Oceania: On The Map

February 24
Team Vanuatu’s path to Paris with an Italian espresso flavour
Riots, Tribal Clash, Fuel Shortage: Papua New Guinea’s Many Crises
China Extends Security Presence to Kiribati with Policing Assistance Program
Former World Cup referee changing the landscape of women’s football in Cook Islands
Istanbul conference seeks to globally spotlight France’s colonial policy – Baku Initiative Group

February 25
Oceania Championships: Record-breaking Samoan Opeloge and Australia’s Elliott make moves in Olympic rankings
Pro-independence groups in New Caledonia clash with police over electoral changes
Taiwan Ally Tuvalu Names Feleti Teo as New Prime Minister

February 26
Oceania/Papua New Guinea – Escalation is feared after tribal conflict: The only way to avoid it is on-site dialogue
West Papua advocacy group condemns arrest, ‘humiliation’ of two teenagers
Australian Pilot Freed After Being Kidnapped In Papua New Guinea
Guam Partners With Palau Officials to Expand Tourism
Taiwan says its ties with Tuvalu are ‘everlasting’ as Pacific Island nation names new prime minister
1st Indigenous performing arts conference hosted at UH Mānoa

February 27
PNG and Vanuatu to participate in inaugural FIFA Series
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness training
Māori against NZ government’s decision to shut down indigenous health authority
New Zealand moves to abolish Maori health authority despite protests
2024 Joint Elections Call Kicks Off with Style in Solomon Islands
Q&A: The Worsening Trend of Violence in Papua New Guinea
Chinese citizens use Northern Marianas as illegal pathway to Guam, authorities say
US Lawmakers, Officials Voice Concern About Chinese Police on Kiribati
Niue to have high frequency ocean radar
‘Medical colonialism’: midwives sue Hawaii over law regulating Native birth workers

February 28
OFC signs exclusive partnership with FIFA+
Scoop: EU probes finances at African, Caribbean and Pacific group
The ‘Top 10’ Focus Areas for New Zealand Executives in 2024
Congress ‘gradually destroying’ US relations with Pacific ally, Marshall Islands president warns
US cautions after Hawaii neighbor Kiribati gets Chinese police
In Fiji, Trans-Pacific Union Mission Ministers Are ‘Set Apart’ for Service
New Tuvalu government reaffirms Taiwan ties in government document

February 29
Collapsed funeral fund misrepresented itself as Aboriginal owned or managed, court finds
Facts about poverty among the Māori
In New Zealand, IKEA hogs land, jeopardising native ecosystems
New Zealand lobbied French on Solomon Islands-China pact, cables show
French Senate endorses delay for New Caledonia’s provincial elections
Communities united in grief celebrate the life of Fa’anānā Efeso Collins
Fish figures and their missing link to Niue’s economy
Holidays in Niue: Discover the untamed beauty of the South Pacific
Tuvalu reaffirms Taiwan ties, plans to revise Australia security pact
Tuvalu launches typhoid campaign
2024 shaping up to be a defining year for Tonga football association
Right of Reply: The EU-ACP Samoa agreement

March 1
US Air Force Hunts for New Pacific Outposts to Counter China Threat
Do the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi really give Māori too much power – or not enough?
Court orders millions in compensation for survivors of New Zealand’s deadly volcanic eruption
Bougainville Copper Full Year 2023 Earnings: K0.021 loss per share (vs K0.017 loss in FY 2022)
Concerns about treatment of asylum seekers sent to Nauru
Northern Mariana Islands put on alert after rise in norovirus cases
US Air Force Hunts for New Pacific Outposts to Counter China Threat
‘Ashes of Death’: The Marshall Islands Is Still Seeking Justice for US Nuclear Tests
For the Marshall Islands, Nuclear Remembrance Day Is a Painful Reminder
Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day – United States must comply with Marshall Islands demands for recognition and nuclear justice
Western Pacific countries at risk of measles outbreaks due to immunization and surveillance gaps
Tonga becomes first Pacific island country to apply WHO’s Strategic Toolkit for Assessing Risk (STAR)
What really led to the collapse of Easter Island?

March 2
Remarks by IUCN Oceania Regional Director for Welcome Reception – 23 February 2024
Changes around Māori language come into focus as New Zealand government approaches 100-day milestone
Cook Islands National Olympic and Sports Committee seeks Secretary General
Rising sea levels and the increase of shoreline wave energy at American Samoa
Samoa qualify for World Rugby U20 Trophy 2024

March 3
Fiji Airways eyes full Oneworld membership
Cook Islands turtle tour operators sign up to ‘non-binding’ agreement to boost conservation efforts
Finding paradise in French Polynesia

March 4
Pacific Economic Update March 2024
Study finds Pacific accounts for 9 of the 10 most obese countries in the world
Why Australia keeps an arm’s length from South China Sea tensions, even as it draws closer with the Philippines
New food preservation project helps Vanuatu to prepare for future climate disasters
Another Funding Delay in Congress that Thwarts US Strategy in the Pacific: the Marshall Islands
US Air Force Deploys Live Hypersonic ARRW Missile to Guam
Tuvalu preserves history online as rising seas threaten existence
UNESCO World Heritage Centre: Cook Islands and Tuvalu submit first Tentative Lists
Tonga: parliamentarian suspended from parliament while LGBTQI+ community still lacks protection
Locals Worried about Olympic Surfing Event in Tahiti
Return the Moai to Rapa Nui and Decolonize Museums
New Leadership Accelerator Aims to Elevate Indigenous and Hawai‘i-Centric Leadership

March 5
Asia and the Pacific: El Niño Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 29 February 2024)
Net gains: how Pacific Island states are securing the future of tuna – and their own
Commission welcomes new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
China’s diplomacy focuses on poaching Palau, Taiwan’s ally
How do the Marshall Islands safeguard their tuna stocks?
UNDP Pacific Reaffirms Partnership for Goals with the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia
Why Cook Islands is the ultimate tropical paradise for Australians
Police raid Paris town hall over Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s Tahiti trip

March 6
Australian man ties 3 Aboriginal children with cable, sparks anger
The Māori climate activist breaking legal barriers to bring corporate giants to court
New Zealand: Foreign enrolments climbed steadily through 2023 but full recovery will take years
ADF helps grow footy in Nauru
Russia oil fleet shifts away from Liberia, Marshall Island flags amid US sanctions crackdown
Shuttle Time training arrives in Wallis et Futuna
Taiwan’s deputy foreign minister heads to Tuvalu to cement ties with Pacific ally
Cook Islands grapples with highest childhood obesity rates in the world
Jason Palmer beats Biden in American Samoa, and looks to Northern Mariana Islands

March 7
China’s proliferating Pacific police footprint

March 8
Citi’s impact on women’s wheelchair basketball: a game-changer at the 2024 IWBF Asia Oceania championships
Pacific voices spotlighted in new UH podcast
Rift widens between New Caledonia’s pro-French and pro-independence parties
Digital Scoping and Mapping of Fiji and Vanuatu
Bougainville says PNG police appointment in breach of peace agreement
The Current Situation in Papua New Guinea
Images from the Marshall Islands portray pain—and pursuit of justice
Countering the climate crisis in Kiribati
CAP-IT project demonstrates EV charging stations usage
Oma Tafua celebrates 20 years of whale research and conservation success
Raising the voice of rural women in Tuvalu

March 9
Pasifika Festival in pictures

March 10
Prosecution of Aboriginal fishers under spotlight as class action launched against NSW government

March 11
Stop treating Bougainville lightly, Sir Puka warns Marape
Palau’s President Relieved by Security Pact Funding Approval
Renewal of close US ties good for regional security, Micronesian leaders say
Drought in Republic of Marshall Islands 2024
Micronesia drought leaves thousands desperate for food – UNICEF
24 in 2024: marriage dreams, back to school and barefoot in Tahiti

March 12
Pacific Language Weeks celebrate regional unity
The power of youth: In Vanuatu, young volunteers keep the water flowing
The mine that sparked a civil war but could bankroll the world’s next nation
Biden wins Northern Mariana Islands Democratic primary
Epidemic and emerging disease alerts in the Pacific as of 12 March 2024

March 13
A legacy continues despite the passing of Badminton Oceania founding member – Cedric Baxter
Traditional Aboriginal fire practices can help promote plant diversity: Study
2e REG: A platoon in New Caledonia in 2024
Japan-Marshall Islands Summit Meeting
PTWC Procedures and PTWS Products for Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai Volcanic Tsunami Hazard Response
Extraordinary Tonga and Samoa Voyages

March 14
What is the most beautiful sounding language in the world? A study found Tok Pisin ranked highest
Northern Mariana Islands Republican Caucus
Opinion: Micronesia in the Headlines
Did the people of Easter Island independently invent writing?

March 15
Aboriginal Australians teach iwi how to battle wildfires
Rendez-vous at The Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre, New Caledonia
New Caledonia’s pro-independence group proposes creation of a nickel producers organisation
Fiji to stick with China police deal after review, home affairs minister says
China willing to deepen practical cooperation with Fiji: ambassador
New Classroom Opened at Tonga School

March 16
U.S. bolsters partnerships with Pacific island nations
How many countries have a monarchy?
Olympic qualifier success helps Football Ferns move up FIFA rankings

March 17
Policing cooperation agreement between China and Fiji restored

March 18
Tuvalu: ‘We share Taiwan’s democratic principles, values and struggles for sovereignty’

March 19
French island of New Caledonia to vote on independence on Nov. 4
Bendigo Bank delays exit from Nauru as Chinese state-owned bank emerges as replacement
US officials say pact with strategically key Pacific island nations underscores American commitment
Māori and Niuean artist Cora-Allan ‘reawakens’ a sleeping traditional artform

March 20
Australia gets its most senior Chinese leadership visit since 2017 as relations thaw further
New Zealand announces ban on disposable e-cigarettes
Fiji resets police cooperation with China, scraps short-term deployments
Northern Mariana Islands Presidential Election Results 2024
Hong Kong Airlines to return to the Northern Marianas
Guam Presidential Caucus Election Results 2024
Samoa break Tongan hearts at OFC Men’s Nations Cup 2024 – Qualifying
Obsidian blades with food traces reveal 1st settlers of Rapa Nui had regular contact with South Americans 1,000 years ago
Kaliko Kalāhiki: Bringing Indigenous communities together at Brown and beyond
Native Hawaiians aim to bring cultural sensitivity to Maui wildfire cleanup

March 21
Pacific Delegation in New Zealand to Strengthen Anti-Corruption Efforts
Two Aboriginal Artists Urge Viewers to See the Universe Differently
China says it is considering maritime talks with Australia
France sets end March deadline for New Caledonia nickel deal
Vanuatu: referendum on political parties law called as people demand political and legal reforms
PM Sogavare: Ties with China ‘put Solomon Islands on the map’
Vietnam’s Vinfast inks deal with Guam Autospot to distribute EVs in Micronesia
Austin Welcomes Micronesia’s President to Pentagon
Spiny creature with fins like a bird wing found swimming off Fiji. See the new species
Government of Tonga Lead on Strengthening Coordination for Enhanced Water Security
Commonwealth Secretary-General To Visit Samoa And Tonga

March 22
Decoding China: Beijing’s cautious approach to Australia
New Zealand’s India Outreach: Opportunities and Obstacles
Lawyer: France wants to constitutionalize the colonization of New Caledonia
Bougainville threat to bypass PNG Parliament in independence standoff
Renewed calls for UN visit to West Papua after torture video surfaces online
This World Water Day, thousands still affected by severe drought in the Federated States of Micronesia
Domestic Demand To Support Above-Trend Growth In Kiribati In 2024
UNDP Disrupts Global Television Airwaves with Shocking Weather Forecasts from the Future to Mobilize Climate Action Today
Hugh Graham of the Cook Islands re-elected as president of Oceania zonal volleyball association

March 23
“Indigenous people rarely make it into the headlines”: “Limbo” probes an aboriginal cold case
Kuru: unravelling the mystery disease that left entire Papua New Guinean villages without women
The world’s largest Māori and Pacific Island school cultural festival – in pictures
Tonga awaits king’s next move after prime minister flies to remote island to make apology

March 24
This being Māori thing ends now
Chinese Communist Party-Backed Businessman in Fiji is a Top Australian Criminal Target
Papua New Guinea hit by magnitude 6.9 quake as aftershocks jolt Indonesia
US ‘Tests’ THAAD To Defend Guam From Chinese Attacks; Checks AD System’s Readiness In War Conditions

March 25
‘This is our beautiful castle’: the stunning new buildings expressing Māori pride
New Zealand troops to help Solomon Islands in election
Bougainville and PNG Face Impasse in Ratifying Island Chain’s Independence
Indonesian military apologises after West Papuan man filmed being tortured in water-filled barrel
Several dead, 1,000 homes destroyed in Papua New Guinea earthquake
China-Nauru ties open a new chapter in history: Xi
Xi meets with Nauru president after island nation severed ties with Taiwan
If a diabetes policy of diet and exercise keeps failing, is it time for a new approach?
How One Entomologist Works to Combat Invasive Species and Protect Honey Bees on Guam
Topping Navy’s $2.2B unfunded list: Sub industrial base, Guam infrastructure repairs
World’s largest Tokelau Festival in Lower Hutt this weekend

March 26
New Zealand says Chinese ‘state-sponsored’ group hacked parliament
New Caledonia’s economic, political, social tensions take their toll
Euroviews. What brings together Ukraine and Vanuatu? Sadly, it’s ecocide
Solomon Islands National University And UAE Explore Clean Energy Collaboration
Indonesia Arrests 13 Soldiers in Investigation of Papua Torture Video
Xiplomacy: China, Nauru gathering momentum for growth of ties
NMI Set to Debut at FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup
Kiribati empowers entrepreneurs to enhance economic activity
Australian-born judge challenges deportation from Kiribati amid long-running judicial crisis
Cook Islands earn narrow victory against spirited Tonga side
How Rapa Nui Lost a Tree, Only to Have It Sprout Up Elsewhere

March 27
President Bach in Fiji for the Annual General Assembly of the Oceania National Olympic Committees
Magnitude 6.7, 6.4 earthquakes jolt Vanuatu
Squaring a vicious circle: political party laws in Vanuatu
Solomon Islands Elections: What Might a Sogavare Victory Mean for Australia?
Communion of Churches in Indonesia condemns torture of civilians in Papua
Nauru’s President David Adeang visits China

March 28
New Zealand’s Maori King calls for whales to be given personhood
China lifts steep Australian wine tariffs as relations improve
Azerbaijani flag raised in protest action in Nouméa
Celebrations of Tokelau culture kick off Easter weekend
‘Greenwashing’: Cook Islands Environment group slams ‘mineral harvesting’ in Seabed Mining Act

March 29
Solomon Islands government launches Marine Spatial Planning, Community Engagement, and Blue Finance Project to safeguard marine resources
Thousands of Tokelauans gather for first time in seven years
Navy Secretary Oversees Task Force Transfer Ceremony in Hawaii

1805 April 2: Children’s Book Day/Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday
April 22: Earth Day
1915 April 25: Anzac Day in Australia, New Zealand etc.
1841 April 28: Saint Pierre Chanel Day, Wallis and Futuna: patron saint of Futuna
1963 May 1: The Day of Terror: West Papua handed over to Indonesia
May 3: World Press Freedom Day