM to be historic

Ireland and Serbia’s PM sea change

Sweden passes bill to become carbon neutral by 2045

Here’s how Singapore provides high-quality health care at low costs

Qatar crisis is a mess the Middle East could do without

Balochistan: Teenage Baloch student abducted during Pakistan Navy chief’s visit to Jiwani

Haratin: Acclaimed Mauritanian Activist Biram Dah Abeid Raises Profile of Abolitionist Cause

Khmer Krom: Protest Banned by Phnom Penh Authorities

Southern Mongolia: Protesting Herders Met with Undue Force