Americas: Blame US

February 17
Feds Deny Permits for Hydro Projects on Navajo Land, Citing Lack of Consultation With Tribes
PACE Justice Project launched in Belize
El Salvador, where a miscarriage can land you in jail
Surging cocaine violence has Uruguay clamoring for DEA help

February 18
US Presidents in Their Own Words Concerning American Indians
New York’s Museum of Natural History closes its Native American collections
Eureka review – Lisandro Alonso’s meditation on Indigenous life is striking but slow
Eastern Caribbean States Meet, Discuss Relations With Martinique.
This US couple built an oceanfront home in the Bahamas. Then a hurricane hit

February 19
New Federal Rules will Empty Museums, Erase Science, and Usher in Superstitious Beliefs
Iqaluit woman adapts traditional Inuit crafts
Emotional ceremony welcomes birch bark scrolls back to Ojibwe people
Language keeper
Bill that would recognize same-sex marriage fails in Muscogee national council meeting
Falkland Islands dispute is causing fishing ‘free-for-all’ in nearby Blue Hole
Ecuador backtracks on plan to send weapons to Ukraine
Argentine Justice Orders Eviction of Illegally Occupied Military Lands in Bariloche
UK Territory British Virgin Islands De Facto Direct Rule Or Is Cayman Next?
St Kitts & Nevis in talks with Saudi fund for geothermal partnership
Resilience through Diversity and Investments the Focus on UN Tourism Visit to Jamaica

February 20
The Divided Landscape of Indian American Politics
Could the United States be headed for a national divorce?
Health care inequities behind shorter life spans for Inuit from Nunavik with lung cancer
Taxation: Bahamas, Belize, Seychelles and Turks and Caicos Islands removed from the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes
As Security Crisis Deepens, Costa Rica Struggles
U.S. Chips Act funds to support semiconductor workforce development in Costa Rica
Lord Cameron: Foreign Secretary says ‘as long as the Falkland Islands want to be part of the UK family, they are absolutely welcome to’
LAMAT begins in Suriname for second year of medical assistance
Anonymous Ensemble Presents LLONTOP, A Night Of Interactive Art And Quechua Poetry At 1st Stage
Ecuador’s most notorious gang leader lived ‘like a king’ while locked up. His jailbreak shines a light on the country’s lawless prisons
Brazil, Chile ask UN court to rule on illegality of Israel’s occupation of Palestine
It’s time to cancel debt for climate-stricken nations, Barbados leader says

February 21
February 21: International Mother Language Day
Bermuda Minister of Economy and Labor to Inspire Future Leaders at Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) 2024
Inuit Woman’s Incredible View Through Traditional Snow Blinders Seen by 39M
The 100-hour war between El Salvador and Honduras is famous for starting with a football match – the truth is more complicated
Honduran ex-president in court accused of leading ‘narco-state’
‘Dirty political games’: Suriname is selling its gold and timber – at the cost of tribal land rights
President of Guadeloupe MNA, becomes president of Kombat Taekwondo
Arresting the decline: Trinidad and Tobago’s natural gas supply alternatives

February 22
1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day
This App Lets Inuit Combine Traditional Knowledge With Scientific Data
Panama: Key Services Lacking at Climate Relocation Site
Indian homes in French Guiana: Truth Commission project not yet ripe
Guyana accuses Israel of military conquest, annexation of Palestinian territory
The women, poems and menus saving Ecuador’s beloved blue crab
Engaging Indigenous Peoples in Elections
Yanomami deaths continue to rise in northern Brazil

February 23
Mexico’s 180 New Textbooks in 20 Indigenous Languages Boosts Cultural Pride
Insurers flocking to Bermuda to expand reinsurance footprint – AM Best
KY’s Choctaw Academy is a marker of Native American history. Time’s running out to save it
El Salvador’s Bukele tells US conservatives to ‘put up a fight’
U.S. Embassy releases list of 300 Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous youth selected for English course
Taiwan and St. Lucia reaffirm strong ties at Independence Day celebration
Prime Minister of Barbados visits Van Oord
Puerto Rico updates insurance code
Cuba Cuts Internet, Surveils Calls of Journalists, Report Finds

February 24
Anthropologist Challenges Return of Native American Remains

February 25
St Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister formally announces his recent marriage
St Vincent prepares to host CELAC Summit
‘Highway to horror’: 14 wrecked slavers’ ships are identified in Bahamas

February 26
The Slow Food Indigenous Peoples’ Network presents the program of Indigenous Terra Madre 2024 – Abya Yala Peoples Mexico City
A Presbyterian chaplain who’s also a pharmacist joins a podcast to talk about health and spiritual care for Native Americans
How Architecture Can Learn from Native America
Indigenous people sue over alleged Canadian secret medical experiment
Time to change the state flower from Cherokee Rose to a native plant
Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Winter Games go on despite little snow on the ground
Panama Canal revenues up 14.9% in 2023 despite transit restrictions
Drug violence threatens Costa Rica
Brazil, France partner to tackle illegal mining in French Guiana
Commonwealth Secretary-General joins Caribbean leaders for regional meeting in Guyana
Turks And Caicos Islands Once Again Grappling With Rising Firearms-Related Offenses
Grand Cayman shooting leaves seven seriously injured at football match
Trinidad and Tobago’s Government Confirms Fuel Oil Is Leaking off Tobago’s Coast

February 27
1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day
Greenland Rises Due to Global Warming, and Not Just Slightly
Greenland with New Arctic Strategy: Defense, Diplomacy and Peace
Greenland stakes a Course within Defense and Diplomacy
Pacific Students Return to Navajo Nation
Tosepan Tetataniske: an Indigenous solidarity economy in Mexico
SXM Festival: The Franco-Dutch luxury party pirates of the Caribbean
Oil spill spreads across Caribbean from Tobago to Bonaire
St Vincent and the Grenadines: ‘We advocate for the repeal of anti-gay laws as a matter of human dignity’

February 28
Investigating and preserving Quechua
America’s booming year from hell
Priest accused of abusing Inuit children in Canada will not be dismissed by church
A Boring Capital for a Young Democracy. Just the Way Residents Like It.
Pura Vida: Costa Rica’s uniquely positive outlook on life
‘When have we ever had democracy?’: is Thelma Cabrera Guatemala’s most surprising politician?
New giant anaconda species found on Waorani Indigenous land in Ecuador
Indigenous Colombians fret as sacred mountain glaciers melt
‘Indigenous Women in Brazil: Gender, Ethnic, and Cultural Aspects of Deterritorialization’
This Caribbean island is the other Emerald Isle on St. Patrick’s Day
Oil from capsized ship reaches Bonaire; Oil-covered fish, birds on island’s beaches
Sint Maarten selected for grant to enhance early warning systems
Share of population using the internet in Cayman Islands from 2005 to 2017
Barbuda residents win appeal to protect land from development in potential precedent for Caribbean

February 29
Lack of action sees sharp rise in sexual violence on people transiting Darien Gap
UN says Nicaragua continues to perpetrate violations ‘tantamount to crimes against humanity’
US, Mexico, Guatemala to deepen cooperation on migration
Mexico Is for Mujeres: The Next Mexican President Will Be a Woman
Ecuador Needs Economic Support to Fight Its War on Gangs
‘A legend for our people’: Inside an Indigenous activist’s death in Brazil
This Research Team Is Increasing Indigenous and Latin American Representation in Genomics Research
BVI Approves New Immigration Policy.
St Kitts and Nevis unveils the Investment Gateway Summit
Welcome to Curaçao: How a Caribbean island facilitates the illegal betting boom
How governments can make the digital transformation journey – from Barbados to Iceland
My Rasta father showed me the real Jamaica. After he died, I wanted to share it with my kids
Cuba asks UN for help as food shortages worsen

March 1
An Affordable Housing Model for Indigenous Americans
Connecting through culture—How Isaruit became a haven for Ottawa Inuit
Navajo Nation nears deal for Arizona water rights on Colorado, Little Colorado rivers
Cannabis growing facility is now under construction on Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe tribal lands
Before the Bicentennial: Muscogees from Tallahassee area forced into the ‘unknown land’
Cost of ‘land bridge’ alternative to Panama Canal too high for carriers
Bukele attacks gender theory and removes it from public schools in El Salvador
A Turning Point for ‘Cartismo’ in Paraguay
Floods and landslides disrupt the lives of 40,000 children in Bolivia
Authorities struggle to protect Bolivian national park from drug-fueled deforestation
Prevalence of trachoma in indigenous and nonindigenous areas, Northeastern Brazil, 2019 – 2021
Brazil cracks down on illegal gold miners
Anguilla: The Tiny Caribbean Island Banking Big on the AI Explosion
Dominica’s Health Systems Transformation
Cultivating resilience: Urban, community forestry initiatives in US Virgin Islands
Supporting the shift towards fair and equitable access and benefit sharing of genetic resources in Saint Lucia
Quran exhibition held in Guadeloupe
US Government Donates Aircraft to Dominican Republic to Combat Narcotrafficking

March 2
1926 March 2: James Ronald Webster’s Birthday, Anguilla
In blow to Native Americans, US court approves land swap for Rio’s Arizona copper mine
Native American News Roundup, Feb. 25-March 2, 2024
Muscogee Nation, area districts to add virtual language classes
Nicaragua drags Germany to ICJ for ‘facilitating Israel’s genocide’ in Gaza
10 people die in forest fires in Chile
Yellen Visits US Lithium Site in Chile, Eyes ‘Green Transition’ Progress
Right Livelihood Award Laureate Davi Kopenawa demands that indigenous rights be respected in Brazil
Martinique wins Top Model competition at Miss World

March 3
Belize-flagged Rubymar ship sinks in Red Sea following Yemeni Houthi attack
The ex-leader, the bribery claims and the threat to Paraguay’s star economy
Anguilla profits big from AI Boom
Soaring petrol prices in Cuba are a cause of great concern for Havana residents

March 4
Indigenous women in Greenland sue Denmark over involuntary contraception in the 1960s and 1970s
Despite college aspirations, Native American students find it hard to leave home
Denied again: Navajo Nation is still waiting on Utah to commit $2M for a road to Blanding
Panama Canal Drought Issues Improved, But Not Eradicated
Cities in Costa Rica strengthen climate resilience planning and inclusion of persons with disabilities
NASA hosts Uruguay’s Foreign Minister, Omar Paganini, for the signing of the Artemis Accords
Collapse of illegal gold mine puts focus on needs of Venezuela’s Indigenous people
A feathered cape bridges past and present for Brazil’s Indigenous Tupinambá
Oil in Bonaire: what is Rijkswaterstaat doing about it?
Joint investigation points to identity of tug owner involved in Tobago oil spill
2 men charged with kidnapping and robbery in Turks & Caicos Islands
St Maarten: Nearly half a tonne of ganja found in shipping container
CELAC Summit: Tech Solutions Sought to Address Migration Challenges
World Obesity Day: PAHO launches Creative Play Initiative in Barbados schools
Ormat signs PPA for new geothermal power plant in Guadeloupe
The importance of investing in Dominican women
Haiti violence: Haiti gangs demand PM resign after mass jailbreak
Thousands gather in Cuba in support of Palestine

March 5
Law professor sheds light on ongoing Native American religious discrimination case
Land co-management agreements now online
Cherokee Nation graduates five Cherokee speakers from language program
Choctaw Nation Publishes 2023 Year in Review
Choctaw student ‘finds her tribe’ during year of study at UCC
Global protected area policies spark conflicts with Mexico Indigenous groups
At CELAC, Lula extols the potential of Latin Americans and Caribbeans as an integrated bloc
Lesser Antilles Medical Assistance Team 24: Second Year US Partnership with St. Lucia
Haiti’s Prime Minister Surfaces in Puerto Rico
Gangs in Haiti try to seize control of main airport

March 6
Press freedom in Central America: Silence is not an option
Teaching Ojibwe Cultural Activities
Chile cancels Israeli participation in Latin America’s largest aerospace fair
Peru’s PM Alberto Otarola quits amid claims of influence peddling
‘There aren’t seasons any more’: a childhood without water in north Colombia
Turks and Caicos International Arrivals Are Surging
Danish firm to explore wave energy deployment offshore Barbados
Enrich Your Clients’ Bahamas Vacation With The People-To-People Program
Haitian PM Henry lands in Puerto Rico as violence ensues
Haiti’s prime minister is stranded abroad as gangs threaten ‘civil war’

March 7
An Oscar win for Lily Gladstone would be a huge step for Native Americans in an industry that has reduced them to stereotypes
UN climate fund axes Nicaragua forest project over human rights concerns
Telling the Story of Oaxaca’s Indigenous Culture, One Strand at a Time
Crisis in Ecuador: What you need to know and how to help
Bahamas, Dominica and Grenada to join CAF
CAF approves USD 200 million to boost climate action in the Dominican Republic

March 8
Peruvian Indigenous-language drama ‘Yana-Wara’ sells to Italy’s Exit Media
Understanding the Unequal Costs of Native American Homeownership
Professors, mentors, Cherokee Scholars
Mexico’s Indigenous Women’s Call for Rights and Ancestral Medicine Recognition
Guyana sets global example with quality carbon offset achievement
Guardians of the Andes: indigenous women leaders in conservation
Sol de Minca: Connectivity Through Indigenous Collaboration
US Virgin Islands moves towards collaboration with CARICOM
Child poverty in Saint Vincent and Grenadines
Grenada charges prison escapees with murder of American couple missing since alleged yacht hijacking

March 9
How Indigenous Peoples Turned Language into a Post-Colonial Tool
Paraguay at the center of an arms trafficking network for Brazilian organized crime
With the death of former head of the public service Reginald Dumas, Trinidad & Tobago loses a revered patriot

March 10
4 Ways Indigenous Cultures Resisted Colonialism in Latin America
Can Carbon Offsets Save a Fragile Band of Belize’s Tropical Rainforest?
Crisis in Haiti prompts thousands to flee to Dominican Republic

March 11
3rd Annual ‘Celebrating the Indigenous Americas’
In Planning for Climate Change, Native Americans Draw on the Past
US, Canada, Indigenous Groups Have Proposal to Address Cross-Border Mining
38 FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and Caribbean
Ojibwe filmmaker returns to Winnipeg’s North End to tell story of hope and healing
Belizean Elise-Gayonne Vernon celebrates triumph at Miss World
UTSA and TTU Press seek writers for new indigenous foodways book series
Insufficient level of reading proficiency among children in Suriname
Hosts Uruguay and China women win HSBC Sevens Challenger in Montevideo
Hurricane-resistant hybrid solar plant inaugurated on Antigua and Barbuda

March 12
Why language is central to the survival of cultures and communities
Trudeau, Obed meet in Ottawa on Inuit-related issues
A botanical baseline for conservation of Agguttinni, Nunavut’s largest and newest territorial park
Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians Break Ground On New Middle And High School
Workshop Paves Way for Sustainable Management of Belize’s Aquifer System
Macron to visit Brazil as Mercosur trade talks stall
Ecuador’s Uptick in Violence Heightens Risks for Schoolchildren
Human activity on Curaçao began centuries earlier than previously believed, study finds

March 13
Multilingualism Is an American Tradition. So Is Backlash to It
Extraction, Assimilation, and Accommodation: The Historical Foundations of Indigenous–State Relations in Latin America
University of Illinois’ first vice chancellor of Native affairs: “I feel very disrespected”
US Urges Panama to Remove Flag From Rogue Iranian Ships
In El Salvador, peaceful streets carry hidden costs
Honduran Ex-First Lady Seeks Presidency After Husband’s Conviction
The Surinamese Cocaine Trafficker Endlessly Evading Justice
IDFA Award Winner ‘Canuto’s Transformation’ Debuts Trailer
Native groups sit on a treasure trove of lithium. Now mines threaten their water, culture and wealth
BVI: Attorney at law found dead with gunshot wounds

March 14
A national awakening to the Great Plains’ gourmet bounty
Greenland’s growing appeal to key global powers
Choctaw Nation’s 2021 economic impact on the state
NEH Grant Propels Quest to Uncover the Lost Histories of the Chichimeca
Paraguay’s carbon deal with Singapore beset by lobbying, lax rules
Indigenous Farmers Work Free of Charge for the World’s Richest Person
‘A struggle for us all’: new film reveals light and shade of fight for Amazon
UK increases support for Turks and Caicos Islands following Haiti violence
How ancient cave art is rewriting Puerto Rican history
Haiti has a right to both security and democracy

March 15
Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2024
Von der Leyen courts Greenland for raw materials
Canada, Inuit Firm Join Forces for Arctic Marine Safety
Navajo opposition spells likely end of Arizona storage project
French Guiana: Indigenous Kali’na people appeal to UN to stop power plant project encroaching on their land
Supreme Court suspends key Arcadium Lithium projects in Argentina
Riding the wave of clean sport at the ISA World Surfing Games 2024 in Puerto Rico

March 16
How Irish Catholic slaves brought the faith to the Caribbean

March 17
52 killed, 5 missing in Bolivia during past 3 months of heavy rains
Yes, A Caribbean Island Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s Why
The small Caribbean island making a fortune from artificial intelligence

March 18
Designing a History of Indigenous Graphic Artists
Inuit leaders, MPs urge action on TB elimination as federal budget nears
Team ensures Inuit landing in Montreal get where they need to go
U.S.-Guatemala High Level Economic Dialogue
EU-Chile: Council gives final endorsement to bilateral trade agreement
Colombia president suspends ceasefire with armed rebel group following attack on indigenous community
Cuba sees rare protests amid power cuts and food shortages
Cuba blames US for stoking protests amid power cuts and food shortages

March 19
America Has No Official Language
It’s a boy: Second foal born at Ottawa’s Mādahòkì Farm, expanding the herd of rare Ojibwe spirit horses
US imposes arms export restrictions on Nicaragua
Honduras ratchets up battle with crypto-libertarian investors, rejects World Bank court
The IOC provisionally lifts suspension for Guatemala
Landmark ruling: The Peruvian Court of Nauta recognizes the rights of the Marañón River and the Indigenous communities as its guardians
Church worried about growing violence in south Colombia
The Turks and Caicos tightens security in fear of Haiti’s crisis
Notts County: Diego Edwards & Kieran Cooney on emotion of St Kitts and Nevis call-ups
Cayman Islands promoting development of new subsea telecom cable
Cubans’ anger at the regime grows as they suffer from shortages

March 20
The Costs of El Salvador’s Crime Crackdown
Bolivian lawyer defends Indigenous women in their language
Afro-descendant, Indigenous communities on Colombia-Ecuador border join forces to adapt to climate change
British Virgin Islands aims to become global crypto hub
New Saint Kitts and Nevis envoy wants to see Canada-CARICOM trade talks relaunched
Aruba Celebrates International Day of Happiness by Teaching the Language of Happiness
US Evacuates Americans From Haiti to Dominican Republic, Florida

March 21
Native Americans are hardest hit by syphilis surge
Keel Laid for Future USNS Muscogee Creek Nation
Panama Canal administrator hopes traffic normalizes by February 2025
Bolivia: Drought on the one hand, floods on the other — safe water a critical challenge in both cases
Intense rains and floods close schools, destroy crops in the Peruvian Amazon
BVI to host debut Virgin Islands Music Festival 2024
For Cayman Islands Real Estate, a “Year of Opportunity”
Antigua and Barbuda fresh flag of choice for Russia-calling dark fleet tankers
Saint Lucia Launches First Semi-Pro Football League
Bahamas And Botswana–Unlikely Bankfellows Forge Blueprint For Currency Collaboration.
Fire at prison in Dominican Republic claims 11 lives
Venezuela creates new state in territory under dispute with Guyana

March 22
Bermuda reinsurers achieve lowest combined ratio in a decade: Fitch
Heatherwick Studio’s Educational Hub Celebrates Indigenous Crafts in Bogotá, Colombia
The A.I. Boom Makes Millions for an Unlikely Industry Player: Anguilla
‘It’s a derby’: The two Virgin Islands teams battling for a World Cup chance
Exploring strawberry cultivation in the Bahamas
Haiti gang wars push hunger to worst levels on record, reports say
April: Hmong Heritage Month, US

1949 April 4: Founding of NATO
1873 April 13: Colfax massacre, US
April 19, 1940: Indigenous Peoples Day, Brazil
April 22: Earth Day