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Former Surinamese president Dési Bouterse convicted of murder for the second time—but will he go to prison?
‘I just cry’: Dying of hunger in Ethiopia’s blockaded Tigray
Time to set precedent for recognizing Lukashenka’s regime as criminal
Eastern Tibet: Wave of arrests over language rights, Dalai Lama images
Australia’s Fraser Island Reclaims K’gari, Its Original Indigenous Name
Lorde’s Māori-language EP, ‘Te Ao Mārama,’ is for Everyone
French Polynesia and New Caledonia see deadly COVID-19 surge
A sweeping spate of murders rivals COVID-19’s ‘third wave’ in Jamaica
Greek authorities begin moving migrants into new cam
Lao Christians Formerly Evicted from Their Villages Still Wait For New Homes
Global protest seeks to turn up heat on leaders over climate
Cape Verde: More than 500 turtles returned to sea in one month
Hong Kong’s Alliance Began With A Million-Strong March of Solidarity
Drone strike kills at least 1 in rebel-held Syrian province
Latvia had EU highest homicide rate in 2019
Jews redeem firstborn son in ancient ceremony
Southeast Asian Nations Cautious Over New AUKUS Defense Pact
Cameroon separatists kill 15 soldiers in attacks using explosives
Niger hosts major Sahara camel race in the desert
U.S. adds top Guatemalan, Salvadoran officials to corruption list
Only ‘Patriots’ Voted Onto Hong Kong’s New Election Committee
Pianist Beisembayev ‘on cloud nine’ after winning Leeds competition
Canadian party leader makes election pledge to learn Welsh
In Southeast Asia, Privatized Vaccination Schemes Gain Traction
‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero sentenced to 25 years on terror charges
A ‘Proof of Death’ Video From Xinjiang
Pardoned Catalan independence leader Jordi Sànchez takes his case to European Court of Human Rights
Tempers Flare At Serbia-Kosovo Border As Pristina Presses ‘Reciprocal’ Move Over License Plates
French defence minister visits Mali amid tensed relations
Cuba starts first mass COVID-19 vaccine campaign for children
Haitians Decry Deportation From Texas-Mexico Border
North Korea warns submarine deal with Australia could lead to nuclear arms race
Lebanon Sees No Relief after Arrival of Iranian Oil Shipments
1964 September 21: Malta Independence Day
1981 September 21: Belize Independence Day
1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day
Bloc Québécois cements itself as third largest party in Canadian Parliament
Retelling indigenous Tamang people’s torment and trauma through sacred seeds, handmade paper and slates
Time Magazine & Ortega’s Political Prisoners in Nicaragua
Basques pledge to maintain their traditions even as immigrant generation passes
Indigenous protestors seek Norwegian ‘asylum’ for Brazilian tree
Libya lawmakers pass no confidence vote for transition govt
Catalan pair relive night that changed battle for independence referendum
Qatar’s ruler urges world leaders not to boycott Taliban
Hong Kong Police Arrest Three Student Activists For ‘Inciting Subversion’
Scottish climate fund benefitting poorest countries set to double
Vietnam Will Buy 10 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Doses From Cuba
How Social Security Scotland is changing lives with devolved powers
The Trouble With Minsk? Russia
Cambodia PM Hun Sen Walks Back Death Threat on Exiled Scholar
Huawei, Xiaomi phones pose cyber security risks, finds Lithuanian probe
Uyghur Exile Group Leader Turned Back Trying to Enter Turkey
Latvia wants former central bank boss charged with witness tampering
Vietnamese Border Region Residents Remove China’s Electrified Fencing
Baltic states run first connecting train in decades
Detained Chinese Rights Lawyer Tortured Again After Complaining About Torture
Spanish ‘Netflix law’ criticized over no quotas for Catalan, Basque, or Galician
The Untouchable: How Kadyrov Maintains His Tight Grip On Chechnya
UN: Yemen Warring Parties Violate Civilians‘ Human Rights
Croatia police trying to identify woman with memory loss
UNHCR Calls for Stop to Forcible Deportation of Haitians
Poll finds nearly 80% of Palestinians want Abbas to resign
Greece tests drone drug delivery for remote regions
1908 September 22: Bulgarian Declaration of Independence
1960 September 22: Mali Independence Day
Genetic study reveals how ancient seafarers settled vast Polynesia
Detained West Papuan activist at risk of ‘dying in jail’, UN expert warns
Breton language = Breton jobs
Belarusian authorities rule to liquidate domestic violence shelter
Iron curtain falls on Hong Kong cinema as censors demand cuts
At UN, Moldovan President Reiterates Call For Russian Troop Withdrawal
Algeria closes airspace to all Moroccan planes
Moroccans want English to replace French as country’s first official foreign language
BBC’s coverage of Scotland a ‘big issue’ for viewers, Tim Davie admits
Lithuanian agency warns against use of Chinese-made phones
‘Comprehensive’ children’s book on Welsh history ‘a game changer’ says publisher
Turkish warship warns Greek ship not to enter its waters
Over 30 dead during Guinea-Bissau health worker strike, union says
‘Boat of tears’ commemorates flight of Estonian refugees in 1944
Namibian opposition criticises genocide compensation deal with Germany
Levits to UN: “Protection of autonomy of human thought the most important task for legal policy”
Estonia ranked second behind Iceland for internet freedom
‘I say one thing, I think another, I do the third’ – Vilnius museum explores Homo Sovieticus
Finnish President calls for global responsibility at UN General Assembly
Belaruskali Rots from Golovaty: Cyber Partisans
Top US, Russian military chiefs meet in Helsinki
Harrowing details of Russian FSB torturing a Crimean Tatar into “confessing” to sabotage
Internet Freedom Collapses in Myanmar, But China Still ‘Worst’ in Rankings
African leaders at the UNGA sound alarm over vaccine shortage, and widening global inequality
China Survey Ship Lingering in EEZ Poses Dilemma for Indonesia
Tunisia sends 120 troops for UN mission in Central African Republic CAR
Attacks on Military on The Rise in Myanmar’s Ethnic Regions After NUG Declaration of War
Displaced Syrian children in Idlib compose ‘letters of peace’
Partners of Cambodian Prince Bidding for French Soccer Club Linked to FIFA ‘Bribery’ Case
Low Vaccination Rates are Hurting Southeast Asia’s Economy
Leader of Cambodia’s Banned Opposition Party Would Offer Amnesty to Hun Sen
Election Bells are Ringing Early in Cambodia – Again
Taiwan Applies to Join Trans-Pacific Free Trade Area, Days After China
Police arrest 2 more in shooting death of N. Ireland journalist Lyra McKee
Taiwan is The Fifth-Best Place in The World For Online Freedom: Freedom House Report
Busted Technology? Repair Coaches Help You Fix Your Gadget
China, US Face Off at United Nations Amid Concerns Over Growing Authoritarianism
Biden Announces 500 Million More COVID Vaccine Doses for Developing Countries
Africa and the Caribbean, together, seek global bargaining power
The Sacrifices of Nicaraguans Abroad Fuel Increased Remittances
Divide, Depoliticize, and Demobilize: China’s Strategies for Controlling the Tibetan Diaspora
Tour Guides Organize and Lobby for Legal Status in Cuba
Beijing’s Growing Influence on the Global Undersea Cable Network
The Northern Ireland ‘amnesty’: Hiding Britain’s ‘misdeeds’?
Revitalizing Indigenous foodways
Inside Nunavut Sivuniksavut, a unique post-secondary option for Inuit youth
Study: Māori and Asian family violence portrayed more negatively in media
Yugoslavian war is a sobering reminder of dark side of nationalism
US special envoy to Haiti quits over ‘inhumane’ treatment of migrants
Ukrainian music forbidden under Soviets comes to limelight in international project
Firms Linked To KazTransGas Chairman Landed Billions In Kazakh Gas Deals
Sweden progresses with two complementary strategies to deter an invasion
Latinization of Ukrainian and Belarusian threatens Moscow’s ability to address Russia’s demographic crisis
Russia Steps Up Charges Against Jailed Crimean Tatar Leader
Tsikhanouskaya’s office to hold World Conference of Belarusians
Top Kyrgyz Officials Meet With Taliban Leadership In Kabul
Spanish Supreme Court rejects lawsuit against Spain’s president over Catalan leaders’ pardons
Serbia Puts Troops On High Alert Along Border With Kosovo Amid Recognition Standoff
Human towers tradition returns to festivals across Catalonia, with restrictions
U.S. Navy, Bahrain partner to ramp up unmanned systems use
Tibet’s Exile Leader Sees ‘Positive Signals’ on Possible Talks With China
Weeds, sewage choke Kashmir’s famed Dal Lake
Hong Kong ‘Double Tenth’ Celebrations Canceled After Security Chief Warning
Mideast in shambles, but the world has moved on for now
Zambia’s Hichilema meets US Vice President
China sends 24 fighter jets toward Taiwan in show of force
Rwanda wins bid to host the 2025 World Cycling Championships
Tensions grow as US, allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement
African countries unite to build resilient food systems
Clashes between Yemen’s rebels, government forces kill 35
UN: In war, 16 million Yemenis ‘marching’ toward starvation
‘Death sentence’: low-lying nations implore faster action on climate at U.N.
1973 September 24: Guinea-Bissau Independence Day
Alarm about reprisals by Lao PDR against the indigenous Hmong
GAESA: Its Business Is Money Laundering, Not Managing Remittances
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s Discursive Shift From Global Jihadist Rhetoric to Pashtun-Centric Narratives
Communist Messiah Complex
Make way for Wakanda: The UN Security Council needs an African seat
Sweden to deepen military ties with Norway, Denmark, Swedish TV reports
24 Chinese jets fly near Taiwan as Beijing opposes island’s trade deal bid
Isle of Man election: What happens now our MHKs have been elected?
Over 800 Hazara Families Ordered Out Of Their Homes By Taliban
Self-determination underpins NT Aboriginal Justice Agreement
Former Scottish 1st minister Henry McLeish would support independence
Former Catalan president released from custody after brief arrest in Sardinia
All Under One Banner independence march rerouted after Edinburgh Council refusal
North Korea refuses calls for formal end to Korean War
Thunberg joins large German climate rally ahead of election
Tibetans Fear ‘Chinese-Style’ Homes in Qinghai Earthquake Reconstruction
The Little Nation That Could (Stand Up to China)
Hong Kong Court Denies Bail to Fourth Student Activist on ‘Subversion’ Charge
Kremlin finds viruses on imported Turkish tomatoes after Erdogan refuses to recognize Crimea as Russian
Vietnam Protests China Y-20 Aircraft Mission in Spratlys
Lukashenka on lookout for Western spies at Belarusian enterprises
Vietnamese Dissident Receives Death Threats Over Criticism of China’s COVID Vaccines
FSB sends its agents to Ukraine under guise of Belarusian refugees – Bellingcat rep
Lao Workers on China-Backed Railway Project Go Unpaid for Almost Two Months
Supreme Court rules to close down World Association of Belarusians
US Judge: Facebook Must Release Content Linked to Rohingya Genocide in Myanmar
“King of the titushkas” who attacked Euromaidan protesters sentenced to 8 years in prison
Rights Activists Call For Release of Uyghur Scholar on Seventh Anniversary of His Jailing
America needs a permanent military presence in the Baltics, and here’s why
France pledges support for Lebanon’s new prime minister
China accuses US of interfering in Hong Kong 100 times
Palestinians say Israel troops killed protester in West Bank
North Korean Leader’s Sister Seen as Erratic and Arrogant at Home, Officials Say
At U.N., Palestinian head Abbas demands end to Israeli ‘apartheid’ occupation
US prosecutors reach deal to allow imprisoned Huawei exec to return to China
Jailbreak shines light on mass incarceration of Palestinians
Cambodia to Pay $70,000 a Month to Washington Lobby Firm
House approves $1B for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system
Did Mongolia Give up on Winning a UN Security Council Seat?
Tajik President Warns UN Of ‘Serious Threats’ Emanating From Afghanistan
Northern Mariana Islands: US Territory, China-Dependent
Small Fry: Peru’s fishermen battle China’s overseas fleet
Libya PM draws crowd for mass wedding and protest against parliament
Malaysia to Seek Chinese ‘Views’ on New AUKUS Security Pact
Get up, stand up: Barbados leader invokes Marley to goad U.N.
2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum
Tibetans in Switzerland and Liechtenstein call on UNHRC to Account China for decades of oppression in Tibet
Ten Months Forced Labor for Young Cuban
AUOB Edinburgh: Thousands march for Scottish independence
Somaliland woman’s influence felt all across the world
Families raise safety concerns over language barrier for Inuit elders at Ottawa care home
Taliban forcing the Hazara farmers to leave their lands
The Māori Women’s Welfare League turns 70 years old and isn’t ready to retire
Tajik Authorities Concerned About Taliban Plots To Infiltrate From Afghanistan
Putin Convened Russian Security Council to Discuss Belarus
Kosovo Police Say Interior Ministry Offices Attacked In Volatile North
Russian warplanes enter Ukrainian military drills area
Lavrov Says Mali Asked Private Russian Military Firm For Help
Libyans protest no-confidence vote against the unity government
US Returns Ancient Gilgamesh Dream Tablet to Iraq
Suicide car bomb attack claims at least 7 lives in Mogadishu
China Frees 2 Canadians After Canada Releases Huawei Executive
More Than 80 Percent of Indonesia’s Vaccine Supply Comes From China
UN: At Least 350,000 Civilians Killed in Syria’s Civil War
Hong Kong Tiananmen Massacre Vigil Organizers Disband in Face of CCP Pressure
Leaders at UN face global concern over regional conflicts
Protests, condemnation, headlines: how the world reacted to Puigdemont’s arrest
Over 100 officials resign from Tunisia’s main Islamist party
Buried treasure: calls for important Welsh artefacts to be brought back home
‘Then the killing started’: Witnesses accuse Tigray fighters
Campaigners march on Caernarfon to call for action on house prices and second homes
September 26: European Day of Languages
In Odisha, an Adivasi community is using traditional farming to fight climate change
World Sindhi Congress held protest in Geneva against human rights violations in Pak’s Sindh
China’s continuous attacks on Tibetan ethnicity
Exhibition in Taipei spotlights ‘genocide’ in Tibet
Threats and abuse hurled at Kiwi business after rebranding with te reo Māori name
Chad seeks support from the central African states to aid in transition
Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson face fresh clash over UK voter ID plan
Mali PM accuses France of ‘abandonment’ over troop drawdown
When Will Tibet Be Liberated From China, And How?
Bumper Brexit? Drivers with Welsh flag number plates to be forced to use ‘UK’ sticker when abroad
Europe’s first-ever female majority parliament elected in Iceland
Israeli Troops kill 5 Palestinians in West Bank Gunbattles
Swiss Voters Approve Same-Sex Marriage In A Nationwide Referendum
At Least 50 Die in Fighting for Yemen’s Marib, Military Sources Say
North Macedonia holds first high-stakes census, first in 20 years
Name Drop: Cleveland Set to Say Goodbye to Indians for Good
San Marino voters decide whether to decriminalize abortion
Theoneste Bagosora, architect of Rwanda genocide, dies at 80
CNN discovers location of ‘Radio Biafra’ in London
Bear River Massacre, the worst slaughter of Native Americans in U.S. history. Few remember it.
Last Week of September: Banned Books Week