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Greenland Is Aiming To Build Its First-Ever Road Between Cities
1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day
Papua region hosts Indonesia’s national games amid rise in independence struggle
Cuba: The Island Flees Inside a Suitcase
Saharan-guitarist Mdou Moctar brings riffs, rhythm to Starline Social Club
The bravery of Yusuf ibn Tashfin, the Berber king who conquered Spain in 1086
Russian Authorities Reveal Where Anti-Putin Shaman Is Being Forcibly Confined
Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebrates Indigenous Resilience and Persistence
Lithuania v China: A Baltic minnow defies a rising superpower
How to build digital public infrastructure: 7 lessons from Estonia
PACE President expresses concerns regarding the recent detentions of the Crimean Tatars in Crimea
Samoa: Fiame’s Uphill Climb
Six imprisoned Crimean journalists now have distinguished mentors from abroad
Vehicles, Their State Symbols Hidden, Now Crossing Kosovar-Serbian Border
Politics professor tells his students Welsh Lib Dems ‘used to matter’
‘Don’t work for Belarusian dictator’: Diaspora in France picket Interpol office
US Calls on China to Stop Sending Planes, Vows to Stand by Taiwan
Kazakh Rights Commissioner Meets People Demanding Release Of Relatives From Chinese Custody
Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed sworn in amid dissenting voices
Taliban Said To Have Rearmed Tajik Militants And Moved Uyghur Fighters From Chinese Border
Tunisians rally in Tunis to back president Saied
Biden’s US Trade Representative Outlines Approach to China
At Dubai’s Expo, the world’s problematic politics loom
Tensions Rise Between Tajikistan and the Taliban
Pope, faith leaders sign joint climate appeal before summit
Libya kicks off construction of oil refinery
14 soldiers killed by jihadists in Burkina Faso
Italian judge suspends Puigdemont’s extradition process pending EU court decisions
Death toll in Cyclone Shaheen now 13 as storm churns in Oman
Central African Republic’s cattle market is a pillar of the economy
Jordanian king’s properties undercut father figure image
Three Swiss guards who refused Vatican vaccine mandate return home
UN experts decry possible crimes against humanity in Libya
Swedish Artist Who Created Controversial Muhammad Cartoons Dies In Traffic Accident
Israel accuses Iran of Cyprus attack plot after suspect arrested
No women elected in Qatar’s first legislative ballot
OSCE calls on Bosnia’s rival leaders to reform election law
New Zealand Abandons Virus Elimination Strategy
Play director questioned in Lebanon, fuelling freedom worries
China sends 56 jets into Taiwan defence zone in another record incursion
Tibetan Government-in-exile President Meets Taiwan Ambassador
West Papua’s fate hangs in ‘30 seconds’ and only God knows the outcome
Alfredo’s Day-to-Day Cuba
‘Cold-blooded’: Taliban accused of executing Hazara people
Hope amid scarcity and fear: Cuba after July’s historic protests
‘Some are just psychopaths’: Chinese detective in exile reveals extent of torture against Uyghurs
Taiwan donates oxygen generators to Somaliland
Biafra, Yoruba Nation: Why Buhari subdued Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho – Festus Ogun
Ancient beasts unearthed in Siberia’s rush for mammoth ‘ice ivory’
Clashes Intensify Between Moscow and Circassians on Key Issues
Protecting the Future by Restoring Indigenous Languages
Inuit mother and daughter demonstrate what a real ‘Eskimo kiss’ looks like
Basque Day Celebration Held to Commemorate Noted Statue on UNR Campus
An Bhfuil Gaeilge Agat?: Fulbright Scholar Helps Bring Irish Language and Culture to UConn
9 Cuban baseball players defect during tournament
NATO Must ‘Step Up’ For Aspirant Members, Not Bow To Russia: Stoltenberg
Baltic States plan to agree on unified mechanism to secure stable gas supplies
Taiwan president: Consequences of Chinese takeover would be ‘catastrophic’
Moody’s shifts Belarus from ‘stable’ to ‘negative’
Nicaraguan Journalists Describe ‘Atmosphere of Fear’
Mayor of Paris writes solidarity letter to arrested head of human rights center “Viasna”
US Sends Pfizer Vaccines to Mongolia
‘We must be firm against Lukashenka’: European Commissioner faults regime for state-sponsored migrant smuggling
Food Shortages Increasing as Conflict Spreads in Northern Ethiopia
Poland’s leader Duda, Belarusian opposition politician Tsikhanouskaya meet at Warsaw Security Forum
Taliban Accused of Killing 13 Ethnic Hazara Afghans
Mark Drakeford calls for more Welsh troops to be based in Wales
Instead Of A Hero’s Welcome, Georgian Ex-President Saakashvili Faces Years In Prison
Spain’s Constitutional Court insists arrest warrants against exiled Catalans are active
Kosovo Jails Serb For Crimes During War Of Independence
After ‘Two Michaels’ Release, Calls Mount For Release of Uyghur-Canadian Detained by China
Afghanistan In Focus During Turkmen, Uzbek Leaders’ Tashkent Meeting
Internet is Cut Amid Junta Troop Surge in Myanmar’s Chin State and Neighboring Regions
Azerbaijan Shuts Office, Mosque Linked To Iranian Supreme Leader Amid Tensions
China Holds Thousands Annually in Incommunicado Detention to Get ‘Confessions’
Singapore Passes ‘Foreign Interference’ Bill Amid Criticism
Ours is Bigger! France Mocks Size of UK Warship Visiting Vietnam
How Do Central Asians View the Taliban?
Malaysia Calls in China Ambassador To Protest Ships in its EEZ
EU unveils strategy to tackle rising antisemitism in Europe
‘The Current Situation of The Uyghurs Is Very Serious,’ Says Top Turkey Adviser
Belarus parliament votes to suspend readmission of migrants
Troops assemble on highway to Tigray front line
Assailants fatally shoot 3 men in disputed Kashmir
What will it take to fill Africa’s growing infrastructure deficit?
UAE to launch probe targeting asteroid between Mars, Jupiter
African cinema could create 20 million jobs: UNESCO
Ukrainians unearth hiding places of Jews in city sewers during Nazi Holocaust
Senegalese town attempts to fight back rising sea
Gunfire disrupts Cameroon prime minister’s visit to separatist region
Libya gears up for reconstruction
Moldova’s top prosecutor suspended and detained in corruption case
1934 October 6: Proclamation of the Catalan state
Language and Integration: More citizens, more Basque Language
China shifts top Tibet official to Beijing
Indonesian Games ‘held on bones of Papuans’
Cuban Sisters Threatened with Long Prison Sentences for Protesting
Hong Kong Policy Address: New ‘mega courtroom’ to relieve shortage
A disappearing cross-border river becomes the subject of a Central Asian documentary
Teenage Tibetans in central Tibet start school year with military training
Flower power: Trinidad James irritates compatriots with sneaker brand misnomer
Deb Haaland: ‘Moving forward on priorities for Indian Country
Case of Tahiti pro-independence leader deferred
Bring West Papua Back To The United Nations Agenda
Māori land-burning practices triggered a major rise in carbon emissions 700 years ago
Massacred by Islamic State, Yazidis now face Turkish airstrikes
UN appoints Western Sahara envoy after two-year search
ECHR finds Russian authorities responsible for kidnapping Ingush resident
Chechnya’s ruthless gay purge leader claims he’ll ‘protect human rights’ after re-election
Four First Nations communities awarded funding to support poverty reduction
‘Spiritual convoy’ heads to California hearing on Apache sacred site at Oak Flat
Marie Wilcox, Who Saved Her Native Language From Extinction, Dies at 87
Canada’s Inuit population could hit 100,000 by 2041: Statistics Canada
How little Lithuania dragged the EU into its showdown with China
Belfast Irish language preschool opens at new location after “hate campaign”
Maasai give up nomadic lifestyle due to climate change
Council cuts Anguilla, Dominica, Seychelles from EU blacklist of tax havens
REMOTE Scottish island is the setting for a reality TV mystery whodunnit
Beijing’s Attention Turns To Security In Central Asia And Afghanistan
Aïr Info and Sahara FM control the airwaves in northern Niger
EU Leaders Reaffirm Western Balkans’ ‘European Perspective,’ Give No Timeline For Accessions
Latvia has Europe’s highest share of female teachers
Bulgaria, North Macedonia Map Path Out Of Standoff Blocking EU Progress
Somalia accuses Somaliland of forcibly evicting hundreds
French senators arrive in Taiwan amid tensions with China
Estonia signs contract for coastal defense system acquisition
In brazen attack by settlers, Palestinians see larger threat
Mali summons French ambassador over Macron criticism
UN endorses world’s 1st malaria vaccine as ‘historic moment’
MEPs call for Lukashenko to face international tribunal
U.N. urges Ethiopia to allow unhindered aid as hunger kills
Rebel attack kills 11 in Central African Republic
EU should move manufacturing out of China, says Lithuanian president
Chinese Survey Ship Reenters Indonesian Waters After Week of Retreat
Instead of one: Two combat and training centres set up in Belarus jointly with Russia
China Pushes New Plan For Tibetan Buddhist Study in Chinese Only
Russian special services assisted Belarusian counterparts in torturing protesters in 2020
Lao Villagers Not Yet Paid For Land Lost to China-Backed High-Speed Rail Project
Israel pledges support to Azerbaijan in conflict with Iran
More National Security Work to be Done, Warns Hong Kong’s Leader Amid Crackdown
Copenhagen’s Noma Is Named the World’s Best Restaurant (Again)
North Korea Exposes Hoarding Among Merchants to Force ‘Voluntary’ Donations
Pau Gasol, perhaps the greatest Catalan basketball player of all time, retires
China Will Have Capacity For ‘Full-Scale Invasion’ of Taiwan by 2025: Defense Minister
Barcelona’s ambitious plan to transform the city for pedestrians and green space
From Delay to Desperation: The Story of Sinophobia and COVID-19 Vaccines in Vietnam
Catalonia’s first hate crime: brutal murder that galvanized trans rights movement
Authorities close TV station in Tunisia
Ready or Not, Cambodia Plots its ‘New Normal’
Chinese government officially confirms the detention of two Tibetans
Police arrest spectator at Papua Games for wearing Morning Star T-shirt
Ainkawa’s Christians welcome move to elevate town’s status
Panguna campaigner Theonila Matbob wins award over Rio Tinto challenge
Turkey’s pro-Kurdish HDP representatives briefly detained in Erbil
Time is running out for Abiy’s ‘new beginning’ in Ethiopia
China’s Rapid Economic and Cultural Expansion in Georgia Troubles Some in Tbilisi
‘Profound regret’: Chinese University of Hong Kong’s student union dissolves after 50 years amid pressure
‘Kazakh language is perfect for rap’: Interview with cultural commentator Yevgeniya Plakhina
France’s Indo-Pacific “Third Way”
Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC) Introduces DeFi Solution to Inflation in Mongolia
Pakistan earthquake kills 20 in Balochistan province
Latvia planning to hold international conference on Crimea
Sardinian Nationalism Looks To Catalonia
Guinea junta names development veteran Mohamed Beavogui prime minister
State of emergency announced in Latvia’s healthcare system
UN says Ethiopia violated international law, seeks documentation
Toomas Hendrik Ilves: Alexei Navalny and the West’s Schröderizatsiya
Burkina Faso ex-president Compaore to snub Sankara assassination trial
Migrants kept in ‘inhuman and degrading’ conditions in Lithuania
Sixteen soldiers killed in central Mali attack
People smugglers charge up to $15,000 for illicit transport into Finland
Ethnic Soldiers in Eastern Myanmar See Increase in Clashes With Junta Forces
Fate of farmer’s milk vending machine hangs in the balance after over 250 letters of support
Slain Rohingya Leader’s Relatives in Bangladesh Say They Are Being Threatened
Palau de la Música commemorative concert to mark 50th anniversary of Pau Casals’ UN speech
Chinese University Blocks Off ‘Democracy Wall’ as Student Union Disbands
Desigual workers vote in favor of 6.5% pay cut in exchange for four-day workweek
Uyghur Carpenter Serves Third Stint in Detention in China’s Xinjiang Region
Pentagon Won’t Confirm Reports of US Special Forces in Taiwan
US, UK Aircraft Carriers Lead Show of Naval Might Around South China Sea
EU orders probe into migrant pushbacks in Greece and Croatia
More Americans Are Unsure of Biden’s North Korea Policy Than Under Trump
CIA Creates Working Group on China as Threats Keep Rising
Iranian FM in Beirut says Iran-Saudi talks on a ‘good path’
U.N. expert calls for N.Korea sanctions to be eased as starvation risk looms
Families get remains of El Salvador ‘House of Horrors’ victims
U.N. ends Yemen war crimes probe in defeat for Western states
US electronics firm struck [forced labor] deal to transport and hire Uyghur workers
North Korea Accepts Pandemic Aid, But Border With China Remains Closed
1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day
China’s Communist Party Formally Embraces Assimilationist Approach to Ethnic Minorities
Civic Marches in Cuba Moved Up to November 15th
Communist Kleptocracy
Nicaragua Opposition Groups Draw Roadmap in Exile
Cuban Coffee in US Dollars in Cuba
In China’s Shifting Historical Narrative, “War of Resistance” with Japan Retains Key Role
In Cuba Even Salt Is a Problem
Opportunities and Challenges for China’s Plans in Afghanistan
16 more Hong Kong district councillors ousted over ‘invalid’ oaths of loyalty to gov’t, bringing total to 33
Win Some, Lose Some: China’s Campaign for Global Media Influence
University of Hong Kong orders removal of Tiananmen Massacre statue
Why are Czech elites being captured by Beijing narratives?
National Mòd kicks off as new Gaelic ambassador is announced
Jokowi Tries Harder With Restive Papua After Spending Billions
In Maharashtra’s Melghat, wildlife conservation efforts are endangering the rights of Adivasis
For the first time, a Sikh Marine can wear a turban in uniform, but there’s a catch
Chiwetalu Agu dons ‘Biafra outfit’ after release from military custody
Activists treat census as chance to unite Circassians
Church’s solidarity among Indigenous peoples in Minnesota shines light on long-ignored history of exploitation
More information needed on missing, murdered Indigenous people
Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day? Getting to the heart of the American identity crisis
There’s A Call To Make An ‘OQLF For Indigenous Languages’ In Quebec
Marie Wilcox saved her tribe’s language. Her Tulare County family vows to ‘keep it going’
Koo Drives Language Translation As The Market Tilts Towards Indigenous Languages
The race to save indigenous languages, using automatic speech recognition
First female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation will be featured on U.S. coin
Denmark’s Richest Man Pays 17,000 Staff a Month’s Wage in Bonus
Vatican announces Pope Francis won’t attend COP26 climate summit
Netflix to rapidly increase African content
China calls on U.S. to withdraw troops from Taiwan
Scot’s stunning images give insight into life in China more than 100 years ago
Former Australian PM Abbott calls for solidarity with Taiwan
Kenya rejects UN court jurisdiction ahead of Somalia border ruling
Libyan rivals ink initial deal on pullout of mercenaries
Twelve member states ask Commission to finance ‘physical barriers’ as border protection measures
Israel, Palestinian militants use bodies as bargaining chips
Zambia announces an increase in foreign debt
Call Taiwan a country, French senator says, angering China
Estonia to join OECD global minimum corporate tax initiative
Ireland, Hungary agree to drop opposition to global tax overhaul
Ukraine widens probe against Kremlin ally Medvedchuk
Sierra Leone formally abolishes ‘inhumane’ death penalty
Serbs say they will pull their region out of Bosnia’s army, judiciary, tax system
Mission Allegedly: Lithuanian media, Lithuanian courts, and Lithuanians’ right to information
Burkina Faso tries alleged killers of revolutionary icon Sankara
American Chamber of Commerce Latvia calls to raise healthcare funding by linking it to GDP
Nigeria troops detain Nollywood actor over separatist incitement
Lithuania reports sounds of shots fired from Belarusian side
Mali to launch national forum from October, before fixing election date
Poland: Border patrol fired at from Belarusian side
Afghan Shiite Mosque Bombing Kills Dozens
Mass grave of UPA soldiers unearthed in Lviv Oblast
Residential Building Collapses In Georgian City Of Batumi
Finland to look at mandatory Finnish productions for Netflix
Azerbaijani Activist Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison On ‘Absurd’ Terrorism Charges
Welsh football fans changing the lives of kids around the world
Georgian Police Detain Pro-Saakashvili Protesters Outside His Jail
40 years since ‘unusual’ diagnosis of Spain’s first AIDS patient in Barcelona
Visiting WHO Official Meets Officials In ‘Coronavirus-Free’ Turkmenistan
1446 October 9: Hangeul Day/Korean Language day
1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day
Suspected Turkish airstrike kills woman near Kirkuk
Cross Party Group for Tibet Re-established in Scottish Parliament
Unjustified arrests, threats against journalists continue in Kurdistan
Cuban Government Responds to Civic March for Change
Fear of arrest in Hong Kong over Taiwan national day
Nicaragua: Is there Hope Amid Degradation and Decay?
Tories refuse to say if Scotland still viewed as a nation by the UK
Indigenous reporters risk death telling stories of community liberation in Colombia
Tahiti or Vanuatu set to be chosen as 2027 Pacific Games host next month
Iraq elections 2021: Yazidis divided but determined on eve of polls
Chiwetalu: Fresh military operation in South-East targets Biafra supporters, Kanu’s lawyer alleges
Kadyrov’s daughter appointed Culture Minister of Chechnya
As Oregon recognizes Indigenous Peoples Day, tribes see recognition of the past and hope for the future
Petitioners call for end to colonisation in Western Sahara
‘Color Riot’ — A vibrant look at Navajo resilience, at Montclair Art Museum
9 in 10 cars now being sold in Norway are electric or hybrid
On the far side of borders, a new Ireland is taking shape
EU interior ministers call for swifter EU-level decisions on border protection
Ten inspirational quotes from Belarusian political prisoners
Belarusian Workers Go On the Offensive
Mark Drakeford ‘begins talks’ on more independence for Welsh Labour
Four years in exile – Puigdemont and the other Catalan pro-independence leaders
UN investigates sex abuse allegations against Gabonese peacekeepers in CAR
Targeted Civilian Killings Shock Region of Indian-Administered Kashmir
China’s president threatens Taiwan with ‘peaceful reunification’
Solution on Migration From Haiti Has to Be Led by US, Mexico
Ethiopia launches major offensive against Tigray forces
Philippine Nobel Winner Ressa Calls Facebook ‘Biased Against Facts’
For The Turkmen And Uzbek Leaders, A Meeting Of Minds On Afghanistan
Chinese Cyber Operations Scoop Up Data for Political, Economic Aims
Most of Lebanon without power after plants run out of fuel
Kurz to quit as Austrian chancellor amid corruption probe
Colombian nun held hostage in Mali since 2017 has been freed
1868 October 10: Proclamation of Cuban Independence Beginning Ten Years War
1911 October 10: National Day of the Republic of China, Taiwan
1970 October 10: Fiji Day
October 10: World Mental Health Day
Patriots at the helm: Hong Kong’s new election committee assembles to begin its work
‘Sindyanna of Galilee’: Extending the olive branch between Arabs and Israelis
Black History Month: Campaign calls for teaching in Scottish schools
Tasmanian treaty to navigate complex path of truth-telling, Aboriginal identity and land return
Timely aid helps teen Adivasi athlete sign up for dream course
Pakistan’s Sindh facing gas shortage, supply to non-export companies suspended
Viewed as heretics, this minority is now being forced from their homes by the Taliban
Terror & Tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains
Balochistan political crisis raging as CM Jam Kamal refuses to quit
WORRY! Kisoro district registered 50.1% school-dropout rate in 2020
Tuberculosis outbreaks declared in northern First Nations communities
Manitoba First Nations leaders urge return to culture on 50th anniversary of Wahbung: Our Tomorrows
Native Hawaiians demand justice for sex-trafficking victims amid searches for missing women
Families of missing Indigenous people wonder why their cases go unnoticed and unsolved
Reviving the Conflict Between Columbus and Taíno Chieftain Caonabó Through Historical Fiction
Teepees go up on Bozeman’s Peets Hill in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Indigenous Peoples’ Day is ‘not just a day, it’s a way of life’
Yurok people see victory in decades-long effort to revive language
The case for bigger Sabah presence in parliament
As Miss Navajo Nation, she helped her community through the pandemic
Before revitalizing Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller had to prove her critics wrong
Britain and Ireland argue on Twitter over Brexit deal
Her City Was Called Sweden’s ‘Antisemitism Capital.’ This Mayor Is Determined to Change That
How Lithuania has caused the EU a major headache with China
U.S. Secretary of State Blinken to attend NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Riga in November
Estonia has Europe’s lowest property taxes
How Denmark emerged as a top destination for gourmands
Norway’s Labor, center agree to form pro-oil minority coalition
Belsat journalists awarded ‘Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media’ in absentia
Germany investigating Lukashenko’s involvement in migrant crisis
Palestinians pick olives next to Israeli Evitar outpost
Spain’s repeated failures to extradite independence leaders since 2017: a timeline
New Hague Tribunal to Investigate Murders of Journalists
Suicides At Bosnian Hospital Raise Concerns About Mental Health Struggles Of COVID-19 Patients
Thousands March in Brussels to Demand Tougher Climate Action
Taiwan president says nation will not bow to pressure from China
Car Bomb in Yemen Targets Officials, Kills 6 Others
At Least 16 Killed In Plane Crash In Russia’s Tatarstan
Terror & Tourism: Xinjiang Eases its Grip, But Fear Remains
Biden shows little progress with Abraham Accords on first anniversary
‘The Land Has Dried Up’: Animals Die And Farms Abandoned In Iran’s Khuzestan Province
Jordan’s king vows to support Lebanon in meeting with PM
Czech President Zeman in intensive care at key post-election time
Merkel and Israel’s Bennett differ on Iran, Palestinians
Merkel honours Holocaust victims, vows German commitment to Israel
Hunger-striking former Georgian leader needs hospital treatment
Africa Creative Industries Summit
Nominate a First Nations arts champion