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Ancient Links and Political Treaties: Tibet’s History as a Sovereign Nation
Ortega’s First Political Prisoner Marvin Vargas Marks 10 Years in Jail
US launches million-dollar program to invest in Kurdistan Region agriculture
Vanuatu laments lack of action on West Papua at UN
99.7, Kadyrov set election world record
Five ‘Neo-Nazis’ Planned Terrorist Attacks In Bashkortostan
West Papua conflict escalates
Danish-Frisian Schleswig party makes it to Bundestag after 70-year hiatus
HDP delegation talks Kurdish unity with PUK, Gorran in Sulaimani
Cuba’s Off-and-On Electricity
Nicaragua and its Bogus Elections
Critical thinking is crucial to progressive art: Bosnian musicologist Amila Ramović
1991 September 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day
Switzerland overwhelmingly reaffirms marriage equality in national referendum
Armenia, Azerbaijan Mark One-Year Anniversary Of Start Of Karabakh War
Mass protest as Tunisia political crisis escalates
NATO-Led Force In Kosovo Steps Up Patrols Near Border With Serbia
Turkish forces open fire on Russian helicopters in Syria
Ahead Of Elections, Bulgaria Urged To Improve Press Freedom
Key mastermind of Rwanda genocide Bagosora dies at 80
Israeli PM Says Iran Crossed All Nuclear ‘Red Lines’
Belarus ranked among top 10 worst countries for workers
Syrian diplomat demands Turkey, United States leave country
Thousands of senegalese worshippers converge on Touba
PACE awards Belarusian opposition activist Maryia Kalesnikava with 2021 Václav Havel Prize
Cambodia Hires Beltway Lobby Group to Boost Ailing International Reputation
Tunisia: president’s new measures are a departure from constitution
Armed men kill at least 30 in northern Nigerian villages
Baltics: NATO jets scrambled seven times due to Russian flights last week
Beirut blast probe faces derailment for second time
Mali elections could be postponed- Prime minister says
So close! Iceland almost gets female-majority parliament
Puigdemont back in Brussels – will his arrest damage Catalonia-Spain talks?
San Marino voters overwhelmingly back legal abortion
Gabon counters chaotic urbanization with drones
Strong quake hits Greek island of Crete; 1 dead, 20 injured
One man’s mission to document grassroots football in Wales
Small islands caught between tourism economy, climate change
Chin Residents Flee to India After Fighting by Myanmar Forces And Local Militias
Gov’t forces disperse protesters in Yemeni city, 7 wounded
Newport City Council wants Welsh language to be ‘part of everyone’s lives’ within a decade
China Says Hong Kong Crackdown ‘Must Continue’ After Vigil Organizer Disbands
Ex-Bank of England economist says he’s ‘available’ to help with Welsh Central Bank
Equator Prize Award Ceremony to honour ten outstanding Indigenous Peoples and local communities from across the globe
China Gives Hero’s Welcome to Returning Huawei Exec Meng Wanzhou
China criticizes UK over ‘evil intentions’ after warship sails through Taiwan Strait
Uyghur Businessman, Philanthropist Confirmed Dead in Xinjiang’s Ghulja
From Tibetan resistance to international tensions, China’s obstacles in TAR
Students for a Free Tibet and Human Rights Network for Tibet-Taiwan host Exhibition highlighting Genocide in Tibet
Arias Foundation Forum: “There’s No Future with Ortega”
What We Know about the November 20th Protests in Cuba
Ortega’s Chinese Partner Booted from Shanghai’s Stock Exchange
A veteran Hong Kong Wikipedia editor: “Wikipedia’s policies are vulnerable to authoritarian abuse”
Is China exporting its surveillance state to Venezuela?
Socializing with extremists and ‘hoaxers’: Tennis star Novak Djokovic’s controversial visit to Bosnia
Prime minister of Faroe Islands promises dolphin hunt review
Longing for home, exiled Crimean Tatars build new life in Kyiv
Zakaev reports detention of his associate’s relatives in Chechnya
Drowning girl statue causes a stir in Bilbao
Berber Ancestry Detected in Medieval Remains in Spain
The blue men of the Sahara
Somaliland battles for recognition after 30 years’ fending for itself
Turkmen Activist Says ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ As She Faces Deportation From Turkey, Risk Of Torture
Quarantine Patrols Search House to House for Coronavirus Symptoms in North Korea
Georgian Ex-President Saakashvili Says He Will Return To ‘Save The Country’ Despite Jail Threat
BMZ Is Bankrupt, Belaruskali Is on the Verge of Collapse: What Is Happening in the Belarusian Industry
European Police Agencies Target Balkan Drug Cartel Behind ‘Cocaine Pipeline To Europe’
Tibetan Monk in Failing Health After Early Release from 15-Year Prison Term
Hungary Summons Ukrainian Envoy Over Criticism Of Russian Gas Supply Deal
Russia to send air defense missile systems to Serbia amid escalation on Kosovo border
European Commission Hopes To Start EU Accession Talks With Albania, N. Macedonia By Year’s End
Historian questions Benin’s decision to delay repatriation of returned art works
Haiti election postponed after prime minister dismisses election council
Why it’s remarkable support for Scottish independence is as high as it is
North Korea Launches Another Missile, Accuses South Korea of Hostility
Diplomatic row deepens between Mali, France and the EU
What Does ‘Free and Open’ Really Mean for the Indo-Pacific?
‘Repression must end’ for talks to succeed, says Catalan president to Spain in general policy debate
Global Gateway: The EU Alternative to China’s BRI
‘Cannon fodder’ ? Joblessness, jihadists stalk Niger’s nomad youth
US Citizen Helped North Korea Evade Sanctions Through Blockchain
Scottish Government issues £10m grants to help avert homelessness
In Rare Three-Party Conclave, Vietnam Pushes Back Against Growing Chinese Influence
Guinea junta unveils ‘charter’ for civilian transition
Sydney Think Tank Says China Less Generous Toward Pacific
Politics show takes first step towards ‘normalising Welsh’ on English language TV
Young activists bemoan climate inaction, demand more say
Ethiopia minister who spoke out about rape in Tigray resigns
Royal Jordanian Airlines to resume service to Syria after 9 years
Student scheme boost for Scotland’s research links with EU
Lebanon losing status as regional education hub
Campaigners condemn final decision to close Welsh language school in holiday home hotspot
Dubai to find out if pandemic-delayed Expo 2020 will pay off
Fuaran : Gaelic culture project produces new resource for Scots
Police suspect foul play at Swedish apartment building blast
1957 September 29: Kyshtym nuclear disaster, USSR
Pacific faces tough climate, disease challenges – world leaders need to rise up
China bans Tibetan Party members and cadres from engaging in religious activities in Golok
PNG Post-Courier: Time to consider piracy as a serious issue
London based Office of Tibet participates in Labour Party Annual Conference 2021
Balochistan: Heavy contingents of Pakistan Army reach to Bolan for fresh offensives
Iran builds military outpost on Cheekha Dar mountain, highest peak in Kurdistan Region, Iraq
EU’s Global Gateway and a new foundation for partnerships in Africa
Is Uzbekistan on the Verge of Rejoining the CSTO?
Jamaica’s rivers and gullies are suffering from abuse
31st Isle of Man Lieutenant Governor sworn-in
Albanian Roma fight for their rights
In Chechen village Koren-Benoy “Edinaya Rossiya” wins less than 1% of votes
Belarus targets Helsinki Committee, country’s oldest human rights group
Deaths Under Interrogation by Myanmar Security Forces Top 50
China’s Belt and Road plans losing momentum as opposition, debt mount
Guineans remember the marks left by Condé’s rule
Qatar adds new people and an entity to its national sanctions list
Cambodia ‘Raises’ Minimum Wage by Two Dollars, Leaving Workers as Poor as Before
Rohingya community leader shot dead in Bangladesh refugee camp
Keir Starmer making Labour in England as irrelevant as in Scotland
‘We will remove you’, Hezbollah official told Beirut blast judge
Hong Kong National Security Police Freeze Tiananmen Campaign Group’s Assets
Hungary’s Orban hits Czech campaign trail to back PM Babis
Political parties in Tunisia warn of a possible return to violence
4 share ‘Alternative Nobel’ for empowering communities
Myanmar Junta Calls ‘Goodwill’ Cease-fire With Ethnic Armed Groups, Omits Anti-Coup Militias
Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village, wound toddler
Lithuania to open gas pipeline linking Finland, Baltics and Poland
Tensions High As Kosovo, Serbia Continue Border Standoff
Many Zimbabwe firms require staff to have vaccine jabs
J&J vaccine suspended in Slovenia after 20-year-old dies
Brussels recognises migrant crisis on Belarus border as hybrid attack
Hong Kong public broadcaster told it must support Chinese government
Tunisia’s president appoints first woman as head of government
Malaysia’s 5-Year Plan Sets Its Sights on High-Income Status by 2025
Two versions of shootout in Minsk that claimed 2 lives
Shipping Company Accuses Cambodia of ‘Unethical’ Tactics in Oil Fracas
Zimbabwe Central Bank freezes 30 accounts over illegal activities
The Myth of ‘Spheres of Influence’ in the Pacific Region
UK Gov refused to allow Cornwall to attend minority languages summit
Australia’s Daintree Rainforest Returned to Indigenous Owners
NATO military chief urges alliance to boost cyberwarfare capabilities
1966 September 30: Botswana Independence Day
1938 September 30: Munich Agreement
Indian Boarding School Legislation Reintroduced in Congress
Covid-19 delta pandemic a Trojan horse to extend French colonialism
Survivors of earthquake under surveillance and uncertainty in Tibet
Tibet Lobby Day builds support across United States
Don’t Say Tibet Is Part Of China: Its Illegal, Dr. Van Walt To European Leaders
Lithuania remembers the First Visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 30 years ago
Vietnam admits arrests for possession of UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
United States funds restoration of Erbil’s ancient citadel, educational center
Ortega “Directs” Repression against Journalists’ Families
El Toque: a Social Innovation Project for a Transnational Cuba
Western Sahara, Morocco, and the EU: How good law makes good politics
Russia Kills OSCE’s Observer Mission on Russia-Ukraine Border
No overseas fans allowed at 2022 Beijing Olympics
7 charged with conspiring to incite subversion, incl. Hong Kong’s youngest national security defendant aged 15
Can LGBTQ+ rights activism be the key to reversing retrogressive policies in the Middle East?
Qatar is urged to release 21 detainees held for protesting ‘discriminatory’ election laws
U.S. urges Bosnian Serb leader to halt secessionist rhetoric
Russia Urged To Release Anti-Putin Shaman From ‘Punitive Psychiatric Treatment’
Soldiers in classrooms a lasting legacy in West Papua
Taliban Evict Hazara Shiite Muslims From Villages, Rewarding Loyalists
Ethiopia Expels Seven UN Officials
Human rights violations and summary executions are on the rise in eastern DRC
The Other Babyn Yars: Remembering Where Else Ukraine’s Jews Were Massacred
Junta Administration in Myanmar’s Rakhine State ‘Has Totally Collapsed, Says Former MP
Serbia, Kosovo Reach Compromise To End Border Deadlock
Alcohol consumption among young people falling, little gender difference
Through the Eyes of a 6-Year-old Child, Orange Became a Symbol of an Indigenous Movement
Russia Blocks Work Of UN Committees Monitoring Sanctions On African Countries
China Survey Ship Leaves Indonesia EEZ but Another Appears off Malaysia
Serbia Returns Remains Of Seven Kosovar Albanian Victims Of 1998-99 War
Cote d’Ivoire minister probed over rape allegation
Former Armenian Defense Chief Arrested In Fraud Probe
US Lawmakers Pass Legislation Targeting Political Repression in Cambodia
Less than one-third of African nations have vaccinated 10 percent of their population
‘Legal’ pushbacks: Lithuania not alone in EU calling for changes
More than 100 dead in gang riot at Ecuador jail
Junta Soldiers Evict Hundreds at Gunpoint, Highlighting Military Impunity in Post-Coup Myanmar
China’s AUKUS Response Highlights Beijing’s Bunker Mentality
Competition authorities in Malawi fine mobile operator Airtel
Kim Jong Un Decides to Restore Inter-Korean Communication Lines
Lao Villagers Displaced by Xayaburi Dam Still Lack Farmland, Water
India Builds Strategic Tunnel Project in Kashmir
Poland: Belarus services fit out illegal migrants with camo uniforms, provocations are feasible
How Control of the World’s Oceans Shapes the Fate of the Superpowers
Journalists Sound Alarm Over New Guidelines For Radio Television Hong Kong
The Invisible Wounds of the Rohingya
Africa trade boss describes patent rules as “oudated”
China’s Xi leads Martyr’s Day ceremony amid patriotism drive
‘Catalonia does not have a king’: Felipe VI greeted with protests at Barcelona Automobile fair
As deaths rise, vaccine opponents find a foothold in Bosnia
Belarus KGB starts mass detentions amid wave of indignation on web
Cornwall rages as outsiders cash in on second homes
EU fears for media freedom in Slovenia as agency chief quits
Plaid Cymru leader calls for ‘muscular collaboration across the Celtic nations’
Bahrain, Israel cement year-old accord, open new embassy
African telecom sector sees a boom amid COVID-19
Singapore strategy of living with COVID raises concern, hope
‘We don’t mix with the English’ – how Wales rugby legend upset The Queen
Dubai’s Expo opens, bringing first world’s fair to Mideast
Husband of political prisoner Palina Sharenda: ‘Inmates are tortured in women’s penal colony in Homiel’
Israeli troops kill Gaza man near border; army investigates
South Korean Fishermen Allege Chinese Fleet Sweeps Up Marine Life
Canada marks first national holiday for indigenous reconciliation
Hungary to continue blocking Ukraine’s NATO membership talks
LinkedIn Blocks Some User Profiles in China
Catalan parliament to draft and seek approval of amnesty law in Spain’s Congress
1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
1960 October 1: Nigeria Independence Day
1978 October 1: Tuvalu Independence Day
2017 October 1: Catalan Independence Referendum
No language classes, Chinese authorities release the rest, yet hold on to three Dza Wonpo Tibetan monks
Balochistan: Several Pakistani army personnel killed in Bolan clashes
Family Members of Ortega’s Political Prisoners Battle Despair
Hong Kong media outlets barred from media sector’s National Day celebration
Catalan Referendum 4 Years Ago: 2.3 m people, police brutality, 1,000 injured – 0 police officers held responsible
Political stability makes Luxembourg a compelling choice
With help from Tesla, nearly 80% of Norway’s new car sales are electric
FSB foils terrorist plot in Karachay-Cherkessia
Bull geoglyph older than Peru Nazca Lines or England ‘White Horse’ discovered in Tuva
Film about Napoleon shot in Malta to premiere in Corsica
First natural cemetery in Flanders: no tombstones and biodegradable coffins
Tamazight, an Official Language of Morocco, Is Getting More Attention
October: Black History Month, Europe
Racial abuse victim Kamara booed by stadium of Czech schoolchildren
Georgia Arrests Ex-President Saakashvili After Return From Exile
Philippines Files New Protests Over Chinese Presence in South China Sea
A Massive Purported State Surveillance Leak Rocks Georgia Ahead Of Key Elections
Are Chechens being purposefully pitted against Crimean Tatars?
Natural Gas Prices Hit Record Highs In Europe, Amid Drop In Russian Supplies
North Korea Forces Hungry Citizens to Pay for Propaganda Murals
Kazakh Civil Rights Activist Zhumagulov Released From Penal Colony
Social care sector contributes more than £5bn to Scottish economy, report says
China marks national day with mass air incursion near Taiwan
China’s Xinjiang Population Growth Report Raises Eyebrows
Tourist board invites families to unlock secrets with new augmented reality app
Two Lao Banana Workers Denied Their Pay Walk 250 Miles Home
1 in 5 Welsh speakers ‘prevented’ from speaking the language with someone else
Scotland joins Wales in refusing consent for Westminster Bill which bans those without ID from voting
Police halt 4-person National Day protest in Hong Kong
Worldwide Estonian Language Week starts on October 4
Tunisia’s new PM faces tough task on struggling economy
Lithuanian PM says she has always been sceptical about closer ties with China
Morocco hosts consultations between Lybia’s rival factions
How Belarusian corridor of irregular migration works
Rwandan govt critic on YouTube sentenced to 15 years
Nordea issues largest dividend payout in Finnish stock market history
Guinea coup leader sworn in as transitional president
Russia’s Gazprom begins supplying gas to Hungary bypassing Ukraine
Somalia opens first public oxygen plant as it battles COVID-19
Belarus’ Belakoneu wants to kill 100 in retaliation for one dead swearperson
Bulgaria centre-right party endorses university rector for president
Mauritius opens to international visitors
Tunisia’s Ghannouchi says parliament in session, defying president
Catalan referendum 4 years on: independence camp still split on what’s next
Somali militia, former government ally, captures two towns from federal forces
Lithuania Urges Users to Ditch Chinese Smartphone Over ‘Built-In Censorship Tool’
Africa internet riches plundered, contested by China broker
Catalan independence mandate of 2017 referendum celebrated at commemorative act
‘Anti-feminist’ vandals in Israel deface images of women
China’s Belt and Road Initiative Is About Profit, Not Development, Study Finds
Turkish company halts power supplies to crisis-hit Lebanon
Puigdemont asks EU court to restore his immunity ahead of extradition hearing
Burkina Faso suspends Norwegian Refugee Council’s operations
Kazakh Police Detain Demonstrators Protesting Relatives’ Detention In China’s Xinjiang
US official in Haiti apologizes for treatment of migrants
CDR pro-independence protest in Barcelona marks fourth anniversary of referendum
Iran holds military exercises near tense Azerbaijan border
Talks with Spain ‘only viable way’ out of Catalan crisis
1958 October 2: Guinea Independence Day
How extraordinary Marshall Islands fisheries story grew … and grew
Police break up rally by Papua activists at US embassy in Jakarta – 17 arrested
Behind scenes probe of Bougainville struggle for independence tops PJR
Threats Silence Nicaraguan Defense Attorney Yonarqui Martinez
Fifteen US Senators Request Sanctions against Daniel Ortega
The Plight of Haiti
Electricity Crisis in Cuba Reinforces Need to Accelerate Energy Transition
Nicaraguan Farmers Demand OAS Reject the Elections
For Monaco Prince, the Scandals Keep Coming
In Portugal, There Is Virtually No One Left to Vaccinate
Emigration on the rise in crisis-ridden Lebanon
This Crimean Tatar Muslim woman gives the Russian occupation authorities a headache
Turkey says two workers killed by PKK explosives on rural road
Rwanda arrests 13 suspected of plotting ‘terrorist’ attacks
One U.N. peacekeeper killed, four wounded in Mali
Belarusian Helsinki Committee and Union of Belarusian Writers liquidated
Fire devastates Honduras’ Caribbean resort island of Guanaja
Mali takes delivery of Russian helicopters, lauds partnership
Indigenous leader to France’s Macron: Save the Amazon
A Love Letter From Wales to Zimbabwe
Ethiopia’s Oromo protest, demand freedom for jailed leaders
Libya rivals urge international support for December elections
UN agency for Palestinian refugees has urgent budget crisis
UK Government looks set to overrule Welsh and Scottish governments on low tax ports
In modest step, Qatar holds its 1st legislative council vote
Honduras burns 3.3 tonnes of cocaine seized from cartels
New translation of the Hobbit generates excitement about learning Breton
Cambodian Court Sends CNRP Activist to Prison After He Returns From Thailand
Devils, dragons and a golden goat – Catalan myths and legends
North Korea Increases Fines for Quarantine Violations to Exorbitant Levels
Automobile Barcelona shifts into gear as doors open to public
Cambodia Tells Chinese Casinos Not to Force Staff to Work After One Dies of COVID
Sky’s the limit: Over a hundred people with disabilities take flight on adapted aviation day
China’s Claims of Progress in Tibet Mask 70 Years of Repression
ISIS takes credit for killing Sikh in Pakistan
$385 Billion In ‘Hidden Debts’ To China
‘Eyes of the world’ will be on Scotland during climate summit
Georgian Remains Of ‘Oldest Woman Warrior’ Offer Clues To Early Civilization
From Infrastructure to Minerals, Potential Partnerships Emerge Between China, Taliban
Lights Out In Kyrgyzstan
Greece Rejects EU Proposal for Border Monitors
Barricades On Kosovo-Serbia Border Removed, Ending Tense Standoff
US, South Korea Split on North Korea Sanctions
1932 October 3: Iraq Independence Day
Leaders of the UK’s devolved nations call for last minute U-turn on Universal Credit cut
The Devil’s Bridge, Catalan mythology brought to life
Pioneering safe nurse staffing legislation finally comes to children’s wards in Wales
3000-strong march in Barcelona commemorates 2017 strike in wake of independence referendum
Amazon ‘shocked’ by how many watched rugby in Welsh language rather than paid to watch in English
Ivorian activists urge legal support for woman accusing minister of rape
Elfyn Evans’ dominating victory in Rally Finland keeps world title hopes alive
Tunis “regrets” French decision to reduce visas
The latest painting by 14-year-old Welsh art prodigy is simply stunning
Injuries as Chad violently disperses anti-junta rally
Kyrgyzstan In The Year Since The October Revolution
North Korea threatens UN Security Council
The Undoing Of The U.S.S.R.: How It Happened
Thousands Protest Corruption In Bosnia’s Serbian Entity
Near-Final Results Point to Win by Georgian Ruling Party in Local Elections
Russian Tycoon Ismailov Seeks Asylum In Montenegro After Arrest On Moscow Warrant
Backers of Tunisian President Rally against ‘Coup’ Accusations
Peace vs. Democracy in Cambodia
Greece, France Seal Strategic Defense Deal, Angering Turkey
Syria’s Assad calls Jordan’s king amid thaw in relations
Cyclone Shaheen hits Oman with ferocious winds, killing three
UAE official says time to manage rivalry with Iran and Turkey
Thousands rally for Tunisian president urging change to political system
Data leak exposes Putin associates’ secret fortunes – including a billion-euro arrangement for the president’s Finnish friend
Lukashenka will be learning with Putin, not from Putin
40,000-year-old sealed cavern in Gibraltar gives new insight into Neanderthal life
Vatican hopes its pre-COP26 climate event will raise stakes in Glasgow
Westminster under fire as Scotland remains excluded from key trade talks
Austria adopts carbon pricing in tax overhaul
Geothermal marketing campaign in Geneva, Switzerland
Theresa May’s former chief of staff admits Scottish indyref2 mandate is ‘cast-iron’
Puigdemont arrives in Sardinia ahead of Monday’s court appearance
Hong Kong lawyers create court database of protest-related cases in bid to safeguard rule of law
Papua advocates slam police violence, sexual harassment at US embassy protest
Tibet’s longest-serving political prisoner Takna Jigme Sangpo remembered
1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day