Europe: Putin Spreading Seeds of War Wider

Russia, Belarus Form New USSR, Call On Ex-Soviet Nations to Join
Forced conscription: how Russia wipes out the male population of occupied Donbas
‘House of Sweden’ in Taiwan symbolizes expansion of diplomatic work
Indigenous peoples fight for land rights at global summit
The Flanders phenomenon: how Belgian buildings went from joke to genius
Young people create a virtual youth area as part of Ireland’s largest Irish language technology event at Ionad Óige na hÉireann
Channel Islands charity gives bomb disposal training to Ukrainian women
Football careers of Southampton’s Basque evacuee children remembered
Opposition Boycotts Election of Montenegro’s First Minority Govt
Moldova’s Breakaway Transnistria Orders General Mobilisation

Denmark to send tanks, anti-tank mines, and mortar shells to Ukraine
Threatening Kherson farmers, Russian troops steal grain from Ukraine
Ukraine War is Spreading To Moldova’s Breakaway Transnistria Region
Denmark’s Orsted has no intention of opening rouble account in Russia, CEO says
The NATO Accession Sweden Never Saw Coming
Victoria Nuland: Putin Doesn’t Have Enough Young People Ready To Fight
Poland Handed Over 200 T-72 Tanks To Ukraine
Sweden to boost military on Gotland amid Russia fears
Norway Closes Access For Russian Trucks And Ships, Joins EU’s Sanctions Regime Against Moscow
Finland won’t consent to gas payment terms imposed by Russia, reiterates Tuppurainen
NATO maritime groups train with Finland and Sweden
Ukraine accuses Russian forces of seizing 2,000 artworks in Mariupol
HS: Finland to donate proceeds of seized bitcoins to Ukraine
Big brands still fund Russian attacks on Ukraine: pissed consumers urge boycott
Breakthrough at Ramstein: NATO unites to help Ukraine defeat Russia
Tsikhanouskaya, U.S. Officials Discuss Technological Support For Democratic Movement In Belarus
Is it Putin who is waging ‘Putin’s war’?
Russia seeks total control of its neighbors – Lithuanian president’s advisor
Salm: Easier to make decisions now West’s heart has hardened against Russia
In the footsteps of Russian soldiers. ‘There were locals who handed over their own’
Latvian MEP Inese Vaidere finds Soviet Victory monument in Riga unacceptable
Passengers think Baltics are unsafe destinations
Rosatom, Minsk hide info on real situation at nuclear Astravyets
On the radar of authoritarian regimes – Lithuania assesses its security threats
Estonia, Finland sign LNG terminal cooperation agreement
‘Deterrence no longer enough’ – Baltic states, Poland call for more NATO forces
WHO re-assigns Islands and Small States Institute in Malta as collaborating centre
Kremlin Connections Behind Cyprus’s RCB Bank
Russians ‘frighten’ Ukrainian refugees in Portugal
Basque pro-independence party ‘saves’ Spanish anti-crisis package in parliament
Russia accused of stoking divisions in Bosnia amid war in Ukraine
North Macedonia FM Believes Skopje-Sofia Dispute Could Be ‘Frozen’
Slovenia Mustn’t Waste This Opportunity for Fresh Start
Ukraine War is Spreading To Moldova’s Breakaway Transnistria Region

Citizen Lab investigating another 150 potential Catalangate phone hacking victims
Remembering Havel, Czechs Feel Moral Responsibility to Help Ukraine
Estonia to send demining team to Ukraine
Court unblocks some Russian TV channels in Latvia
Vilnius mayor: May 9 cemetery visitors will be informed about war in Ukraine
Russian military rocket launch startles skywatchers in Finland
Estonia’s state-owned Operail involved in Russian logistics during war
Breakthrough agreement between French Community and Flanders on medical school quotas
Serbia shows off China missiles amid build-up concerns in Balkans

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England
Experience Basque Country Mystique
Have You Heard Of This Country Inside Italy? (It’s Not The Vatican)
Explosions in Transnistria Increase Fears of War
‘I don’t feel safe here’: Transnistria fears could spark Moldova exodus

Fierce Fighting in Eastern and Southern Ukraine
Belarusians internet is cut off to conceal movement of Russian equipment in Belarus – intelligence
Finland cancels plan for Russian-built nuclear power plant
Germany ready to support EU ban on Russian oil
Denmark and prospective NATO member Sweden say Russia flew into their airspace
Finland, Sweden to drop players from Russian hockey league teams
EU Singles Out FDI “Hostile Investors” For the First Time: Russia and Belarus
Many ex-Soviet republics do not want Russian troops operating in their country
Denmark reopens its embassy in Kyiv
Estonia hosts NATO-led cyber war games, with one eye on Russia
In move away from Russian gas, Lithuanian-Polish gas pipeline comes into operation
Latvijas Gaze will not be issued special permit for making payments to Gazprom
‘Glory to Ukraine’ exhibit set up near Soviet ‘Victory’ monument
Ukraine’s defense applies lessons from a 15-year-old cyberattack on Estonia
Travelling between north and south Wales costs as much as Munich to Venice
Spanish PM and defense minister’s phones were also targeted with Pegasus spyware
Nicola Sturgeon confident of victory in 2023 Scottish independence vote
Bosnia’s LGBT Community Hails ‘Historic’ Ruling Against Discrimination, Hate
EU pelagic sector condemns Faroe-Russia blue whiting deal
Albania to go digital as of May
Fuel prices surge after price caps end in Slovenia
Transnistria: The next front of the Ukraine war

May 3: World Press Freedom Day
Catalan parliament will launch inquiry into Catalangate but Spain’s congress rules one out
‘Orcs’ and ‘Rashists’: Ukraine’s new language of war
Scholz: Finland, Sweden can count on German support if they seek NATO access
Russian propaganda escalates, laying ground for nuclear strike
Belarusian Schools Introduce “Novelties” In History Studies
To beat Vladimir Putin the West must help Belarus too
British Defence Intelligence: Russian Army Is Significantly Weaker After Invasion Of Ukraine
Russian state TV threatens to destroy Wales with giant tidal wave in bizarre video
Support for Russia in war shrinks among Russian-speaking Latvian population
Lithuania could speed up grid synchronisation with Europe – minister
Moscow politician says Russia should ‘denazify’ Baltics and Poland
President expects Latvia’s ethnic Russians to also back removal of monument to Soviet army
Support for Ukrainian refugees rises among non-Estonians
Jelgava to dismantle three Soviet monuments
Austria and the Indecision for the Gas Embargo
Greece gambles on greening to get out of crisis
Slovakia to Repair Damaged Ukrainian Military Equipment
Austria says EU must consider radical treaty change over Ukraine
Improvising through hardship, Basque singer keeps tradition alive in Nevada
Ukraine war casts shadow over Transnistria as security alerts sow fear
Denmark to be first Nordic country to reopen Kyiv embassy
Albania, BiH are Balkans biggest losers, North Macedonia improves in RSF report
Yandex data center in Finland loses power, runs on diesel, due to war sanctions
BIRN Fact-Check: Can Montenegro’s new Minority Govt Deliver Consensus on Key Reforms?
Finland terminates Russian nuclear power plant contract
Malta announces its first autism-friendly restaurant
An archipelago pedal: e-bikes and islands in northern Norway
14 Most Interesting Facts About Andorra
Ireland condemns Russian TV for nuclear attack simulation
Romania earmarks EUR 1 bln for 12 hydrogen-powered trains
Channel Islands to France tunnel has interest from investors

1990 May 4: Latvian Independence Restoration Day
Estonian troops to leave Mali by end of June
Moldova next? How Europe should react to Russia’s implicit threat
Latvian municipalities will integrate libraries for the blind
The Netherlands has 143,000 homes that would cost more than €1 million
Belarus moves its troops closer to Lithuania’s border
Moldova and Ukraine to Receive Gas from Greece
First Head Of Independent Belarus Stanislau Shushkevich Died
EU will “significantly increase” military aid to Moldova following Transnistria tension
Vytautas Landsbergis: Freedom Will Come For Belarus, Too
Call for ‘hedgehog highways’ in Cornwall gardens
Russian troll factory sets sights on Finnish news outlets, editors
Ukraine border force does not exclude possibility Belarus could join Russia war bid
Ukrainians report over 400 cases of rape and other forms of sexual abuse by Russian troops
Border guards currently see no amassing of enemy convoys in Transnistria
Special event at the Senedd to remember Welsh journalist who uncovered Ukrainian famine
Portugal to replace Russia at UEFA Women’s Euro 2022
Nicolas Cage’s new self-parodying role sees him rescue Catalan president’s daughter
Belgium in Brief: Obesity, Europe’s new epidemic?
US Army airborne units, special ops troops launch large drills in Europe
Portugal can play ‘decisive role’ on energy security, says president
Croat President vows to veto Sweden-Finland NATO accession, if he can
Czech Republic Moves Up 20 Places in Press Freedom Index
The Scottish take on participatory budgeting
Ukrainian tartan proves a hit in Scotland
Charles Michel visits Moldova, promises military support
President Radev: The Veto on North Macedonia should Remain until the Bulgarians are Included in the Constitution
As tensions rise in Moldova, separatists denounce Kyiv, EU
Switzerland has a new ESG-focused fund in Una Terra
Sweden says it received U.S. security assurances if it hands in NATO application
Czech Republic has sent CZK 3 bln worth of military equipment to Ukraine
Berlin says it will work for EUFOR Bosnia extension amid Russia concerns
Slovenia’s Ombudsman, experts call for deteriorating press freedom to be addressed
Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats divided on decision to join Nato
Malta Is Witnessing The Normalisation Of Unsafe Practices And Illegalities
‘A Gift for Putin’: Czech e-shop sells tanks and grenades to support Ukrainian army
Luxembourg to have biggest age-related health costs in EU
‘Through hedging agreement, Malta saved around €125 million’ – Joseph Muscat
Finland’s big new export to India: Education
One third of Hungarians help refugees from Ukraine
More than 75% of Maltese men are overweight
LGT, World’s Largest Family-Owned Private Bank, to Offer Crypto
Vatican preparing for possibility of women Swiss Guards
Hungary risks further isolation by refusing to support EU oil embargo
Russia violates Finland’s airspace as Helsinki mulls NATO membership
Romani war refugees from Ukraine are “economic migrants”, says Czech President
UK defence minister: “Inconceivable” Britain wouldn’t defend Finland, Sweden if attacked
Ex-Belarus leader Stanislav Shushkevich, who helped dissolve USSR, dies at 87
Sinn Fein eyes historic win in Northern Ireland election
Abortion services in Northern Ireland almost nonexistent despite legalisation
May 4 restoration of independence celebrated across Latvia
Belarus Is the Other Loser in Putin’s War
LIVE: A virtual forum for Estonians worldwide
Video shows ‘lack of pride’ in the Isle of Man says historian
Belarus begins snap drills, Ukraine says ‘ready’ if Minsk joins Russian war effort
Bulgaria approves repairs to Ukrainian military equipment, not military aid
Hungary and Slovakia set to get an extra year before Russian oil ban kicks in
Ex-defense minister: Moldova is a target of Russia

1950 May 9: Schuman Declaration, Europe Day
1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day