Asia: Turning The Points

March 2
March 2: Baloch Culture Day
Voltage Visions: China’s EV Surge in Southeast Asia
F1 champion Max Verstappen wins season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix amid Red Bull turmoil
Yezidi woman rescued from Syria’s al-Hol camp
Uzbekistan urges China to enhance multimodal transportation across Central Asia
Sri Lanka Awards Energy Deal To India, Scraps Chinese Company’s Tender
Prabowo Subianto’s human rights abuses in Timor-Leste

March 3
Yazidi woman reunited with family after rescue from ISIS
Tatiana Vedeneva: Championing Sustainable Energy Solutions in Kyrgyzstan
From Silk Road to Modern Highway: How IsDB-Financed Project Slashes Travel Times in Kazakhstan
How Uzbek premier’s Kashgar visit legitimises Chinese repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang
Nepal and China to renew talks on cross-border transmission lines
Snowfall, rains disrupt life in Hazara
Grains of Life: How Chotanagpur’s Adivasis Are Reviving Native Varieties of Rice

March 4
Bahrain: TotalEnergies and Bapco Energies Join Forces in Petroleum Products Trading
ILO and Qatar sign new 4-year programme to advance labour reforms
Nobody’s Listening: Supporting the Yezidi Community 10 Years After the Genocide
Bridging Mountains, Uniting Regions: A Case Study in Economic Revitalization in Tajikistan
Kazakhstan: PM heads to Moscow with pledges of deepening cooperation
Between a rock and a hard place: The Hazaras in Afghanistan
A ‘sense of inspiration’ as Hazara community in Australia celebrate academic brilliance
A Sindhi film on Partition breaks the mould, wows audiences
Australia gives $42m to ASEAN countries for ‘free, open’ South China Sea
Myanmar’s Military Is Playing a Dangerous Game in Rakhine State

March 5
1991 March 5: Kurdish National Uprising in Iraq
Emissions from the Hongsa Power Plant negatively impacting the health of Thailand’s Indigenous communities
Tenth U.S.-Vietnam Asia-Pacific Dialogue
AI Chat Bot to Help Draft Laws in Khanty-Mansi
Joint Statement on the U.S.-Qatar Strategic Dialogue
Qatar Charity delivers winter assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan
Turning Point For Kuwait?
Maldives signs China military pact in further shift away from India
India, Sri Lanka working to link power grids via undersea transmission line
Rain Causes Havoc in Balochistan’s Coastal Region
World Sindhi Congress stages protest outside UK PM’s residence over killing of activist in Pakistan
Taiwan wants to hire Indian workers. What’s skin color or religion got to do with it?
U.N. says China violating ‘fundamental rights’ in Xinjiang, Tibet
EU closer to banning forced labour products linked to Uighurs and others
U.S. Support for the Philippines in the South China Sea
East Timor confident of settling years-long gas dispute
Singapore defends Taylor Swift’s exclusive Southeast Asia stop after neighbors cry foul
Laos Faces a Delicate Balancing Act as ASEAN Leader
Cambodia’s strategic overture to France
Death, abuse and torture: traffickers hold fleeing Rohingya to ransom for up to £3,000 a time

March 6
Taiwan’s indigenous tribes look to charm European hearts
Blast at heating station in Russia’s Tuva region leaves 21 injured, 3 missing
Qatar Airways Wants AI to Answer Your Questions: Meet Sama, the ‘Digital Human’
Jordan ‘strongly’ condemns Israeli decision to erect new settlement in East Jerusalem
Kyrgyzstan’s Repressive Turn Lands Bishkek on CIVICUS Watchlist
Cases in Bhutan illustrate the increasing rise of scrub typhus
The Return of the Left Alliance in Nepal Changes Regional Power Dynamics
Adivasi Kondhs protest omission of their names in land resurvey
With Starlink and Satellite Launches, Mongolia’s Digital Transformation Reaches a Milestone
North Korea’s economy in retrograde
What it’s like on board an outnumbered Philippine ship facing down China’s push to dominate the South China Sea
ASEAN, Australia call for peace in South China Sea
United States provides grade 1 and grade 2 textbooks nationwide to Lao PDR
Southeast Asian leaders call for South China Sea disputes to be resolved without threats or force

March 7
Meet Sailor: A Suite of Open Language Models for Bridging Linguistic Barriers in Southeast Asia
Bahrain set to host the World Aquatics High Diving World Cup for the first time
With Turkmenistan Gas Deal, Turkey Aims to Become Regional Energy Hub
Russian Gas Supplies to Uzbekistan Set to Grow
The India Factor in Sri Lanka’s Renewable Energy Sector
Hazara Women: How Gender and Ethnicity Intersect in the Taliban’s Repression
Kashmir Prospered Since Its Special Status Was Revoked, Says India’s Modi
India’s Modi visits Kashmir: How has the region changed since 2019?
Silencing Kashmir: The Struggle for Voice in the Face of Social Media Censorship
Kashmir: Modi hails tourism dividend on first visit since imposing direct rule
CPM’s Adivasi Janarakshana to go on strike from tomorrow
North Korea’s Kim calls on military to ‘intensify practical actual-war drills’
North Korea showcases artillery that poses a deadly threat to the South
Brunei defense budget surges by 32%, with focus on intel, targeting

March 8
Firmer, less peaceful language on Taiwan reunification
Maldives: Indian troops to exit country as China gains foothold
‘We can be a role model’: the activism of Hazara women in regional Australia
‘Please do not forget them’: Hazara women launch advocacy campaign for women under Taliban rule
Flare-Ups and Frustration as Kashmir Waits for a Vote
California Sikhs are driving a separatist movement. India calls them terrorists
Adivasi livelihoods in Central India: What the numbers say
ICC and National University of Mongolia sign Memorandum of Understanding
U.S. lawmakers urge Blinken to issue ‘do not travel’ notice for Xinjiang
Singapore sting: How spies listened in on German general

March 9
‘Two Sessions’ congress: The economic goals in Chinese leaders’ coded language
Lebanon’s children are suffering
Complaints over separatist views of new British Sikh BBC presenter
Adivasi & forest communities in Bengal pledge to protect their environmental & cultural identities
‘BJP calls Tribals as Vanvasi not Adivasi’: Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat’s Bharuch
South Asia sides with China after Taiwan’s elections
Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama prepares to mark 65 years in exile
Scam Victims Say Human Trafficking Still a Problem in Cambodia

March 10
1959 March 10: Tibetan Uprising Day
Death, Detention, Deportation: The Plight of Karakalpak Activists
A gas pipeline caught fire in Russia’s Khanty-Mansi
Lebanon: Israeli airstrike kills five people, including three Hezbollah members
As Israel’s Ties to Arab Countries Fray, a Strained Lifeline Remains
Death, Detention, Deportation: The Plight of Karakalpak Activists
Sindhis in Ulhasnagar gets first community hall dedicated for Sindhi community
Smokers’ corner: Maulana Fazl’s men in Sindh
North Korea: Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong’s First Messages to Japan
Protests against a planned dam and resettlement project in Tibet
1959 Tibet uprising commemoration held in Taipei

March 11
Construction starts on polysilicon production facility in Oman
Palestinian refugees in Jordan fret over UNRWA’s fate, and their own
How God is moving among the Yazidi
Two years after a changing of the guard in Turkmenistan, reform hopes fade
In Kyrgyzstan, creeping authoritarianism rubs up against proud tradition of people power
FDI flow from China to Eurasia is ebbing
Political landscape in the Maldives after the change of government
New gifts launch projects and experiential learning in Sikh studies
How urbanisation – and Hinduisation – is stripping India’s indigenous communities of their cultural heritage
Climate Change as a Path to Engagement with North Korea
Hundreds of Tibetans march on New Delhi streets asking China to leave Tibet on uprising anniversary
Xinjiang: A Chinese National Security Issue
China – Visa Free Agreement with Singapore and Thailand
Vietnamese sisters work to prevent child marriage in Hmong communities

March 12
India enacts citizenship law criticised as ‘discriminatory’ to Muslims
US: Taking Coordinated Actions with Bahrain against Supporters of Al-Ashtar Brigades
China, Iran and Russia stage joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman
Fear, grief, anguish on Berlin’s ‘Arab Street’ as Israel levels Gaza
Is Israel hoping to escalate hostilities with Hezbollah in Lebanon?
Jordan experiences reverberating shockwaves from war in Gaza
Switzerland to try Syria’s Rifaat al-Assad for war crimes
Syria: An endless humanitarian crisis
Dozens of Yazidi families return home from IDP camps after nearly a decade
‘Nobody would listen to me, so I told the camera’: film of Islamic State survivor’s story premieres in UK
Tajikistan Going All In On Hydropower, Doubters Be Damned
Uzbekistan, China eye joint uranium exploration
Maldives purchases drones from Turkiye to patrol country’s vast maritime area
A Strong Labor Market is key to Bhutan’s Inclusive Growth
Lok Sabha Election 2024: Congress announces ‘Adivasi Nyay Guarantee’
A defection by helicopter and a juggling spy: Taiwan worries about Chinese infiltration
North Korea’s anti-Covid measures have starved the population
China Cracks Down on Tibetan Protest Against a Hydropower Project in Dege
Criminal Law Is Not Retroactive, Right? Not True if You Are a Muslim in Xinjiang
China urges S.Korea to refrain from hyping up SCS issue
Elderly poverty in Brunei
Cambodia to divert Mekong trade via China-built canal, vexing Vietnam
ASEAN’s solution to Myanmar is at a tipping point

March 13
Statement To Include Roman Script Of Kokborok Language In School Examination
AI Singapore partners Google to enhance Southeast Asian large language model training datasets
US held indirect talks with Iranian officials in Oman earlier this year amid tensions in Middle East
Palestine hails China’s plea against Israel at International Court of Justice
Christian and Turkmen communities announce boycott of Iraqi Kurdistan’s general elections
Where Are the Yazidis Today, Almost a Decade After ISIS’s Genocidal Campaign?
Tajikistan: Authorities struggling, and failing, to provide power to households
Resource curse or darling: rethinking EU energy interests in Kazakhstan
From India to China, Nepal’s Maoist Prime Minister Displays His Hindu Diplomacy
China deepens bilateral defence ties with Maldives, Sri Lanka and Nepal
Understanding Taiwan beyond geopolitics
UN seeking more than $850m for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

March 14
2008 March 14: Tibetan Unrest
Iraq – Abolition of the quota of seats reserved for minorities in the Autonomous region of Kurdistan. Christian parties appeal to President Abdul Latif Rashid
E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration underscores Indigenous rights as a conservation solution
Awash in Qatari money, have US campuses become incubators for Doha’s interests?
Lebanon under existential threat
After 13 years of conflict in Syria, more children than ever in need of humanitarian assistance and a chance
More Than A Decade on, No End in Sight for Syria’s War
Kurdish judge exits Iraq’s top court amid tension over Kurdistan rulings
Back to the Kurdistan Region
Kyrgyzstan: Parliament adopts contentious foreign agents law without debate
#SafeRoads4CAREC journey continues to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
India blocks access to documentary about death of Sikh activist in Canada
Adivasi Nyay: As Congress Announces Five Guarantees, BJP Keeps Special Focus on Tribal Welfare
A trailblazing journey to the forbidden city of Lhasa
Unshackling workers in China’s solar supply chain
East Timor: Inside paedophilia scandals in one of the most Catholic nations
Thailand, Laos try to ‘make junta presentable’ amid ASEAN Myanmar inertia
China-Laos Railway transports more than 30 million passenger trips
Video Shows Rohingya Forcibly Recruited Into Myanmar Military
The United Wa State Party: Myanmar’s Most Powerful Ethnic Army
As Hmong immigrants in NC get older, their adult children shoulder the labor of interpretation

March 15
‘Indifference’ and ‘Anger’ Guide Voter Choice in Russia’s Ethnic Republics
Attack kills 20 and injures 155 at Gaza food aid point, as Israel denies responsibility
Palestinian President assigns Mohammad Mustafa to form new government
Beirut says French plan for Lebanon-Israel truce could be ‘step’ to stability
‘Massacre’: Israel forces attack crowds waiting for aid in Gaza, killing 21
Construction of new hydropower plants starting in GBAO, says energy minister
Brunel students share food in Sikh New Year celebrations
For many Chinese, there are ‘more important things’ than Taiwan unification
Far From Xinjiang, Uyghurs Keep Their Culture Alive
China loses strategic waters in the South China Sea
Rohingya pawns in Myanmar’s cynical conscription drive

March 16
1988 March 16: Halabja Massacre, Kurdistan
Israel-Gaza: Aid reaches Gaza shore in first sea delivery
Karakalpak Activist Faces Threat of Deportation From Kazakhstan
Bhutan PM urges Indian industries to invest in country’s tourism sector
Nepal political shakeup thrusts Kathmandu into India-China rivalry
CHT Border Road: A new possibility in tourism
The Fall of Hong Kong: How China-US Rivalry Ended a Geopolitical Neutral Zone
Hong Kong court jails 12 for storming parliament in pro-democracy protests
Standing Up to China, Philippine Leader Courts New Network of Partners

March 17
“We are not safe,” foreign students say after Hindutva group attacks them for praying Taraweeh at hostel
Turkmenistan’s Search For New Gas Markets
After working for the Afghan defence ministry, Hamida Samar escaped from the Taliban for life in Australia

March 18
Barnaul in the Altai Republic Scrambles to Correct Putin’s Surprise Election Defeat
Oman Capitalizes on Domestic, Regional Economic Momentum
United Arab Emirates is using cloud seeding tech to make it rain
China Donates Military Equipment to Sri Lanka
No, Japan Will Not Defend Taiwan

March 19
Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party Says It Will Boycott Parliamentary Election
Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region hit by floods
‘Kamay,’ About Hazara Family’s Fight for Justice in Afghanistan, Picked Up by Cat&Docs Ahead of Visions du Réel Premiere
Hong Kong hastily adopts new arsenal of security laws against political crimes
Hong Kong: New Security Law Full-Scale Assault on Rights
2024 Two Sessions show China will continue plans to Sinicize Tibet
The Uyghur Diaspora’s Desperate Search for Family Members in China
Japan Lawmakers Seek Probe of Carmaker Links to Xinjiang Abuses
Rohingya trapped in the middle of Myanmar’s escalating conflict

March 20
Why Asia Should Sound the Trump Alarm
Science, business and sports: Women who are making a difference in Qatar
Palestine accuses Israel’s Ben-Gvir of inciting fatal settler attack in West Bank
‘He just vanished’ − missing activists highlight Tajikistan’s disturbing use of enforced disappearances
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Agree to Install Transboundary Water Meters
China forges defense ties with India neighbors Maldives, Sri Lanka
Pakistan mine explosion: 12 killed in Balochistan
Security forces kill 8 attackers after storming gov’t complex in strategic Pakistani port city
In pictures: Army hosts Sikh festival celebrations

March 21
West Bank: Israeli settlement wastewater destroys Palestinian lands and livelihoods
Diyarbakir celebrates Newroz with Kurds waving Kurdistan flag
German woman loses appeal of 14-year sentence for letting enslaved Yazidi girl die in Iraq
How Turkmenistan can Become the Next Critical Raw Materials Powerhouse
Kazakh Court Extends Karakalpak Activist Muratbai’s Detention to 1 Year
Experts See Central Asia Emboldened by Russia’s Struggles in Ukraine
Hyper-nationalism hurting India–Maldives relations
Bhutan and India: Decoding the Strategic Saga
A photo journey into the remote communities of eastern Bhutan
No, Cambodia’s Opposition Does Not Need to Take a Sabbatical
‘No dancing in the streets’: Why has Cambodia banned musical vehicle horns?
Spike in arrivals of unaccompanied Rohingya children in Indonesia highlights increasing desperation

March 22
2005 March 22 – April 11: Tulip Revolution, Kyrgyzstan
Once in decline, Indigenous food culture in Borneo thrives again
The United Arab Emirates as 4th investor in Africa
The UAE Is on a Mission to Become an AI Power
Promoting the green transition in Kyrgyzstan
‘Maximally pragmatic’: How Central Asia navigates Russia’s war on Ukraine
India’s Modi Visits Bhutan, Amid Concern About China Border Deal
Modi visits Bhutan to shore up India’s position amid Chinese outreach
Nepal’s Foreign Minister Chooses China For His First Foreign Visit
Conservation Efforts by Ethnic Communities in Bangladesh Bolster Water Security
Why Balochistan remains Pakistan’s ‘problem province’
Getting Lost in Mongolia, the World’s Last Truly Nomadic Realm
US House Resolution on Tibet Condemns Human Rights Violations in Tibet
A Farce in Geneva: Seminar Claims Tibet and Xinjiang Are Paradises of Human Rights
Ramadhan in Brunei Darussalam: A Fascinating Cultural Experience
Former Filipino congressman accused of masterminding a governor’s murder is arrested in East Timor
UNHCR and IOM mobilize aid for Rohingya Refugees following boat tragedy in Indonesia
Indonesia Rescues Dozens of Rohingya Refugees From Capsized Boat
UN agencies say 70 Rohingya missing or dead off Indonesia

March 23
Sardana Ivanova defends her PhD thesis on Language technology tools for low-resource languages
As congregation grows, Sikh Center of Oregon looks to expand to larger location

March 24
China remains Uzbekistan top trade partners with $2.1bn in 2023
Exhibition in London of Ainu culture breaks new ground

March 25
Indigenous language education in Taiwan: from language preservation to community-based learning
Bahrain hosts virtual capacity building for ASEAN Secretariat
Trump to Israel Hayom: Only a fool would have not acted like Israel on Oct. 7
Paradise Prepares: Maldives Pioneers Climate Resilience with Early Warning Systems
India, China Seek Influence in Nepal as Infrastructure Projects Stall
Pakistani Forces Kill 4 Insurgents Trying To Attack Naval Facility In Balochistan Province
Article 23: What is Hong Kong’s tough new security law?
Singapore Orders Israeli Embassy to Delete ‘Inappropriate’ Social Post About ‘Palestine’
Singapore rages over Ronny Chieng’s “Karens” comment

March 26
1971 March 26: Bangladesh Independence Day
100+ Rights Groups Alarmed by Rising Hindu Supremacy in the US
What drives demand for migrant and refugee smuggling in Southeast Asia?
How Does China Study Central Asia?
High-tech manufacturing in Asia: How to navigate key risks to enhance resiliency and sustain growth
Iran Renews Ultimatum To Kuwait Over Oil Field Rights
Protests continue for second day in front of Israel embassy in Amman
WHO mourns loss of team member killed in Syria
Under threat: The life of Karakalpak activists in Kazakhstan
India’s BJP aims to win first Kashmir seats along with ‘hearts and minds’
Baloch militants attack Pakistan naval air base in Balochistan; bid foiled and six terrorists killed
Taiwan Conducts Missile Drills ‘in Face of’ China Military Intrusions
This small Southeast Asian country has ‘engineered’ a society that lives to 100 – here’s how
Cambodia – is the ratification of Montreal Convention 1999 on the horizon?

March 27
Vietnam arrests Buddhist abbot from Khmer Krom indigenous group
Lebanon: Better Childcare Services Can Improve Women’s Access to the Labor Market and Support Growth
Jordanian women prevent arrest of pro-Palestinian protester in Amman
A House Divided: Can Kurdistan Preserve Its Autonomy?
Scam Centres and Ceasefires: China-Myanmar Ties Since the Coup
Gangs, kidnappings, murders: why thousands of Rohingya are desperately trying to escape refugee camps by boats

March 28
Russia’s Buryatia Scraps Mayoral Elections in Capital City
Tyva: Russian Police Detain 9-Year-Old Girl Over ‘Terrorist’ Text Messages
Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan bear brunt of PKK’s insurgency against Turkey
Recent Developments in Kazakhstan’s Investment Landscape
The India-Bhutan story: India understands the urgency and needs of its neighbour
Why the world is silent about persecution in Balochistan?
A severe and prolonged cold spell in Mongolia – known as the ‘dzud’ – is taking a deep toll on rural livestock herders
After Russia, is China the Islamic State’s next target?
Singapore has lessons for countries worrying about debt
Min Aung Hlaing talks tough as Myanmar’s armed forces face growing pressure
Myanmar ethnic army sets eyes on ninth township in Rakhine state

March 29
Adherents of Sarnaism try to preserve their identity and culture by pushing for more recognition of their faith in India
Perspectives | The declining fortunes of Central Asia coverage
House, mosque and mill: Tatarstan to spend nearly 10m rubles on Sabantuy courtyard in Altai
Israeli airstrikes on Syria’s Aleppo result in civilian and military casualties, Syrian state media reports
Moscow concert massacre and the Tajik connection
Tajikistan detains 9 over Moscow concert hall attack
Colossal floods stun Kazakhstan
China ships a million bottles of melting Tibetan glacier water to climate-threatened Maldives
March of ‘terror’: Pakistan grapples with deadly attacks on China interests
US: Hong Kong Policy Act Report
Russia shuts down UN watchdog tracking North Korea sanctions
For the “Stolen Children” of East Timor: Galuh Wandita / Co-Founder and Director, Asia Justice and Rights
Understanding Myanmar’s Ethnic Resistance Organizations
The photographer giving a voice to Vietnamese Hmong refugees
Memoirs Are Powerful Currency for This Hmong American Writer

March 30
1976 March 30: Land Day, Palestine
UN launches investigation into Lebanon explosion that injured peacekeepers
Five miners killed after roof collapses due to heavy rain in Balochistan
Sikhs in California vote on independence from India

March 31
Syria: Seven dead after car bomb tears through market in Azaz
National Award winner to bring Sindhi love sagas to Pune
Taiwan’s Indigenous tribes could hold the key to its independence

April 1
April: Hmong Heritage Month
Changing the Israel-Lebanon Status Quo: U.S. Options
Karakalpak Activist Wanted In Uzbekistan Detained In Kazakhstan
Brunei firm pitches 1,600 km high-speed rail linking Indonesia, Malaysia
Cambodia: Hundreds of Indians rescued from cyber-scam factories

April 2
Mongolia urged to “open door” to Russian Mongols who want return to ancestral roots
March 2024 – Building resilient food systems in Bhutan
Pakistan news: Massive protests in Sindh province over abduction of Hindu girl
Beware the steady creep toward crisis in the South China Sea
China hosts Vietnam, Laos, East Timor ministers in ASEAN outreach

April 3
Taiwan: Rescue efforts continue after 900 injured in earthquake
In Russia’s Buryatia, authorities have revived a search for ‘separatists’ first launched under Stalin
‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza
Iraq Kurdistan region suspends entry visas for Syrians
Forest Ecosystems Restoration in GBAO
Attorney general’s statement on Sikh Heritage Month
As elections arrive closer, how much will Adivasi (indigenous people)’s rights matter?
Japan academic society apologizes to Ainu people
Japan seeks to defend national interests in South China Sea
Cambodia: Threats, Bribe Tainted Senate Elections
Cambodia’s ex-leader Hun Sen unanimously voted in as senate president
Myanmar journalists’ toolkit in cultural and ethnic reporting

April 4
Mclaren Now Fully Owned By Bahrain’s Mumtalakat
Kuwait voters head to polls to pick new parliament
Spain’s decision to recognize Palestinian state marks potential turning point for Europe
U.S. approved more bombs to Israel on day of World Central Kitchen strikes
United Arab Emirates: Trade, Finance, And Tourism Drive Economic Growth
89. Moving up: Bhutan graduates to UN’s developing country status but challenges remain for other LDCs
Sri Lanka sees no need for talks with India on island it ceded decades ago
Why China Offered Earthquake Aid to Taiwan—and Why Taiwan Quickly Rejected It
Myanmar’s military-ruled capital targeted in drone attack, junta says

April 5
Israel to ‘temporarily’ reopen north Gaza crossing for aid after Biden call
Taiwan earthquake rescuers face threat of landslides, rockfalls; death toll at 12
Trump says Israel ‘losing PR war’ in Gaza, should finish war ‘fast’
Iran vows to punish Israel for officers killed in embassy strike
Govt takes firm stance against armed activities in CHT: Quader
UN body demands Israel be held accountable for possible war crimes
Who is Nathan Bom?
Six months into Gaza war, Israel faces deepening isolation
In heavily militarised Kashmir, the upcoming India elections do not inspire much hope
Rights lawyers go to court to stop German arms deliveries to Israel
Anthropology society apologizes to Ainu people over past actions
Laos: Follow-up report on violations of civil and political rights submitted to United Nations Human Rights Committee
The teaching of Hmong and Asian American histories to be required in Wisconsin under a new law

First UN Tourism Regional Forum on Gastronomy Tourism for Asia and the Pacific

April 8: International Romani day
April 14: Remembrance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan
1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria
1975 April 17: Khmer Rouge Killing Fields, Cambodia
April 22: Earth Day
May 3: World Press Freedom Day
Nissan 27 (sunset, 5 May): Yom HaShoah, Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day