China Tests New Tanks in Tibet: Historically Tibet Was an Independent Country

Petition: Help to END THE GENOCIDE in West Papua

June 26: Crimean Tatars National Flag Day

June 26, 1960: Madagascar Independence Day

June 27, 1977: Djibouti Independence Day

June 29, 1976: Seychelles Independence Day

June 30, 1960: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

July 1, 1962: Independence Day of Burundi

July 1, 1867: Canada Day

July 1, 1997: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

July 1, 1962: Rwanda Independence Day

July 1, 1971: West Papua Day of Resistance

July 4, 1776: Independence Day (United States)

July 5, 1962: Algeria Independence Day

July 5, 1975: Cape Verde Independence Day

July 5, 1811: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

July 6, 1975: Comoros Independence Day

July 6, 1253: Crowning of King MINDAUGAS – Day of Statehood in Lithuania

July 6, 1964: Malawi Independence Day

July 7, 1978: Solomon Islands Independence Day

July 9, 1816: Argentina Independence Day

July 9, 2011: South Sudan Independence

US Congress Passes Resolution Condemning LGBTQ Torture in Chechnya

Chechen mufti announces ban on Shiism and ‘Wahhabism’ in Chechnya

Lebanon refugee camps hit by five suicide bombers

Is Lebanon’s New Electoral System a Path Out of Sectarianism?

Court Rules In Favor Of Slovenia In Sea Border Dispute; Croatia Rejects Decision

Norwegian Teen-Drama Series Loved Around the World

Malta’s EU presidency: How it went

Europe vs Russia: Worried by Putin, Latvians and Lithuanians Back EU Military Alliance

Nordic-Baltic parliaments underpin strong transatlantic relations

EU opposition builds to new Russian-German gas pipeline

Latvian banking watchdog fines three banks over North Korea sanctions

Joint Baltic Rail Venture Attracts Wider Regional Interest

Latvia backs extended sanctions against Russia

Estonian president to EU: It’s payback time

US Vice President Mike Pence to Travel to Estonia, Georgia, and Montenegro

Juncker ‘depends’ on Estonia’s cybersecurity know-how

Estonian presidency of the council of the EU begins – what does it entail?

Meaningfully deterring Russia is NATO’s best option for European security

Latvian family doctors launch strike action

U.N. Brought Cholera to Haiti. Now It Is Fumbling Its Effort to Atone.

Haiti workers protest minimum wage as managers threaten exit

Revitalizing Palestinian Nationalism: options versus realities

‘Carrot, not stick’: Israel pushes its curriculum in Palestinian schools

Reimagining Palestine

Two-State Delusion: What’s left of Palestine?

Palestine in Pictures: June 2017

Myth and majesty in China’s Xinjiang lake district

Uyghur Woman Missing Three Years After Being Sent Back From Vietnam

Xinjiang Authorities Take Further Steps Towards Total Digital Surveillance

Security clampdown in far-western China exacts toll on businesses

This Eid A Uyghur Muslimah Tells Her Story

Czech Nuclear Plant Held a Bikini Contest to Select its Summer Intern

Knives out as Czech parties prepare for elections

Czech law to allow civilians to shoot during terrorist attacks

Census 2016: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population growing

Sydney Opera House to come alive with indigenous art

Why many high-achieving Indigenous students are shunning university

South Sudan armed opposition rules out national dialogue participation

Internet connection restored in Congo-Brazzaville after 15 days

A Future for Western Sahara

“Culture and Sahrawi identity” marked the third day of the Juan Carlos University summer course in Madrid on the Sahrawi issue

Violent intervention against Sahrawi demonstrators in occupied city of El-Aaiun

AU re-establishes 10-member contact group on Western Sahara to find an urgent solution to Sahrawi issue

Protect sacred sites to realize indigenous rights, says African Commission

Liberia’s democracy tied to successful conduct of upcoming polls

Kagame’s female challenger faces exclusion from Rwanda’s presidential race

Zimbabwean protest pastor freed on bail after two days in jail

Ethiopia: Afan Oromo to serve as working language in Addis-Official

Oromia Special Interest Law: Who owns Addis Ababa?

Kenya: Are Chinese Investors in SGR Project Neo-Colonial Predators?

Somalia hit by internet outage after fibre optic cables are cut by ship

Rwanda genocide: NGO groups file lawsuit against French bank BNP

Gunmen open fire on U.N. convoy in Libya

‘Whoever Controls Benghazi Controls Libya’

Hundreds of fighters from Chad, Darfur feeding off Libya’s turmoil

Italy considers closing its ports to ships from Libya

African migrants are reaching Europe with tales of kidnap and torture in Libya

Foreign medics give children life-saving surgery in Libya’s Benghazi

Libyan Crude Gushes Into Tankers as Nation’s Output Accelerates

Tuareg and Tebu mark Eid al-Fitr together

Amazigh towns threaten to withdraw recognition of Presidency Council – Source

UNICEF opens Africa’s first humanitarian drone testing corridor in Malawi

Benin: ‘Ponzi scheme’ trial opens in Cotonou

Court annuls candidacy of Liberia’s only female presidential aspirant

Chinese company to pay $25,000 bond for polluting Gambian waters

Tunisians say no to pollution from Phosphogypsum in the city of Gabes

South Sudan women have ‘no tears left’

IMF approves $312 million 3-year credit for Chad

About 22 dead in clashes between herders and militia in Central Africa Republic

Somali President pardons 91 prisoners to mark Independence Day

Somali govt seeks to ‘ambush’ Al-Shabaab with defection of ex-deputy leader

At least two killed in roadside bomb near Somali capital

Malians in protest against constitution review plans of government

Al-Qaeda in Mali releases video showing western hostages

Sahel anti-terrorism force launched, about 5,000 troops to be deployed

Eritrea: Eid Alfetir Celebrated Nationwide

New campaign launched as Eritrea worsens clampdown on Christians

Eritrea and its border spats with neighbouring Djibouti and Ethiopia

Djibouti @ 40: Foreign forces join Independence parade

Djibouti requests A.U. presence along disputed border with Eritrea

Burundi becoming an ‘increasingly violent dictatorial regime’

Fire destroys Zambia’s biggest trading hub, City Market

State of emergency looms in Zambia

Somaliland’s children dying as drought and border dispute create fatal mix

Somaliland offers investors chance to make history

Biafra: IPOB says we want referendum, not war

Mauritania: New Documentary Film on Slavery and Forced Labour

Kyrgyzstan’s President Wants Another Russian Military Base

Insulting the President: Defamation Cases Against Local Media Move Ahead in Kyrgyzstan

China, Kyrgyzstan border forces hold exercises to stop arms smuggling

‘The Soviet times were good’: Kyrgyzstan local reveals that life was worry-free under USSR rule… but now ‘extremist Islam is blighting the country

Hong Kong police bans pro-independence group’s Handover eve vigil

On June 31, 1997, Hong Kong had a taste of independence for just one day

China’s Xi Jinping lauds efforts to curb Hong Kong independence advocates and offers full support

End of the Empire: From India to Hong Kong, How Britain’s Global Dominance Crumbled

France’s Macron refuses to recognise Crimea ‘annexation’

United by persecution, Crimean Tatars celebrate National Flag Day

Ukrainian embassies around the world raise Crimean Tatar flags

Ukrainian delegation reminds PACE about occupied Crimea

Ukraine faces big fine after Russia Eurovision row

Crimea: Circumventing Trade Sanctions Via Novorossiysk

Russia imprisons Crimeans in inhuman conditions for their faith or pro-Ukrainian stand

Russia halts Council of Europe payments over Crimea row

Russian Agents Detained in Ukraine After Getting ‘Lost at Sea’ During Crimea Training Exercise

Crimean “court” led Chairman of “Jehovah’s Witnesses” to death

John McCain: Russia threat is dead serious. Montenegro coup and murder plot proves it.

Freedom Isn’t Free: An Independence Day Reminder From the War in Ukraine

NATO’s senior military officer: Russia threat growing on all fronts

War in Ukraine 2.0

‘If a bourgeois revolution is to start in Russia, it will begin with Tatarstan,’ Kazan historian says

Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox: EU countries agree to collectively punish attacker when a member is hacked

Friend or Foe? Mapping the positions of EU Member States on Russia sanctions

Meaningfully deterring Russia is NATO’s best option for European security

U.N. boss strikes upbeat note as Cyprus talks continue

Bulgaria to press EU over ‘double standards’ in food products

Foreign businesses demand swift judicial reforms in Bulgaria

Russian Rhetoric Steps Up Intimidation of Montenegro

Serbia lawmakers elect first female, openly gay prime minister

On make-up, Serbian women and a lesbian PM

Openly gay Serbia premier-designate to head pro-Russia gov’t

Singapore LGBT activists hold rally with no foreigners

Why Singapore Is a Terrorist Target

Singapore Can Have Meritocracy or Aristocracy, But Not Both

Singapore armed forces going more hi-tech as recruiting levels seen sliding

Singapore turns vacant space into urban farms

Meet the Socialist Leader Who’s Driving Bolivia Into the Ground

Bolivia: Home to Latin America’s Highest Rates of Sexual Violence

Catalonia Legalizes Cannabis Cultivation and Consumption

Catalan Parliament unanimously nullifies Francoist sentences

Catalan independence ‘no threat’ to foreign investment

Call for local leaders to show commitment to referendum

German CDU think tank urges solving of Catalan issue before ‘it’s too late’

International self-determination experts to analyze Catalan case

Catalan Parliament speaker at Westminster: ‘We are under threat, but we will not give up’

Catalonia to declare independence right away if “yes” vote wins October 1 referendum

Details about referendum on independence announced in a show of force by Catalan government

Spain’s Constitutional Court repeals rules calling for more Catalan in film dubbing, education for new migrants and customer service

Island Games 2017: Isle of Man add 14 golds to top medal table

Amnesty International Won’t Comply With Hungary NGO Law

A Democracy Road Trip Through Hungary

Hungary offers misgovernment with the consent of the governed

Hungary central bank chief’s son buys major media group

Greenpeace: Protecting the Earth knows no borders – not in Hungary, not anywhere

Mongolia’s presidential election forced into a second round

From Prague to Mongolia, Wild Horses Return to the Steppes

Haunted by Iceland, Swiss Watchdog Hunts Stock Manipulators

Iceland, an open-air Hollywood studio

American Companies Still Make Aluminum. In Iceland.

Swiss call time out in push on EU ties as Brexit talks begin

20 Years Later, Tajikistan Rewrites Civil War History

Tajik leader in spotlight on 20th anniversary of end of civil

Majlis Podcast: Tajikistan’s Civil War And What Came After

Tajikistan Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Peace Accord Ending Civil War

The Many Agents Of Tajikistan’s Path To Peace

Tajikistan’s Unity After War: Expectation and Reality

What a Lawyer’s Forgery Scam Tells Us About Justice in Tajikistan

Tajikistan Dreams of Regional Electricity Grid Rebirth

Volkswagen Slovakia plant workers end strike after winning wage hike

Statistics: Three percent of inhabitants are born outside Slovakia

After a Century, Syrian Refugees Return to Armenia

Activists demand removal of pig farm from Roma Holocaust site

Vicente Rodriguez Speaks About His Vision for the Romani People

Romani people discuss whether the approach of Afrofuturism could empower them

Bulgaria: Anti-Roma Protests Continue After Alleged Romani Attacks on Teenagers

Romani Students Propel Themselves Forward, Aiming to Further Their Education

EU Ready to Assist Macedonia Implement Reforms to Unlock Membership

More Than 90 Indicted In Macedonia Over Wiretap Scandal

A Look at the Russian Military Moves in Georgia’s Breakaway Territories

US lists Georgia among best nations combating human trafficking

OSCE conference discusses Russian occupation of Georgian territories

Georgia in focus of literature festival in Prague

Georgian, NATO soldiers undergoing mountain training in Georgia

Creeping occupation: Russia advances 10 hectares into Georgian territory

Tbilisi History Museum exhibition to explore nationality and tolerance

Berlin hosts Georgian culture festival

Is The Power Of The Kosovo Myth Fading?

Leaders Of Kosovo, Serbia Agree To Pursue Renewed Dialogue

Families of Missing in Kosovo Want to Know Fate of Loved Ones

Luxembourg not a tax haven, claims PM

Bosnia’s Serb Republic leader: No breakaway vote next year

Bosnia’s Ex-Refugees Use Language Skills in Call Centres

Netherlands Partly Liable for 1995 Massacre of Bosnian Muslim Men, Court Rules

Albania’s Socialists win ruling majority in parliamentary elections

Sold for $60: Yazidi children describe cruel life as IS slaves

‘I was sold seven times’: the Yazidi women welcomed back into the faith

ISIS tricks starving Yazidi sex slave into eating her own one-year-old son

Russia kills 2 suspected militants in Dagestan

A heavy blow for a small community – Greenland rebuilds

Gay fairytale translated into Māori

Moana: Te reo version of Disney film finds its Maori star

Bill to create Māori wards voted down

Māori and Pasifika unite under Maori Party banner

Matariki: reintroducing the tradition of Māori New Year celebrations

This Balanced Parliament Is Our Opportunity To Stand Up For Wales

BBC Radio launches second Welsh-language breakfast show

Wales needs to realise that good behaviour will never be rewarded

Restaurant owner says he deals with anti-Welsh complaints on a daily basis

We must fight back against a popular culture that depicts the Welsh as idiots

It’s time to pick your Welsh heroes

Despite the election result, there are exciting times ahead for Wales

Problems and prospects for the Belarusian IT industry

Canada eases trade with Belarus, leaving N. Korea as last country on restricted list

Belarus receives Chinese armoured vehicles

10 Things You Should Not Do in Belarus

Faces from the final frontier: Amazing portraits reveal people and culture of Siberia

Where East meets West meets America: Fascinating portraits from the indigenous tribes of Siberia

Moscow to slash Far East Russia power prices from July

This is no sheepish tale, Pete Lanathoua weaves a tale of Basque heritage in Bakersfield

Basque sheepmen of Kern County

Alfonso and Mary Ygoa to lead Basque parade

2018 Gathering to promote Basque heritage

Basque Festival gets cooking

Walking free in Azerbaijan

The time has come for Iraqi Kurdistan to make its choice on independence

Independent Kurdistan cannot exist without Turkey’s blessing

Amid Turkey’s Purge, a Renewed Attack on Kurdish Culture

Turkish artillery opens fire on Kurdish forces across entire frontier in northern Aleppo

Israel should support the Kurdish Independence Referendum

Iraq’s Kurdish Jews look to the future with hope and scepticism

West Papuan mother tortured for selling bags

Finland has a migration crisis, too: Smart, young professionals are moving out

Finland’s brain drain: what happens to small countries when the talent leaves?

Kabardino-Balkaria’s code of silence

China ‘outraged’ by $1.42 billion planned U.S. arms sales to Taiwan

China’s ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Principle Won’t Ever Work In Taiwan

Hong Kong handover: The protest symbols China’s scared of

Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong is alienating Taiwan

Arms to Taiwan and Action Against a Chinese Bank: Is Trump’s US-China ‘Honeymoon’ Over?

Godolphin connection: sheikh saves Cornish community centre

Quarter of a million people moved to Cornwall in just 10 years

Abundant scope for research on adivasi culture

What Happens When an Adivasi Leader Buys a Car?

Welfare schemes remain out of bounds for tribals

India is moving away from coal, but what is it doing about communities displaced in mining areas?

Collecting Cockles: A Galician Women’s Tradition

Greece fears revival of far-left violence

Greek Poetry in the Shadow of Austerity

Prince Max von Liechtenstein: «Sustainability Instead of Populism»

Israel’s innovation rankings lay bare split between high-tech and the rest

U.S. to Work With Israel, Seek Other Ties to Combat Cyber Attacks

‘It’s okay to be racist in Israel’

In about face, Israel freezes Western Wall mixed prayer plan

This Professor Spent 20 Years Crafting an Anthology on Quechua Poetry

Canada’s biggest museum teams with Indigenous graphic artist to animate creation story

Inuit self-determination in action: We are repatriating our written language

Canadian Inuit Theater Troupe Breathes New Life Into an Old Legend

Groundbreaking Held for American Indian Monument in Virginia

‘You’re celebrating colonization’: 4 Indigenous people share why they won’t be singing O Canada on July 1

Resilience, self-determination are the tools Inuit youth need to fight suicide

Grassroots team creating Indigenous-based climate plan across Canada

Six Years After the ‘Aymarazo’ Protests in Peru

Indigenous Media is not a Novelty; It’s a Load Bearing Column in Canada’s Fourth Estate

Can you celebrate Canada 150 and still respect Indigenous rights?

#Resistance 150: Canada Day isn’t a celebration for Indigenous people

The government brought Native Americans to Denver after World War II — and their community is still recovering

Respect Indigenous people who don’t want to celebrate Canada 150: Canada’s PM

We Need an International Environmental Criminal Court

It Takes a Community to Exploit Indigenous Women

American Indian Center prepares to open doors in Albany Park

Half Life: America’s Last Uranium Mill

Enhanced Tribal Card Can Be Used Instead of Passport

Why we’re investigating Grand Canyon uranium

Alert! Bertha Zuniga Cáceres and members of the coordination of COPINH Attacked

Do American Indians Celebrate the 4th of July?

The Declaration of Independence, Jefferson’s ‘Merciless Indian Savages,’ and Getting Flamed on Huffington Post

Trump praises female reporter’s ‘nice smile’ on call to Irish PM

EU exploring invisible border in Ireland post Brexit

DUP councillors struck dumb on prospect of Irish language act

Northern Ireland parties miss deadline to restore power-sharing

Scotland unites in call for equal marriage in Northern Ireland

It’s over to us: Sturgeon issues rallying cry to Yes movement as she hits ‘reset’ button on indyref2

Analysis: So when will indyref2 be held then?

Nicola Sturgeon urged to work with Scottish Independence Convention to build the case for a Yes vote

Scotland’s economy grows four times faster than the UK’s in first quarter

China builds new military facilities on South China Sea islands

China Tests New Tank in Tibet

Tibetan Soccer Girls Land In Canada To Actually Play!

Nomads in ‘no man’s land’: China’s nomination for UNESCO World heritage risks imperilling Tibetans and wildlife

US Likely To Immigrate 3000 Tibetan Refugees

China Won’t Let Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Laureate, Get Cancer Treatment Abroad

Tibetans living in free countries have responsibility to keep Tibetan spirit alive: His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Boston

Historically Tibet was an independent country: Tibetan spiritual leader

The high-tech war on Tibetan communication

Former Governor of Mari El asked Putin for pardon in verse

Tuva worst for life expectancy in Russia, despite its pristine mountain air and lack of pollution

Tuva Masters Of “Throat Singing” Perform In New Haven

Tuva’s Alash Brings Down The House

Balochistan: Daughters of disappeared Baloch doctor set up three-day token hunger strike

Ahwazi: Tehran’s Oil and Agriculture Industry Devastates Environment in Al Ahwaz Region